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					                                             DON COLLINS CIGARS
                                                     P.O. Box 9022651
                                                  San Juan, PR 00902-2651
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                                                                            DCC Order Form, June 2009. Page 1 of 4
            Cigars – 25/bundle                        ID #     Quantity          Wholesale Sub-Total
LONSDALE                                              000301
The Lonsdale is an aromatic cigar that starts its
                                                                _______      x     $114.25       __________
life as a fresh tobacco plant, which in turn
becomes short filler. 6 ¼ inches x 44 ring.
CORONA                                                000302
The Corona is an imperial blend short filler cigar.
It is judged to be a medium strength cigar with
a touch of spiciness about 1/3 of the way
                                                               __________    x      $84.49       __________
through. It’s the perfect golf companion and
deal closer. The Corona’s quick burning time
allows you to enjoy this cigar on almost any
occasion. 5 inches x 44 ring.
QUILAMBO (Little Cigars)                              000303
The Quilambo is a little cigar, or stogie, but
don’t let its size fool you. This cigar has a rich,
spicy, full cigar flavor. The Quilambo is the
                                                               __________    x      $49.60       __________
perfect compliment to a smooth scotch, cognac
or red wine. It is made with 100% Puerto Rican
short filler with an Isabela wrapper. 4 inches x
16 ring.
CHURCHILL                                             000304
The Churchill is often referred to as a “smoker’s
smoke.” The Churchill is blended from fine
Puerto Rican, Dominican & Honduran long filler
that gives you full bodied flavor & clean, easy                __________    x     $164.35       __________
draw with cool balsa finish. Its burning time is
approximately an hour and a half to two hours,
making it great for a day of R&R or a long poker
game. 7 ¼ inches x 48 ring.
CORONA GRANDE                                         000305
The Corona Grande is made with 100% Puerto
Rican long filler, held together by a Hoja Prieta
binder and wrapper. This allows the Corona
Grande to have its characteristic even shade.
The Corona Grande is a medium strength cigar
that burns perfectly even with a bit of spiciness              __________    x     $148.20       __________
about 1/3 of the way trough. It consistently
burns clean and true without any harshness or
bite. The Corona Grande is an hour smoke so it’s
perfect for those days in which you want the full
flavor of long filler, but don’t have time for a
Piramide. 5 ½ inches x 48 ring.
PIRAMIDE                                              000306
The Piramide is a twist top, or fumo. It’s a full
bodied cigar with a rich blend of 100% Puerto
Rican long filler. This one has its own secrets.
Cigar connoisseurs are sure to enjoy the solid,
                                                               __________    x     $174.35       __________
peppery tobacco flavor of our Piramide. It
contains the same premium long filler tobacco
as the Lonsdale LF but in a larger package,
making the Piramide a true robusto cigar. 7 ¼
inches x 52 ring.
LONSDALE LF                                           000307
The Lonsdale LF is the perfect smoke for those
of you who prefer an un-flavored Lonsdale sized
                                                               __________    x     $114.25       __________
cigar. It’s a medium strength smoke, made with
the finest tobacco grown on the island. Hoja
Prieta wrapper and 100% Puerto Rican long filler

                                                                            DCC Order Form, June 2009. Page 2 of 4
gives The Lonsdale LF a subtle and pure flavor.
6 ¼ inch x 45 ring.
PUROS INDIOS                                        000311
The Puros Indios is like nothing you have ever
tried. The wrapper of this cigar is soaked in rum
and the cigar itself is hand rolled wet. This
allows the Puros Indios to have an aroma and
superior flavor incomparable to anything else.                 __________       x     $198.00       __________
This masterpiece is only available in limited
quantities. The Puros Indios is a low production-
high quality cigar that perfectly illustrates the
time honored tradition of hand rolling cigars in
Puerto Rico. 6 inches x 46 ring.
LONSDALE RUM                                        000312
The Lonsdale Rum starts its life the same way
as our Lonsdale, as a fresh tobacco plant, which               __________       x     $114.25       __________
in turn becomes short filler. 6 ¼ inches x 44
SAMPLE PACK 5                                       000313
Includes one of each: Lonsdale, Corona,                        __________       x      $35.25       __________
Quilambo, Corona Grande, and Lonsdale Rum.
SAMPLE PACK 9                                       000314
                                                               __________       x      $63.48       __________
Includes one of each of our fine cigars.

                Apparel, etc.                        ID #       Quantity               Price        Sub-Total
Don Collins Cap                                     000201
Tan with tan brim and black trim, stitching.
                                        One size               __________       x      $11.99       __________
                                    * Purchase any two T-shirts for $19.95.
                                      Offer does not apply to Polo shirts. *
Don Collins/Puerto Rico T-Shirt (black)              000202
Cotton, black with white stitching (this shirt does
not have the Taíno Indian etching on the back;
only the white t-shirt below does). Sizes: M, L,
                                        Medium                 __________       x      $11.99       __________

                                           Large               __________       x      $11.99       __________

                                         X-Large               __________       x      $11.99       __________

                                       XX Large                __________       x      $11.99       __________
Don Collins/PRTC T-Shirt (white or black)           000203
Cotton: white with brown printing of Taíno
etching and logo; black with white printing of
Taíno etching and logo. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.

      Color: __________________, Medium                        __________       x      $11.99       __________

      Color: ____________________, Large                       __________       x      $11.99       __________

      Color: __________________, X-Large                       __________       x      $11.99       __________

    Color: __________________, XX-Large                        __________       x      $11.99       __________

                                                                               DCC Order Form, June 2009. Page 3 of 4
Don Collins Polo Shirt                              000206
Short-sleeved polo. 'Don Collins' in black on
front left.
Available colors: burgundy, blue, oatmeal and
      Color: __________________, Medium                        __________      x      $24.99        __________

      Color: ____________________, Large                       __________      x      $24.99        __________

      Color: __________________, X-Large                       __________      x      $24.99        __________

      Color: _________________, XX-Large                       __________      x      $24.99        __________

Ron del Barrilito (rum) T-Shirt                     000207
Cotton tees. Available colors and sizes:
 white—M, L, XL and XXL
 red—M, L, and XL
 black—M, L, XL, and XXL
Color: _______________, Size: _________                        __________      x      $11.99        __________

Don Collins    Coffee                               00401
                                                               __________      x       $9.99        __________
Puerto Rican   coffee beans, 10 ounce bag.
Don Collins    Coffee                               00402
                                                               __________      x      $35.00        __________
Puerto Rican   coffee beans, 5 lb bag.

Don Collins cigar cutter                            00501
                                                               __________      x       $3.50        __________
Our custom branded cigar cutter
Don Collins matches                                 00502
                                                               __________      x       $1.75        __________
Our custom branded matches

                                                                                   SUB-TOTAL        __________

                                                   For all orders, Sales Tax is 7% of Sub-total     __________

                                                United States shipping is a flat rate of $17.75;
                                                 International orders vary; call office for rate.

                                                                                         TOTAL      __________

                                                                             DCC Order Form, June 2009. Page 4 of 4

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