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									                                                    Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
           Psychology as a Science
Chapter 1 The Science of Psychology
Class introductions and information
Syllabus and classroom expectations, movie signature (10 points) (binder check item)
Power point on theories and major influences
Field of Psychology- chapter review & vocabulary quiz (binder check item)
Draw hand and relate each finger to perspective
Vocabulary worksheet (binder check item)
Vignettes – group discussion
Video – Research Methods
Power point on methods
Methods -independent practice worksheet (binder check item)
Popeye study homework (10 points)
Correlation vs causation discuss /activity
Chapter 2 Biological basis of Behavior
Draw & outline your own head then label different parts – arts and crafts brain surgery (10 points)
Test yourself -Hemisphere dominance (binder check item)
Handout on parts of brain (binder check item)
Brain mnemonics
Brain rhyme time (binder check item)

           Consciousness, Motivation and Emotion
Chapter 9 Motivation and emotion
ppt Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs – cut out magazine articles and place in appropriate place on pyramid (if time permits)
Video on inter-sexed children
Anger test
Motivation stations in the LMC (binder check item)
Motivation ppt
Emotion ppt
Poker face game with cards
Skits on non-verbal communication
Lie to me test- link on ppt
Lie to me excerpts
Chapter 4 States of consciousness
Power point on consciousness, sleep, hypnosis, drugs

                                                    Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Independent practice worksheet (binder check item)
Consciousness enrichment (binder check item)
Discuss dream myths and how to remember dreams
Newspaper article – reason for sleep elusive discussion
Internet work sleeping disorders homework (binder check item)
Test yourself – How large is your sleep debt? & How good are my sleep strategies? (binder check item)
 Dream journal (private to teacher) interpret your dreams -minimum 2 dreams and 2 pages of detailed descriptions– note: bring in book on
     dreams (20 points) (optional bonus points)
Jeopardy review
unit test

           Cognitive Processes
Chapter 5 Learning
Unit 3 learning power point
Classical conditioning activity fill-in the-blanks (binder check item)
Practice quiz on classical & operant conditioning (binder check item)
Test yourself -Learning styles (binder check item)
Punishment or negative reinforcement? Handout (binder check item)
Stimulant or gum experiment
Valedictorian Survey - study habits of the good student (if time permits)
Student as mouse activity – train by clapping
Funny money –positive reinforcement (raffle tickets)
Textbook review questions
Behavior Modification homework
Group skits –cognitive distortions

Chapter 6 memory
Unit 3 memory and IQ
Name 50 states experiment
Video of worst STM- Clive Wearing
Video of best memory- savant Stephen Wiltshire
Textbook review questions
Bag of goodies experiment
Chapter 8 Intelligence and Mental Abilities
IQ internet research (bonus optional IQ test) -homework (10 points)
Tangrams – hands-on challenge

                                                 Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Creative test- with objects experiment
Highest IQ – 230 on Stanford-Binet (Marilyn) MENSA information
Debate mainstreaming v. special education classes
Jeopardy review
100 point unit quiz

           Human Development
10 blocks (105 points total)
Chapter 7 Cognition and Language
Chapter 10 Life Span Development
Developmental Choice board (20 points) (optional bonus points)
Debate nature nurture (discussion)
DVD- development (Harry Harlow, Piaget demonstrations)
Twin studies –video & Jim twins
Video on boy twins, one changed to a girl at age two due to accident – Sex Unknown
Plan a birthday party- group activity (5 points)
When I was a baby – ask parents activity (10 points) (optional bonus points)
What would you do? - Dr. Spock’s advice (binder check item)
Kohlberg – moral development discussion & h/o’s pg 347-350
Kohlberg practice quiz (binder check item)
Adolescence power point
Building a good relationship pg 369 discussion (if time permits)
Survey – question parents and older adults as to what was cool & what is cool now (5 points)
Piaget handout (binder check)
Teenage suicide, drug use, pregnancy discussion (if time permits)
Debate quality v. quantity of life
Would you take a drug that would give you 5 more years but you would be sick all the time? Would you want to live to be 40 and be rich
     and famous or 90 and live moderately?
Test yourself – your life expectancy / discuss life expectancy of minority groups
Kubler-Ross Stages of dying – discussions of morbidity and why we don’t talk about
     “passing away” words used instead of dead – kicked the bucket, pushing up daisies
Will you marry me? Interview for a spouse (5 points)
Death and Dying internet activity homework (10 points)
Taboo of death (library – DVD)
Test yourself -how much do you know about gender differences?
Discussion– does ignorance breed sexist attitudes?

