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					Survey Information                                          AUSTRIA (AT04)

Generic Information
Name of Survey            Survey of Household Financial Wealth
Institution responsible   Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Type                      Interview survey
Frequency                 not decided yet
Survey Year               2004
Collection Period         Summer/Autumn 2004
Survey structure          Cross-sectional
(excluded groups)         Institutions; Homeless; Prisoners;People not registered in municipal registers

Focus of survey           To provide a comprehensive picture of the distribution and composition of financial
                          wealth. Information includes income, household composition, assets, debt and wealth.
                          Wealth data were collected at at the household level.

Sample size
Households                2556
Individuals               NA

Sampling design           Multistage-, Stratified-, Clustered-, Address Random

Reference period          Month of the interview

Reference period          Time of interview
Unit of collection        Household level
Period of collection      Time of interview
Restrictions              No Top-bottom coding for wealth items.

Data quality
Unit non-response         40%
Item non-response         NA
Imputation                No
                          The weighting attempts to align the structure of the sample with that of the population
                          using data on age, occupation and education of the head as well as the number of
                          persons in the household, number of children below 14 years in the household and place
                          of residence.

Alternative wealth
data sources              Financial Accounts
                          National accounts