Oracle 11g Intermediate SQL

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					Oracle 11g Intermediate SQL
(2 Days) CTI 601

This course gives students an
                                      Module 1: SQL Basics and SQL*Plus        Module 12: SQL*Plus Reporting
introduction to advanced SQL
concepts, especially as they            Understanding the Difference             SQL*Plus Report Writing Commands
relate to Oracle's                         between SQL, SQL*Plus and             COLUMN Command/Titles, System Variables
implementation of the SQL                  PL/SQL                                Master-Detail Report with TITLE and COLUMN
Language. Topics necessary              Invoking and Leaving SQL*Plus              Commands
to the development and                  Entering and Executing Commands          Control Breaks, Computing Aggregate Amounts
                                        The SQL Buffer, SQL*Plus Default         Using SET Variables in SQL*Plus, SQL to
administration of an Oracle
11g database are covered.                  Output                                  Generate SQL
This course is specifically             LOGIN.SQL                              Module 13: Data Manipulation Language (DML)
designed for those who know        
                                        The SELECT Command and                 Commands
generic SQL but are not                    Mandatory Clauses                     INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE
familiar with SQL*Plus and            Module 2: Using SQL Developer                 Commands
more importantly, Oracle's              Understanding the SQL Developer          Use of Subqueries
implementation of SQL.                    Environment and Commands               Transaction Control Commands/Read
                                      Module 3: Single Row Functions                Consistency/Locking
Prerequisites: An                       Functions, Date and Numeric Format       The MERGE Command
understanding of relational               Models/Data Conversion                 Flashback Queries
database design concepts and
                                        Control Statements                     Module 14: Data Definition Language (DDL)
general knowledge of SQL.
                                      Module 8: Joining Data from Multiple     Commands
Minimum software                      Tables in Queries                          DDL Commands, Object Naming, Dropping
requirements: Windows                   ANSI SQL99 Joins                           Objects
Server 2003, Windows XP Pro             ANSI SQL92 Joins                         TRUNCATE, COMMENT, RENAME Commands
or Vista Pro; Oracle 11g.             Module 9: Group Functions and the          Creating Tables/Integrity Constraints
                                      GROUP BY Clause                            CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE Commands
Minimum hardware                        Group Functions                          Datatypes, Types of Declarative Constraints
requirements for all machines:          Distinct Operator in Group Functions     Default Values
Minimum 512 MB RAM (2 GB                GROUP BY, WITH Clause,                   Creating, Deferrable, Dropping, Disabling/Enabling
preferred); 20 GB of free                  ROLLUP, CUBE                            Constraints/Displaying Constraint Information
space on hard drive (before             GROUPING SETS                            Handling Exceptions
installation). Machines need                                                     Views, Synonyms, Sequences, Indexes, Virtual
                                      Module 10: Using Subqueries and
static IP addresses.                                                               Columns
                                      CASE Clauses
                                        Single-Row, Multi-Row, Multi-            Temporary Tables, External Tables
Microsoft PowerPoint and                                                       Module 15: Security
Internet access on instructor’s            Column Subqueries
                                        Subqueries in a WHERE Clause             Users
workstation for presentation
                                        Subqueries in the FROM Clause - In-      Privileges
                                           Line Views                            Roles
                                        Subqueries in the SELECT Clause -        Authentication Methods
                                           Scalar Subqueries                   Module 16: Getting Data In and Out of Oracle
                                        Correlated Subqueries                    SQL*Loader Basics
                                        CASE Clause                              Importing Oracle Data into Excel
                                                                                 Direct Database Queries using ODBC

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