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					           Volume 10, Issue 6                  February 3, 2010

                          The Pitt Capsule
                             University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Professor’s Life Lessons More than Exam Material
By Svetlana Goldman                                                                           Inside this issue:

                                            he led several group study sessions.            Kappa Psi                    2
                            As students,
                                               Dr. Venkat exhibited an extreme pas-         PLS, Cover Story             3
                            we      often
                                            sion for higher education. He continued
                            take      for                                                   Day in the Life,             4
                                            to pursue his dreams and received a
                            granted the
                                            Masters degree in Pharmaceutics at
                            world     re-
                                            Birla Institute of Technology and Sci-          Hurley Associates            5
                            nowned fac-
                                            ences (BITS) in Pilani, India. During
                            ulty that we                                                    LKS, PSHP                    6
                                            this masters program he met Dr. Mathur
                            share     the
                                            who gave lectures in pharmacokinetics           APhA, IPSF                   7
                            same halls
                                            based on fresh research ideas from jour-
                            and    class-                                                   Rho Chi                      8
                                            nals. There were no textbooks for this
                            rooms with                                                      Class Updates,               9
                                            class. Instead a piece of chalk was the
                            every day.
                                            sole tool of communicating concepts.
Although, we spend endless hours of
                                            Dr. Mathur derived elaborate equations          ASP Annual Mtg Info      10
class time with these individuals we sel-
                                            on the blackboard and Dr. Venkat be-
dom really take the time to appreciate
                                            came fascinated with these concepts. By
the genius surrounding us and the nu-
                                            witnessing the power of teaching from
merous cutting edge developments in
                                            Dr. Mathur, and having enjoyed his
medicine that resulted from the integral
                                            work as a teaching assistant, Dr. Venkat            The Pitt Capsule
research of these faculty members. This
                                            further solidified his dream to pursue his
past week I had the pleasure of chatting                                                  Editor: Tim Mizak
                                            education and become a professor by
with Dr. Venkataramanan about his life                                                    Email:
                                            obtaining a Ph.D. at the University of
and contributions to medicine which
                                            British Columbia and completing a fel-
make him a pioneer in his field.                                                          Outgoing Editor:
                                            lowship at the University of Washing-
                                                                                          Rhea Santangelo
    Dr. Venkataramanan, or as we know       ton. It was Dr. Milo Gibaldi at the Uni-
him as Venkat, has a rich background        versity of Washington who futher mold-
filled with many unique travels, stories,   ed him to become an academician.              Morgan Adams
and achievements. He was born in a
                                               He joined the faculty of the Universi-     Matt Barnes
southern state of India called Tamil Na-                                                  Anastasia Elmiger
                                            ty of Pittsburgh in 1980. Here he
du He spent a majority of his childhood                                                   Svetlana Goldman
                                            worked with Dr. Starzl, known as the
near the city of Chennai and completed                                                    Yardlee Kauffman
                                            “Father of Liver Transplantation”, to
his B.Pharm degree from the University                                                    Julie Lauffenburger
                                            help develop tacrolimus, one of the
of Madras. He elaborated that during                                                      Alicia Lichvar
                                            most widely used immunosuppressive
those years the pharmacy school curric-                                                   Hoi Yee Lung
                                            drugs in the world. Across one of his         Adam Martin
ulum was much more product based,
                                            file cabinets there is a strange assort-      Taylor Miller
hands-on, and involved many labs in
                                            ment of letters and numbers which reads       Alexa Ray
pharmaceutical chemistry and pharma-
                                            FK506.                                        Julia Schnippert
ceutics. His enthusiasm for teaching be-
                                                                                          Mike Smith
gan in these undergraduate years where
                                                                                          Julie Styche
                                                                    Continued on Page 3
Pitt Capsule, February 2010