                                                    Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Battle of the sexes (if time permits)
Myth v. reality of gender differences pg 41-418
Jeopardy review
100 point unit quiz

Accumulative Binder check (20 points) ** all work must be 100% complete for credit.
Review handout (optional bonus points)
Jeopardy (if time permits)
100 point Accumulative test

            Personality, Adjustment & Conflict
Chapter 13 Stress and Health Psychology
Stress test
Stress handout – answer questions from the book in-class (binder check item)
Talking heads activity negative/positive person
Relaxation therapy– have students bring in a pillow from home
100 ways to handle stress
Self esteem choice board (20 points) (optional bonus points)
Chapter 11 Personality
Defense mechanisms
Personality handout –id, go and superego (binder check item)
Freud power point on theories of development
Group skits –defense mechanisms
Freud handout (binder check item)
Test yourself -Type A, Type B
First, middle and last children syndrome – do you fit the mold? (if time permits)
100 point unit quiz

           Psychological Disorders
Chapter 13 Psychological Disorders
Chapter 14 Therapies
Portfolios -What is abnormal? Wrapping up unit with discussions and overview of different disorders –take notes on at least 15 different
     disorders (15 points)
Discussion of abnormal vs. normal. What is normal? What is abnormal?

                                                    Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Discussion of the DSM IV-TR and disorders in manual
handout on mental disorders

Group presentations/project with paper of disorders and discuss treatment & alternative therapies available (100 points)
Video- The criminal Mind (if time permits)
Movie -Beautiful Mind (if time permits)
Movie –What about Bob? (if time permits)
Jeopardy review
100 point unit test

          Social Psychology
Jeopardy review
100 point unit test

Accumulative Binder check (20 points) ** all work must be 100% complete for credit.
Review handout (optional bonus points)
200 point Accumulative test

            Notes                Monday                 Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                  Friday

                            In-service Day- no     In-service Day- no            Feb 2                  Feb 3                    Feb 4
                                 students               students         Word: psychology       Word:                  Word:
                                                                         #1 Do Now:             introspection          psychoanalysis
                                                                         Read Fields of         #2 Do Now: Define      #3 Do Now: list 5 main
                                                                         psychology pg 4.       psychology, list the   points listed n the class
                                                                         What field of          most interesting       expectations
                                                                         psychology most        theorist discussed     Focus: power point on
                                                                         interests you and      yesterday and          methods of research,
                                                                         why?                   describe why you       practice research
                                                                         Focus: name cards,     found them             worksheet
                                                                         introductions, fill-   interesting.           Video on Research
                                                                         out note card          Focus:                 methods
                                                                         Go over class          Finish Introduction    Review hand
                                                                         expectations,          ppt.                   Logical fallacies,

                                  Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes         Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday                 Thursday                   Friday

                                                        discuss: What is          Field of                enduring issues- as
                                                        Psychology? What          Psychology- chapter     reoccurring theme in
                                                        would you like to         review &                psychology,
                                                        learn more about?         vocabulary quiz         Homework: Class
                                                        discussion of careers     Draw hand &             expectations due on
                                                        start Introduction ppt    perspectives,           Feb 10 Popeye
                                                        Homework:                 vignettes               assigned due on Feb 8,
                                                        Class expectations        enduring issues- as     bring textbook to class
                                                        assigned due Feb 10       reoccurring theme       on Monday and
                                                                                  in psychology,          Tuesday
                                                                                  review fields
                                                                                  Homework: Class
                                                                                  expectations due on
                                                                                  Feb 10

