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Winter 2008 Legal Book Shelf Preview


									WINTER 2008 LEGAL BOOKSHELF PREVIEW The Modern Rules of Business Etiquette Good manners and proper protocol can make, or break, a promising business relationship. This book points out the important role interpersonal skills play in the success of business careers. As inappropriate and uninformed behavior becomes more commonplace in the American business culture, those who util-ize correct principles of behavior as outlined in this book will outpace their competitors to thrive in today’s global marketplace. 2008; 5 x 7, 99 pages; paperback; $29.95 ($27.95 ABA members); product code: 1620306. Charitable Gift Planning: A Practical Guide for the Estate Planner, Second Edition Author Thomas J. Ray, Jr., has updated this comprehensive guide to explain the impact of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. The book covers the basics of income and estate taxes, which are the foundation of all charitable giving, and details the rules governing both charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. Further, the book discusses other planning options available, such as grantor and super-grantor trusts, family businesses, private foundations, retirement plans and IRAs, transactions involving diverse property, trustee issues, and terminating charitable remainder trusts. Purchase price includes CD-ROM along with sample forms and appendices. 2007; 7 x 10, 825 pages+CD-ROM; paperback; $174.95 ($149.95 Real Property, Trust and Estate member price); product code: 5430472. Science for Lawyers Science for Lawyers clearly explains and discusses scientific disciplines in jargon-free language that is specifically geared toward lawyers. The book explores the definitions, the practice and the ethical guidelines of 13 professional disciplines including ballistics, medicine, physics, statistics, linguistics, genetics, chemistry and more. With dozens of photos, figures, graphics and artwork, the book covers these subjects in terms that are not only easy to understand, but fascinating to read. 2008; 7 x 10; 347 pages; paperback; $129.95 ($119.95 SciTech member price); product code: 5450051. America Votes! A Guide to Modern Election Law and Voting Rights An invaluable resource for lawyers, law school professors, election officials, state and local government personnel involved in election administration, election workers and poll workers, this book provides a snapshot of America's voting and electoral practices, problems, and most current issues. The book ex-plores a variety of areas related to election law from a federal perspective. These areas include lessons learned from the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, the Help America Vote Act of 2002, voter equality, language assistance provisions of the Voting Rights Act, the role of election officials and the legal aspects of voting technology. 2008; 7 x 10; 300 pages; paperback; $55.95 ($39.95 Section of State and Local Government Law members, $44.94 non-profit employees, and $39.95 for government agency employees); product code: 5330200. The Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together

This unique legal guide highlights the latest Web-based software technologies, which allow lawyers to work collaboratively and more efficiently on projects. The book provides a wealth of information useful to lawyers who are just beginning to use collaboration tools, such as Google, Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, as well as tips and techniques for those lawyers with intermediate and advanced experience. Topics include the basics of collaboration and collaboration tools; developing a strategy; the best ways to collaborate on documents, cases, transactions and projects; collaborating inside and outside the office; and improving productivity through collaboration. 2008; 7 x 10; 240 pages; paperback; $89.95 ($54.95 Law Practice Management Section members); product code: 5110589. A division of the American Bar Association, ABA Publishing is the ABA’s dedicated publishing arm, and is responsible for providing professional publishing guidance to both the association and its members. With more than 413,000 members of all legal practices and specialties, the ABA is the nation’s premier source of legal information, publishing approximately 100 law books per year and 60 magazines, newsletters and journals in a variety of specialized areas.

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