   Kappa Psi Updates
   By Julie Styche
      The Brothers of Kappa                                                                                       The Brothers would like to
   Psi kicked off the new                                                                                         recognize Rebecca Crooks
   year with their annual ski                                                                                     for her hard work with the
   trip to Seven Springs at                                                                                       “No-Talent Talent Show”
   the beginning of the se-                                                                                       and congratulate Michelle
   mester. Over 60 Brothers                                                                                       Bert, Alexa Ray, Dana Ri-
   gathered under one roof                                                                                        ether, Julie Styche and
   for a weekend full of ski-                                                                                     Elizabeth McCartney for
   ing, snowboarding, tub-                                                                                        their winning act, a parody
   ing and playing in 24                                                                                          performance to Miley Cy-
   inches of freshly fallen                                                                                       rus’s “Party in the USA.”
   snow. The trip also in-
   cluded family-style
   meals, socializing and
   relaxing by the fire.
      Upon returning from Seven
                                             With the month
   Springs, the Brothers elected the
                                          of January also
   2010 executive board. Congratula-
                                          came Pharmacy
   tions and good luck to the follow-
                                          Weeks. The Broth-
   ing Brothers as they step up to fill
                                          ers of Kappa Psi
   their new positions:
                                          always look forward
                                          to this time of year
     Dan Yarabinec, Regent                and are more than
                                          eager to participate
      Kristina Sucic, Vice Regent         in all of the planned
      Luke Berenbrok, Recording           events.
                                              Many of the
      Julie Styche, Corresponding         Brothers participat-
                    Secretary                                    Top: KY Brothers enjoy their time at the annual ski trip to Seven Springs. Above: KY Broth-
                                          ed in the Patient
                                                                                            ers having a ball at the ASP Formal.
      Lindsay McCartney, Treasurer        Counseling Compe-
                                          tition as well as the Rho Chi scaven-
      Rebecca Crooks, Chaplain                                                                   We would like to further congratu-
                                          ger hunt. Kappa Psi was also well-                late Alexa Ray for winning the Pa-
      Caroline Burggaller, Historian      represented at the PLS auction and                tient Counseling Competition as well
      Jessica Janda, Sergeant-at-         the School of Pharmacy social event as Student of the Year Award. Many
                      Arms                at Garage Door.                                   Kappa Psi Brothers celebrated the
      Elyse Weitzman, ASP Represen-          In addition, although the KY guys                    end of two successful Pharmacy
                      tative              fell short of a win, they definitely                    Weeks by attending the ASP Formal,
      Chelsea Fitzgerald and              put up a fight against PDC in the an-                   where they ate, drank, and danced the
                                          nual football game.                                     night away.
      Josh Titus, IFC Representatives.

