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                                                    10       Annual Report
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                                                                                                          Community members and
                                                                                                            gather in Edmonton to talk
               Nadine King,                                                                                   about public education.
       Lisa Palmarin            trustee, and
                      , secretary-tr
       Holy Spirit C                 easurer,
                     atholic Schoo
                                     l Board

 Table of contents
                                            tes pu blic educatio
                    3          ASBA celebra
                                          s school boa
                    6          ASBA serve

                                          es trustees
                     8         ASBA teach
                               and school b
                                             es Albertans
                      9         ASBA engag
                                             ol boards
                                work of scho

                                             pa   rtnerships
                         10      ASBA forges

                          12     ASBA builds
                                               chool boards
                                 for trustees/s

                          14      ASBA People                            1200, 9925 - 109 Street
                                                                         Edmonton AB T5K 2J8
                          15       ASBA Finan                               1.780.482.7311

                                                                         Published September 2011

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                           2
 ASBA celebrates public education
 School board engages staff to improve student learning
 Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division No. 29 won the
 2010 ASBA Premier’s Award for School Board Innovation and
 Excellence. Seven school boards were in the running for the
 $3,000 award sponsored by Xerox Canada.

 Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools’ project focused on
 engaging the school community. In 2008 the division set a
 goal of increasing the engagement level of students, staff and
 parents. The division started with staff, believing a staff that is
 psychologically and emotionally attached to their work will be
 better educators.

 The division measured how staff felt about
     1. what they receive from work
     2. what they give at work
     3. if an employee feels he/she belongs
     4. whether the employee is pleased with
        his or her growth and learning.

 Staff worked together to interpret the data and develop action
 plans. Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools believes it is the first
 school division in Canada to link the measurement of employee engagement levels with the quality
                                                                                                                              2010 Premier’s Award recipient
 of student learning. The division has seen improvement in its Accountability Pillar results. Also,     Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division No. 29
 Provincial Achievement tests have improved from an overall ranking of good to excellent.                    From left to right: Randy Brydges, Xerox Canada;
                                                                                                      David Keohane, superintendent; Noreen Radford, trustee;
 In assessing the submission, one judge said Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools received the              Rosaleen McEvoy, vice-chair; Cathy Proulx, trustee;
 award, “because it was an innovative and impressive project, designed to involve their staff in                 Dave Caron, trustee; Jacquie Hansen, trustee;
 identifying areas of personal strength to improve employee performance.” Another judge said,                             Lauri-Ann Turnbull, board chair and
                                                                                                                             Education Minister Dave Hancock.
 “We often hear that some teachers are disengaged from their work and their profession. This is a
 creative way to tackle that issue, thereby improving the quality of students’ environments.”

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                    3
 These six outstanding first-year
 teachers received the ASBA’s
 2010 Edwin Parr Award.
 Congratulations to: Jacqueline Coates, Peace
 River School Division No. 10; Katrina Cosentino,
 Edmonton Catholic Schools; Andrea Harrison,
 Edmonton Public Schools; Jocelyn Pennock,
 Chinook’s Edge School Division No. 73; Kaylen
 Chisholm, Calgary Catholic Schools and Kelly
 Bouwman, Palliser Regional Division No. 26.

                 “By embracing the
              changes proposed in the
        new Education Act school boards
         will enjoy more flexibility to make
        local decisions and this will foster            2010 Edwin Parr Award recipients
              new and creative ways of
                  doing business.”
                   ASBA President
                   Jacquie Hansen

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                          4
                                                                                  “School boards
                                                                              have to find new ways
                                                                           to work with their employees
                                                                               that move beyond the
                                                                          traditional union-management
                                                                                 Executive Director
                                                                                  David Anderson