                 Feb 7                   Feb 8                  Feb 9                     Feb 10                   Feb 11
        Word: hippocampus       Word: amygdala          Word:                     Focus: Neuroscience     #7Do Now: pizza wheel
        #4Do Now: What is       #5Do Now: List 5        neurotransmitter          for kids activity in    review
        brain plasticity? and   facts about the brain   #6Do Now: How             LMC,                    Focus: Unit 1 test, start
        give an example         from memory             much of YOUR              jeopardy review         on why we dream,
        Focus: brain            Focus:                  personality is learned,   Homework:               explain homework,
        knowledge quiz, brain   discuss popeye, brain   inherited?                Review for unit test-   Discuss dream myths
        surgery, brain          handout, brain          Focus:                    chapters 1,2, 3 class   and how to remember
        mnemonics, Phineas      hemisphere              neurotransmitters,        expectations due        dreams
        Gage, bain              questionnaire, lobes    nature vs. nurture-                               Newspaper article –
        hemispherectomy         and brain rhyme time,   twin studies, optical                             reason for sleep elusive
        Homework: Class         brain damage video      illusions, smell test,                            discussion
        expectations due on     Homework: read          perception glasses                                Homework:
        Feb 10 popeye           chapter 3, Class        Homework:                                         Read chapter 4, assign
        assigned due on Feb 8   expectations due on     Class expectations due                            dream journal- 2 pages
        bring textbook to       Feb 10 popeye           on Feb 10                                         typed double spaced
        class on Monday and     assigned due on Feb 8                                                     due Feb 22
        Tuesday                 bring textbook to
                                class on Monday and
                                Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes        Monday                 Tuesday             Wednesday                Thursday                     Friday

               Feb 14                 Feb15                Feb 16                   Feb 17                   Holiday
        Word:                 Word: circadian       Word: night terrors     Word: apnea
        consciousness         rhythm                #10 Do Now: Why         #1Do Now: If sleep
        #8 Do Now: What       #9Do Now: Can         do some people          is so important to
        are your strategies   you fight circadian   become addicted to      your health why do
        for getting quality   rhythms? explain      drugs while others      people try to avoid
        sleep?                Focus: ppt on         don’t? turn in set of   it? Do you try to
        Focus: Sleep          consciousness-        do nows                 avoid sleep, if so
        questionnaires,       sleep, dreams,        Focus: ppt on           how? If not, why?
        psych videos,         hypnosis, drugs-      consciousness-sleep,    Focus: B- LMC for
        registration          handout on            dreams, hypnosis,       sleep disorders, start
        throughout day        consciousness         drugs                   on Maslow’s
        Homework: read        Homework:             Homework:               hierarchy of needs
        chapter 4, complete   read chapter 4,       read chapter 4,         collage
        dream journal         complete dream        complete dream          Homework:
                              journal               journal, bring in old   read chapter 5,
                                                    magazines for           complete dream
                                                    collage tomorrow        journal

              Holiday         Feb 22                Feb 23                  Feb 24                   Feb 25
                              Word: substance       Word: apathy            Word: display rules      Focus: A- LMC
                              dependence            #3Do Now:               #4Do Now: What           motivation stations,
                              #2Do Now: What        Describe real           emotions do you          return to class- discuss,
                              did you learn after   examples of how         readily show? When       Lie to me??
                              completing your       you are intrinsically   do you feel the need     Homework:
                              dream journals?       and extrinsically       to hide your             read chapter 5
                              What themes do        motivated,              emotions?
                              you notice in your    Focus: emotion ppt,     Focus: emotion ppt,
                              dreams?               poker face              lie to me game quiz,
                              Focus: The Nest-      Homework:               skit on non-verbal
                              discuss dream         read chapter 5          communication of
                              journals and                                  emotion- 5 groups

                                            Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
       Notes              Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday               Thursday                 Friday

                                           common themes,                               Homework:
                                           Maslow’s arts and                            read chapter 5
                                           crafts & ppt
                                           Dream journals due-
                                           must be typed, 2
                                           pgs, 2 dreams, read
                                           chapter 5

                            Feb 28                March 1              March 2                March 3                 March 4
                    Word: motive           Word: instinct        Word: aggression       Word: learning        Word: classical
                    #5Do Now: What is      #6Do Now: What is     #7Do Now: Why are      #8Do Now: pizza       conditioning
                    instinct theory and    drive reduction       some people more       wheel review          #9Do Now: What is
                    why have               theory? Give          aggressive than        Focus: Unit 2 test,   punishment? Is
                    psychologist moved     examples of           others?                introduction to       corporal punishment
                    away from using        primary and           Focus: jeopardy        learning- ppt         ever justified?
                    this theory?           secondary drives.     review, aggression     Homework: read        Focus: substitute-
                    Focus: motivation      Focus: finish ppt     studies, are you a     chapter 5             questions on chapter 5
                    ppt, video Sex         on motivation,        sensation seeker?                            Homework: read
                    Unknown, Harry         20/20 on DID,         Homework:                                    chapter 5, prepare for
                    Harlow, raffle today   finish sex unknown    study for unit test-                         binder check
                    Homework: study        if time permits       chapters 4 & 9
                    for unit test-         Homework: study
                    chapters 4 & 9         for unit test-
                                           chapters 4 & 9