                                                                                                                                          Page 2
Pitt Capsule, February 2010

   Venkat, Continued from Page 1
      This is the original name, before      Finally, not only is Dr. Venkat’s      world, recognize that we are fortunate
   FDA approval, of what is now           research focused on giving a              for everything that we have, and be
   known as tacrolimus (Prograf). Dr.     “second chance for life” but another      thankful for all the love and care that
   Venkat recalls the day when Dr.        focus involves “first time in life”. He   our family and friends provide. Thus,
   Starzl came into his office with a     explained the research his team is        he stresses the need for us to tell our
   small container of FK506 and said      working on to understand the mech-        loved ones that we appreciate their
   “this container is worth more than     anism and optimization of drug use        kindness and support not only on na-
   its weight in gold”. He has been an    in pregnancy and development of a         tional holidays, but on every ordinary
   integral member of the research        drug to prevent pre-term labor. Not       day. Although, it is tough to pick his
   team and had the opportunity of        much research looks into the use of       most favorite life lesson he says
   overseeing several aspects of this     drugs in a pregnant population so his     “most importantly we should pursue
   research including in vitro, animal,   team is evaluating various drug me-       our passion and recognize that we are
   and clinical studies. He will never    tabolizing enzymes and their chang-       blessed and need to extend a helpful
   forget March 1st, 1989 since this      es in activity during pregnancy.          hand to those who are less fortunate”.
   was the first time a human being                                                 So take these lessons to heart and the
                                             Outside of class, Dr. Venkat en-
   was given tacrolimus. Dr. Venkat                                                 next time you walk the halls or sit in
                                          joys photography and writing. He
   recalls how nervous he was to                                                    class remember what a privilege it is
                                          shared with me an article he wrote
   watch this drug being administered                                               to be among such ground breaking
                                          for a local magazine including pho-
   to this patient since no one really                                              pioneers and thank them for all their
                                          tographs he took, during his travel to
   knew what to expect. But all this                                                hard work and dedication!
                                          Machu Picchu, where he was blown
   hard work and dedication paid off      away and overwhelmed by the awe-
   in the end and established him as      some beauty of his surroundings and
   “one of the world’s foremost ex-       the incredible accomplishments of
   perts in the pharmacology of im-       the Incas. Although, both his parents
   munosuppressive drugs” as men-                                                   Phi Lambda Sigma would
                                          have passed away recently, he still
   tioned by Dr. Starzl in an award
                                          keeps the life lessons he has learned     like to thank everyone who
                                          from them close to heart. When I
      Furthermore, he designed a          asked him who his role model was,
                                                                                    donated, participated and
   therapeutic monitoring program         he responded that it was his grandfa-     bought items at the auction!
   that helped uncover how to switch      ther, who was the dean of the school      This year we raised a rec-
   patients from IV to oral cyclospor-    of education and who inspired him
   ine therapy using an understanding     to purse an academic life. However,
                                                                                    ord amount of money for
   of cyclosporine pharmacokinetics.      it was his mother who was the great-      the Grace Lamsam Phar-
   The studies he embarked in estab-      est mentor in his personal life.          macy Program for the Un-
   lished the safety and efficacy of
   immunosuppressive drugs . His
                                             As for the infamous question of        derserved and for PLS to
                                          what sparked his desire to teach us       continue to operate through
   drive and motivation in research       life lessons, Dr. Venkat recalled a