                                                                 2010 Public Engagement Award recipient
                                                                 Livingstone Range School Division No. 68
                                                                 From left to right: ASBA President Heather
                                                                 Welwood; Dick Peterson, board chair; Don
                                                                 Olsen associate superintendent; Shannon
                                                                 Scherger, trustee; Charlene Dunlop, trustee;
                                                                 Martha Ratcliffe, vice-chair; Clara Yagos,
                                                                 trustee; Kelly Hall, trustee; Ellie Elliott,
                                                                 superintendent and Jim Burdett, trustee.
   Livingstone Range School Division No. 68,
   which serves the Nanton, Claresholm and Pincher Creek
   areas, received the inaugural ASBA Public Engagement
   Award for its plan to address the achievement gap for
   First Nation students. This award recognizes a school
   board’s efforts to embrace public engagement to inform,
   involve and gain input from stakeholders about school
   jurisdiction plans, programs and services.

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                   5
 ASBA serves school boards
                                                                                                         The cheque is in the mail for school
                                                                                                         boards in the ASBA’s insurance program
                                                                                                         Thanks to excellent risk management and a good
                                                                     All 62 Alberta
                                                                                    school boards        claims history, the 49 school boards who are insured
                                                                     one or more of               use
                                                                                     ASBA’s insura       by the Alberta School Board Insurance Exchange
                                                                     and pension se                nce
                                                                                     rvices.             will share in $649,570 in excess equity. Launched
                                                                      • ASBIE: 49 bo                     by the ASBA eight years ago, this is the second time
                                                                                                         in ASBIE’s history that school boards will be getting
                                                                      • SiPP: 43 bo
                                                                                    ards                 cheques because of excess equity.
                                                                     • ASEBP: 58
                                                                                                         Five lawyers on call for school boards
                                                                                                         Two new lawyers: Deborah McGuire and Jeremy
                                                                                                         Schick joined the legal team last spring. Five
                                                                                                         lawyers are on staff to help school boards with
                                                                                                         local legal issues.

                                                                                                                         “People are leaving
                                                                    the 66 school boards                                Alberta’s rural areas.
                                             Over the past year, of                           ol
                                                                     direct services, 62 scho                        How do we sustain quality
 Edmonton Public Schools                     eligible to use ASBA’s                      s:
                                                                      services as follow                               education – and other
 representative Dave Colburn                 boards accessed these
                                                                           ards                                      services – to these areas?”
                                                  Communications: 15 bo
                                                                          boards                                             Challenge:
                                                  Education services: 45                                                   Executive Director
                                                                         ces: 17 boards
                                                  Labour relations servi
                                                                                                                            David Anderson

                                                  Legal services: 61 board

      See your school board’s 2010/11 Value Statement for detailed information about how the association served your school board last year.

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                    6
                                                                                                  ASBA represents school boards in
ASBA is the “go-to” source for a                                                                  talks with ATA and government
governance model for school board                                                                   Unlike the talks that resulted in the five-
                                      ool boards to move to                                                                                     year
 The Alberta government wants sch                                                                  agreement which will end in 2012, scho
                                                                                                                                                ol boards,
                                      school boards make
 a model of shared governance. As                                                                  through the ASBA, participated in gove
                                      A for support and
 this shift, they can look to the ASB                                                              initiated discussions aimed at achievin
                                                                                                                                              g workforce
                                      ment funding the ASBA
 guidance. With $150,000 in govern                                                                stability and improving Alberta’s educatio
                                    gram to provide school
 is working on a development pro                                                                  system. Throughout these talks, whic
                                                                                                                                             h concluded
                                       chairs with the core
  boards, trustees and school board                                                               without agreement on January 28, 201
                                        new governance world.
  competencies they will need in this                                                             the ASBA discussion team was guided
                                                                                                                                               in its
                                                                                                  participation by the following principle
 To this end the ASBA:                                                                                                                      s:
                                         core competencies
     • is doing research to identify the                                                              • any element of a Framework Agreeme
        required in a new governance mod                                                                must improve outcomes for students
                                          the shift in
      • introduced incoming trustees to                                                               • any element of a Framework
         governance models at the ASBA’s                                                                Agreement must be funded
         orientation events
                                                                                                     • any element of a Framework Agreeme
                                        from research with                                                                                   nt
      • presented preliminary findings                                                                 must provide, maintain and enhance
                                              ceptions of
          school board chairs about their per                                                          flexibility with the education system
                                                A’s November
          school board governance at the ASB
          annual conference                                        “School boards can be
                                         erta School
       • worked with the College of Alb                         agents of change by moving                        Executive Director
                                            ool board
          Superintendents to offer 100 sch                    the Action on Inclusion agenda
                                                                                                                  David Anderson
           chairs and superintendents a ses                forward. The goal: creating a system
           exploring emerging forms of govern               that focuses on each child’s assets
        • pro vided one-on-one governance ses                 and offers each child – not just
           to 25 Alberta sch ool boards                    our coded students – a personalized
                                                            education which helps all achieve.”
                                                                      ASBA President
                                                                      Jacquie Hansen

