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                           A Monthly Publication for the Members of VFW Post 3873

                                                                                                     Volume14, Issue 2,
                                                                                                     February, 2011

                                Commander Scott Holley

  As Commander of Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873, my goal is to be consistent with the mission of the Veterans of
  Foreign Wars which is: “To Honor the Dead by helping the Living”. Thank you for your continued support on this

  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the beautiful winter weather we are having. Who wouldn’t love the traffic, the shoveling,
  the cold, the Flu? I feel like this is going to be a great year for Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873. This is a highly energized
  Post that has so much going on throughout the year. If you have any interest in helping on some of the committees, we
  always welcome you regardless of how much time you can commit. There are always opportunities to help out that do
  not require a lot of time or even being somewhere at a specific time such as making some phone calls or running other
  errands. Please see the website or the Kendall Gram listing for the various committees and chairman.

  Nina Petru was our Veteran of the Month for January. She has put in a tremendous amount of time helping other VFW
  Posts get Blood Drives off the ground. As our Senior Vice Commander, she contributes so much to Judd Kendall VFW
  Post 3873. If you have someone in mind that you would like to see as a “Veteran of the Month” please reach out to me.
  They need not be a VFW or Legion member but be able to provide some proof of honorable service to our Country. They
  should also be in the Naperville or immediate area.

  Recent Events

  Key Cards (January 1st)
  The new key cards are here. They are white in color and work amazingly like the green ones did last year. If you haven’t
  come down to pick yours up yet, please do so and we’ll also make sure that you are paid up to date as well. .

  Voice of Democracy Dinner (January 8th)
  Although the winner at the Post level did not place at District, the event in Addison was very well attended . I think I can
  speak for the Veterans, the Teachers, and the Families and yes….even the students that it was a wonderful evening filled
  with a few laughs and some great conversation. As always the winner recited the winning entry and no surprise that the
  hall was silent and amazed at the perspective of our youth and their view on patriotism and veterans. Many Thanks to Tom
  Parker for all of his efforts on this very rewarding and important initiative for the VFW and Judd Kendall Post 3873 alike.

  Upcoming Events

  Our first Fish Fry of 2011 is on Friday March 4th so mark your calendars! We are always looking for a little help, so
  don’t be shy in reaching out to one of the officers or Wayne Fischer (Our Fish Fry Committee Chairperson). See ya
   KENDALL-GRAM	              	        	        	        	        	        	        	        PAGE		2
We have a District Meeting on Sunday February 20th which will be held at Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873 after the Life Mem-
bers Breakfast so feel free to stay and see what is going on in the District while representing our wonderful Post.

Signal Corp Out

Aim High with Senior Vice Commander Nina Petru

                                    Flight Orders # 2 - 2011

                              Happy February. . . yes, we’re already done with January. Before you know it we’ll be put-
                              ting those Christmas decorations up again!

                              We are at 93% for membership thus far for the year. Fifty three additional members will
put us at 100% and earns our commander the coveted white hat at convention in June. So, I ask that you check with your
friends and neighbors that may be eligible and bring them down to the canteen to see what Judd Kendall is all about. Pass
me a name and I would be happy to make a call. Each one of us knows someone; together we can help the post hit the
100% mark.

The December winner of a Life Membership was Matthew Koester. The November winner was Joseph Killacky. Con-
gratulations to both Matt and Joe. To those who hold annual memberships, there’s always next year; hang in there! You can
always convert your annual membership to a life member one. Just ask one of the officers or visit our quartermaster, Phil
Maughan for all the details.

Have a Great Month!

Junior Vice Terri Stone, Essayons

                    February proves to be a busy month, even though it’s the shortest month of the year. And don’t
                    forget Valentine’s Day, which falls on a Monday this year. Come down to the Canteen and have
a “love potion” if you dare!

2012 is the next leap year. Did you know that Julius Caesar is considered the Father of Leap Year? The early Romans had
a 355 day calendar and to keep festivals occurring in a somewhat seasonal fashion, a 22 or 23-day month was created every
second year. Julius Caesar said – enough! (this was before Et Tu, Brutus!) Caesar added days to different months of the year
to create the 365 day calendar. His astronomer Sosiegenes actually did the calculations. Then every fourth year following
the 28th day of Februarius (yes that was the spelling back then) one day was to be added, making every fourth year a leap
year. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII developed the rule that leap year would only occur in any year divisible by 4. But wait!
There’s more! When a leap year falls on a century year it has to be divisible by 400, thus making 1700, 1800, and 1900 non-
leap years. The next non-leap year on a century year is 2100, and I suspect most of us won’t be worried about that.