                                           Shortened schedule

Binder check this       March 7                March 8                March 9              March 10                March 11
week                Word: punishment       CAHSEE                     CAHSEE            Word:                 Word: memory

                                 Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes         Monday                 Tuesday              Wednesday                Thursday                 Friday

        #10 Do Now: What        Focus: gum            Focus: Taste            reinforcement         #2Do Now: How many
        is the difference       experiment, student   aversion,               #1Do Now: What is     items can most people
        between classical       as the mouse,         superstitions,          the difference        hold in short-term
        and operant             handouts on           learned helplessness,   between               memory at one time?
        conditioning?           defining learning,    draw the school-        punishment and        Focus: memory ppt,
        Focus: discuss          elements of           cognitive maps          negative              memory experiments
        classical               classical             Homework:               reinforcement?        Homework:
        conditioning            conditioning,         modifying your own      Focus: finish         Valedictorian survey
        handouts, finish ppt,   reinforcement vs.     behavior pg 204-        learning, secret of   due- must be typed-
        punishment- when        punishment,           pick your own           wild child video      found on blackboard
        is it effective, pros   schedules of          behavior, type,         clip,
        and cons                reinforcement         reflect, due March      memory ppt
        Homework: read          Homework:             16, dream               Homework:
        chapter 5,              read chapter 5        assignment due on       Valedictorian
        valedictorian survey                          March 15- typed- 1      experiment due
        assigned – due on                             dream, 1 page           tomorrow
        March 11

              March 14                March 15               March 16               March 17                March 18
        Word: eidetic           Word: long term       Word: confirmation      Word: cognition       Word: creativity
        #3 Do Now: What         memory                bias                    #6 Do Now: How        #7 Do Now: What is
        are some helpful        #4 Do Now: What       #5 Do Now: What         do you feel about     the relationship
        techniques used to      are some of the       are the criticisms of   mainstreaming of      between creativity and
        reduce forgetting?      theories              IQ tests?               children in school?   intelligence?
        Focus: memory ppt,      surrounding           Focus: answer the       Should students       Focus: IQ ppt, discuss
        savant memory-          childhood amnesia?    chapter 14 IQ tests     with low IQs and      chapter 8 focus
        drawing Rome,           Focus: chapter 6      pg 293, why do          high IQs be in the    questions, creativity
        LMC B- IQ testing       questions,            intelligent people      same classroom?       test
        Homework: bring         intelligent ppt       fail? Ppt, discuss      Focus: IQ ppt,        Homework:
        textbook to class       Homework: dream       chapter 6 questions     chapter 8 focus       Read chapter 8
        tomorrow                assignment due        Homework:               questions, tangrams
                                                      behavior                Homework:

                                Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes        Monday                 Tuesday             Wednesday               Thursday                 Friday

                                                    modification           Read chapter 8
                                                    assignment due
              March 21             March 22               March 23               March 24               March 25
        Word: giftedness      Challenge day         Word: intelligence     Focus: Dream          Word: cohort
        #8 Do Now: What       Focus: psych          Focus: work on         exchange, write       #9 Do Now: pizza
        is language and       movie                 dream exchange,        rubric- meet in Art   wheel review
        what does it say      Homework:             finish A Beautiful     room M204,            Focus: unit 3 test, ppt
        about a person?       Study for unit test   Mind                   jeopardy review       on early years of
        Focus: work on        chapters 5-8          Homework:              Homework:             development
        dream exchange,                             Study for unit test    Study for unit test   Homework: Complete
        chapter 7- language                         chapters 5-8           chapters 5-8          When I was a baby-
        and cognition,                                                                           handout due Tuesday
        sexist language                                                                          Read Pg 365-391,
        handout                                                                                  developmental choice
        Homework:                                                                                board due 4/1
        Study for unit test
        chapters 5-8
              March 28             March 29               March 30               March 31                April 1
        Word: teratogens      Word: neonate         Word: temperament      Word: attachment      Word: gender identity
        #10 Do Now: What      #1Do Now: What        #2Do Now: What         #3Do Now: What        #4Do Now: When do
        are reflexes and      did you find out      was your               impact does TV        children develop
        what reflexes are     about yourself by     temperament as a       have on children?     gender identity and
        babies born with?     completing the baby   baby? Has your         Focus: finish ppt,    Gender constancy?
        Focus:                homework?             temperament            parenting styles,     What are gender
        development ppt,      Focus: Piaget         remained stable over   children and TV       stereotypes?
        Kohlberg handouts     handout & chapter     time                   Homework:             Focus: sex role dev.
        & ppt, Dr. Spock      questions- use        Focus:                 developmental         Gender differences
        Homework:             textbook              temperament,           choice board due      Homework:
        Complete When I       Homework:             perceptual abilities   4/1                   developmental choice
        was a baby-           When I was a baby-    of babies, birthday                          board due
        handout due           handout due           party planning
        Tuesday,                                    Homework:
        developmental                               developmental
        choice board due                            choice board due 4/1

