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					                              North Valley Volleyball Camp
                                           “Individual Skill Development Camp”
                                                          th              th
                                                   July 25 to July 29
                                     @ Pleasant Valley High School
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                                          10 to 12 Grades in 2011-12: 8am to 12pm
                                         7th to 9th Grades in 2011-12: 1pm to 5pm
                                     $100.00 – Payable to North Valley Volleyball Camp
                                                             Includes Camp T-Shirt

                      Mail the completed form before June 3 rd or sign up the day of camp.
                    Tammi Taylor, Chico High Volleyball: 901 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95926
                   Dave Davis, Pleasant Valley Volleyball: 1475 East Ave., Chico, CA 95926

                                                       North Valley Volleyball Camp
        NVVBC is designed to develop individual skills for Middle and High School CIF competition. Camp will be instructed
by three of the North Valley’s High School coaches along with the aid of their staffs and former players. It is our desire to help
prepare you/your child for your up coming season. Camp is both a learning and competitive environment that will prepare you for
your school’s try-outs. All of the staff are very passionate about volleyball and enjoy teaching the game to others. At the end of
camp we hope that players will develop and improve skills to improve their individual game and instill confidence on the court.
        Our instructional staff features Varsity Coaches, Dave Davis of Pleasant Valley HS, Tammi Taylor of Chico High, John
Parks of Paradise High and Freshman and JV coaches from all 3 schools.

North Valley Volleyball Camp

Name ___________________________________                                   Grade 2011/12 ________

Address _________________________________                                  City _________              Zip Code _________

Phone # _____________________                                     School Attending/ Playing for in (11/12) __________________

E- mail _______________________________                           Parent Contact (Print) _______________________

Any special medical conditions ______________________________________________
      I here by authorize the directors of the North Valley Volleyball Camp to act for me according to their best
judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention.

Parent/Guardian __________________________                        Day Time Emergency Phone Number _________________

          It is reco mmended that all participants carry their own insurance coverage, as camp does not provide it. Each participant is assumed
to be voluntarily performing activit ies for which she/he assumes all risks, consequen ces and potential liability. I, the undersigned, certify that
my ch ild is in good health and able to participate in th is event. I agree to hold harmless the District, School, and directo rs of the North Valley
Volleyball Camp from any and all claims by reason of an accident, illness, injury, death or other consequences arising or resulting directly or
indirectly fro m participation in the camp. I fully understand the scope of these activities and voluntarily sign this form.

Parent/Guardian __________________________ Participant ______________________________
           Questions: Tammi Taylor @ 828-1110, or Dave Davis @ 521-5853,