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MYTH: A story or legend which has been passed down orally, usually concerning some supernatural
being or hero or event. A myth normally involves deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite,
or phenomenon of nature.

Using the definition above as a guide, write your own legendary story. Your myth must:

    1. have a hero or heroine (protagonist); characters should have appropriately Greek-sounding
       names. Try to make the names of your characters reflect the particular trait (or role) for which
       they are known in the story. A thesaurus will help give you ideas. (For example, Luna = moon
       or Etherea = an angel.)

    2. have Greek deities or demigods with distinct character traits (vices and virtues) who interact with
       the hero/heroine. The god/goddess can be a protagonist (helpful) or antagonist (hindering). Be
       sure to identify the jurisdiction of the gods you include (for example, god of __________).

    3. explain a practice, rite/ritual, or natural phenomenon (to begin, brainstorm things you’ve always
       wondered about).

    4. be written using the 6 Traits of good writing:
           a. Since this is a creative assignment, varied sentence structure, interesting word choice, and
               the use of figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.) will serve to
               make your work not only more technically correct, but more interesting.
           b. Creative assignments are the perfect place to let your distinct writer’s voice shine
           c. Conventions, ideas, and organization will be integral to the structural success of your
               story, but they should also contribute to the story’s readability, and thus to its ability to
               captivate the reader.

    5. have a creative title.

    6. include at least one illustration on 8 ½ x11 paper (drawn, copied, etc.)

    7. be typed or neatly handwritten in blue/black ink, one side only, proper margins.

You may work with a partner on this assignment or work on your own. Make sure that you have
someone peer-edit your story before submitting your final draft (there will be time for this in class on the
day rough drafts are due). Groups of two can peer-edit their own drafts.

Fri. 1/28:      Prewriting notes due

Mon. 1/31:      Rough draft work time

Weds., 2/2:     Peer edit in class
Fri. 2/4:       Final draft due with attached illustration

LENGTH:                  1-2 typewritten or 2-4 handwritten pages
TOTAL POINTS:              60

A note on grading:

All of the above listed items need to be incorporated, but mostly I’ll be looking for creativity, originality,
and degree of artistic expression. Let your voice and your creative ideas come alive for this assignment!


Checklist & Grading Criteria


    *   Presence of well-developed hero/heroine & gods/goddesses/                             10 pts.
        supernatural beings

    *   Interesting, well-detailed plot                                                       15 pts.

    *   Includes characteristics of a myth (explains a natural phenomenon,
         a cultural rite/ritual or common practice )                                           5 pts.

        WORD CHOICE                                                                            5 pts.

        VOICE                                                                                  5 pts.

    *   Peer-edited rough draft with peer editing check sheet                                 10 pts.

    *   Final draft
        - Creative Title                                                                       2 pts.

        - MECHANICS/SENTENCE STRUCTURE                                                         8 pts.

        - Relevant illustration                                                               10 pts.

                                                                                     Total 70 pts.