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					Prescription and Medication Verdicts & Settlements Description Verdict & Settlement Disposition Pharmacy gave woman 10-milligram pills of $25,850,563 Coumadin instead of 1-milligram pills, resulting in a coma and eventually her death.

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Estate of Hippely v. Walgreen Co. Polk Co., Fla., Cir. Ct., No. 2003CA-003967-0000-LK (8/17/07) In addition to not timely diagnosing an embolism, Hickey v. Golinowski doctors failed to administer the proper medication to Suffok Co., N.Y., Sup. Ct. No. dissolve existing blood clots. 7107/03 (9/07/07) 10-year-old in throes of a severe asthma attack was Rivera v. City of NY given excessive oxygen that caused her lungs to Kings Co., N.Y., Sup. Ct., No. burst at a Brooklyn hospital. 6288/00 (6/26/07) Doctor failed to properly diagnose sinus infection Flaherty v. Bell and improperly prescribed steroids by not also Allegheny Co., Pa., Ct. C.P., No. prescribing an antibiotic as well. Patient sustained GD-03-023868 (11/21/07) brain damage. Doctor should not have given new blood pressure Morano v. Malinverni drug to patient because of her allergy to sulfa drugs. Ocean Co., N.J., Super. Ct., No. Patient died of respiratory failure in emergency OCN-L-1865-05 (7/03/07) room. Doctor failed to appropriately discontinue Tulsi v. Kaufman prescription of platelet-inhibiting med before Queens Co., N.Y., Sup. Ct., No. endoscopy, resulting in severe, incapacitating 5729/03 (10/04/07) encephalopathy. Dialysis center gave Phenergan to allergic patient, Durnan v. Bay Area Dialysis resulting in his death. It was found liable but doctor Sinton who wrote standing order to administer drug wasn't Nueces Co., Texas, Dist. Ct., No. liable. 06-61181 (08/24/07) Doctor should not have prescribed the antibiotic Phillips v. Kaiser Foundation Clindamycin for patient's diarrhea. As a result, she Health Plan Inc. underwent a colostomy and ileostomy. Santa Clara Co., Calif., JAMS, No. SBN107066 (04) (7/26/07) Doctor should have increased monitoring of patient Estate of Farrior v. Derasari after discovering malfunctioning morphine pump. Hillsborough Co., Fla., Cir. Ct., Defense argued family to blame for self-medicating No. 993/00 (8/27/08) with Xanax. Doctor failed to prescribe bed restraints for patient. Bruni v. Shore Memorial Defense argued that the patient had safety bars and Hospital that was appropriate. Atlantic Co., N.J. Super. Ct., No. (8/9/07)