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Model 360S Systems Trainer
 The Model 360S comes with 4 card sets
 • Basic Systems
 • Alternative Energy
 • Industrial Process and Control Systems
 • 3-Phase Power

More Systems are in development
• Fire, Security, and Access Control Systems
• Inventory Control (RFID and Others)
    Model 360S Systems Trainer

When the Trainer is purchased it comes with a
Basic Card Set

The Basic Trainer addresses
• Introduction to Systems
• System Structure and Behavior
• System Testing and Troubleshooting
• Applied System Concepts
The Basic Systems card set starts with
an introduction to systems, then ends
with open and closed systems and
transitions into a familiarization with
alternative energy systems.

The Alternative Energy card sets cover
Home Energy, Wind Energy, Solar
Energy, Hydroelectric, Ocean, and
Geothermal Energy Systems.
Price List
             BUDGETARY QUOTE                                                NIDA CORPORATION
                                                                            300 S. JOHN RODES BLVD.
            QUOTE No:TS-07-29-10-01                                         MELBOURNE, FL 32904
                 DATE:July 29, 2010                                         TEL: (321) 727-2265
       To:CREATE                                                            FAX: (321) 727-2655


     ITEM     PART No.   MODEL                    DESCRIPTION                  QTY       UNIT PRICE       TOTAL
                                                 Platform (Trainer)                                               -
      1                   360S     Systems Trainer                                  1      3995.00         3,995.00
                                   Includes Basic System Card Set                                                 -
                                            Experiment Cards (Subjects)                                           -
      2                   SES      Solar Energy Systems                             1      1500.00         1,500.00
      3                   WES      Wind Energy Systems                              1      1500.00         1,500.00
      4                   HES      Home Energy Systems                              1      1500.00         1,500.00
      5                   TPPS     3-Phase Power Systems                            1      2000.00         2,000.00

                                          Student Access Licenses (SAL's)                                         -
                                                                            Subtotal                  $   10,495.00
                                                                            Estimated Shipping
                                                                            Total                     $   10,495.00


                                 THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN NIDA PRODUCTS
                                             Prices good for 90 days
4 Years Carte Blanche Support
On all Software for program and
institutions for CREATE

5 Year Unconditional Guarantee on
all parts and Boards

2 side through-hole design for ease
of repair
            Training at NIDA
Training is offered at NIDA to clients free

NIDA provides rooms to stay on property

If rooms are full a Fairview Inn is available

NIDA requires trainees to rent a car for
their stay
NIDA Training continued,

NJDA allowed me to go through
their preliminary training slides for
the Basic Card set using their web

System course defines a system
through concepts using a bicycle
to show how the different parts
interact to form a system.
We received a tour of the facility to
include their manufacturing floor.

They use a lean manufacturing
approach with the boards stepping
from one station to the next until
they are assembled.

They can hire many temp’s with
large orders.
We spoke with their curriculum
development engineers, who in turn
 showed us the wind energy trainers,
six boards, and how they interact
with each other.
Nida’s Gator

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