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Amman - Jordan


A position in mechanical engineering providing the opportunity to make a strong
contribution to organizational goals through continued development of manufacturing
processes and well-managed human resources.

Qualification Profile

      Solid project management skills
      Professional hands-on skills with conventional and computerized controlled
      Expertise in mechanical design with state-of-the-art technology from concept
       through manufacturing using of CAD/CAM software, AutoCAD, MasterCAM,
       SurfCAM, and MS office applications.
      Vast experience in industrial procurement, tendering, purchasing orders, and
       submitting service contracts
      Proficient in lay out machines installation, assembly, disassembly, and tryout.
      Effectively managed and carried out maintenance jobs, repair, and rebuild
       equipment in diverse and technology demanding environment
      Invented and executed unique and powerful training philosophy, especially for
       fresh trainees
      Strong work ethic and enjoying team player attributes

Professional Experiences

      Taking responsibilities for industrial project from inception to completion. I’ve
       supervised setting up processes for electrical cables manufacturing plant owned
       by Hemren trade and investing Co. Ltd. in Zarqa - Jordan.
      Upgraded production machines in cables plant (mechanically and electronically)
       to increase productivity up to 80% with low cost budget
      Managed and directed main and support services related to production facility,
       including plastic extrusion, braiding, re-winding, packaging, preventive
       maintenance, and inventory and storage of raw material
      Performed research studies on potential industrial products and services
       opportunities regarding booming future of Iraq, facilitated the absolute
       partnership between governmental and private sectors. And took in consideration
       environmental issues and power consumption when submitting goods and
      Established and directed the manufacturing department for Jordan Aerospace
       industries Co. to produce all frame structure rips and welded and fiberglass parts
       of light aircrafts. Equipped machining section with CNC machines and high
       technology tools, thus the production cost of each aircraft is reduced up to 20,000
       US $ (All these parts were imported)

      Determined and classified key performance indicators (KPI) in manufacturing
       firms and analyzed results against organization goals
      Provided and delivered training courses (lesson plan) focusing on personnel
       attitude, mechanically fit, and feeding up powerful and enjoyable training
       objectives. I’m particularly specialist with in-job training courses
      Documented digitally production time sheet, preventive maintenance schedules,
       troubleshooting records, and final products and raw material storage


      Fully manufactured all frame structure parts of light aircraft in Arabian country
       (Jordan) and by local manpower. Purchased machines and tools from Canada,
       Germany, Turkey, and from local market. Designed and implemented work flow
       lay-out, moulds, dies, jigs, and fixtures. Trained local employees without any
       previous background and experience for very new and challenging industry
      Designed and machined special tool to form light aircraft nose gear. I’m intending
       to register invention patent
      Successfully running out electrical cables production plant equipped with low cost
       machinery, local fresh staff, small budget, and constructed far from city center. I
       designed and registered product Trade Mark “P.TRANS” ®. And despite it is new
       in market the product is well-known in Iraq now, because the high quality and
       comply standards demands.
      Re-designed and modified existing production processes and machinery to
       achieve upcoming market needs and reduced development costs by more than

Computer skills

      CAD/CAM software, MS windows, and MS office applications

Employment History

    Hemren trade & Investing Co. Ltd. – Cables plant                May. 2008 – Present
     Qualified Industrial Zone – Zarqa - Jordan
     Plant director
    Jordan Aerospace Industries Co.
                     Oct. 2006 – Apr. 2008
     Queen Alia airport – private industrial free zone
     Aircraft parts manufacturing director
    Saudi Aramco.
                           Dec. 2005 – Sep. 2006
       Eastern province – Mubbarraz – Saudi Arabia
       Industrial skills trainer, level 11

      Rapid Enterprises Inc. (Automotive industry)                Jan. 2003 – Aug. 2004
       Brampton – Ontario – Canada
       Tool Room Engineer

      CAN-ROMM services and supplies Inc.                         Dec. 1999 – Oct. 2002
       Mississauga – Ontario – Canada
       Procurement manager
      Nyzak for moulds and dies Co.                              June. 1996 – Sep. 1999
       King Abdullah II industrial state – Jordan
       Senior manufacturing engineer
      Central Tool Room Plant (CTRP), Gov. sector                Nov. 1987 – Aug. 1995
       Baghdad – Iraq
       Mechanical engineering technologist


      B. Sc. Degree in mechanical engineering – Baghdad University                 1987
       College of engineering, major: design and manufacturing

Professional development courses

      Staff developing program certification                                       2006
       Aramco training center – Dhahran – Saudi Arabia
    MasterCAM ver. 9                                                               2004
       Sheridan College, Canada
    IT upgrading, MS office, and web pages design                                  1999
       Khawarizmi College – Amman – Jordan
    Design and programming – CAD/CAM software – DUCT                               1989
       DelCAM Ltd. - Birmingham - UK.
    Programming and setting up CNC machines center                                 1989
       Matrix Churchill Ltd. - Coventry - UK.
    AutoCAD and CADD                                                               1988
       CTRP – Iraq.
Final Conclusion

Along my career history I believed in the most realistic fact; “Think twice and do it once”


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