Expectations of Winner Contract by houseinmycloset


									                            Expectations of Winner(s) Contract

If I, ____________________, win the title of Miss Kaysville-Fruit Heights 2009, I agree
to abide by the following rules. If I break any of these rules, I will be dismissed as Miss
Kaysville-Fruit Heights 2009 and my first attendant will take over the duties and

First, I will compete in the Miss Utah pageant and fulfill all obligations related to this
commitment. Specifically, I will have my wardrobe for the pageant and all pageant-
related paperwork, including platform statement and resume, approved by the pageant

Second, the scholarship for Miss Kaysville-Fruit Heights 2009 will not be awarded until
my year as the titleholder is over. The scholarship shall be paid directly to the college or
university of my choice. I must provide a tuition bill to the pageant director, who will
then write a check for scholarship amount to that school. Only the amount of the
scholarship ($1,000) will be applied to that bill. If the tuition bill is less, I can use the
leftover scholarship money for the next semester’s tuition bill. If my scholarship is not
used to pay for school, it will not be used at all. This rule also applies to scholarship
monies used by the first attendant ($500) and second attendant ($250). If I win either of
those titles, I will abide by these scholarship guidelines as well. The scholarship money
is only available to me for two years following my year of service.

Third, if I do anything to besmirch the name of the pageant during my year as Miss
Kaysville-Fruit Heights 2009 or as first or second attendant, I will forfeit my scholarship
money and the associated title. There are no exceptions to this rule. Such actions include
immoral behavior, smoking, drinking, and becoming pregnant. I cannot be married while
holding the title or that of attendant or I forfeit my scholarship money.

Fourth, I agree to make appearances as the titleholder or an attendant. In order to receive
my scholarship money, I must make several appearances, including the July 4 parade, the
city’s electric light parade, the Cool Cars and Cones event, and any other events deemed
important by the pageant director.

I agree to all of the above conditions.

Signed _________________________

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