Embassy Takeover by liuhongmei


									Embassy Takeover

                   S4 - 1
              Embassy Takeover
• 0910 – A police patrolman in the vicinity of the Ukrainian
  Embassy reports hearing shots.
• 0915 – Police receive a frantic phone call advising that
  the Embassy is under siege, and the Ambassador and
  several of his staff are being held hostage at gunpoint.
• 0920 – A low-ranking administrative official of the
  Embassy calls the police, and advises that he and two
  colleagues are in control of the Embassy, that they have
  it wired with explosives, and that any effort by the
  authorities to enter the premises would lead to the
  immediate deaths of everyone in the compound. He
  adds that his demands will be made shortly.
                                                             S4 - 2
          Embassy Takeover (Cont)
• 0922 – A cell phone call comes from the residential wing
  of the mission. The political counselor explains that two
  junior administrative officials who were supposed to
  be sent home for embezzlement, graft, and thievery (and
  a local employee who was to be turned over to Moldovan
  authorities) are holding at least 6 Embassy officials and
  the DCM from Romania, who was there on a visit. He
  adds that the assailants are “crazy,” and offers to help
  by observing from his wing of the Embassy.

                                                         S4 - 3
         Embassy Takeover (Cont)
• 0930 – The police rapid reaction team is assembling and
  could be ready to storm the Embassy in an hour. They
  say that they have good information since they are in
  contact with a local secretary in the Ambassador’s wing
  of the Embassy.

                                                        S4 - 4
          Embassy Takeover (Cont)
0935 – The hostage-takers call. They demand the
 following: (1) an airplane by noon for safe passage to an
 unnamed foreign country; (2) DM 500,000; (3) a senior
 Moldovan official to accompany them as “insurance”;
 (4) a written promise from the Ukrainian government
 that they will not be prosecuted; (5) a written promise
 from the Moldovan government that they will not be

• Failure to comply with all of their demands will force
  them to kill their hostages one at a time. The
  Ambassador would be the first to die, at noon.
                                                           S4 - 5
         Embassy Takeover (Cont)

• 0957 – A shot is heard from within the Embassy (the
  Ambassador’s wing).

                                                        S4 - 6

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