So, now that you know what leap year is all about, it’s worth pondering every February 29th. Imagine being born on February
29th! Any leap-year babies out there?

If you haven’t done so yet – get your new key card to access the Canteen. AND – don’t’ forget that our Fish Fry’s are starting
soon. Get the word out to all your family and friends.

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Dates to Remember 2011                                                Dates of Interest –

Feb 3rd – Legion Meeting, 7PM
Feb 8th – Hines Visit, 6:15 PM                                     Feb 8th, Boy Scouts of America founded.
Feb 10th – VFW Meeting, 7 PM                                       Feb 9th 1861 – The Confederate States of America is
Feb 12- VOD banquet in Springfield                                          formed with Jefferson Davis as President
Feb 17th – Auxiliary Meeting, 7PM                                  Feb 12th 1809 –Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin (now
Feb 19th – Legion Dinner, 6 PM                                              LaRue) County, Kentucky
Feb 20th – Life Member Breakfast, 9 AM                             Feb 14th - Valentine’s Day
Feb 20th – District Meeting – Naperville VFW, 1-4 PM               Feb 21st - Presidents’ Day
                                                                   Feb 1982 – Vietnam agreed to talks on American
Mar 3rd – Legion Meeting, 7 PM                                     MIAs.
Mar 4th – Fish Fry, 5-8 PM
Mar 5th - Mardi Gras Night in the Canteen                          March 2 - Vietnam War begins
Mar 8th – Hines Visit, 6:15 PM                                     March 12- Girl Scouts of Americn Founded
Mar 10th – VFW Meeting, 7 PM                                       March 13, Daylight Savings Time begins
Mar 11th – Fish Fry 5-8 PM                                         March 17 - St Patrick’s Day
Mar 12th – Kendall Honors, 5 PM                                    Mar 19th 2003 – Operation Iraqi Freedom Begins
Mar 17th – Auxiliary Meeting, 7 PM
Mar 18th – Fish Fry. 5-8 PM
Mar 19th – Legion Dinner, 6 PM                                     Apr 4th 1948 – NATO Founded
Mar 25th – Fish Fry, 5-8 PM                                        Apr 6th 1917 – US Enters WWI
                                                                   Apr 12th 1981 – First US Space Shuttle Launched
April 9th – Ham Raffle                                             Apr 30th 1975 – Vietnam War Ends

Kendall Honors

Once again Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873 is continuing a program that will interact with the Naperville community. Mark
your calendars ladies and gentlemen! SATURDAY, MARCH 12TH, 2011 IS WHEN KENDALL HONORS AWARD
WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED. What is Kendall Honors you ask? It is an awards program/dinner that will honor the
Policeman and Fireman of the year, educators of the year in Districts 203 & 204 and the Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pen
Winners for 2010/2011. This is an award from the people. In these tough times we need to recognize those who have impact-
ed our lives and made a difference. Go to the Judd Kendall VFW website and click on KENDALL
HONORS. Follow the prompts and nominate the policeman or fireman from Naperville as well as a teacher from Districts
203 or 204 who have made a difference in your life. Let’s show these dedicated professionals how much we appreciate their
dedication to the community.

We already have the nominating processes in place at the Police and Fire Departments and District 203 and 204. We look
forward to seeing your friendly faces at the dinner. We have gone way past the Three Amigos to look for help in cooking for
this event. We have enlisted the help of the Kendall Cooks to prepare the food for this auspicious event. The menu will start
with Prime Rib and just get better from there.

The Ladies Auxiliary has graciously volunteered to set the tables and make Kendall Hall look beautiful. As the project man-
ager I will be asking VFW members to help set up and clean up for the event. We are opening our doors to the public so we
want to look spiffy. The mayor will be there along with other visiting dignitaries. WE PROMISE THERE WILL NOT BE

Make plans now to attend the Kendall Honor dinner
KENDALL-GRAM	              	        	        	        	        	        	         	        PAGE	4

                                          Naperville VFW Post 3873
                                           And its Ladies Auxiliary

                                                 Invite you to attend

                           Kendall Honors
                     Banquet and Awards Ceremony
                                            Saturday, March 12, 2011
                                                  Kendall Hall
                                                908 West Jackson
                                               Naperville, Illinois

                                           5 PM Social Hour
                                              6 PM Dinner
                                              7 PM Awards
                                         Cost is $15 per person
                                    Checks payable to VFW Post 3873
                                  RSVP to Phil Maughan (630) 355-7664
                                            By March 4, 2011
                                    E-Mail is

Patriot Pen Winners
This year we received over 400 entries for the Patriot Pen essay contest from eight local schools. There were 3 junior highs
from District 203, 4 middle schools from District 204 and one private school who submitted entries. The theme for 2010 was,
“Does Patriotism Still Matter?”

