National Pharmacies automates with Consis

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					FOR IMMEDATE RELEASE                                                         September 2008

             National Pharmacies automates with Consis
National Pharmacies has become the latest group to convert to dispensary automation
technology with the announcement that they will extend the use of Willach+Heise
dispensary solutions including Consis robotic selectors/pickers across many of their larger
South Australian stores over the next 12 to 18 months.

This follows a successful 12-month trial of the technology at the group’s Ascot Park
pharmacy in Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

Albert Juenger, Sales Director for Willach+Heise, said the momentum toward dispensary
automation in Australia was building.

“We are now getting to the stage where we have up to half a dozen installations with
individual pharmacy groups in Australia,” he said.

“The professional relationship between pharmacist and customer is only going to become
more important and customers are now looking for a pharmacy experience that gives them
a mix of health solutions in a retail format.

“Consis delivers that while also dramatically improving productivity, efficiency and accuracy
for the pharmacy.”

The Ascot Park National Pharmacies store features a Consis robotic selector/picker holding
the top 250 fast-moving products on a footprint of just 1.2m2 which represents almost 80%
of their dispensing. This is backed by a three-bay drawer Fama drawer system on 1.3m2 for
all remaining slow moving products.

“What we’ve found is the Consis system has significantly reduced prescription waiting times
in peak periods at our Ascot Park store – in some cases by up to half the usual waiting time,”
said Neale Burton, General Manager of Professional Services for National Pharmacies.

“Our customers are happy because they can get their prescriptions more quickly and, just as
importantly, our team members are generally more relaxed in high-traffic times.”

Willach+Heise has long-term growth plans for the Australian market. It recently increased its
local staff numbers with the appointment of a consulting pharmacist, dispensary designers
and state-based sales and support personnel.

“We are selling a service together with a dispensary solution we develop with the decision
makers and their key staff, not just a product. We have after-sales support right across
Australia and we can either service remotely by dialling in to the individual machine or we
can do it on site. Our 1 800 WILLACH service hotline offers customers a support seven days a
week from 8:30am to 8pm,” Mr Juenger said.

“We are partnering with professional pharmacy groups in Australia which have a focus on
providing a better healthcare service to the community and we’re working with them to
develop the most efficient dispensary solution in pharmacy.

“We have achieved the interface with five dispensing systems in Australia which is more
than 90% of the market. And, we’re signing new pharmacies all the time.”

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