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									Egomania - Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Asta Pažarauskaitė

Who is the narcissist?
It is a person who seeks perfection. He uses the false self as a protection mechanism against attacks from the outside world. The false self is like a mask which people use to hide their fear and their feeling of being insecure.

What feelings do narcissists have?
Envy (jealousy) Fear

Exploitative behavior

Do narcissists love themselves?
The answer is no. Narcissists love just the image of themselves and think that people will love them just when they are perfect.

Differences between male and female narcissists
There are more men who suffer from this personality disorder than women. Female and male narcissists tend to use different techniques of using other people (sexuality, seduction, physique)

Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Social conditioning Parenting

Can narcissists ever get better?
The biggest problem facing the healing of a narcissist is the narcissist himself.
Steps: Narcissists would have to admit that something was wrong with them in order to go and seek any form of therapy.
When narcissists do find the strength to go to therapy they look at the therapist as other people who they use.

Can narcissists ever get better?
Narcissists may give up very soon because of seeing treatment as a waste of time.
Some therapists will give up the hope of helping the narcissist too early. Also narcissistic patients can be ungrateful and critical of their therapist

Today the situation is favourable for people who have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They have all possibilities to disappear in the crowd because they can manipulate others.

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(2007 10 29)
(2007 10 29)

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