We had 8 judges who all agreed that it was a very hard decision to select the winners. The quality of the essays this year was
outstanding. After much discussion the winners were selected. The winners of the Patriot Pen Essay contest this year are:

First Place                MEGAN ANGELL               KENNEDY JR. HIGH                     $500
Second Place               KATIE C JENKINS            KENNEDY JR. HIGH                     $250
Third Place                DANIELLE CLARK             KENNEDY JR. HIGH                     $100

Great job ladies! You will receive your award certificates and money at Kendall Honors on March 12th.

Auxiliary Report by Kathy McNally
Have you rested well enough from the holiday rush? I think it took me all of January to recover! These are quiet and slow
months for us here at the Post. And in the midst of the silence, we look ahead to our tasks to assist our Commander and Post
and to support our Veterans and their families.
KENDALL-GRAM	               	          	       	        	         	        	         	        	        PAGE	5

One particular task that has recently presented itself: Mercy Wolfolk from our District 19 has given us a terrific craft idea
that has many blessings. As you know, our Post and American Legion collect flags that are due for “retirement,” that is, they
are no longer fit to fly. Mercy asks us to remove the field (the stars) from embroidered flags, and cut the stars in little circles.
We place them lovingly in a small ziplock bag that we purchase from the craft store, and enclose another small circle with the

I am a part of our American Flag. I have flown over a home in the USA.I can no longer fly. The Sun and Winds have caused
me to become tattered and torn. Please carry me as a reminder that you are not forgotten.

Our goal is to distribute these to all our own Veterans, and also to include in every box that Operation Support Our Troops
sends out. Their next mailing is coming up soon...and we need help in cutting circles. Won’t you attend our next meeting to
help us in this worthy task? If you’d like to distribute these to Veterans you know, please contact me (630) 305 8157.

Note these dates in your diaries, Sisters:
March 4th - First Lenten fish fry (we need cashiers, 2 per each shift 5pm to 6:30pm and 6:30pm to 8:00pm)
March 12th - Kendall Honors (note the details in this newsletter, and get your tickets now - it’s always a sold-out event)

Do join us on Thursday, February 17th at 7:00 pm for our next meeting - make it your Valentine’s Day present to yourself!

Troop 111 News by Patrick Shamrock

Due to rainy and extremely cold weather our campout for this month was cancelled.

Smallest Meeting Ever
Our meeting on Dec 20th, could go down in our troop history as the troop’s smallest meeting ever. We literally only had six
scouts thanks to upcoming high school finals and bad weather. But even with our small number, the meeting went on. Surpris-
ing, the meeting wasn’t completely pointless. At that meeting we played a knot tying game created by Sam Druzack. What
would happen is one person would run down to a pole with a piece of carpet large enough to sit on and with a piece of rope.
The Scoutmaster called out a knot to tie. Once the scout tied the knot, the other members of his team pulle dhim back to the
starting line with the rope tied to the pice of carpet. The scout master would check the knot to see if it was correct. The first
team to tie the knot correctly and cross the finish line won. This turned out to be a spying opportunity for our troop’s scout-
master to find out who knew their knots and who didn’t. Some of us didn’t know the knots they had learned. One scout didn’t
even know the square knot which is the simplest Boy Scout knot. Because of this tragic situation, we now have something
called the knot of the week.

Knot of the Week
Because some of us in our troop did not know the knots they learned in our tenderfoot and first class requirements, our troop
is now having the knot of the week. Every meeting a scout who volunteers presents a Boy Scout Knot and everyone else has
to know it by our next meeting.

Ski Trip
Every January our troop goes on a ski trip. The ski trip is the most popular of all our activities. We stay in a cabin and get to
cook our food on real stoves and microwaves, instead of camp stoves and colas. Last year we even had the luxury of a TV.
We are hoping to get the same cabin this year, but its doubtful as we never seem to get the same cabin as we had the previous

Upcoming Troop Events:
Snow tubing, ski trip, cantina night
KENDALL-GRAM	        	        	      	       	       	      	     	      PAGE	6

   Veterans of Foreign Wars
   Judd Kendall Post 3873
   908 W Jackson
   Naperville, IL 60540

   The Exchange Club of Naperville will host their annual “One Nation Under God” breakfast. The
   event will take place at 9:00 am March 5, 2011 at Meson Sabika, 1025 Aurora Avenue. This years
   guest speaker will be Kris Habermehl from WBBM Ch #2.

