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					Pitzer Transportation Coalition
   Long Range Transportation Plan
       Spring 2010-Fall 2010

 Overcrowding in Parking Lots
 Dependency on single automobile for freedom of
 An alternative is needed
          Local Routes
Routes that operate via the streets which
 include multiple stops along the route
Proposed Local Routes
 Montclair Target Shuttle
 Foothill Blvd. Route
 Greyhound Bus Lines Route
Montclair Target Shuttle
 Montclair Target Shuttle is a service that is designed to
  connect students in the Claremont College communities
  to the local community of Montclair, as well as to a wider
  range of public transportation options.
 The shuttle will stop in the Montclair Transportation
  Center, a central hub for buses and the San Bernardino
  Metrolink Line. Connections from Foothill Transit and
  Omnitrans bus lines can be found here.
 The route is proposed to run Saturday-Sunday during the
  school term only from 10:15AM to 7:45PM.
 *OPTIONAL* A trip connecting with the last Metrolink
  out of Los Angeles to Montclair
Foothill Blvd. Route
                                         The Foothill Blvd. route
                                          is a local service designed
                                          to connect the Claremont
                                          Colleges with the cities of
                                          Claremont and La Verne,
                                          stopping at many popular
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                                          commercial areas.
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                                         Proposed stops include:
                                          Trader Joes, Sprouts
                                          Market, Target, In n Out
                                          and an optional stop at
                                          Edwards Cinema.
                                         Service is proposed to run
Greyhound Bus Lines Route
   A proposed route that
    would operate seasonally
    to connect students to the
    Claremont Greyhound
   Additional connections:
    Claremont Village, Station,
    Pomona In n Out and
    Claremont Outdoor
    Shopping Center.
   Optional Claremont
    Metrolink Stop
   Not a PRIORITY route
          Express Routes
Routes that utilize local streets and highways
     to connect long distance locations
Pasadena Route via I-210
                                         A freeway express line
                                          designed to connect
                                          students to the Pasadena
                                          area via I-210FWY
                                         Connects with cheaper
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                                          alternative Gold Line to
                                          East Los Angeles
                                         Follows the same local
                                          route as the Foothill Line
                                         Will operate Friday-
                                          Sunday initially
Orange County Line

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 Claremont Colleges via 57 FWY to Fullerton and
 Destinations: Fullerton Amtrak/Metrolink Station-
  Downtown Anaheim-Disneyland-Knotts Berry Farm
 Not a priority route and is still in the scoping phase
  Short Term
Modifications and
Airport Shuttle Improvements
 New high capacity 9 passenger vehicle will
  be added to current fleet
 All reservation slots with more than 10
  individuals will have 3 vehicles prepared to
  avoid overcrowding.
 New Service to LAX will begin March
  12th, 2010. Return service TBD
 Website will improve to include prepay and
  reservation options together.
Job Creation

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 Work Study and Non-Work Study Students
 Flexible Hours
 On an as needed basis for Non-Work Study
Charter Services

 A service for students who are not a part of
  registered official student
  organizations/academic groups
 Different rate than the standard .60 Cents/mile
 Subject to approval by the head of van operations
6th Street
9th Street
6th Street vs. 9th Street
 Option A: All routes would begin at Pomona
  South Campus and be routed via College Ave. to
  9th St., stopping at Adams Hall/Emmett Student
  Center Loading Zone before continuing on to the
  Pitzer Service Road
 Option B: All routes would begin at Pomona
  South Campus and travel via College Ave. to 6th
  St. stopping once only at the CMC Towers before
  continuing on to the Pitzer Service Road
    Pitzer Service Road
Pickup/Discharge Alignment
                                        Option A:
                                         Pickup/Discharge at
                                         the edge of the road
                                        Option B.
                                         Pickup/Discharge at
                                         the STOP sign near
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                                         the Pitzer bench
Public Comment Agenda
 Local/Express Route Proposals
 Short Term Modifications
 6th St. vs. 9th St.
 Pitzer Service Road Alignment
             The End
Questions or comments not on the agenda
        can be made at this point

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