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                     7
 ASBA teaches trustees and school boards
 Welcoming trustees to the 2010-13 term
 2010 was an election year which saw the ASBA welcome
 121 new trustees and 311 returning trustees to the
 2010-13 term of trusteeship. Within days of being elected,
 every trustee received a copy of Welcome Aboard: A guide
 to trusteeship and school boards in Alberta. This was
 followed up with Welcome aboard workshops in each Zone
 and the Diving in conference for new trustees in January.

 Offering legal education to
 school trustees and educators
 In response to school board calls for more legal
 information, the association launched the vis-à-vis legal
 newsletter, legal videoconferences and the first education
 law conference for trustees and senior administrators.
 Available on a subscription basis, school boards across
 Canada have signed up to receive vis-à-vis.

               “School boards must
              find new ways to work
           together to enhance student
            achievement and minimize
             costs. There is no room
                 for turf protection.”
                                                                  Calgary Catholic representative Mary Martin
                  Executive Director
                   David Anderson

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                    8
 ASBA engages
 Albertans in work
 of school boards
 Fewer trustees acclaimed in 2010 elections
 The 2010 election saw acclamation rates trend down for the
 first time in at least two elections with 47 per cent of trustees
 acclaimed compared with 62 per cent in 2007. School boards
 locally and the ASBA provincially worked hard to create this
 turn-around. The ASBA offered six candidate info sessions and
 a Running to win campaign school for candidates as well as
 providing online resources for those considering running for the
 office of school trustee.

                          “Let’s keep our eyes
                         on the target of creating
                   wrap-around services for students:
                 be it mental health services, children’s
                  services, onsite counseling, medical
                 stations. School boards can forge the
                     partnerships that make schools
                       the hub of our communities
                           that they should be.”                         Calgary Board of Education representative Lynn Ferguson ,
                             Opportunity:                                                       Zone 6 Director Karen Bartsch and
                              ASBA President
                                                                                     Communications Director Suzanne Lundrigan
                              Jacquie Hansen

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                           9
 ASBA forges partnerships
 ASBA and AUMA ink historic agreement to work together
                                                                                                              New president and
 June 2011 saw ASBA President Jacquie Hansen and Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
 President Darren Aldous sign a protocol agreement between the ASBA and the AUMA. The
                                                                                                           vice-president for ASBA
 associations see these opportunities to work together: serving as role-model for cooperation between     Jacquie Hansen became the association’s
 municipalities and school boards locally; advocating together on school closures, infrastructure needs         president in November 2010.
 and municipal elections; drug awareness programs and trustee development.                                       Cheryl Smith became the
 ASBA hosts NSBA Pacific Region Summer Meeting                                                                  association’s vice-president.
 As an International Partner of the National School Boards Association, the ASBA hosted the Pacific
 Region Summer Meeting in Banff, Alberta in mid-July. Sixty-five delegates from Alaska, Arizona,
 California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington attended. This was the first time
 this event was held outside of the United States. The first day of the gathering focused on Alberta’s
 education system.

