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lear sound cue sheet WIP - Andy Hayworth


									      LEAR SOUND                                                                                                      updated 2/12/07

Cue        Track   Track Name           Taken On                                                              Notes
A          F5      Channels and Winds   House Opens
                                        Out as lights come up on crowd top of show (preshow is one cue, not
A.5        F6      out                  two now)
B          F11     drone                Kent is pushed down by Lear
B.5        F12     out                  Kent exits
C          F7      NIN                  Fade in on Lear's exit
C.5        F8      out                  Out as Cordelia exits
D          F5      other cue
D.5        F6      out
E                  NIN                  "give me the letter" p.44
E.5                out                  "My son Edgar" p.46
F          F7      NIN                  Fade in after "that's my fear." p. 52
F.5        F8      out                  when throw Oswald on p.54
G          F7      NIN                  p.56
G.5        F8      out                  Lear entrance p.58
H          F11     Drone                Page 76 "Detested Kite"
H.5        F12     out                  "Go go my people." p.76
I          F7      NIN                  Page 82 Oswald exits
I.5        F8      out                  Lear and Kent speak page 84
J          F1      Drone                Page 86 "monster ingratitude"
J.5        F12     out                  out p.86 "sweet heaven"
K          F9      Channels and Winds   p.88 "come boy"
K.5        F10     out                  GL entrance p.92
L          F7      NIN                  p.100 exit with suitcases
L.5        F8      out                  p.102 Oswald "Help, ho!"
M          F7      NIN                  p.110 stocks brought out
M5         F8      out                  p.116 "hail to the noble master"
N          F11     drone                p.122 Lear "Tell the hot duke."
N.5        F12     out                  p.124 Gloucester re-entrance
O          F11     Drone                Page 132 "do not make me mad."
O.5        F12                          "but I'll not chide thee."

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       LEAR SOUND                                                                                              updated 2/12/07

R                   Storm approaches     Page 134 Lear "I gave you all"
            F1      thundercrack         p.136 after Lear "Are in the poorest thing superfluous."
            F4      thundercrack         p.136 after Lear "Man's life's as cheap as beast's"
S                   add drone to storm
            F       thundercrack         thunder p.136 "I will do such things."
            F2      thundercrack         thunder p.136 "O Fool"

T                                        Storm is in high rage
            F3      thundercrack         p.142 after Kent "That yet you do not know."
U                                        By page 144 and Lear's entrance it is even stronger
            F4      thundercrack         p.144 after Lear "Singe my white head."
            F2      thundercrack         p.144 after "men nor fools"
            F1      thundercrack         p.146 after Kent "Keep their caves." (restored lines)
            F3      thundercrack         p.148
            F2      thundercrack         p.148
            F4      thundercrack         after Kent "repose you there" thunder p.148
V                                        By Scene 3 Storm lightens a bit, just bit
            F1      thundercrack         p.152 after Gloucester "my old master, must be relieved."
W                                        Page 152 Storm continues strong for Tom scene
            F2      thundercrack         p.152 after Kent "for nature to endure."
            F3      thundercrack         p.154 thunder after Lear "the lesser is scarce felt."
            F4      thundercrack         p.154 thunder after Lear "such a night as this."
            F2      thundercrack         p.154 thunder after Lear "no more of that."
            F1      thundercrack         p.154 thunder after Kent "Good my Lord enter here."
            F3      thundercrack         - p.156 thunder after Lear "From season such as these?"
            F4      thundercrack         -p.156 thunder after Edgar "Bless thy five wits."
            F1      thundercrack         - p.158 after Edgar "commit not with man's sworn spouse." Thunder
            F3      thundercrack         - p.160 after Edgar "and defy the foul fiend."
            F4      thundercrack         - p.162 thunder after Edgar "mantle of the standing pool."
                                         add another p.162?
            F2      thundercrack         - p.162 thunder after Gloucester "That it doth hate what it gets."
            F1      thundercrack         - p.164 thunder after Gloucester "No father his son dearer."
            F3      thundercrack         - p.164 thunder after Lear "Noble philosopher, your company."
X                                        3.5
Y                                        Page 168 Scene 6 it's rain and occasional thunder; storm is leaving
Z                   NIN xfade            p.174 "I do not like the fashion of your garment."
Z.5                 out                  After the Fool exits
int.        F5      Channels and Winds   Page 186 as Regan leaves Cornwall
                                         plays into intermission

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    LEAR SOUND                                                                                            updated 2/12/07

int.5     F6

AA        F9      Channels and Winds       Page 196 Edgar says "give me thy arm"
AA.5      F10     out                      Out as Oswald enters
BB        F9      Channels and Winds       Page 202 Messenger Enters
BB.5      F10     out                      Toni's exit (Officer) p.210
CC        F9      Channels and Winds       Page 210 "O dear father."
CC.5      F10     out                      Out as Regan speaks
DD        F7      NIN                      Page 216 as Regan exits
DD.5      F8      out                      Out on "horrible steep" / has to be out when "hear the sea?"
EE        F7      NIN                      Oswald entrance p.232
EE.5      F8      out                      Oswald is stabbed
FF        F9      Channels and Winds       Right after "affectionate servant Goneril." p.236
FF.5      F10     out                      Lear entrance p.240
GG        F7      NIN                      Page 244 "Desire him to go in"
GG.5      F8      out                      "our sister's man is certainly miscarried." Regan
HH        F9      Channels and Winds       Edgar enters disguised p.250
HH.5      F10     out                      p.252

II                                         Battle sounds emerge at end of Edmund's speech
lots of
them                                       up and down
II.7              out                      Battle out as Edmund enters

JJ        F7      NIN                      Page 258 after "Come hither Captain"
JJ.5      F8                               Andy make call
KK        F7      NIN                      p.264 Regan my sickness gros upon me
KK.5      F8                               Out as Edmund is stabbed
LL        F7      NIN                      Edmund mono p.272
LL        F8      out
MM        F7      NIN                      After "Shall never see so much, nor live so long."
NN        F8/F9   NIN out / Ch. Winds IN   As curtain call and applause are finishing
NN.5      F10                              Plays until audience is out.

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