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					Tour name: The            Gobi Tour
Introduction of the tour
If you have limited time and wanted to explore the Gobi desert, then look no further. This
classic route takes you to the Mongolian most exotic attractions of the Gobi travel
adventures. This magnificent journey takes us to the beautiful Yoliin Am valley, huge
Khongoriin Els sand dunes and famous Bayanzag which are definitely the most attractive
destinations of the Gobi desert.

Tour Code: MBT-JA-3
Tour Style: Jeep Adventure
Tour Duration: 7 days
Tour route Ulaan Baatar- Tsagaan Suvarga- Yoliin Am- Khongoriin Els sand dunes- Bayanzag-
Ulaan Baatar
Tour starting from: Ulaanbaatar city
Tour finishing at: Ulaanbaatar city
Family staying 4 nights
Camping 2 night
Meals included: 5 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 5 Dinners.
Tour price (per person per day):

2 pax 84USD per person
3 pax 74USD per person
4 pax 48USD per person
5 pax 45USD per person
6 pax 40USD per person

The tour price includes the following services,
Accommodation during the trip
Driver + 4WD vehicle + Petrol
English Speaking guide
All meals as displayed in the itinerary
Bottled water supply for 1.5 l pp for every day
Entrance fees for National Parks and Museums
Folklore performance tickets
Visa support if needed
The tour price does not include the following services
International Airfare
Personal items
Optional activity costs
Alcoholic drinks
Travel insurance

Day1. Leaving Ulaanbaatar for Baga Gazriin Chuluu
We will start with a full day trip out to the Baga Gazriin Chuluu Ruins. A picturesque
Mountain Baga Gazriin Chuluu is one of the most attractive areas of the Gobi desert. With at
an elevation of 1.768m, it is located in the granite belt. The ruins of a small monastery are on
the south east part of the mountain. The area has got many species of wild animals and
birds, such as ibex, argali, vultures, hawks and eagles. At the ruins, there are some mineral
water springs and trees a top the many beautiful rocky hills. On the way we will stop for a
lunch at Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain, and then we will continue to drive to the first campsite
of our trip. Once we get there, we will have free time to wander around the mountains and
do some hiking. We will camp overnight in this area. (Lunch and Dinner)

Day2. Drive to Tsagaan Suvarga
After having breakfast at the campsite we will drive to Tsagaan Suvarga /White Stupa/. In
the afternoon, we will reach the Tsagaan Suvarga and explore to see white stupa and go for
hiking around. Tsagaan Suvarga, an amazing series of cliffs, white and pink limestone rock
formations taking the appearance of stalagmites up to 30 meters high. It is an excellent site
for taking photography of the beautiful panoramic views. Stay overnight in family ger.
(Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Day3. Drive to Yoliin Am /Yol Valley/
After having breakfast at the family, we will start driving to Yoliin Am, which is a deep
narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park,
covering 70 sq.kms. There is a small natural museum at the entrance of the National park
which exhibits a collection of dinosaur eggs, bones, stuffed birds and snow leopard. This
place is also very rich by the rare plants.
After we seeing the museum at the entrance we will drive about 10kms to get to the car
parking where we leave our car there and walk a head to the ice gorge and stream for a
several kms. In the winter time, the stream freezes several kms into the gorge. It remains
frozen for most of the year, except late summer. We will see the ice gorge until end of the
July. The ice remains usually disappear around early August.
On the way we get to the Yoliin Am we will stop for a lunch in a huge flat steppe. Once we
wandering around the gorge, we will get back to our car and drive to the campsite we will
stay there for tonight. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Day4. Drive to Khongoriin Els sand dunes.
After having breakfast, we will drive to the sand dunes called Khongoriin Els. The Khongoriin
Els sand dunes lie north of the Baruunsaikhan Mountain in the northern part of the Sevrei
and Zuulun Mountains. The Khongoriin Els is one of the largest and most spectacular sand
dunes in Mongolia and they are up to 200m high, 12km wide and about 100km long. The
largest dunes are at the northwest corner of the range. You can climb to the top of the sand
dunes and then slide back down on the plastic bags. The views of the desert from the top
are wonderful. Climbing to the top of the dunes during the sunset gives you an amazing
panoramic view of the surrounding desert, to the north lies the Khongoriin River.
Today we possibly arrange some camelback riding around the sand dunes before the dinner
time. After having dinner at the family, we would climb and hike to the top of the biggest
sand dunes. We will stay overnight in a family ger. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Day5. Driving to the Bayanzag /Flaming cliffs/
After having breakfast this morning, we will drive to the Bayanzag which is an important
fossil finds have been made. It was given name by American paleontologist Roy Chapman
who visited there in the 1920s. The area is the most famous place for finding the first
discovery of dinosaur fossils. There is a picturesque saxaul forest the place is named after
and colorful rocks which is brilliantly colorful. We will visit Mongolian family there and will
staying overnight with their ger. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Day6. Driving to Erdenedalai village
After having breakfast in the family at the Bayanzag, we will head off to Erdenedalai village
which is a small village in the Middle Gobi province. This is the way we are getting closer to
Ulaanbaatar. We will visit Mongolian family there and staying overnight in a family ger.
(Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Day7. Driving back Ulaanbaatar
After setting up at the family we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. When we arrive to
Ulaanbaatar, we will be transferred to a hostel or hotel for tonight. We will have some time
to do souvenir shopping before we go to an attractive Mongolian National Folklore
performance which depends on our arrival to the Ulaanbaatar. We will possibly have dinner
together with our guides and drivers, after the dinner, you will be transferred to your
accommodation. (Breakfast and Lunch)