   Several individuals, Organizations & Businesses will be given prestigious awards for their
   outstanding acts of patriotism.

   Jack Shiffler, Vietnam Veteran and past commander of the Judd Kendall VFW Post #3873
   will receive the Exchange Club’s highest “Abraham Lincoln” Award. This award is reserved for
   those who have impacted the history of the Community of which they live; they are known for
   their humble beginnings, their words, their deeds, their dedication and their sacrifice.

   Judd Kendall VFW Post #3873, Naperville American Legion Post #43 & Russell Breitwieser
   of Russell Dry Cleaner’s will receive the “American Spirit” Award. This award is reserved for
   those who’s actions demonstrate the “Can Do” spirit, in their work and achievement for others.

   The City of Naperville, Heritage Harley-Davidson Inc, Meson Sabika, Joe & Nancy Marinello,
   Bob Currier, & Anita Rattay will receive the “So Proudly We Hail” Award. This award is reserved
   for those who properly display the American flag.

   All are welcome to attend and pay honor to these outstanding individuals. R.S.V.P. by February
   19, 2011. Cost per person is $15.00. Checks should be made payable to the Exchange Club of
   Naperville and mailed to:

   Mary Howenstine, Administrator
   The Exchange Club of Naperville
   P.O. Box 4164,
   Naperville IL 60540

   We hope that you are all able to attend this historic event!

   Marty Walker
   Americanism Committee Chair
   Exchange Club of Naperville
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A Salute to all Persian Gulf War Veterans

2011 is the 20th Anniversary of the Persian Gulf War. After months of preparation the highly successful air war started
on January 17, 1991. Five weeks later the ground attack began on February 25. The well trained and well equipped US
military completely routed the Iraqi armed forces forcing them to flee from the portions of Kuwait they had taken the prior
year. After just 100 hours of intense ground combat, the Iraqi military was in complete disarray and full retreat. Offensive
operations ceased on February 28 and the war formally ended April 6.

Veterans of the Persian Gulf War (often now referred to as the First Gulf War) should take great pride in their major accom-
plishment of liberating the Kuwaiti people and driving the Iraqi highly touted army well back into Iraqi territory. They were
given a difficult mission which they accomplished with great skill and bravery.

US Hostile Deaths, Jan 17- April 11, 1991- by Battleground
County                                     Number          % of total
Saudi Arabia                               68                       46%
Iraq                                       49                       33
Airspace/over water                        17                       12
Kuwait                                     14                        9

By Service:
Army                                         98                         66%
Marines                                      24                         16
Air Force                                    20                         14
Navy                                          6                          4

Total                                        148

VFW/Legion Running and Walking Team
It is easy for the winter season in the Chicago area to play havoc with the exercise program of a runner or walker.
Hopefully, you have maintained a fitness base this winter by using treadmill or other aerobic equipment at home
or at your health club or joining the morning crowd walking laps around the mall or simply adding extra layers as
you run, walk or ski outdoors. The traditional starting event for our team has been the NCO Spring Ahead 5K run/
walk and 10K Trail Run. It is scheduled for Sunday, April 17 and starts and finishes at the Calamos office com-
plex near Rt 59 and Ferry Rd in northwest Naperville. We hope to see many of you at that great event. Several
team members have asked about the St. Paddy’s Day 5K in Downtown Naperville. It is a 5K run/walk on Satur-
day, March 12. Since both Terri and Phi are Irish, we said lets add it to our list. You can register for this event at We will have our camera out to both events and hope to see you in our team picture.
Until then, stay warm and keep moving.

Remember, all post and auxiliary members and their immediate families are invited to join the team. We have all
ages and skill levels. We are connected by our affiliation with either the VFW or Legion in Naperville and our
enjoyment of outdoor exercise. There are no dues or obligations of team membership. We target six to 10 area
running or walking events a year. Those who want to participate register for the event and show up. We take a
team picture before the race starts. If you want to learn more, please contact either of us and we will be happy to
explain more about the team and add you to team e-mail list.