   has allowed many to obtain “a se-      sad time in his life. His mother          the next year- over $8,000!
   cond chance at life”. When I asked
   him how he accomplished all this
                                          passed away in India due to heart         We would also like to ex-
                                          complications and there were many         tend an extra special
   ground breaking research, Dr.          things he wishes he had the chance
   Venkat modestly replies “I have        to tell her. . Unfortunately, life does   “thank you” to Becca
   been fortunate and I was merely at
   the right place at the right time.”
                                          not have a rewind button. This tragic     Crooks and Taylor Miller!
                                          event pushed him to want to moti-
                                          vate us to make a difference in this

                                                                                                                Page 3
Pitt Capsule, February 2010

  Northern Exposure: A Pharmacy Experience in Alaska
  By Yardlee Kauffman
    During the fall of 2009, I com-       cine, but also specializes in OB/         Although the rotation was struc-
  pleted a hospital and an acute care     GYN, pediatrics, anesthesiology,        tured, my preceptor encouraged me
  rotation in Alaska with the South-      radiology, and internal medicine.       to investigate my areas of interest.
  east Alaska Regional Health Con-                                                For example, I observed procedures
  sortium (SEARHC). SEARHC is               The hospital pharmacy is com-
                                                                                  in the operating room and shadowed
  a non-profit tribal health consorti-    prised of an inpatient and outpatient
                                                                                  a rheumatologist and a neurologist
  um, which serves 18 native com-         department. In the inpatient depart-
                                          ment, the pharmacist engages in ac-     during their clinic hours.
  munities within southeast Alaska.
                                          tivities such as prescription order       I also had numerous opportunities
    I had a unique opportunity to un-     processing and supervision of thera-    to refine my patient counseling skills
  derstand the health problems that       peutic drug monitoring.                 and expand my pharmaceutical
  are ubiquitous among the Alaskan                                                knowledge base by answering drug
  Native population as well as recog-    The pharmacists in the outpatient
                                                                                  information requests and monitoring
  nize the challenges that patients    department serve patients in multi-
                                       faceted ways including chart review        inpatient drug therapy.
  may encounter while attempting to
  obtain medical care. For example,    and patient counseling. A unique             As I am especially interested in
  Alaskan natives have a high preva-   aspect of the Mt. Edgecumbe Hospi-         community outreach, I organized a
  lence of substance abuse and         tal is the provision of telepharmacy       medication review for community
  chronic diseases such as diabetes    services; telepharmacy allows phar-        members at a local senior center.
  and rheumatoid arthritis.            macists to counsel patients living in      This experience allowed me to con-
                                       remote villages through real time,         tribute as a valued and trusted mem-
    In addition, many patients are     face-to-face audio and video com-          ber of the health care team, thereby
  required to travel long distances by puter links.                               increasing my accountability to pa-
  air or sea to acquire tertiary care                                             tients.
  that cannot be provided in many of     My rotation responsibilities were
  the remote villages of southeast     divided between the inpatient and            I highly recommend that any stu-
  Alaska.                              outpatient pharmacy departments. I         dent with a desire to learn more
                                       prepared intravenous drugs for inpa-       about the American Indian/Alaskan
    My experience took place at the tient use, attended interdisciplinary         native populations consider a site
  Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital, which is meetings, and presented cases and              affiliated with these patient popula-
  located in Sitka on Japonski Is-     pharmacotherapy updates to pharma-         tions.
  land. The facility is a 25-bed hos-  cy and nursing staff.
  pital that emphasizes family medi-