Important Notes
As we use shared vehicle during the trip, please remind that backpacks are more perfect and
traveling light would be highly recommended. Mongolia's special is its wild nature and,
accommodation can be very basic in nature, with some shared gers and mostly you will have
limited access to having showers in the countryside. You will have some access to having
showers in few families or public showers on town capitals. Although this means, it is not the
easiest place to travel to, this is what makes Mongolian culture so otherness.

Group Size
Min 2 people
Who you are traveling with!
As most of our tours are group tours, you need to be exposed to all the pleasures of
travelling in a group. Your travel buddies could come from anywhere of the world and are
would be of a various of ages too. You should understand of the different necessaries and
preferences of your group. It means that you also will have responsibilities to the group. In
our experience, the best tours depend highly on the group working situation which is not a
big problem on your part.

What would be the meals like?
The most important part of the tours would be the tour meals you are eating during the trip.
Traveling with Manlai’s budget tours, you will experience Mongolian foods as well as
vegetarian food if you do not eat meat. All the meals will be mostly cooked by the tour guide
who has got enough experience for western stomach. Some nights you will have Mongolian
Barbeque for dinner, cooked by nomadic families you stayed with. Vegetarians will be able
to served a range of different foods, although you would better have your special snacks or
food with you if you like. While trekking in remote regions you will have picnic packed foods.

4WD Vans,

Are you traveling alone?
If you are traveling solo, and want to join a small tour group, then you do not worry about it.
As single travelers pay more than traveling in a group, our tours are designed for a shared
accommodation and do not involve a single supplement. If you are single traveler and
joining a group with Manlai’s budget tours, you must note that, you are staying in a shared
Mongolian national accommodation GER with other fellow travelers during the trip. So, you
can just let us know that you are traveling by your own and we can easily make you to join
other tours. You need to fill the form on our finding travel companion page. We will contact
you back within 24 hours after we receive your request with available tour groups which suit
your interest or duration of your time for Mongolia.

Accommodation during your tour.
During any of our tours, you will stay in Mongolian traditional accommodation which called
Ger. We make an active support for local communities to improve their life standards by
involving them in sustainable tourism. We prefer, our customers would be staying
at nomadic families, instead of staying at any touristic ger camps. So then the nomads will
be benefited by getting involved in tourism activities. As well as nomadic families benefit
from our customers while they are staying with them, it would be also the best way to our
customers that they experiencing true Mongolian lifestyle and being closer to the nomads.
Most of the families we cooperate, they have spare gers for our customers next to their
living gers where you will have full access to communicate closely with them. As well as
staying in a family ger, you will camp in tents for some nights. Mongolia definitely is a great
place for camping out. It would be great if you experiencing the mixture of family ger staying
and camping under the clear sky of Mongolia.
Joining Instructions
When arriving at Ulaanbaatar train station or the Chinggis Khaan airport, you will be picked
up and transferred to the accommodation you made reservation to stay with. You will see
our guys who will have your name on a paper at the train station or the airport. On your
arrival date, there will not be any organized activities, so you will have some free time to
relax or wander around the capital city Ulaanbaatar. You would be transferred to your hostel
or hotel on your arrival date and the Day1 of the tour will start as we scheduled.
If you have any complications meeting our pick up staff, please refer to our emergency
contact details which provided in this dossier.
If you are going to be delayed more than two hours, you need to let us know of the delay at
least 5 hours before your arrival for reschedule your transfer.

Emergency Contact
If you need to contact us on emergency, you can call us. If for any reason you do not receive
an immediate answer, please send us and short message to the cell phones which shown
below, so they may return your call and assist you as soon as possible.

