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									                          Job Fairs and Recruitment Programs

Job fairs provide opportunities for Texas Wesleyan students to connect with employers from
regions that may not typically recruit at the law school. These programs typically take place
during the summer and early fall, although there are some job fairs that take place in the spring.

* denotes a job fair where student registration is coordinated by the Career Services Office.

*Public Service Career Day (Austin)
    The Public Service Career Day is hosted by the University of Texas School of Law and is
       held on their campus. During Public Service Career Day, students have an opportunity to
       interview with public interest and government employers for available summer and
       permanent positions. In addition, students can network with and gather information from
       public interest and government organizations at a Table Talk during the day.

*Patent Law Interview Program (Chicago)
    The annual Patent Law Interview Program is hosted by Loyola University Chicago
      School of Law. The program gives qualified students from across the country the
      opportunity to interview with patent law firms, as well as law firms, corporations, and
      government agencies with patent law departments.

*Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair (Atlanta)
    The Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair is held in Atlanta, and hosted by Georgia
      State University College of Law. While some employers may seek to interview future
      lawyers eligible to sit for the patent bar only, unlike the Chicago program the job fair is
      not exclusively a patent lawyer interview program. Students at the job fair can interview
      for available positions in litigation, prosecution, and transactional work in all the various
      aspects of IP, including patent, trademark and copyright law in technology, sciences,
      business, media, the arts, entertainment, sports, and more.

*Southeastern Minority Job Fair (Atlanta)
    The Southeastern Minority Job Fair is held annually in Atlanta, with over 100 law firms
      and public interest employers regularly attend ing.

*Texas in Washington (Washington, D.C.)
    The Texas in Washington program provides students at Texas law schools an opportunity
      to interview with government employers, public interest organizations, and private firms
      in the Washington, D.C. area.

National Black Prosecutors Association Job Fair (location varies) –
     The goal of the NBPA’s Job Fair is to promote diversity in prosecutors’ offices by
        providing a forum where prospective employers can easily access highly qualified
        minority candidates from all over the country. The Job Fair will provide a unique forum
        where law students, recent law school graduates and experienced attorneys from across
       the nation can meet and interview with prospective prosecutorial employers at the local,
       state and federal levels.

       The NBPA, established in 1983, is a professional member organization comprised of over
       800 prosecutors in the U.S. Its mission is to recruit, train, and help advance the career of
       minority attorneys as prosecutors at all levels of government. The annual conference
       serves not only as a job fair forum but more importantly as a comprehensive legal
       training program for prosecutors and interested law students. Students should consult the
       job fair website for registration details.

*Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program (Dallas) –
    The Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program provides legal employers throughout the
      United States with an opportunity to interview law students from five states.
      Second and third year law students and recent graduates from eighteen ABA-approved
      law schools from Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas will participate
      in the program.

*Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference (Minneapolis) – http://www.tcc-
    The Minnesota Minority Recruiting Conference is a program of the Twin Cities
      Committee on Minority Lawyers in Large Law Firms ("TCC"). This two-day conference
      aims to promote the efficient, comfortable hiring of law students of color locally and
      from around the nation. TCC sponsors events throughout the year, the MMRC every
      September since 1993.

       The conference is aimed at hiring law students of color from around the country for law
       firms, corporations, and government agencies located in Minnesota. Law students from
       all ABA-accredited law schools are invited to attend. On average, over 150 students and
       approximately 30 employers participate each year.

Boston Lawyers Group Job Fair (Boston) –
    The Boston Lawyers Group is a consortium of 40 of the largest law firms, government
       agencies, and corporations in the city of Boston. Its mission is to promote the hiring,
       retention, and professional development of law students and attorneys of color in the
       member organizations through coordinated and sustained efforts. The BLG sponsors
       forums, receptions, panel presentations, guest lectures, a mentor program, and

       Among the primary goals of the BLG is to increase the number of law students of color
       hired by the member organizations. The job fair, in which members participate, is one
       way to do so. All second and third year students of color are welcome and encouraged to
       participate in the job fair.

       Students should visit the job fair website in early spring for employer and registration
Lavender Law Career Fair (location) -
    The Lavender Law Career Fair promotes hiring of LGBT students and attorneys.
      Students should visit the job fair website for employer and registration information.

Heartland Diversity Job Fair (Kansas City) -
    The Job Fair is designed to expose law students of diverse backgrounds to both the
       traditional and non-traditional legal employer. Law firms and legal organizations have
       come together to encourage students to make Kansas City their first choice.

Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair (Broomfield, CO) –
    The Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair provide s an excellent forum for legal
      employers, law students and law school graduates to meet and discuss employment
      options with the goal of expanding opportunities and assisting the legal profession in
      fulfilling its commitment to diversity. Legal employers attending the RMDLCF seek to
      hire law students and graduates from culturally diverse backgrounds that have been
      traditionally under-represented in the practice of law in the Rocky Mountain region.
      These include law students and graduates who are ethnic or racial minorities and/or gay
      or lesbian.

       The Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair allows legal employers to
       interview - at one time and in one convenient location - second year, third year and
       graduates from any law school. The goal of the fair is to p romote a format that
       enables employers, including law firms of all sizes, major corporations, public
       interest organizations, the judiciary, and federal, state and local government agencies,
       to meet a diverse group of law students and graduates and to facilitate efficient
       hiring. Interviews will be granted through a prescreening process as well as by
       invitation during the event at the employers' option. Students should consult the
       career fair website in the spring for registration and employer information.

Dallas Bar Association Minority Recruiting Program
    The Dallas Bar Association Minority Recruiting Program is designed to increase minority
       representation in major Dallas firms. Participating firms receive resumes and transcripts
       from interested students, and contact selected students to schedule interviews. The
       deadline for submitting materials is usually early September; the contact person varies.

IMPACT Career Fair for Law Students and Attorneys with Disabilities (Washington, D.C.) -
     This event is a collaboration by Georgetown University Law Center and the University of
        Arizona Rogers College of Law. In 2005, 26 employers and 142 law students and recent
        graduates from across the country participated in the inaugural job fair. Visit the career
        fair website for employer and registration information.

Hispanic National Bar Association Job Fair –
    The HNBA Job Fair is organized and provided by the HNBA as a service to the U.S.
       legal community. For law students and lawyers, the HNBA Job Fair is an excellent
       employment resource. For employers, the Job Fair is a valuable asset for meeting the
       best and brightest Hispanic/Latina(o) law students and attorneys from across the country.
       Students should consult the job fair website in midsummer for employer and registration
       information. The registration deadline is usually in August.

Equal Justice Works Career Fair (Washington, D.C.) -
     The Equal Justice Works Career Fair features over 150 public interest employers.
        Students should consult the job fair website in late summer for employer information and
        registration guidelines.

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