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The New Cross Polo sports a striking outdoors exterior with undeniable lifestyle appeal

Introducing Polo GTI
and Cross Polo
When the New Polo range was launched earlier this year, its
advertising slogan encouraged us to ‘Expect big things’. The
latest special additions to the New Polo family, the Cross Polo
and Polo GTI, each deliver ‘big things’ in their own way
By Netanja van der Westhuizen

18 Volkswagen
                               he New Polo range is getting bigger and more versatile. In June 2010 Volkswagen South
                               Africa launched the new ready-for-adventure Cross Polo. And then there’s the New Polo
                               GTI, a sporty, high performance hatchback that will blow adrenaline junkies’ hair back
                        when it hits South African streets in 2011.
                           Enhancing the Polo brand with a solid dose of ‘wow’, the New Cross Polo and the New Polo
                        GTI are like nothing ever seen in their class. In fact, each of them raises the bar in their very own
                        way. As Bridget Harpur, Brand Manager at Volkswagen South Africa mentions: “The Cross Polo
                        will make you stand out from the crowd with its sporty, outdoorsy design, and the Polo GTI will
                        let you experience white-knuckle driving in an entry level car.”
                           It goes without saying that stylish design, superior handling, uncompromising engine
                        responsiveness and safety features are standard across the Polo range. The Cross Polo and Polo
                        GTI share this award-winning DNA.

                        CALLING THE ADVENTUROUS
                        With its one-of-a-kind styling, the Cross Polo has been described as “one of the most
                        unconventional vehicles in its class”. Glen Elferink, Product Planner at Volkswagen South
                        Africa, explains: “There’s no other vehicle with similar physical style attributes in its market
                        segment. With the Cross Polo, you’re getting a reliable everyday run-around with an outdoor,
                        sporty character and thus, undeniable lifestyle appeal.”
                          This hatchback’s key differentiating factor may be its looks, but it offers a great drive to match.
                        Based on the New Polo Comfortline model, the Cross Polo is available in a 77kW 1.6-litre
                        engine and a 77kW 1.6-litre Common Rail (CR) TDI engine.

                        CROSS POLO PERfORmANCE
                        Model                                                 Cross Polo Petrol            Cross Polo TDI
                        Acceleration in seconds: (0-100km):                           11.3                       10.9
                        Top speed (km/h):                                             188                        186
                        Torque (Nm@r/min):                                       155 @3 500            250 @1 500-2 500
                        Fuel consumption (litres/100km):                              6.4                        4.3

                                                                     The interior is available in four eye-catching colour trims

  “There’s no other
vehicle with similar
      physical style
    attributes in its
 market segment.”

                                                                                                                   Volkswagen 19
  The Polo GTI is a high performance hot hatch equipped with XDS technology
  that reduces understeer and improves handling

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Cross Polo is its striking exterior body kit. With
                                                                                                          “One glance at the
features such as silver side mirrors, rugged moulded bumpers, a honeycomb front grille, front skid             GTI’s credentials
protector, tough black wheel-arch extensions, a rear silver diffuser and a pronounced rear spoiler,
the Cross Polo means business. ‘Cross’ decals on its rear doors complete this sporty package.            and you will quickly
  The Cross Polo also has silver anodised roof rails which serve more than just aesthetic
purpose. Put them to the test – they can carry up to 75kg. The 17-inch alloy wheels with wider          realise that this is the
215/40 R17 tyres and 15mm raised suspension add to the Cross Polo’s adventurous character.
  You can choose between five eye-catching colours. Two of these colours: ‘Magma Orange’
                                                                                                            best performance
and ‘Terra Beige Metallic’ are currently exclusive to the Cross Polo, adding to its unique
brand character.
                                                                                                         hatch in its segment.
                                                                                                           It’s a technological
The Cross Polo’s quality interior complements its all-terrain exterior. Four colour trims are             super blast and will
available, including trendy ‘Dimension Orange’. In addition to other New Polo specifications,
the Cross Polo has height-adjustable front sports seats and aluminium foot pedals. Design
                                                                                                           set the benchmark
touches, such as the coloured stitching on the leather multi-function steering wheel, gear
gaiter and handbrake lever handle, plus the cool chrome finishes, add to the high quality and
                                                                                                                    in its class.”
sophisticated interior.
   Just like its other family members, the Cross Polo is versatile. Its cargo capacity increases from
280l to 952l when the rear seat is completely folded. Ample tie-downs and hooks keep all the
things you need for an adventure in their place.