Brilliant Holidays Mongolia LLC – Manlai’s Budget Tours
Ulaanbaatar Office Tel: +976-55253685
Emergency mobile: +976-99295803

How to Book your trip with us?
Brilliant Holidays Co.,Ltd accept bookings subject to the following Terms and
Conditions - please read carefully

    1. Booking and payments
       In order to confirm your place on a tour you will need to return a completed booking
       form with a deposit of US $100 per person. On receipt of your deposit, we will send
       you confirmation of your booking along with details for the payment of the balance.
       The booking will not be accepted and no contract responsible until the deposit is
       The balance should be paid in USD cash after you arrive to Mongolia, before your
       tour starts. The deposit payment can be made by visa or master cards, bank wire
       transfer or international money transfer services such as MoneyGram and
    2. Cancellations
        100USD service charge will be assessed on cancellations received at least 30 days
       prior to departure. Otherwise the deposit is non-refundable unless credited towards
       another trip departing within half year.
       We strongly recommend you protect yourself by purchasing travel insurance.
       Although we have never had to cancel a tour, we reserve this right for any reason. If
       the tour is canceled by us, all deposit will be returned fully.
    3. Prices
       Scheduled tour prices are based on minimum of 1person. The hostels or hotel costs
       will not be included the tour price. You can make reservation your accommodation
       in Ulaanbaatar through us and single or double room supplement is available upon
      your request. All extra charges and optional activities not mentioned in the tour
      itinerary must be paid by you.
4.    Passports and Visas
      Clients must ensure that they are aware of all relevant passport and visa
      requirements and they allow adequate time to obtain them. You can obtain visas
      from the Mongolian embassy or consulate in your country using our tour
      confirmation letter after the booking deposit is received. If there is no Mongolian
      embassy or consulate in your country, one month-long visas can be obtained on the
      spot once you arrive at the airport or railway station in Ulaanbaatar. You will need
      an official confirmation letter from us.
5.    Insurance
      A condition of booking our trip is that clients should be fully and adequately insured
      for the duration of their chosen trip. We believe that your safety and enjoyment are
      the most important things. Comprehensive travel insurance is essential, therefore,
      whenever you travel abroad.
6.    Your responsibilities
      Tour booking will be accepted on the understanding that you realize the inherent
      risks and hazards of the tours and agree to take responsibility for your actions and
      safety. On the tours it is necessary that you agree to abide by the authority of the
      tour guide who will be working to ensure the safety and welfare of the group. Any
      action that jeopardizes this may result in you being asked to leave the tour with no
      right to a refund or any compensation. Special requests and any medical issues or
      conditions must be brought to our attention at the time of booking. We cannot be
      held liable for any actions or events that could have been avoided with proper
      disclosure of information. Personal property is always your own responsibility, as is
      ensuring that you have all the appropriate passport and visa requirements for the
      duration of the tour. Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle.
7.    Our Responsibilities
      Our company responsibility only starts at the designated meeting point and time i.e.
      when you meet the tour guide in Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia. We cannot
      be held liable for any expense or inconvenience before that, or as a result of you
      failing to join the tour at that time. We are not responsible for any terrorist attacks,
      political unrest, war, earthquakes, landslides, cancellations or delays of airlines and
      train companies.
8.    Itineraries and tour details
      Tour itineraries should be taken as an indication of what each group should
      complete and not as a contractual obligation. The nature of the tour requires a
      flexible approach to the stated itinerary and all participants should accept this
      flexibility and acknowledge that delays and alterations and their results (such as
      inconvenience or disappointment) are possible. No refund or compensation will be
      given for any unused transport, accommodation, services or features of the tour. All
      details are accurate at time of going to press and any significant alterations will be
      brought to your attention at time of booking.
9.    Complaints
      Any problems or complaints about the tour should be raised with the tour guide at
      the earliest opportunity and they will normally be rectified or appropriate action
10.   Legal term
      All terms and conditions are made subject to, and enforced by, Mongolian law and
      must be done so in a Mongolian court. If you require further action on return we will
        try and work towards an agreed settlement but you must notify us in writing within
        21 days of the completion date of the tour

How to secure your trip with us?
If you are happy with our tour offers and wanting to travel with us, then you need to secure
your tour by filling our booking form online and transferring 100USD of deposit in advance.
We would strongly recommend you to secure your trip as soon as you decide to hit the road
with us. And the best thing of booking your trip in advance would be obviously, you will have
enough time for other things to take care of, instead of wasting your time for looking for
travel companions when you come to Ulaanbaatar.

