SGA Board

					                                                SGA Board Meeting
                                                    July 12, 2005
                             Facilitator: Nora; Scribe: Kerrie (Marilyn in her absence)

Attendees: Gaby, Ellen, Toni, Marilyn, Nora, Claire (late)
Absent: Joe, Kerrie (in Cabinet)
Guest: Karen Oldani, ABaC$ Accountant

A/Rs from 5/10 Meeting:
    A/R - Nora volunteered to create an SGA website form with, “Can your question/comments be confidentially
       shared with the dean or all staff” and “Do you need a response from the SGA Board?” which would go directly to
A/Rs from 06/28/05 Meeting:
    AR Marilyn will research Federal work study funds for a student to work for SGA. –DONE
            SGA funds for 05/06 $978
            Suggestion student worker Andrei until October then research FWS student
            Could do: typing for meetings, history of SGA board, travel committee tracking log, help set up open
               meetings, log asksga emails, etc.
            Better to hire someone who can work past October (training-wise)
            Hire and work as needed rather than weekly schedule.
    AR Gaby/Ellen will provide highlights and other stuff for content for the power point presentation that Kerrie will
       put together for the next open meeting.
            Update from meeting with Doug Jones
    AR Ellen will provide for the open meeting, the strategic plan, ground rules, protocol, by laws,…
    AR Ellen will check on the room for the open meeting for 7/26/05 (A313 and A314) A313 is available – done.
    AR Marilyn will check on the popcorn machine with Melanie, and will give heads up to dean on what we are
       doing for Halloween and if she would like to contribute anything. Done
    AR Ellen will create an invitation for the open meeting. (Note: If you provide us with a question or suggestion,
       you are eligible for a raffle ticket) Done
    AR Gaby will provide some more bookmarks for the Open Meeting. DONE
    AR for next meeting - SGA members will bring ideas for October 31, 2005 Halloween Party from 12 to 2:00.
    AR Gaby will announce the Halloween Potluck to LFA. Done
    AR Marilyn attend the Conversations with the Dean on July 13, from 1:30 to 2:30. Meeting Cancelled
    AR Claire attend the Conversations with the Dean on July 14, from 9:30 to 10:30.

A/Rs from 07/12/05 Meeting:
    AR MEO to bring job description and email to all SGA board for vote and suggestions/email Kerrie to see if she
       could use student for fill in behind.
    Ellen - set up meeting with Carla for Travel Funds discussion.
    All board members who are available attend an extra meeting next Tuesday; Ellen will send out meeting
       invitation to SGA Board.
    Claire will arrange for catering for open meeting 07/26/05.

 Topic                    Owner        Time        Preparation               Action Desired
 Follow up on AR’s        SGA          5 minutes                             Update on AR’s

 Topic                    Owner        Time        Preparation               Action Desired
 Staff Travel &           Ellen        40 min.     Handed off to us?         How will staff (all-SGA)
 Development Funds                                                           administer these funds? Discuss,
                                                                             plan, assign tasks, etc.
                                                                             Draft Interim Travel Guidelines
Karen Oldani present to provide some history/feedback on this subject: Purpose was to provide for staff’s
discretionary use of money for travel approved by TL. Not a need for policies. Show your team leader item, have it
approved and attend. Historically money has been set at $850 a piece two trip limit for staff per year, as long as money
was available. Typically approximately 20 staff travel a year, mostly MAT and DDT staff, usually the same people every
year. YWCA usually paid for off the top which accounted for around $2,000; same for AZLA--off the top, however this
has changed for this year and will be counted as a trip.
Differences for in state/out-of-state – if you want to go to something in-state not being asked to attend you can apply cost
to your approved allotment if approved by team leader. Now can used money for web-based activity as well. Encourage
staff to go rather than set up restrictions.
Team leaders need to ask what the benefit is to your work/career.
     Karen O. will try to provide to SGA Board historical data relating to travel expenses by the library’s staff.
     Looking at document provided by Doug Jones to LFA as interim guideline. Wording on first bullet restricts travel
         to library/museum-related purposes.
     It should benefit BOTH the library and the person’s professional development.
     Form for request has changed (shorter).
     We should be monitoring not approving.
     No reason we know of to divvy up per person like LFA is doing. Wouldn’t go very far with 101 staff.
     There are UA guidelines on reimbursement, but policy is library-defined.

Gaby – We need to ask Carla what role SGA plays with the guidelines and scope of SGA with travel
Nora –We need to develop section on SGA website providing some preliminary information about travel for classified
Toni – We need to revisit the allocation and review the historical data
Ellen – We need to talk to Carla first- looks like she is available this Thursday around 2pm, who would be able to attend
and what questions?
Questions for Carla:
SGA Attendees: Gaby (maybe), Ellen, Nora, Claire, Kerrie (maybe)
    1. Are we setting guidelines or simply disbursing money after te am leader has approved the trip?
            a. If we are not setting guidelines, how much information in regards to travel
                policy/money/professional development can SGA Board distribute to staff?
            b. If we are not setting guidelines, do we use the existing ones? ABaC$ will cover in business policies
                they are developing.
            c. If an approval comes that we question, do we handle or what is our responsibility?
    2. What kinds of activities are included?
    3. Are we combining in-state/out-of- state into one allotment?
    4. Is the intention to continue the current funding of $850 per trip up to two trips per person if funding
    5. Are team leaders allowed to come up with their own approach or do they all follow the same guidelines and
        processes? If so, what are those guidelines?
    6. Is there a difference between professional development and travel?

 Topic                     Owner        Time        Preparation                Action Desired
 Next Open Meeting                      30-45                                  What are we going to do, planning,
 July 26 2-4 A313                       minutes                                assigning tasks, catering, etc.

       Catering for Open Meeting: 20 people at most-- Cookies, brownies, lemon bars, lemonade - Claire
       Develop a standard format for powerpoints
       Set-up: Nora, Claire, Gaby, Ellen
       Clean-up: Toni, Gaby, Marilyn
       Gaby has raffles already

 Topic                     Owner        Time        Preparation                Action Desired
 AskSGA                    Ellen        10 min.                                Determine if we want to rotate
 subcommittee turnover                                                         subcom. members to answer
                                                                               questions/comments (as we had
                                                                            decided we would)
      Postponed need to turnover.

Nora – We need to have another meeting next Tuesday for some of these items.
Open Meeting further discussion/coordination
Carla re: travel funds
Meet at 2 pm

 Topic                   Owner       Time        Preparation                Action Desired
 Halloween               Kerrie                  1. Haunted house
 Party/Potluck           and                     2. Prize groups
 Oct. 31 12-1 pm         Marilyn                 3. Invite allstaff
 A313 and kitchen                                4. Invite allsga to help
                                                 5. Invite LFA to help
                                                 6. Invite Carla
No discussion

Nora – Suggested moving meeting from 2:30 to 2:00 and agreement on time frame of meeting.

communicating with constituents – we have not discussed per Ellen’s model
developing an SGA compensation committee – follow up based on open meeting ideas
talk to SGA Board members who have been absent repeatedly about their commitment – whether we need to find
someone else