                                Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes        Monday                  Tuesday              Wednesday              Thursday               Friday

        4/1, bring book

               April 4                 April 5               April 6              April 7              April 8
        Word: socialization    Word: egocentric      Word: maturation          Final schedule       Final schedule
        #5 Do Now: What        #6Do Now: What        #7Do Now: What
        are the three types    have you enjoyed      grade do you have?
        of parenting? Which    the most this         What can you do
        are best, worst?       semester in           better to improve
        Focus: jeopardy.       psychology class?     your grade next
        Psychology articles-   What would you        semester?
        write ½ age            like to learn more    Focus: review for
        summary, ½ page        about next            final, psych clips on
        opinion due in-        semester?             development
        class.                 Focus: review for     Homework: study
        Homework: study        final- study guide-   for final
        for final              bring book please!
                               Brain teasers
                               Homework: study
                               for final
             April 11                 April 12              April 13              April 14             April 15

                                                         Spring Break

               April 18              April 19              April 20                 April 21            April 22
        Word: puberty          Word: menarche        Word: personal          Word: identity     Word: menopause
        #1Do Now: When         #2 Do Now: What       fable                   crisis             #5 Do Now: What
        does adolescence       can parents and       #3 Do Now: What         #4 Do Now: How     kinds of qualities do
        start and end?         teachers do to help   do you want to          does personality   you want in a potential
        Focus: popcorn         children who are      achieve by the time     change during      spouse?
        adolescence,           entering              you are 40?             adulthood?         Focus: Death and
        adolescent ppt,        adolescence?          Focus: skits on         Focus: adulthood   dying handout, current
        longevity quiz         Focus: finish         resolving conflicts     ppt, 3 terms for   events

                                 Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes         Monday                 Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday                 Friday

        Homework:               adolescent ppt,     pg. 401, adulthood    every cohort          Homework:
        Read pages 391-414      personal timeline   ppt                   Homework: 20          death and dying
        20 interview            Homework: Read      Homework: Read        interview questions   handout due on
        questions for a         pages 391-414       pages 391-414, 20     for a spouse due      Monday, current events
        spouse due                                  interview questions   today                 article due today
        Thursday, current                           for a spouse due
        event article due                           tomorrow
        Friday- stipulations
        discussed in-class
              April 25                April 26           April 27              April 28                April 29
        Word: Alzheimer’s       Word: bargaining   No class due to CST
        #6Do Now: What is       #7 Do Now: list                           Focus: jeopardy       Focus: current events
        Alzheimer’s? Is         synonyms for death                        review                discussion
        there a cure?           or dying                                  Homework: current     Homework: current
        Focus: Kubler Ross      Focus: Norm’s                             event due on          event due- ½ page
        stages, cartoon clip,   photo album, death                        Friday- ½ page        summary, ½ page
        and Alzheimer’s         and dying movie,                          summary, ½ page       opinion- not more than
        Homework: current       Taboo death                               opinion- not more     one year old, current
        event due on            Homework: current                         than one year old,    event attached.
        Friday- ½ page          event due on                              current event         Study for test
        summary, ½ page         Friday- ½ page                            attached.
        opinion- not more       summary, ½ page
        than one year old,      opinion- not more
        current event           than one year old,
        attached. Death and     current event
        dying handout due       attached.

