Transformer Protection System by finunu


									                            Transformer Protection System

1.      Equipment Protection

       Electric power networks largely consist of central power, transmission networks

(substations and transmission lines) and distribution network. In an effort to improve the

reliability of electricity supply, needs an adequate protection system can not be avoided.

       Equipment protection system consists of CT, PT, PMT, power supply dc / ac, the

relay protection, teleproteksi are integrated in a circuit wiring. Besides it is also necessary

supporting equipment to ease operation and evaluation of systems such as recorders, scada

system and relay indication (annunciator). The function of protective equipment is to

identify the disorder and separates the affected tissue from other parts that are still healthy

and simultaneously securing the healthy part of damage or loss is greater.

       Protection systems must meet the following requirements:

a.      sensitive

b.      Reliable

c.      Selective

d.      fast

that is able to feel the slightest disturbance ie it will work when needed (dependability) and

will not work when not needed (security). that is able to separate the affected tissue only.

that is able to work as soon as possible.

       Electrical power network consists of many different equipment types and

characteristics and are physically separated by the breaker (PMT) PMT serves to separate /

connect one part of the network with other parts, whether the network under normal

circumstances and in disturbed state. Parts of the network can consist of one PMT or more.
2.     Systems and Non-System Disorders

       That disrupted power grids should be immediately known and separated from the

other network as soon as possible with the intention that greater losses can be avoided.

Disturbances in the electric power network can occur in plants, in the network transmission

or distribution network.

3.     System disorders

       System disorder is a disorder that occurs in electric power systems such as

generators, transformers, SUTT, SKTT and so forth. Interference systems can be classified

as permanent disturbance and disruption temporary.

       Temporary disorder is a disorder that is lost with PMT itself when open, for example

a lightning strike that caused flash over the insulator SUTT. In this state of PMT can be

entered again, manually or automatically with AutoRecloser. Permanent disorder is a

disorder that does not go away by itself, while for the recovery needed improvements, such

as wire SUTT broken.

4.      Non-System Disorders

       PMT is open is not always caused by interference with the system, PMT can be

opened because the relay is working alone or cable control or injured because of interference

and so forth. Disorder is called disorder is not on the system, then called non-system

disorders. This type of non-system disorders, among others: relay component damage,

control cable connected short, interference / induction in the control cable.

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