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Traditional Native American Myth or Legend by dandanhuanghuang


									Name                               Date                           Period

         Native American Myth/Legend Analysis
Title of myth/legend:
Location of the tribe:
Source information (cite according to MLA format):

Summary of myth/legend:

Devices present in myth/legend:

Function of myth/legend:

Theme of myth/legend:

Elements of structure present in the myth/legend:

Why did you choose this myth/legend?

Attach a COPY of the myth or legend to this handout.

                                                       See rubric on back page
 Native American Myth/Legend Analysis Rubric
              Category                   Points     Points
                                        Possible   Earned
Accuracy                                  30
 Information on the myth or legend
  clearly stated (summary)
 Correct information on tribe
 Correct source documentation
  format (MLA)
Comprehension                             40
 Devices identified
 Functions identified
 Theme identified
 Structures identified
Research in class                         20
 Class time used wisely
 Stayed on task during time provided
Thoroughness                              10
 All areas of handout completed
 All directions followed
Total                                     100

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