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					6—     Monday January 6 1975              Leadmr-Herald, GloversviHe Johnstown NY

Alarmed Policymakers Calling for Showdown With Oil-Producing Nations                                                                                                                                                                                                                   including, of course, his own
    By JACK ANDERSON      become inevitable. They don't                      backroom discussions, here are          already brought starvation to                              in its meetings. Intelligence strategists will tell President He bought 27 gold Austrian
                                                                             the arguments that will be laid         people who otherwise would                                 reports warn that the Arab Ford this is intolerable.               krones for $5,000 only last May.    collection.
            with          see how the United States can                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The conscientious Crane
                          stand by helplessly while the                      before the President:                   have survived. One confidential                            states are preparing to play a   Gold Hoard. Rep. Phil Crane,        Thereafter, he introduced a
       LES WHITTEN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 bill, which would compel the        persuaded us, however, that he
  WASH INC. TON    In the Western world is plunged into                          — The Western nations simply        analysis estimates that hun-                               leading role, both financially R-IU., tried to push through a bill
                                                                             cannot afford to pay the rigged         dreds of thousands of people will                          and politically, in the world last year that would drive up the Treasury Department to get             didn't even think of his own
backrooms of Washington. economic and political chaos.                                                                                                                                                         value of his private gold coin congressional approval before it         collection when he introduced
alarmed policymakers are    They contend that the United                     prices that the oil cartel is now       die as a direct result of high oil                         organization.
                          States must take the lead in                       charging. These nations became          bills. Some strategists speak of                             By their control of the oil  collection.                         cuts loose any gold from Ft.        the bill. His gold coins constitute
                          pushing down world oil prices.                     dependent upon oil because it           the oil cartel's price gouging,                            valves, in other words, the      The patrician ex-professor Knox. The effect would be to               only a small part of his overall
                          The other conunising countries                     was a cheap source of energy.           therefore, as economic warfare                             petroleum powers have begun owns a $15,000 collection of gold restrict the gold supply, thus           investments and those who know
                          apparently are too divided and                     They cannot get along without           against the West, with suffering                           the peaceful conquest of the Austrian krones, Mexican pesos pushing up the price of gold               Crane swear by his integrity.
                          disorganized to unite against the                  the 30 million barrels a day that       and casulaties every bit as real                           Western world. The backroom and American "double eagles." already on the world market —                   (United Feature Syndicate)
                          oil-producing bloc. They are also                  the oil cartel sells them. If they      as military warefare would
                  Jack                                                       must pay $11 and $12 for a barrel       bring.
                 Anderson paralyzed with fear that their oil
                          might be cut off completely.                        of oil that costs 11 and 12 cents to      — The oil squeeze has thrown
                                                                             produce, the Western nations,           the Atlantic alliance into
                                          The backroom strategists            one by one, will go bankrupt.          disarray. America's allies
                                       urge, therefore, that the United          — Western leaders, staggered        suddenly are more eager to
calling for a showdown with the        States should prepare to act on        by the sudden quardrupling of oil      cooperate with their Arab oil
oil-producing countries before it      its own. An early showdown,            prices, haven't come to grips          suppliers than with Washington.
is too late                            they believe, will reduce the risk     with the problem. They have            There has been muttering inside
  They want President Ford to          of military action.                    offered       only      peripheral     the NATO policy councils
serve notice upon the oil                 If the allies had stood up to       solutions, which cannot possibly       against U.S. moves in the Middle
potentates that present oil prices     Adolf Hitler at the Rhineland,         work. The consuming countries          East. If the United States should
are ruining the Western world          they say. citing a lesson from         cannot reduce consumption              side with Israel in a new Middle
and, therefore, constitute hostile     history, he would have backed          enough to pay the soaring oil          East conflict, the allies likely
  They point out that the United
States has befriended the
                                       down and World War II might
                                       have been avoided. In an
                                       economic sense, they suggest,
                                                                              deficit without paralyzing their
                                                                              economies. Recycling the
                                                                              massive oil profits, most experts
                                                                                                                     would close their bases to the
                                                                                                                     United States and the 30-year,
                                                                                                                     postwar Western alliance would
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ^                       I              JANUARY CLEARANCE
principal oil rulers in the past       the oil powers have already            now agree, will break down the

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bargain Basement Prices
                                                                                                                     break apart.
and has helped them develop            occupied the Rhineland.                 world monetary            system.        — The United Nations also is
their fields. The policymakers            The strategists are now              Meanwhile, it will take more          coming under heavy Arab in-
advocate, therefore, that the          preparing their arguments to            than a decade to develop new          fluence, as nervous nations seek
 President draw upon this good         present to President Ford. They         sources of energy.                     to placate the oil sheiks.
will to seek an oil-price set-         also have the ear of powerful             — Exorbitant oil prices, like        Already, the Arabs have been
tlement that will avert the            congressional leaders, who have         bombs, are killing people. In         able to use the U.N. to punish
economic collapse of the West.         agreed to join them in urging           impoverished lands like India          Israel. For example, the U.N.'s
   If a peaceful settlement            Ford to press forcefully for an oil     and Bangladesh, oil costs have        cultural arm, UNESCO, ar-
cannot be reached, they believe        price reduction.                        reduced the funds available for        bitrarily cut off aid to Israel and
military intervention will                From sources privy to the            food and fertilizer. This has          barred Israel from participating
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   serious block between the top
   and bottom of the heart. Before
   each heart beat an electrical
                                       the order of hundredths of a se-
                                       cond, in contraction of the
                                       blocked side. This has no impor-
                                                                                two to one.                           To couturier Pauline Trigere
                                                                                   You've heard her on TV and in went to Martinique to be in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                4.99                    and under sq. yd.
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   impulse passes down over the                                                 has a truly grate voice. She born, now the chicest Yankee
   top chambers (atria) and
   enters the lower pumping
   chambers (ventricles). When
                                       are mostly important only in
                                       relation to what causes them. If
                                       it is a birth defect it may not be
                                       important at all. If a bundle
                                                                                insists she wants to sing in a thimble, Pauline, of course,
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   chambers the impulse cannot                                                  was good, oddly.                                                                                                                                     Level loop stripe             Nylon               7.95    3.99
                                       tant only in that it reveals the                                             Supreme Court Justice Irwin
   get through The pumping
                                       presence of the heart attack.               Here's N.Y. these pitched- Davidson retires Jan. 13 after 27                                                  T-36     12x100        Gold         Level loop                    Nylon               7.95    3.99
   chambers may not pump fast                                                   battle nights: former Broadway years on the bench. He'll con-                                                    T-36     12x32.6       Surf Green   Level loop                    Nylon               7.95
   enough on their own or even            If you blocked all of the elec-                                                                                                                                                                                                                      4.99
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   pump at all When this happens                                                head of security cops at Jewish pay as an official referee.                                                                                                                                             6.95   4.95
   then there is not enough cir-       side of the heart at the same                                                                                                                             T-28     12x39.4       Gold         Level loop                    Nylon
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heart attack or even after heart
surgery If the heart regains its       "cholesterol" booklet.                                                                                                                                           CARPETLAND                              Open Daily 8-5, Mon.-Fri. Nights Til 9 pm
                                         (NEWSPAPKR ENTERPRISE ASSN I

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