Girls Night Out Girls Night Out by yaoyufang


									                                                      Girls Night Out
                       Hostess Contest & MoneyTree!!
                              Be our special guest and earn chances to
                             grab cold hard cash off of our money tree!!
                                                                            ts o f
                                           Jewelry                 Enjoy lo                                                New VIP Prod
                                                                                                                                       u     ct
                                           & More!!                  custome                         ome                       Previews!
        April 4, 2011                                                        tion!              Awes
                                                                    apprecia                      Raffle               “Pink Light”
                                                                             bout our                                               S   pecials!
                                                                 Free info a                      Prize
            (arrive by 6:45pm)                                         business                                         Cold Hard Ca
                                                                                                                                    sh on a
           Marriot Hotel                                                                                                 Tree PLUS to
                                                                                                                                      ns of
         5700 Westpark Dr                                                                                                FREE product
      I-77 & Exit 5 Tyvola Rd

                                                                             Here’s how YOU can earn chances to grab cash off of the tree!!:
         Consultant Recognition
        in FIVE Fabulous Courts!                                                                   For Our Customers!:
                                                                                            5 CHANCES for hosting a party!
1. RETAIL COURT: Retail Sales for previous 3
                                                                                1 CHANCE per every $50 purchased at your party/facial!
   months ($2500 minimum)
                                                                                  5 CHANCES for each party booked from your party
2. WHOLESALE COURT: Star Consultants for                                       10 CHANCES for listening to info about our Business Plan!
   previous quarter (Minimum 1800                                                     10 CHANCES for becoming a New Consultant
   +teambuilding points)                                                          2 CHANCES for being a guest at our weekly meeting
                                                                                    1 CHANCE: for attending the Money Tree Event!
3. COURT OF SHARING: (2 or more NEW
   ACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS—list INITIAL                                                                   For Consultants!:
   wholesale order)                                                                  1 CHANCE: for attending the Money Tree Event!
4. TEAM PRODUCTION COURT: ($6000 total                                               5 CHANCES: for each Court Achieved that night!
   minimum produc on by YOU & YOUR
   TEAM for previous 3 months)
                                                                                                Hostess Recognition
5. ALL-STARS COURT: Achieving ALL 4                                                       for parties held from Dec 16th-March 15th
   Courts—Cer ficate of Dis nc on
                                                                              Highest Party Held will win a smokin’ hot handbag!!!

             of                          Queen                   **Consultants & Directors: $10 Check will help pay for the Room & will provide the Cash
      Queens                                   of
             u rt                        Queens                  for the Money Tree & enter your guests into all the drawings! Consultants—PAY TODAY
      Each Co     l              Receives
                                          a Tiara, Se
                Sensationa                                         so you will be committed to this effort! You will CELEBRATE the new clients & sales.
     Receives a         e!
                                  al Sash &
                                            Rose Bouq
       Sash  & Pink Ros                                uet!             Directors send $10 Check per ticket immediately to Dir. Cassandra Hartke ~
                                                                                       340 Hemmingway Lane ~ Fort Mill, SC 29708

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