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					Kellogg PTA Meeting Minutes                                                  April 14, 2010

Debbie Sharpe called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m.

Minutes: The January 13, 2010 Association meeting minutes were reviewed and approved,
with no changes.

Financial Report – Holly Richard: The checking and savings accounts are balanced.
Richard moved to approve the check detail. Motion carried. Audit has been completed.
Auditors Liz and Marc Gamberdella have examined the records of the Kellogg PTA and find
them to be correct. Letter received from Attorney General regarding raffle tickets for
Spring Party, so need to check on that for next year’s Spring Party.

President’s Report – Debbie Sharpe: Sharpe issued thank you’s to the following
individuals for helping with Astrocamp – 6th grade fundraising co-chairs Nancy Henrickson
and Sue Morales, Nancy Knight and the staff, teachers Brigitte Haley and Jen Checchio, and
the parent chaperones (David Jurist, Ben Frank, Susan Morales, Doug Sharpe, Julie
Sorenson, Kathy Wopat and Jeff Yoos). Also wanted to thank the Spring Party chairs Joanie
Vasquez, Julie Hemingway, Richard McMullin, Kristin Quezada, and their volunteers; Cheryl
Muir and Trish Caraco and their volunteers for the book fair this week; Annie Huyck and
her volunteers for the Art Show; Brigitte Haley and Shannan Cocklin and their volunteers
for the upcoming Spirit Run; and the Nominating Committee – Cheryl Muir, Amy Abbott,
Kristin Quezada and Nicole Katz. Sharpe introduced next year’s PTA President, Bill
Bittancourt, and thanked him for agreeing to take over next year. Sharpe will be training
Bittancourt over the next few months.

Principal’s Report – Nancy Knight: Knight announced that Adrianne Adam and Mary
Archer will be sharing a job next year. Jan Hahka is not returning, and Eje is interested in
the position. Reworking schedules to include all minutes mandated by the state. Knight
provided the following dates for events taking place in April and May 2010:
April 15: Open House
April 16 - Spirit Run: 8:30 K; 9:10 gr. 1-2; 10:35 gr. 3-4; 11:15 gr. 5-6;
               12:45 Assembly
April 18, 1:00 p.m. - track meet at El Camino
April 20, 6:30 p.m. – Camp Meeting and College awareness at La Patera
April 21, 11:50 a.m. –KSSC and 6:30 p.m. – Spanish college awareness at La Patera
April 22, 6 p.m. – ELAC camp meeting/summer help
April 26 – May 7: State testing – Closed campus 8:15 – 10:15
April 26 – college meeting at Hollister in Spanish
April 28 – college meeting at Brandon in English
May 7 – Jump for Joy assembly

Teachers’ Report- Sheri Parker: Thank you to everyone for Staff Appreciation Luncheon.
Wanted to remind all parents that the Open House is a celebration of the students’ work
and the school year, and not the time to grill teachers/shop for next year’s teacher.
ONE campaign has received $30,520 to date. One more reminder/solicitation will go in the
V.P. Ways & Means – Debbie Sharpe (on behalf of Melissa Frank)

Friday folders this school year, and there are at least a few families who have indicated that
they still plan on contributing.

We utilized our Creative Arts Credit towards an artist in residence who is here for 3
V.P. Cultural Arts – Debbie Sharpe (on behalf of Julie Sorenson)

Tuesdays in April (ends April 20). Professor Chin has been teaching capoeira to the
students during P.E. classes and the response has been positive. Jumping for Joy
(internationally renowned jump rope team from Santa Clara) will be here on Friday, May 7.
They were last here in 2007. This is the last assembly for school year, and is scheduled
right after STAR testing is finished. Sorenson thanked the PTA for their ongoing
commitment to providing cultural arts assemblies/education for our kids!

Muir reported that the Nominating Committee has nominated the following individuals for
Parliamentarian – Cheryl Muir

2010-2011 PTA Executive Board positions: President – Bill Bittancourt; V.P. Cultural Arts –
Sue Kraemer; V.P. Parent Education – Carrie Hawn; V.P. Communication – Yvette Ensign;
Recording Secretary – Nicole Katz; Treasurer – Holly Richard; Financial Secretary – Janis
Gamble; Historian – Cheryl Muir; Corresponding Secretary – Kathryn Kanjo-Jurist and
Room Rep. Coordinator – Drew McKenna. Still have openings for Executive V.P., V.P Ways
and Means and Parliamentarian. Nancy Knight moved to approve the nominees for 2010-
2011 Executive Board. Motion passed

Hemingway thanked Kristin Quezada for jumping on board to help her, Richard McMullin
Spring Party – Julie Hemingway

and Joanie Vazquez. Net proceeds from the event seem to be in the range of $6,000 -
$9,000. Fun time had by all and proud of monies raised to provide enrichment to our

Getting ready for the fair, which is “buy one, get one free.” Still needs volunteers for the 6-8
Book Fair – Cheryl Muir

p.m. shift, during Open House.

Huyck wanted to thank the following volunteers for helping to set up: Carla McClure,
Art Show – Debbie Sharpe (on behalf of Annie Huyck)

Kristyn Krutenat, Judy Karin, Cheryl Muir, Lydia Widmer, Marlene Henninson, Julie
Sorenson, Nicole Katz, Kathy Bohley, Cynthia Holm and Melissa Frank. Couldn’t have done
it without them!

Theme for this year’s Assembly is Fun in the Sun. Will have various raffle prizes, medals to
Spirit Run – Brigitte Haley and Shannan Cocklin

top runners, and assembly will take place the same day as run, Friday, April 16.

Chalk Art will take place on Thursday, May 13, day before Carnival. Theme, as with
Chalk Art – Amy Magee

Carnival, is outer space. Hoping to use 6th graders again for quick set-up.

This year’s Carnival will have an outer space theme. Boelter has met with the room reps
Carnival – Lisa Boelter

and carnival games have been assigned. Rock-climbing wall will be there again. 4th graders
will be doing a book sale, and there will be a low-cost sports helmet distribution run by the
Kiwanis. There was discussion about including students who ride the bus, and it was
agreed among teachers and parents to try to arrange for supervision of those kids riding
the bus who will not return later with their families.

Already has some submissions. Read one or two of them. Deadline is April 23.
Literary Magazine – Kathryn Kanjo-Jurist

Kathryn Jurist moved to approve the inclusion of Musical Minds Piano Keyboard Club on
Enrichment Page Addition

the enrichment page in the PTA newsletter. Motion passed. Nancy Knight moved to create
a new position for Enrichment Coordinator. Motion passed. This Coordinator will oversee
the Enrichment Committee and the inclusion of information on after-school enrichment
classes in the PTA newsletter.

The next Association meeting, the last for the school year, will be May 12, 2010 6:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m. by Debbie Sharpe.

Respectfully submitted by Nicole Katz


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