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MFE - Cal Poly Pomona


									                       B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Through a Special Collaborative Agreement
                               Between Irvine Valley College and Cal Poly Pomona University
Irvine Valley College                                                                         Cal Poly Pomona
EOPS/CARE Counselor (949) 451-5439                                                            Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (909) 869-2555

 General Education At Irvine Valley College                                                   General Education at Cal Poly Pomona

Required General Education Lower Division Courses                                             General Education Lower Division Courses not taken at Irvine Valley College

ENGL 1A or 1AH               Freshman Composition or Freshman Composition-Honor               _________________________________ Insert GE Course
ENGL 1C or 1CH               Critical Thinking and Writing or Critical Thinking and           _________________________________ Insert GE Course
                             Writing -Honor                                                   _________________________________ Insert GE Course
SPCH 1A                      Public Speaking
POLI 1 or 1H                 Political Science or Political Science-Honor                     General Education Upper Division Courses
HIST 8                       History of United States
                                                                                              Upper Division GE Synthesis             3 Course
The remaining lower division courses listed below are not required for admission to
Cal Poly Pomona. However, it is recommended to take three courses from the list along with    Courses in Major Program at Cal Poly Pomona
the three upper division courses at Cal Poly Pomona to satisfy GE requirement. This will be
useful in balancing the technical course load at Cal Poly Pomona                              Engineering Support Courses

AREA B (1 course)            Biological Science                                               ECE 231/231L                            Elements of Electrical Engineering
AREA C (3 courses)           Art, Philosophy, Literature                                      IME 301                                 Application of Statistics in Engineering
AREA D (2 courses)           Social, Political and Economic Institutions and Behavior         IME 312                                 Engineering Probability and Statistics
AREA E (1 course)            Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development                      IME 460                                 Under Graduate Seminar
                                                                                              ME 214                                  Vector Statics
 Courses in Major Program at Irvine Valley College                                            ME 215                                  Vector Dynamics
                                                                                              ME 218                                  Strength of Materials
Basic Sciences and Mathematics                                                                ME 311                                  Fluid Mechanics
                                                                                              or ME 301                               Thermodynamics
CHEM 1A                      General Chemistry I
CHEM 1B                      General Chemistry II                                             Manufacturing Engineering Core Courses
MATH 3A                      Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 3B                      Analytic Geometry and Calculus II                                IME 112                                 Industrial & Manufacturing Engr. Fundamentals
MATH 4A                      Analytic Geometry and Calculus III                               IME 239                                 Industrial Costs and Controls
PHYS 4A                      General Physics                                                  IME 326                                 Production Planning and Control
PHYS 4B        `             General Physics                                                  IME 331/L                               Facility Planning, Layout and Design
PHYS 4C                      General Physics                                                  IME 415                                 Quality Control by Statistical Methods
                                                                                              IME 471 or IME 461                      Senior Project
Technical Courses                                                                             IME 472 or IME 462                      Senior Project
                                                                                              MFE 217/L                               Mfg Process, Material, Metrology & Treatment/Lab
CIS 36                       C Programming                                                    MFE 221/L                               Mfg Process I- Material Removal/Lab
DR 100                       Fundamentals of Mechanical Drafting                              MFE 226/L                               Engineering Graphics II/Lab
DR 50                        Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting                          MFE 230                                 Mfg Processes II-Forming, Casting & Joining/Lab
                                                                                              MFE 250/L                               Principles of Numerical Control/Lab
                                                                                              MFE 320/L                               Measurement and Methods/Lab
                                                                                              MFE 326/L                               Production Engineering/Lab
                                                                                              MFE 375/L                               Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Mfg/Lab
                                                                                              MFE 450/L                               Introduction to Computer Integrated Mfg/Lab
                                                                                              MFE465                                  Metal Working Theory and Applications
                                                                                              MFE 476/L                               Advanced Computer-Aided Mfg Systems/Lab
                                                                                              IE 429/L                                Discrete System Simulation/Lab
                                                                                              Mfg Electives (2 course)                Select with advisor approval


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