Main role and responsibilities of an assistant pharmacy in outpatient pharmacy in hospital

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What is pharmacy technician?

     Also known as a pharmaceutical technician
     A health care worker who performs pharmacy related functions, generally working under
      the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist or other health professional.
     Usually work in community or retail and also in hospital pharmacy
     Also sometimes pharmaceutical manufacturers, third-party insurance companies,
      computer software companies, or teaching.

What is outpatient pharmacy?

     Outpatient pharmacy is a pharmacy which fills prescriptions for patients affiliated with
      the pharmacy's parent medical institution (outpatient patient)
     Will only fill prescriptions related to medical treatment at the parent facility or one of its
      outpatient clinics

Functions of outpatient pharmacy

   Dispense medications to outpatients from Outpatient Clinics, Specialist Clinics, and A&E
   Patient medication counseling
   Provide drug information
Main ideas

Main role and responsibilities of an assistant pharmacy in outpatient
pharmacy in hospital

     Dispensing prescription drugs and other medical devices to patients and instructing on
      their use.
     Also doing administrative duties such as reviewing prescription request with doctor’s
      office and insurance companies to ensure correct medication are given and payment are

Receiving & screening of Rx

     Receive Rx from patient.
     Check Rx for validity, completeness & appropriateness & accuracy
     Ensure drugs prescribed are in MOH Drug List & are in stock
     Contact prescriber if in doubt or Rx requires further clarification
     Stick one half coupon numbers on the Rx & give the other half to pt.
     Send Rx for labeling

Preparing Labels & Envelopes

     Receive Rx from screening counter
     Prepare labels according to Rx
     Fill name of patient, instructions & date of dispensing.
     Send Rx. & prepared envelopes for filling of meds.
Filling Medications

      Receive Rx & labeled envelopes
      Fill the meds as per Rx
      If an extemporaneous preparations is required, prepare preparation
      If there is a Local Purchase ( LP) item of List A item (specialist items and controlled item
       that need to be recorded, record supply in the respective bin card with:
                     Date of supply
                     Name/IC No./RN no.
                     Amount supplied
                     Balance
                     Name & signature of supplier

      For LP item, prescriber (specialist) is required to attach a LP form along with Rx.
      If there is a DD, record supply in the respective page of which DD is specified in the DD
       Register Book with:
      Date of supply
      Name/ IC. No/RN & patient’s address
      Amount supplied
      Balance
      Name& signature of supplier
      Send Rx together with the filled meds to dispensing counter

Counter checking medications

      Receive Rx & meds from filling counter
      Countercheck filled meds
      In the event of discrepancy, return it to filling counter/ respective staff for rectification

Dispensing medications

      Call upon no. of patient by digital display
      Countercheck coupon no. & name of patient as per Rx.
      Stick patient’s coupon no. on Rx
      Dispense med to patient with clear instructions
      Sign on Rx after dispensing for full supply & file it
      Refer those patients who require more information on any med to pharmacist (medication
      In case of part supply, return Rx with the part-supplied meds to patient.
How Pharmacy Technician Handle Rx?

Receiving & Screening Rx

After receiving prescription from patient that authorized by physician, pharmacy technician need
to check for the validity by make sure that date is correct. Check the available dose and if any
enquiries, contact the prescriber.
Preparing Labels & Envelopes

Prepare the label according to the prescription, as in the Rx sample patient need to take the
medicine three times a day for seven days. The label should mention the instruction on taking the
medicine correctly.

Take 3 times a day orally

For this medication, usually it is kept in sealable plastic bag. Patient’s name and date should be
written clearly.

Filling Medications

In prescription, Amoxicillin 250 mg tablet 3 times a day for 7 days.

Simple calculation:

Available dose: 250mg/tablet

3X7= 21 tablets

Fill 21 tablets of Amoxicillin

Counter checking medications

After filling the medication, it needs to undergo counter checking. This process is a must to
avoid medication error. Filled medication should be check again. Check the dosing, instruction,
medication and return back to filings counter if any problems occur

Description: the main roles and responsibilities of pharmacy technician in outpatient pharmacy