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									                                                  The Plans……
MHS Reunion
Newsletter                                      Friday night there will be a cocktail and
                                                hors d’oeuvres reception around the pool.
                                                The covered patio has misters but if it gets
              Volume 1 October 2005
                                                too warm, you can mosey inside to the bar
Multi-Class Reunion Planned
                                                Saturday--feel free to shop at the nearby
An update for all former Panthers from
                                                Paradise Valley Mall (the hotel will shuttle
Classes 1964-1969 and the remarkable
                                                you), play golf (come on--it’s only the end
teachers who guided and taught us……
                                                of May and with a little luck, we won’t
                                                break 100 degrees), or hold a movie fest in
Your valiant Reunion Committee braved the
                                                your room with old friends. If enough are
mid-summer heat and looked at, met with,
                                                interested, we might be able to get one of
bargained and connived with several
                                                the nearby casinos to provide a limo for
resorts in the Valley for the 2006 Multi-Year
                                                those (like me) who have this crazy idea
Class Reunion. And the winner is: the
                                                that they will actually win some money
Embassy Suites Paradise Valley, 4415 E.
                                                gambling away the money they already
Paradise Valley Parkway South.                  have. Or here’s an idea--visit your family
                                                who still live here.
And such a deal ……a suite with a balcony
and lots of room amenities. Most rooms          Saturday evening will be our banquet. We
overlook the pool or the Stonecreek Golf        will go back to DJ provided music and
Course. But, the real bang for your buck is     dancing for entertainment. Let’s face it---
your room comes with a cooked-to-order          we are getting older and some of us are
breakfast and a manager hosted happy hour       beginning to not hear so well (did you hear
for each day you stay. And the price, an        that, Bob?) so your Reunion Committee will
amazing low $75.00 for 1-2 persons, which       work diligently that night to make sure the
includes tax.                                   music doesn’t get too loud so as to drown
                                                out conversation--see, we really do read
Since Hurricane Katrina, conventions and        your comments!!!
meetings are relocating to Phoenix which
means hotel space is selling out quickly so     For those who
we are very glad to have a signed contract      still can stay
locking in those rates. But, there are only     up all night,
so many rooms. We may be able to add a          there will be
few more but we don’t suggest waiting           a hospitality
until next spring to book--they won’t be        room
there. If you need a room, call 602-765-        available to
5800, Mon-Fri.                                  reminisce, play poker, whatever…

                                                Sunday morning we will conclude with our
Rental cars are available through the hotel,
                                                traditional farewell brunch in the
which means you will avoid the 17% sports
                                                restaurant of the hotel--no, that’s not
tax, the funding source for the new arena
                                                included as part of your fees. The hotel
for the NFL’s worst team--do I really need
                                                can also provide information about nearby
to tell you who!!! There is a shuttle service
                                                houses of worship or where the closest Holy
to/from the hotel/airport that is direct for
                                                Grail of Starbucks is located.
$12 per person--at least that’s the current
rate. With gas going up and up, that may
change. Closer to the reunion, we’ll send       The only thing needed is YOU……
out more info on how to make those
                                                Check out
                                                Contact us:
MHS                 Reunion Registration
                                  May 26-28, 2006

Reunion Fees: It’s been five years since our last Reunion and, no surprise,
the fee is a little more to cover reception/banquet expenses, the yearbook and
the upfront costs of getting the Reunion going.

Couple Registration: $125.00 for the first person; $115.00 for the second. This
price includes the reception, banquet and [1] event annual. This year the
annual will be in color.

Single Registration: $125.00 includes the reception, banquet and an annual.

Reception Only: $ 40.00

Payment form: Checks should be made payable to: “MHS Reunion” and mailed with
your registration form to:
                                Cecile Woodward
                              15835 North 4th Drive
                           Phoenix, Arizona 85023-4409

        You may make payments on your registration fee. Please enclose 50% of
the appropriate fee with the attached registration form. You will receive statements
for the balance in January and March, 2006. Because we have to contract banquet
services based on the number of registrations, the deposit is NOT refundable.

  ----------------------(Return this portion with your Registration)---------------------------------

Name: _________________________________________

Spouse/Guest: ___________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

City: _____________________ State: ___________________ Zip code:

Telephone: _______________________ Cell #: ___________________________

Email: ________________________________ (PLEASE fill this in if you have an email
address to help reduce postal mailing expenses. Thank you!)
Please update us on what you have been doing in the past five to 40 years…
Life accomplishments: An easy way to catch up with fellow alumni and faculty is to
tell us a little bit about yourself. Who know…we may turn what you tell us into MHS
Jeopardy ;) Trust your Reunion Committee to come up with something

Name (Sorry to ask again but paper does become separated): ___________________

Married or with a Significant Other (S/O) for _________ (period of time) ?

Single and Sassy?_______________________________________________________

# of Children: _________      # of Grandchildren:______ # of Great-Grandkids: ______

If you have great-grand children, what is the birth date of the oldest (you may win a
prize!) :_____

Kids still at home? ________________Age of youngest Child:_____________

Highest level of education: _________________ What was your major? ___________

What is/was your life work?___________________________________________

If you could “do it again”, what field of study or work would you pursue?

You don’t get off that easy…Why? __________________________________________

MHS produced some very accomplished and possibly brainy people. Some are
published authors; others accomplished researchers; some edit professional journals
and books; some are elected officials and others have argued before the U.S. Supreme
Court. Please do not be shy, share your accomplishments with us. We are proud of

Anything else you would like to share with us?

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