  SNPhA Updates
  By Julia Schnippert                                                             Congratulations to the new
                                                                                  executive board:
    We’re well into another fun-filled      SNPhA is preparing for the re-            President – Adam Martin
  semester! SNPhA held its first          gional meeting taking place Febru-          President –Elect – Samantha
  meeting of the semester on January      ary 26-28 in Baltimore. A number                                Holliday
                                          of us are attending and we encour-          Vice President – Kaitlyn You
  14 and new officers for the year
                                          age more of you to attend. Anyone           Business Manager – Elsa
  were elected. Congratulations to all                                                                     Tchakoute
  those elected to this chapter’s exec-   interested in attending is more than
                                          welcome. Please let any board               Secretary – Julia Schnippert
  utive board especially the new pres-                                                Lower Campus Liason – Jerry
  ident, longtime active SNPhA            member know of your interest and
  member Adam Martin.                     we’ll help you to make arrange-             Historian – Beth Petrik
                                                                                                                Page 4
Pitt Capsule, February 2010

  Hurley Associates Presents: Avoiding Identity Theft
  According to the Federal Trade Commis- on your mail at the post office.                     Allen, TX 75013; report fraud by calling
  sion, more than a half-million Americans  If you're one of the few people who              (800) 301-7195
  will have their identities stolen this year. actually knows where your Social Securi-
                                               ty card is located, don't carry it with you!   TransUnion (http://
  The most common types of identity theft Stash it away in a safe place, and only   , Fraud Victim
  are:                                         carry a minimum number of ID and credit        Assistance Division, P.O. Box 6790,
                                               cards with you.                                Fullerton, CA 92634; report fraud by call-
   using or opening a credit card account                                                    ing (800) 680-7289
    fraudulently                                Consider having your address re-
   opening cell phone or utility accounts     moved from the phone book. In some in-         2. Close accounts that have been fraud-
    fraudulently                               stances a thief needs only your name, ad-      ulently accessed or opened. To do so,
   passing bad checks or opening a new        dress and phone number to commit fraud.        contact the security departments of the
                                                Cancel any credit cards you don't            appropriate creditors or financial institu-
    bank account
                                               need or use. Be sure to tell the lender to     tions. If you open any new accounts, put
   getting loans in another person's name
                                               note the card as "cancelled at the card-       passwords on them (and don't use the ob-
                                               holder's request."                             vious ones like your mother's maiden
  The fallout from ID theft are annoying,                                                     name, your Social Security number, or the
  at best, and extremely costly and really
                                                Don't pre-print your Social Security
                                                                                              first six digits of your phone number).
                                               or driver's license numbers on your
  annoying, at worst.
                                               checks.                                        3. File a report with local police or the
  How to avoid ID theft                         Give out your Social Security number         police where the identity theft took
  Victims spend on average 175 hours and only when absolutely necessary. Ask to               place. Be sure to get a copy of the report
  $800 to clear their names. In the interest use other identifiers whenever possible.         (or report number) in case the bank, credit
  of saving you time, money and several                                                       card companies, or others need proof of
                                                If you suspect that you may be a vic-
  sleepless nights, here are some tips on                                                     the crime.
                                               tim of fraud, or are simply concerned,
  how to avoid identity theft:
                                               order a copy of your credit reports once a     4. Be a tattletale. The FTC provides an
   Actually look at your credit card and year to verify their accuracy.                      Identity Theft Complaint Form that can
  bank account statements, instead of just                                                    help you organize and accurately record
  glancing over them quickly or passing        If you are really paranoid, then you can       your complaint. All three major credit
  them along to your spouse to pay off.        subscribe to a credit watch program,           bureaus and most of the large lenders ac-
  This is usually the first place unauthor-    like the credit monitoring service of-         cept this form as notice from you. You
  ized activity will show up.                  fered by TrueCredit that sends regular         can also call the ID Theft Clearinghouse
   Call your credit card company or           updates on any credit activity done in         toll-free at (877) ID-THEFT (438-4338)
  bank if an account statement is late. A      your good name.                                to report the theft. For more information
  missing bill may mean someone called         How to remedy ID theft                         on how to deal with credit-related ID
                                               If you find that your good name and im-        theft, check out the FTC Identity Theft ID
  the company using your name, and
                                               peccable credit rating are being dragged       website. If the crime involves your Social
  changed the billing address to prevent
  you from catching their shopping spree.      through the mud, here's what to do.            Security number, call (800) 269-0271 or
                                                                                              visit the Social Security Administration's
      Don't give out personal information     1. Report the theft with each of the
  on the phone, through the mail, or online    three major credit bureaus (they all
  unless you initiate the contact or know      have fraud centers). Ask that a "fraud         While ID theft is a major issue in our so-
  the caller. Thieves will pose as bank rep-   alert" be placed on your file. Also request    ciety, it is something that might be pre-
  resentatives, Internet service providers     that no new lines of credit be granted         vented with some foresight and specific
  and government agents to get you to re-      without first seeking your approval. You'll    action steps. Protect yourself and your
  veal personal information.                   be asked to record the incident(s) in writ-    family by implementing some of these
   Tear or shred any documents that           ing, and include copies of any documents       suggestions.
  contain personal information. These in-      (e.g., a police report, correspondence with    Hurley Associates is a full service financial services
  clude credit card receipts, insurance        your bank or other creditors) to be used as    firm located at 3508 Fifth Avenue in Oakland. Their
  forms, physician and bank statements,        evidence. Here's contact information for       representatives are frequent contributors to the Pitt
                                                                                              Capsule and frequent lunch and learn presenters.
  and even credit card offers.                 each major credit bureau:                      They invite you to participate in their presentations
   Deposit outgoing mail directly into        Equifax (, P.O.        and to contact them with your comments, concerns
                                                                                              and questions. Please call 412-682-6100 or email at
  post office boxes, not in your own mail-     Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241;   Also, visit their websites at
  box. A shocking number of thieves troll      report fraud by calling (800) 525-6285 and
  mailboxes for your personal information.     Experian (formerly TRW, http://
  If you're going on vacation, place a hold, P.O. Box 1017,                                                     Page 5
Pitt Capsule, February 2010