                                                                                                                    Zone 4 Director Keith Warren
                    Edmonton Catholic representative Becky Kallal

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                     10
   Former ASBA President Heather
   Welwood receives ATA award
   Former ASBA President Heather Welwood is the 2011
   recipient of the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s award
   recognizing outstanding support of public education
   in Alberta. “Heather’s support for public education is
   unwavering,” ATA President Carol Henderson says. “She
   courageously came to the table with the ATA to support the
   Stop the Cuts campaign. She also worked for the removal
   of offensive policy that supported splitting our Association.
   Heather has a strong vision for public education and a
   deep respect for teachers as professionals.”

                                                           Paperless board                 Zone 1 Director Sharilyn Anderson and Zone 1 Chair Nan Bartlett

                                                                                                                 “School boards will
                                                          A move to electronic board
                                                                                                              have to deal with teacher
                                                         meeting packages is projected                      bargaining. The five-year deal
                                                          to save the ASBA $1,400 in                         with teachers ends in 2012.
                                                         courier costs, 70,000 sheets of                     Conditions are in place for
                                                         paper and 15 production days.                          a perfect storm on the
              Zone 2/3 Director Lisa Brower                                                                          labour front.”
                                                                                                                    Executive Director
                                                                                                                     David Anderson

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                   11
     ASBA builds networks for
     trustees/school boards
 Zone 1: Nan Bartlett
 Each year the 10 boards in Zone 1 each honor a person or
 organization who has made an outstanding contribution to
 public education in their jurisdiction with the Zone 1 Friends
 of Education Awards. On the learning front, Zone 1 explored
 the Tripartite talks, the impact of the 2011-12 budget and the
 impact of changes to the funding formula on northern school
 boards. As part of its advocacy efforts, Zone 1 is calling for
 reinstatement of the Fuel Price Contingency Grant.

              Zone 2/3: Lauri-Ann Turnbull
              Providing learning opportunities to trustees was a
              focus for Zone 2/3 including sessions on Fiduciary
              Responsibility and To Tweet or not To Tweet. A
              call for stable and predictable funding for public                                                    The Zone Chairs met in Edmonton to share ideas.
              education was the theme of Zone 2/3’s annual MLA                                         Left to right: Helen Clease Zone 5; Lauri-Ann Turnbull Zone 2/3;
              event. A brochure and PowerPoint presentation were                                                 ASBA vice-president Cheryl Smith; Nan Bartlett, Zone 1
                                                                                                                          and Donna Engel, Director Corporate Services.
              developed to communicate this message.

     Zone 4: Dianne Macaulay
     In a massive undertaking, made
                                       possible thanks to the hard work
     policies, and roles and responsibili                                 of Zone secretary Cody McClinto
                                          ties. Reaching out to other stakeho                               ck, Zone 4 reviewed and revampe
                                                                              lders in public education was a Zon                             d its bylaws,
     CASS second vice president Pie                                                                               e focus and resulted in presentatio
                                      ter Langstraat and ASBOA Preside                                                                                ns from
                                                                            nt Cody McClintock.

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                      12
           Zone 5: Helen Clease
          Zone 5 launched the ye
                                    ar by surveying school
          to determine the direc                             board reps
                                 tion for the year. The Zo                                       “Working with our
          emphasis on Profession                           ne put more
                                    al Development for tru                                   partners we can create a
         offering sessions on go                            stees including
                                   vernance and commun                                  bargaining model that is acceptable
         and budget developme                              ity engagement
                                  nt. Always a highlight,                                  to school boards, the Alberta
         Parr dinner was held at                          the Edwin
                                   the Greenwood Inn. Th                                    Teachers’ Association and
         developing an Edwin Pa                             e Zone is
                                   rr handbook.                                                  the government.”
                                                                                                   ASBA President
                                                                                                   Jacquie Hansen

