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					                            Nicholas J. Solis
                   423 N. Deep Hill Rd. Diamond Bar, CA 91765


05/10        University of Southern California                 Los Angeles, CA
             Masters of Education: Post-Secondary Administration and
             Student Affairs

05/08        University of La Verne                                      La Verne, CA
             Bachelor of Arts: Liberal Studies

Relevant Experience

02/11        Chapman University                                            Orange, CA
Present      Office of Orientation and First Year Programs
             Program Assistant
             - Advise 5 student orientation coordinators.
             - Facilitate selection and hiring process of 100+ student orientation
             - Help plan and implement all elements of new student orientation for
                the fall 2011 incoming class.
             - Facilitate focus groups on offering better resources and services to first
                year students.
             - Create new projects such as photo documentary projects for incoming
                first years.

08/10        University of La Verne                                    La Verne, CA
09/10        Office of the Registrar
             Administrative Assistant
             - Processed transcript request paperwork of students.
             - Processed grades and other data to student records.
             - Helped Registrar and all other professional staff members on special
             - Worked with student database, BANNER.

07/10        Institute for Leadership Education and Development
And          Association of College Unions International
             - Team program facilitator of 100+ students.
             - Coordinated various workshops and presentations for student leaders.
             - Co-lead small group of 12 students.
             - Worked on leadership development with student leaders.
07/08     California Polytechnic University, Pomona                Pomona, CA
02/10     Foundation Village Housing: Department of Residential Education
          Graduate Coordinator
          - Developed marketing materials for recruitment of new staff members.
          - Lead hiring and selection of 30+ academic year and summer student
          - Managed large programs for a community of approximately 1,300
          - Supervised a staff of twenty-four students.
          - Held judicial hearings.
          - Planned of various workshops and seminars for Community Advisors
             focused on personal well-being and professional development.

11/09     Phi Delta Theta: UCLA                                   Los Angeles, CA
Present   New Member Education Advisor
          - Advisor to members for the re-establishment of a Phi Delta Theta
             International fraternity.
          - Create workshops for undergraduate students on leadership and time
             management skills.
          - Recruits and interviews college students as potential members.

11/09     National Association for Campus Activities               Columbia, SC
11/10     Special Events Coordinator
          - Member of the 2010 Western Regional Conference Planning
          - Coordinated of all the major conference events including the awards
             banquet and closing reception.

08/09     University of Southern California                      Los Angeles, CA
05/10     Rossier School of Education
          Student Ambassador
          - Attend recruitment events as a student representative for the Masters
          - Established communication with potential students about admission
             requirements, classes, resources, etc.
          - Coordinated and scheduled campus tours with potential students.

05/09     University of Southern California                     Los Angeles, CA
05/10     P.A.S.A. Network
          Alumni Chair
          - Creating an Alumni database for the School of Education
             PASA Program.
          - Coordination of Alumni Programs at Homecoming, NASPA
             conferences, etc.
05/09   University of Southern California                        Los Angeles, CA
05/10   PASA Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP)
        Vice Chairman
        - Implementation of Program.
        - Established resources to assist undergraduates interested in graduate
           school and Student Affairs.
        - Directed informational workshops for all involved students.

07/09   Institute for Leadership Education and Development         Boulder, CO
        Association of College Unions International
        Graduate Intern
        - Emphasis of Student Development with facilitators.
        - Assisted with institute logistics and set up.
        - Served on curriculum review committee.

08/09   California Polytechnic University, Pomona                Pomona, CA
12/09   Office of Greek Affairs
        Greek Life Intern
        - Assisted with re-chartering process of chapters on campus.
        - Assisted with Pan-Hellenic recruitment.
        - Developed organizational system on data for chapters.

01/09   University of La Verne                                    La Verne, CA
05/09   Campus Center Intern
        - Assisted Executive Director of Capital Planning with different tasks as
        - Researcher on Campus Center governing board.
        - Assisted with logistics of events during ACUI 2009 Annual

09/06   University of La Verne: Liberal Studies Office              La Verne, CA
05/08   Peer Academic Advisor
        - Worked under main Academic Advisor for the Liberal Studies
           program within the College of Education and Organizational
        - Advised students within the program on classes and degree
        - Assisted students with applications and pre-requisites for the
           Credential program.
Other Work Experience

01/07       Starbucks                                              La Verne, CA
Present     Barista/Shift Supervisor
            - Customer Service.
            - Create Educational Workshops for co-workers and customers.
            - Cash Management.

10/10       Mark Burnette Production Company
Present     Transcriber
            - Work in post-production/editing department.
            - Watch and transcribe video footage.
            - Work efficiently under strict deadlines.

Presentations and Workshops

11/09       National Association for Campus Activities                 Portland, OR
            Western Regional Conference
            “By the way, did you know you can get a Masters in
            Student Affairs?”
            - Presented workshop to undergraduate students
            - Advised students on Student Affairs grad program.
            - Provided several resources to assist with search and decisions.

10/09       California Polytechnic University, Pomona                Pomona, CA
            How to Get Involved on Campus
            - Presented to group of students the various ways to become involved
            - Offered resources to students on the importance of networking

04/09       California Polytechnic University, Pomona                 Pomona, CA
            Tools for Academic Success
            - Presentation to undergraduate students in the Student Leadership
               Development Program
            - Provided guidance and resources to assist them in becoming successful

10/08       University of Maryland                                 College Park, MD
            Department of Residence Life and Student Leadership Conference
            - Co-facilitated workshop to student leaders within the Department of
               Residential Education on living out the FISH! Philosophy.

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