Anyways, we accept deposits through following 3 ways:

     Credit card payment
        If you want to pay the deposit by your credit card, you need to choose the credit
        card payment on our booking form and fill the amount of payment in the “trans
        amount” field. Then you will be transferred to the bank secure page. As soon as we
        receive your deposit payment, we will send your tour confirmation email
     International money transfer services
        We accept WesternUnion and MoneyGram for International Money Transfer
        Service. If you want to send the tour deposit by any of those services, you can just
        visit their web sites. You can use their service online as well. Otherwise you can
        easily find the closest agents to your home or work from their web sites and visit
        them for sending the deposit of your tour. If you decided to send the deposit by
        using those international money transferring services of WesternUnion or
        MoneyGram you need a name of the person who will receive the deposit in
        Mongolia. The name will be:

        First name: ENKHMANLAI
        Last name: Myagmar

        After the deposit has been sent via Western Union or Money Gram, then you will be
        given a money transfer control number which is useful for us to pick the money up
        at their agents in Ulaanbaatar. Please send us the control number with the sender's
        full name and address. As soon as we receive your deposit payment, we will send
        your tour confirmation email immediately.
     Bank transfer to our bank account
        If you want to use our bank account for transferring the deposit, then you need
        following information of the bank we use. Please note that the bank wire transfer
        takes couple of days until your transaction goes to our bank account. As soon as we
        receive your deposit payment, we will send your tour confirmation email
        immediately as well.

        Beneficiary’s name: Brilliant Holidays Co.,Ltd
        Beneficiary’s Account number: 2201066282
        Sukhbaatar Square,Ulaanbaatar 210620A
        P.O Box -22, Mongolia
        Facsimile: (+976-11) 311958, 312307
        Correspondent bank of Beneficiary’s bank: HSBC BANK USA,
        14203, USA
        CHIPS Participant: 0108
        ABA (Routing number): 021001088
        Beneficiary bank account number with HSBC BANK USA, NY: USD-000123447

Are you ready to pack your backpack?
What you need to bring depends on which tour you are going to have. We suggest that you
pack as lightly as possible. We recommend you to carry a backpack or rolling bag of small to
medium size. You will also need a day bag to carry water, cameras and your other items. As
all of our tours involve overnights in family gers or camping then you usually have the
opportunity to borrow some blankets. Otherwise we recommend you to bring your own
sleeping bags.

Things we recommend you to bring.
Passport (with photocopies)
Travel insurance
Airline or train tickets
USD cash and travellers cheques
Credit or debit card
Manlai’s budget tours’ trip dossier
Day pack for daily personal items
Wet wipes
Hand sanitizing lotion
Alarm clock
Sun hat, Sun block, Sunglasses
Moisturizer, Lip balm
Insect Repellent
Water bottle
Tampons - hard to get in rural areas
Sleep sheet
Ear plugs for light sleepers
Small towel
Sturdy walking shoes/Sport sandals
Money belt
Long trousers
Hiking pants/track pants
Umbrella or waterproof jacket.
Camera and film
First-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar
tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may be

Most Nationalities require a visa for travel in Mongolia and it is your responsibility to
arrange your own visa before you travel. Please contact the Mongolian Embassy in your
country to get up to date information on visa and entry requirements. If you require a Letter
Of Invitation in order to obtain Mongolian visa, we will be able to provide you on request.

Spending Money
Travelers are different. Some of them prefer to drink more while others like to spend more
for souvenirs and tipping. During your time in the countryside, most of the expenses will be
included in a tour price, except optional activities, drinks, shopping and tipping. Please note
that, we will not take responsible of your expenses in Ulaanbaatar such as entrance to
museums, shops and restaurants.

Money Exchange
Most of the banks in Ulaanbaatar exchanges foreign currency as well as some currency
exchange places. There are also many ATM machines that accept both Visa and Mastercard.
We also recommend the use of cash and travellers cheques in USD currency. Major credit
cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants, but they mostly charges a 4% transaction
You can exchange most of the currencies in Mongolia, but you need to remember that
Mongolian Tugrug can’t be exchanged outside of Mongolia. If a banknote has a mark or
became stale, it might be refused to be exchanged.

Optional Activities in Ulaanbaatar
Gandan Monastery 3USD
Winter Palace of Bagd Khan 3USD
Natural History Museum 3USD
National Museum 3USD

Safety and Security
We highly recommend you to use of a money belt while travelling, for the safe keeping of
your passports, air tickets, cash and other valuable items. Most of the hotels and hostels
have safety deposit boxes, which is the most secure way of storing your valuables.
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is highly recommended in order to participate on any of our trips. We
strongly recommend that the policy also covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment
and loss of luggage and personal effects.

Travel Responsibly
Being a responsible tour operator is on the forefront of our company. We cooperate
with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism
opportunities that help local economies.
We would like to give you a couple of tips to make you thinking about traveling

After your travels, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to give us
some feedback about your experiences. It makes us to maintain and improve the very high
services we expect from our staff, local guides and improve our tour itineraries.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with the latest news, our special offers and events,
please sign up to our newsletters. Just follow the Newsletter Sign Ups link at the bottom of
our home page. We won’t pass on your details to any third parties.

We Want Your Photos
You traveled through the beautiful place of Mongolia- why do you share those photos with
our customers. Please send us high resolution photos of your adventures, which could be
published on our website or brochures. You can possibly send your photos to our email

Enjoy your tour with Manlai’s budget tours!

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