Phil Maughan                                                   Terri Stone                                  
KENDALL-GRAM	              	         	        	        	      	        	       	          	       PAGE	9
Hines Hospital Visits                                             Judd Kendall Post 3873 Officers
                                                                  Commander                   Scott Holley   369-1912
The Chairman of the Hospital Committee, John Shaw
                                                                  Sr. Vice Commander          Nina Petru     871-9596
would like to remind everyone that the Post visits the
                                                                  Jr. Vice Commander          Terri Stone    357-4142
Hines VA Hospital every second Tuesday of the month.
                                                                  Quartermaster               Phil Maughan   357-3440
We will not be going in July and August, but our visits
                                                                  Ass’t Quartermaster         Terry Jelinek  357-5366
will resume in September.We leave the post at 6:30 in the
                                                                  Adjutant                    Bob Bronson    978-2143
evening and return at approximately 9:15 PM. Transporta-
                                                                  Judge Advocate              Sue Houser 815-210-6363
tion is provided. Everyone is invited. Why not come and
                                                                  Surgeon                     Bob Rieger     355-0013
spend some quality time with some very appreciative
                                                                  Service Officer             Ken Garhan     355-2493
Veterans?                                                         Officer of the Day          Jack Shiffler  357-4615
                                                                  Guard                       Tom Scott 815-577-7748
Canteen Hours                                                     Chaplain                    Jay Johnson    355-5522
                  Open               Close
Mon-Thurs         3:00 PM            10:00 PM/Midnight                                        Trustees
Friday            Noon               10:00 PM/2:00 AM             1 year                      Mike McGrath 357-2680
Saturday          Noon               10:00 PM/2:00 AM             2 year                      Mike Rechenmacher 961-1377
Sunday            11:00 AM           5:00 PM/6:00 PM              3 year                      Chuck Vladika 357-8615

If at anytime between the first close hour and the second         Committee                   Chairman       Phone
close hour listed above, there are no more than four cus-         Americanism                 Jack Shiffler  357-4615
tomers in the Canteen, the bartender will give a last call        Blood Drive                 Nina Petru     871-9596
and close the Canteen 15 minutes later.                           Buddy Poppy                 Mike Barbour   527-0738
                                                                  Building                    Mike Rechenmacher 961-1377
NO ONE is allowed behind the bar, except the Bartend-             Color Guard                 Jack Shiffler  357-4615
ers. This includes any children in the bar!                       Eighth Grade Awards         Tom Benton     579-8574
                                                                  Facilities Manager          Ken Garhan     355-2493
Remember: THE BARTENDER IS BOSS!                                  Grounds                     Phil Maughan   357-3440
                                                                  Hospital                    John Shaw      961-3479
Submission Policy                                                 House                       Mike Barbour   527-0738
                                                                                              Kag Cagnoni    753-9255
The Kendall Gram encourages Post members to submit                                            George McKissick 961-2030
articles and photos. Simply give the article or photo to          Kitchen                     Wayne Fisher   961-0628
the on-duty bartender. It is important that you put your          Membership                  Scott Holley   369-1912
name and phone number on the item in case there are               Legislative                 Frank Haynes   357-2906
any questions. Please ensure that names are legible. Your         National Home               Laurie Dobson
article may be edited for clarity and space considerations.       Nursing Home
All photos MUST have the following information with it:           Public Relations            Mike Barbour   527-0738
where and why the picture was taken, and who is in the            Safety                      Mike McGrath   357-2680
picture. Photographs without captions will not be used.           Voice of Democracy          Tom Parker     280-9347
Please submit all articles by the tenth of the month for          Youth Activities
next month’s publication.
                                                                                        Auxiliary Officers
Kendall-Gram                                                      President                   Kathy McNally 305-8157
Editor            Marcy Maughan 357-3440                          Senior Vice President       Fran McGrath    357-2680
                                                                  Junior Vice President       Tita McLaughlin 544-1886
Post Mailing Address: Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873                  Treasurer                   Dorothy Garhan 355-2493
                      908 W Jackson,                              Secretary                   Mary Lou Miller 226-9767
                      Naperville, IL 60540                        Chaplain                    Clara Spiller   420-0522
POST NUMBER                                   420-9820            Guard                       Miriam Ferguson 983-1676

Website Address:
Veterans Of Foreign Wars   PRSRT STD
Judd Kendall Post 3873     US POSTAGE PAID
908 W Jackson              Naperville, IL 60540
Naperville, IL 60540       Permit # 2978

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