                                                     Zone 6: Colleen Deitz
                                                     School boards learned from school
                                                     boards in Zone 6. Westwind School
                                                     Division hosted the Zone at the
                                                     Cardston High School where
                                                     trustees enjoyed a fabulous meal
                                                     prepared by the school’s culinary
                                                     arts students and learned about the
                                                     Archeology Program. Grasslands
                                                     School Division presented a
                                                     workshop on communications and
                                                     in March trustees toured the Greater
                                                     Southern Public Francophone                                                     President Jacquie Hansen and
                                                     School Division’s newly renovated                                        Zone 5 Director Anne-Marie Boucher
                                                     Ecole La Verendrye School. The
                                                     Edwin Parr banquet in Taber and
                                                     a celebration of the wonderful
      Zone 2/3 Director Johnette Lemke
                                                     candidates capped the year.

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                    13
                                                                                                                                 Marian Johnson

  ASBA People 2010-11
                                                                                                 David Anderson
                                                                                                 Executive Director              Administrative Assistant

                                                                                                 Grace Garcia Cooke              Suzanne Lundrigan
     (As of May 2011)                                                                            Lawyer                          Director, Communications

                             Board of Directors                                                  Lydia Cheng                     Scott McCormack
                                                                                                                                 Labour Relations Consultant
                                                                                                 Senior Legal Secretary
Jacquie Hansen                Zone representatives        Observers
President                                                                                        Val Dale                        Mac McDonald*
                              Sharilyn Anderson           Mary Anne Penner
Greater St. Albert                                                                               Senior Legal Secretary          Senior Labour Relations
                              Zone 1 Director             Alberta Catholic School
Catholic Schools                                                                                                                 Consultant
                              Peace Wapiti Public         Trustees’ Association                  Jennifer Elsinga
Cheryl Smith                  School Division             Lakeland Catholic                      Administrative Assistant         Deborah McGuire
Vice-president                                            School District                                                         Lawyer
                              Johnette Lemke                                                     Donna Engel
Battle River                  Zone 2/3 Director           Karen Doucet                           Director, Corporate Services     Elaine Pallister
Regional Division             Black Gold                  Fédération des conseils                                                 Receptionist
                              Regional Schools            scolaires francophones                 Teresa Ergezinger
Metro representatives                                                                                                             Noreen Pownall
                                                          de l’Alberta                           Administrative Assistant
Lynn Ferguson                 Lisa Brower                                                                                         Administrative Assistant
Calgary Board of Education                                Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord           Bobbie Garner
                              Zone 2/3 Director
                                                                                                 Administrative Assistant         Yvon Prefontaine
Mary Martin                   Elk Island Public Schools   Patty Dittrick
Calgary Catholic Schools                                  Public School Boards’                  Jim Gibbons*
                              Keith Warren
                                                          Association of Alberta                 Senior Education Advisor         Heather Rogers
Becky Kallal                  Zone 4 Director
                                                          Clearview Public Schools                                                Director, Finance and
Edmonton Catholic Schools     Wild Rose Public Schools                                            Terry Gunderson*                Administration
                              Anne-Marie Boucher                                                  Education Consultant
Dave Colburn                                                                                                                      Jeremy Schick
Edmonton Public Schools       Zone 5 Director
                              Conseil scolaire du
                              Sud de l’Alberta                                      Zone Chairs                                   Heather Tkachuk
                                                             Nan Bartlett
                                                                                     Dianne Macaulay                              Policy and Research Analyst
                              Karen Bartsch                  Zone 1 Chair                                 Colleen Deitz
                              Zone 6 Director                                        Zone 4 Chair                                 Debra Tumbach
                                                             Peace River                                  Zone 6 Chair
                              Grasslands Public Schools                              Red Deer Public                              Senior Lawyer
                                                             School Division                              Palliser Regional
                                                             Lauri-Ann Turnbull                                                   *denotes consultant
                                                                                     Helen Clease
                                                             Zone 2/3 Chair
                                                                                     Zone 5 Chair
                                                             Greater St. Albert
                                                                                     Rocky View Schools
                                                             Catholic Schools

 ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                              14
 Summary: budget 2011-12
                                                             2011-12                  2010-11       2009-10
                                                             Budget                   Budget         Actual
   Membership Fees                                      $ 2,892,079               $ 2,863,446   $ 2,863,445
   Service Revenue (FFS, ASEBP)                           1,959,495                 1,497,565     1,242,205
   Other Revenue (Grant, Interest, Misc.)                   155,773                   127,872       258,331
   Trustee Development - Reg./Grants                        598,850                   626,100       469,794
   Transfer from Building Reserve                            30,456                    37,749             -

   Total Operating Revenue                              $ 5,636,653               $ 5,152,733   $ 4,833,775

   Member Services                                      $ 2,419,953               $ 2,086,895   $ 1,842,410
   Executive, Corporate & Communication Services          1,722,549                 1,655,146     1,656,312
   Governance                                               500,585                   434,407       522,971
   Rental/Office Costs                                      533,075                   513,157       365,396
   Trustee Development Costs                                350,491                   363,128       309,706
   Depreciation                                             110,000                   100,000       109,854

   Total Operating Expenditures                         $ 5,636,653               $ 5,152,733   $ 4,806,649

   Total Budget Surplus (Deficit)                       $           -             $         -   $   27,126

                                                        Vice-President Cheryl Smith

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                         15
 Highlights: budget 2011-12
 School boards approved the ASBA’s 2011-12 budget at the June 6 Spring General Meeting.

               Cost drivers                                     • legal salaries have been increased
                                                                  to reflect market rates
      At $5.6 million, the ASBA’s 2011-12 budget is 9.4         • an expected 3 per cent increase in cost
                                                                                                                        Spending money
      per cent ($483,920) bigger than the 2010-11 budget.         of living rates for all staff salaries
      A $401,413 increase in labour costs is the biggest        • plans for an increased draw on contract/
      contributing factor to the increase in association          casual staff in response to anticipated               Supporting school boards as
      spending. This is a result of                               increased demand for labour services                  they refine and revamp their
          • the September return of a lawyer, currently     The other significant contributor is a $19,818              governance practices
            seconded to the government, will see the        increase in lease costs for the ASBA office,                Developing a school-board led
            association assume the salary and benefit       as a result of growing operating costs and                  roadmap to transformation of
            costs associated with this position             property taxes.
                                                                                                                        public education

                                                                                                                        Several task forces are also
      Making money/saving dollars                                                                                       underway including: a review of
                                                            The annual leadership retreat, currently by invitation      the ASBA’s approach to political
     The rate the ASBA charges individual school boards     only, will become a revenue-generating conference.          advocacy; promoting success
     for direct services will increase as follows:          Also, $30,455 will be transferred from the ASBA’s           for First Nation, Métis and Inuit
        • Legal services: $225/hour to $250/hour            building reserve, created when the association sold         students and promoting student
        • Education services: $200/hour to $210/hour        its building in 1999.                                       health and wellbeing
        • Communications/labour services: $176/hour
          to $200/hour                                      Staff will not get the annual conference of choice
                                                            allowance next year and the ASBA Board of Directors
    The cost of being a member of the association           abridged their participation in conferences for a
    is going up by 1 per cent.                              savings of $52,000.
    The registration fee for association events is          The board of directors will meet seven times next
    going up by $25 per person.                             year – instead of 10 – for a savings of $16,000.         See the complete budget on the
                                                                                                                     ASBA website at:

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                  16
 Financial update to May 2011
                                                                                                         Running the office                     Costs       $22,116
     Salary costs                                          Overall                                         • travel, postage, office supplies, printing, courier and copying
     Under budget: $96,008                                 Revenues        $335,290
     A staff lawyer was seconded to Alberta
                                                           Expenses       $106,214                                 The ASBA governance project
     Education and a labour position is being
                                                          As of 3rd quarter: $250                                  Incoming: $150,000 from province
     filled on a contracted basis resulting in lower                                 ,333 surplus.
     salary costs due to a lower demand for               Expect surplus at end                                    Products: Governance as Leadership
     these services.                                                               of year.                        A Framework for Alberta School Board
                                                                                                                   Governance: Promoting Growth and Development
     Upward pressures:
                                                                                                                   in Governance as Leadership. Findings, best
     • market increase given to staff
                                                                                                                   practices and emerging ideas will be shared with
       lawyer salaries in 2009-2010
                                                  C                                                                school boards in various formats over the next year.
     • 1.5 per cent cost of living increase                   $  97,225                     for new
                                                  Revenue                       tion events
                                                                   xtra orienta                                                 nues/expenses
                                                                                                   Legal education reve
       for staff (.02 per cent over the 1.3                   of e
                                                   • because                          on year
                                                                 this w as an electi                                                                      yers
       per cent projected in the budget)
                                                     trustees as                                                           ter: School boards as emplo
                                                                                                   vis-à-vis legal newslet
                                                                                                                                 legal conference + 3
                                                                                                       Made:                                           s:
                                                                                                                                 legal videoconference
                                                                                                       Develop  ment costs:          $31,000
     Revenues                                                                                          $69,082
                         $51,349                            Contracting e
     Fee for service                                                               xpertis        e
                                                            The ASBA used                                             Contracted se
       • more demand for legal and                                                                                                       rvice expenses
                                                            trustee orientat
                                                                               contracted serv
                                                                                                   ices to support                                            $183,898
         communications services                                             ion; tripartite ta                     these initiatives
                                                                                                lks; the school                        : community an
                                                           task force work                                      board governan                           d public engage
                                                                              and for speake                                        ce research pr                       ment;
     Interest revenue      $22,651                         educational co                        rs at general m                                    oject; legal conf
                                                                           nsultants who                         eetings. Contra                                      erences;
                                                                                              provide services                      cted services al
                                                           strategic planni                                      to school boards                     so include the
       • better interest rates                                              ng as well as te                                          for policy deve                 cost of the
                                                                                                chnology supp                                          lopment, recrui
                                                                                                                ort and accoun                                         tment and
                                                                                                                                  ting services fo
                                                                                                                                                   r the associatio
                                                                                                                                                                    n office.

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                        17
 Financial statements 2010-11
 These are highlights from the ASBA’s audited financial statements for the year ended August 31, 2010.
 The audited financial statements are posted on the ASBA website at
    Statement of Revenues and Expenditures
                                                                                                             Year Ended    Year Ended
                                                                                                              31-Aug-10     31-Aug-09
    Operating Revenue                                                                                    $ 4,363,166      $ 4,309,176
    Expenditures                                                                                           4,305,547        4,233,076
    Surplus (Deficit) from Operations                                                                         57,619            76,100
    Surplus (Deficit) from Self-supporting Functions                                                          31,018          (74,214)
    Other Revenue (Expense)
       Interest                                                                                                  48,346        106,950
       Depreciation                                                                                           (109,853)        (96,611)

    Surplus (Deficit)                                                                                    $      27,130    $     12,225

    Balance Sheet
    August 31, 2010 with comparative figures for 2009
                                                                                                                  2010            2009
      Current Assets                                                                                     $ 2,944,204      $ 2,985,942
      Investments in ALARIE at cost                                                                                -                -
      Investments                                                                                            991,591          963,800
      Capital Assets                                                                                         216,280          295,979

                                                                                                         $ 4,152,075      $ 4,245,721

    Liabilities and Fund Balances
       Current Liabilities                                                                               $      550,339   $     641,558
       Deferred Rental Income                                                                                         -             343
       Deferred Contribution                                                                                     80,000         180,000
       Deferred Tenant Allowance                                                                                      -          11,814
       Pension Obligation                                                                                       205,300         122,700
       Fund Balances                                                                                          3,316,436       3,289,306

                                                                                                         $ 4,152,075      $ 4,245,721

ASBA Annual Report 2010-11                                                  18