Cruise Control, Park Distance Control and a removable, lockable tow bar are some of the Cross
Polo’s optional extras. Although it already has an array of safety features, you can also opt for
curtain airbags and Volkswagen’s innovative Electronic Stability Programme or ESP (which

20 Volkswagen
                                                is standard on the TDI model). ESP helps           with 215/40 R17 tyres and sports suspension,
                                                to correct oversteer, understeer and loss of       this car is ready to roll. Its other sporty
 From the design and                            control of the vehicle.                            exterior enhancements include a pronounced
                                                   Speak to your nearest Volkswagen                rear spoiler, red brake calipers, signature GTI
 quality of the finishes                        Dealer about the Cross Polo’s service and          bumpers and grille, twin chrome exhausts, as
                                                maintenance plans.                                 well as sills and a tailgate with the GTI logo
to advanced engines,                                                                               which all contribute to its street cred.
                                                                                                      The Polo GTI’s interior also does justice
     these vehicles not                         READY, SET, GTI
                                                The New Polo GTI epitomises the Polo brand         to this legend in the making. The titanium
  only offer real value                         essence – big car thinking in a compact hot        black Alcantara/Vienna leather combination
                                                hatch. “One glance at the GTI’s credentials        trim on the heated front sports seats, the front
        for money, but                          and you will quickly realise that this is the      centre armrest and the aluminium foot pedals
                                                best performance hatch in its segment. It’s        combine luxury with sports vehicle design.
   also that irresistible                       a technological super blast and will set the       Keep an eye out for those extra sporty details,
 combination of thrill,                         benchmark in its class,” says Elferink.
                                                   His enthusiasm is justified. With its
                                                                                                   such as the black headlining, grabhandles
                                                                                                   and sunvisors, as well as floor mats with
 fun and individuality                          132kW 1.4-litre TSI engine and efficient           red piping and the coloured stitching on the
                                                seven-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG), the         steering wheel (in perforated leather with
      that you’ve come                          Polo GTI packs a mean performance punch.           multi-function), gear gaiter and handbrake
                                                In Germany, the Polo GTI has blasted its way       lever handle.
        to expect from                          to 100km/h in just 6.9 seconds and boasted a          This hot hatch is available in various paint
           Volkswagen.                          top speed of 229km/h.                              and trim combinations that complement its
                                                   What’s more, the Polo GTI balances its          Titan Black seats and dashboard. Colours
                                                sporty performance with economy, two               include ‘Shadow Blue’, ‘Flash Red’ and
                                                concepts that are rarely linked. This is thanks    ‘Reflex Silver’.
                                                to its TSI engine and DSG (Dual Shift                 With the exception of ESP, optional extras
                                                Gearbox) that work together to reduce its fuel     for the Polo GTI are similar to those of the
                                                consumption and consequently, emissions. The       Cross Polo, but prices may differ. Service
                                                development team has reported a combined           and maintenance plans will also be offered
                                                fuel consumption of 5.9 litres/100km.              as options.

                                                TECHNOLOGY AND SAfETY                              SImPLY IRRESISTIBLE
                                                The GTI is so new that its final technical         As the latest addition to the Polo family, the
                                                information and specifications haven’t been        Cross Polo is already holding its own and the
                                                confirmed for the South African market, but        Polo GTI will follow suit. From the design and
                                                it will include ESP with Hill Climb Assist         quality of the finishes to advanced engines,
                                                and XDS (Electronic Transverse Differential        these vehicles not only offer real value for
                                                Lock). XDS reduces the tendency to understeer      money, but also that irresistible combination
                                                and improves handling, especially when             of thrill, fun and individuality that you’ve
                                                cornering. The GTI will not only sport other       come to expect from Volkswagen.
                                                specifications standard to the New Polo, but it
                                                will also have optional Cruise Control and an       QUICk fACT
                                                on-board tyre pressure monitor.                     Did you know that Volkswagen South
                                                   Furthermore, the Polo GTI will boast a           Africa is the producer of all left and
                                                range of safety features, plus comprehensive        right-hand drive Cross Polos in the world?
                                                airbags (including combined head-thorax side        “It’s a big thumbs-up for South Africa
                                                airbags), belt tensioners and head restraints to    and it is a direct result of Volkswagen
                                                prevent whiplash trauma.                            South Africa gaining recognition as
                                                                                                    one of the Volkswagen Group’s top
The interior is equipped for performance with                                                       10 manufacturing facilities globally,”
                                                LOOkING THE PART
three-spoke multi-functional leather steering                                                       says Glen Elferink, Product Planner at
wheel and heated front sports seats             There’s no blending into traffic with the Polo
                                                                                                    Volkswagen South Africa.
                                                GTI. With its 17-inch ‘Denver’ alloy wheels

                                                                                                                                      Volkswagen 21

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