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					Unleashing the Power of Inquiry with
             Appreciation and Heart
   Provide an overview of Appreciative Inquiry
   Understand the affirmative topic choice and
    the process your spiritual community is
    committed to for the next several months
   Get to know the components of the AI
    Interview and learn how to complete
    interviews for your spiritual community
   Unleash positive energy within your spiritual
A practical, holistic, integral
approach to
Appreciative Inquiry “4-D Model”
 Affirmative                  Discovery
       Choice                “What gives life?”
                           (The best of what is)

       Destiny                                         Dream
“How to learn, empower,                            “Envisioning what
execute, and improvise?”     Positive Core             could be?”
     Sustaining                                     Innovating

                           “What should be—the
                            ideal organization?”
We Affirm
 Unity of Walnut Creek is a blessed and loving
 community, a spiritual home. Our commitment to
 heart-centered prayer opens us to a deeper
 connection to ourselves, to each other, and to Spirit.

 As our transformation continues in our renewed
 facility, the possibilities are infinite.

Our Intention
 Together, let’s discover our vision and co-create our
 destiny. We welcome and honor each voice. We will
 follow our hearts and radiate our light throughout
 this Sacred Conversation.
   Ask questions (inquire) in an appreciative manner
    about what is going well within your spiritual
   Begins with one-on-one interviews between folks
    within your spiritual community.
   Listen to stories and weave those stories into
    fabric or collage that describes your spiritual
   Themes emerge as the key strengths of your
    spiritual community.
   From the foundation of these inspired stories and
    positive themes that you will create a fresh vision
    for your future.
The dates, times and
processes of the
several two months
Date                       Engagement
   Advisory Team Forms       March
   Core Team Interview       Sept. 18
    Training                  Sept. 18 – Oct. 24
   Interviews
                              Oct. 29-30
   Dream Summit
   Design Team Training      Dec. 3-4
   Design Team Work          Dec. 4-April 1
   Destiny Day (Design
                              April 16
    Team Reports)
Building awareness of
the positive, uplifting
Divine Energy in our
The one-on-one

Interviews create
  Sacred Space and
  allows Energy to
   Stage Setting Questions
    ◦ What first attracted you to
      the organization?
    ◦ What do you most value;
      self, work, organization
   Topic Questions
    ◦ Values - Core factor that
      gives life
    ◦ Mission
    ◦ Vision
   Future Dream Questions
    ◦ Images of the future
   Get all your supplies – Interview Guide,
    Interview Guide Summary, pens
   Get your interviewees – get assignment of
    your specific folks to interview
   Schedule your appointments – suggest one a
    week over next five weeks; ask for a quiet
    space that is most comfortable for the
    interviewee (church, their home, cup of coffee
    at a restaurant)
   Review this AI workbook for information on
    the AI process
   Pray – before each interview; become
    centered and commit yourself to a higher
    level of consciousness; image this interview
    as doing the important work of growing your
    spiritual community; see the Christ presence
    in the person you are going to interview
   Review the AI Interview Guide to make
    yourself thoroughly familiar with the
    questions and how they flow.
   Show up on time
   Use a few minutes to get comfortable with
    interviewee; if space appears too noisy or a
    not a good environment, suggest a better
    place nearby
   Share what your spiritual community is
    embarking on in the next several months
   Read the Affirmative Topic Choice
   Begin with first question
   Listen and make short notes to remind you of
    key statements
   Continue with each question (Do not deviate
    from interview guide.)
   Do not rush…allow interviewee to fully answer
    the questions; if interviewee gives one word or
    short answers, probe with related questions
    that will allow person to open up
   After all questions are complete, thank the
    person for the interview and if comfortable
    close in a short affirmative prayer
   Invite the interviewee to participate in October
    29-30 Dream Summit
   Tell me more.
   Why was that important to you?
   How did that affect you?
   What was your contribution?
   How were you supported in the process?
   How has it changed you?
 Postponing
 Listening
 Redirecting
 Confirming
   "Listening is a magnetic and strange thing…
    a creative force. When we are listened to, it
    creates us, makes us unfold and expand.
    Ideas actually begin to grow within us and
    come to life."
                           - Brenda Ueland, Tell Me More
   Level One        Internal Focus

   Level Two        Hard Focus

   Level Three      Soft Focus
   Review the last two pages “Interview
    Summary” – listen for these areas
   Find an interview partner who you do not
    know well
   Find a comfortable space on campus to do
    your interview
   Do one interview
   Do lunch
   Do second interview
   How did the interview
    process go?
   What was inspiring?
   Can you see how
    Appreciative Inquiry
    unleashes energy?
   After the Interview – complete all sections of
    the AI Interview Guide Summary
   Turn in your AI Interview Guide and AI
    Interview Guide Summary Sheet to designated
    place in the church.
   If at any time during the next five weeks you
    have questions about the interview process
    please contact your Advisory Team.
   Step back from the rich story
    telling and data collection of the
   Pray for guidance about what to
    capture from the interview that
    will become the voice of your
   Become familiar with all
    components asked for on the
    Interview Summary
   Within an hour of the actual
    interview complete the Interview
    Summary – Ask interviewee to do
    with you
   Return to place assigned in the
    administrative offices as soon as
    you complete the interview
   You will receive 5 names, email addresses
    and phone numbers
   Call all five of your contacts as soon as you
    receive the assignments within the next 3
    days to find most convenient time for
    scheduling a meeting
   Suggest a quiet place where you all will most
    likely not be interrupted for an hour
   Thank the interviewee for the appointment
   Call interviewee several hours prior to your
    appointment and confirm
        Sunday,     October 24

   Please make sure all interview guides
    and summaries are returned to
    church. Collection boxes will be
    clearly marked.
   What issues need to
    yet be addressed or
    clarified to make
    you more
    comfortable with
    your task of
    completing five (5)
    interviews in the
    next five weeks?
   Bringing the energy
    and love of Sacred
    Conversation into a
    Sacred Place
   Honor each
    interview as you
    place its voice into
    the box – collecting
    the Divine Energy
   You are building community within Unity of
    Walnut Creek
   The energy of the interview is as important as
    the content of interview
   The voice of each participant is critical
   Listen and record accurately what the
    interviewee is saying
   The Discovery Phase is a critical foundation to
    having a great Dream Summit October 29-30
   What has this experience been for you today?
   What do you believe will happen at Unity of
    Walnut Creek as a result of today’s vibration
    and the interviews over next five weeks?
   How would you evaluate the energy in your
    midst today?
   Are you ready to rev up the energy?
Reflections and
from Rev. David

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