Was Appeasement a mistake

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					Monday 22nd November, 2009
    What was Appeasement?

Learning Objective:
  To develop an
 understanding of
   how and why
  Germany was
 appeased in the
  By the end of this lesson
       you will know…
• What
  Appeasement is
• How Germany
  was appeased
• Why Germany
  was appeased
“Why should we take a stand about
someone pushing someone else
when its all so far away….”
       What is Appeasement?
This is the policy that Britain and France took
towards Germany in the 1930s.

It means to try and keep peace by making
allowances – i.e. letting someone get away with
things that they shouldn’t be doing

In the 1930s when Hitler ignored the terms of the
Treaty of Versailles and started behaving
aggressively, he was appeased by Britain and
    How was Germany appeased?
• 1933-Germany leave the L of N - start to rearm in secret
  (Germany was banned under the Treaty of Versailles
  from having a large army or navy)
• 1935-Anglo-German Naval Agreement, Abyssinian
  Crisis, German announces conscription (Germany was
  not supposed to have conscription because it was
  not supposed to have a large army or navy)
• 1936- Remilitarization of the Rhineland (The Treaty of
  Versailles demanded that the Rhineland be
  demilitarised – i.e. no troops allowed there)
• 1938 (March) Anschluss with Austria (This meant that
  Germany and Austria were united which was banned
  under the Treaty of Versailles)
• 1938/9 Hitler invades Czechoslovakia
• 1939 Hitler invades Poland
        Munich Agreement 1938
   “I have in my hand a piece of paper…”
In 1938 British Prime Minister
Neville Chamberlain flew to
Germany to try and negotiate
with Hitler. The two men
agreed that Hitler could take
over the Sudetenland in
Czechoslovakia but that he
could not try anything more.
Chamberlain returned to Britain
to a hero's welcome and
announced that he had
secured “peace in our time.”      Chamberlain on his return from
The Second World War broke        Munich waving the piece of paper
out less than a year later.       which he claimed had secured peace
                Appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s

Situation         What Hitler did   How other countries   Why other countries
                                    responded             responded in this way
1933 onwards

The Rhineland,

Austria, 1938


Poland, 1939
   Why was Germany appeased?
Politicians at the time genuinely believed that Appeasement
would bring about peace. Many people in Britain in the 1930s
supported the policy and some historians today think that
there were good reasons at the time to follow the policy of

Reasons for Appeasement:
                                 Buying time
 Avoiding another
                     Giving Hitler a       Germany could
                     chance                be a buffer
 Trying to rebuild                         against
 relations with Germany                    communism
Avoiding another war                                     Your Task:
                                      Buying time
  People remembered the
  horrors of the First World War                         Copy this
  and were determined not to                             diagram.
  allow a repeat of this conflict;
  therefore they were willing to                         Underneath
  go to extra lengths to try and
  keep peace.                                            each heading
                                         Germany         explain in
                                         could be a      more detail
               Why                       buffer          why this is a
              appeas                     against         reason for
              e Hitler?                  communism       countries
                                                         Hitler. (One
                                                         has been
                                     Trying to rebuild   done for you
Giving Hitler a chance               relations with      as an
                                     Germany             example)