                                                      CST testing

               May 2                  May 3                 May 4               May 5                   May 6

                                Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes         Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday                 Thursday                  Friday

        Word: personality      Word: defense         Word:                    Word: introvert       Word: stress
        #8 Do Now: pizza       mechanisms            intellectualizing        #1 Do Now: What       #2 Do Now: How do
        wheel review           #9 Do Now: What       #10 Do Now: What         are the main          you deal with stress?
        Focus: Unit 4          defense mechanism     are the big 5            differences between   How have you
        adolescence to         do you use the most   personality traits and   Jung and Freud?       ineffectively dealt with
        adulthood test,        and why?              are they universal?      Focus: finish         stress?
        chapter 11 ppt, id,    Focus: Freud and      Focus: Type A or         personality ppt,      Focus: relaxation
        ego, superego          theories on           Type B? personality-     discuss coping        therapy, stress test and
        handout                personality-          handouts                 mechanisms            overview power point
        Homework:              handout/ppt           Homework:                handout               Homework:
        Read chapter 11-       Homework:             Read chapter 11          Homework:             Read chapter 12
        bring book             Read chapter 11                                Read chapter 12

               May 9                  May 10                May 11                  May 12                  May 13
        Word: adjustment       Word: frustration     Word: resilience         Word: altruism        Word: Insanity
        #3Do Now: What is      #4Do Now: Does        #5Do Now: How do         #6 Do Now: pizza      #7 Do Now: what
        self-imposed stress?   stress cause          psychologists define     wheel                 causes psychological
        Give an example        disease? Can a        a well-adjusted          Focus: Unit 6 test,   disorders?
        Focus: list 100        positive attitude     person?                  introduction of       Focus: LMC research
        positive coping        cure or slow the      Focus: sign up for a     disorders             1B, 2A, disorders ppt
        mechanisms, finish     progress of cancer?   disorder, LMC 1B,        Homework:             Homework:
        overview, chapter      Focus: finish         2A- APA                  Disorder project      Disorder project
        12 ppt                 chapter 12 ppt,       formatting, jeopardy     assigned- due 5/27    assigned- due 5/27
        Homework:              stress documentary    review
        Read chapter 12        Homework:             Homework:
                               Read chapter 12       Disorder project
                                                     assigned- due 5/27

               May 16                 May 17                May 18                  May 19                   May 20
        Word: psychotic        Word: diathesis       Word: mania              Tentative guest       Word: insight
        #8 Do Now: What        #9 Do Now: What       #10 Do Now: What         speaker               therapies
        is the prevalence of   are the main          are the pros and cons    Word: stress-         #1 Do Now: how do
        psychological          differences between   of                       inoculation therapy   self-help groups

                                Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes         Monday                Tuesday             Wednesday                 Thursday                Friday

        disorders in the US?   women and men in     deinstitutionalization   Focus:               prevent psychological
        What is the most       psychological        of mental health         documentary on       disorders? When is
        common mental          disorders?           patients?                over medication of   family therapy
        disorder?              Focus: finish ppt,   Focus: therapies         behavior problems    appropriate?
        Focus: 3 case          disorder handout     ppt, handout on          Homework:            Focus: LMC, APA
        studies at beginning   Homework:            treating                 Disorder project     formatting, 1B, 2A,
        of chapter, ppt        Disorder project     psychological            assigned- due 5/27   therapies ppt
        Homework:              assigned- due 5/27   disorders                                     Homework:
        Disorder project                            Homework:                                     Disorder project
        assigned- due 5/27                          Disorder project                              assigned- due 5/27
                                                    assigned- due 5/27

              May 23                May 24           May 25 substitute            May 26                  May 27
        Word:                  Word:                Word:                    Word:                Word:
        Do Now:                Do Now:              Do Now:                  Do Now:              Do Now:
        Focus: A-LMC,          Focus:               Focus:                   Focus:               Focus: relaxation in the
        APA formatting,        Homework:            Homework:                Homework:            LMC!!!
        Unit 7 test                                                                               Homework: Disorder
        Homework:                                                                                 project due today

              May 30                May 31                 June 1                  June 2                  June 3
        Holiday                Word:                Word:                    Word:                Focus: Unit 8 test
                               Do Now:              Do Now:                  Do Now:              Disorder project
                               Focus:               Focus:                   Focus: jeopardy      presentations
                               Homework:            Homework:                Homework:

               June 6                 June 7               June 8             June 9 substitute           June 10
        Focus:                 Focus:               Focus:                   Focus:               Focus:
          Disorder project       Disorder project   Disorder project         What about Bob?      Disorder project
           presentations          presentations     presentations                                 presentations
              June 13                June 14              June 15                   June 16               June 17
        Focus:                 Focus:               Focus:                   Final schedule       Final schedule

                           Psychology 2011 Spring Semester
Notes      Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday      Thursday   Friday

        Disorder project   Disorder project   Review for final
         presentations      presentations


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