  Lambda Kappa Sigma Kicks Off Spring Semester
  By Hoi Yee Lung

      With the start of a new semes-      Tracy Sparkes
  ter, the sisters of LKS are also in     (P3’s), along with
  full swing with a packed calendar       one representative
  of events for the spring semester.      from each the P1
  From a white coat and clothing          and P2 class will
  sale, to a whole host of service        represent LKS on
  projects and Project HOPE bake          the official team.
  sales – next one on February 3rd –      In order to raise
  it should be another exciting and       money for the
  successful semester!                    walk, which is on
      First of all, we would like to      April 9-10th, the
  extend our appreciation and con-        sisters will be
  gratulations to one of our own, Na-     holding several
  talie Pappas, on organizing the         fundraising                            LKS Sisters Pose before the ASP Formal
  most attended formal along with         events. The first
  other Pharmacy Weeks events!            fundraising event
  Also, we would like to recognize        will be a coffee/bagel bar on Mon-         event locations, fundraising ideas, cen-
  the new members, Justine Parker         day, February 15th – help out an           terpiece designs and favors with Tau
  and Lauren Fischer on their perfor-     amazing cause while getting your           Chapter. Besides being anxious to fi-
  mances at the “No Talent” Talent        caffeine fix! As February is Heart         nalize convention details, we are look-
  Show.                                   Disease Awareness month, please            ing forward to an upcoming sister
      We are proud to announce that       join us by wearing red every Friday movie night on Tuesday, February 9th
  LKS will be participating in the        to bring attention to the #1 killer of     and the LKS/PDC black and pink Val-
  American Cancer Society Relay           women today.                               entine’s Day party on Saturday, Febru-
  for Life as part of the School of          In other news, the Delta Chapter        ary 13th.
  Pharmacy team. Our service co-          is busy planning for the biennial               Best of luck on the upcoming ex-
  chairs, Elizabeth van Olden and         convention as we recently discussed ams, and we promise to keep you up-

  PSHP News
  By Morgan Adams                           ( or Morgan               Order forms will be passed around in
                                            ( for more infor-         class in the next month, look for
                                            mation.                                  more information in class and in the
    PSHP is looking forward to plan-                                                 weekly e-mails!
                                              This semester, PSHP will also be
  ning March’s Poison Prevention
                                            looking forward to offering students       Our next meeting will be held on
  Week this month. We will be look-
                                            more interactive experiences with        February 9th from 12-1 PM in the
  ing for volunteers to go to area ele-
                                            pharmacists in the UPMC health           PCLC. Although the speaker has yet
  mentary schools during the week of
                                            care system. Look for more infor-        to be named, it will feature an
  March 22nd to have interactive dis-
  cussions and activities about house-      mation to come this semester about       emerging issue in pharmacy. See the
                                            unique opportunities to shadow           weekly e-mails for updates about
  hold poisons. This year, we are also
                                            health care professionals.               this meeting!
  looking to expand our Poison Pre-
  vention week activities to high             PSHP will be selling Sanford
  school students to discuss OTC drug       Guides to Antimicrobial Therapy
  abuse. Contact Taylor                     for a discounted rate this semester.
                                                                                                                 Page 6
Pitt Capsule, February 2010

  IPSF Updates
  By Alexa Ray

     IPSF celebrated Pharmacy              you to Garrett Sipes, Lara Siminerio,    26th, 2010. Last year, we raised over
  Weeks with a lunch presentation          Karen Nenno, and Svetlana Gold-          $500 for UNICEF’s Tap Project, a
  about Kiva, a microfinancing or-         man who very generously donated to       campaign to help secure clean water
  ganization that helps connect indi-      Kiva after the presentation. Along       sources in developing countries, by
  viduals in developed countries           with funds from IPSF, their dona-        holding a lunch lecture, a Happy Hour
  with entrepreneurs in developing         tions made it possible for us to do-     at Peter’s Pub, two bake sales, a break-
  countries in need of loans to start      nate $125 to Arouna Sékinatou Kou-       fast bar in Salk Hall, and more!
  or grow their businesses.                kou, a saleswoman from Togo in              We’ve just started planning for this
     Using the web-           West Africa, and $25 to the Kiva         year’s World Water Week, so if you
  site, anybody can go online,             organization itself. If you’d like to    want to get involved and help us live
  browse profiles of entrepreneurs         learn more about this amazing or-        up to last year’s success, e-mail me at
  around the world requesting loans        ganization, visit their website at and/or attend
  for varying amounts and for a myr-!                     our next IPSF meeting.
  iad of businesses, and make a loan          IPSF will host its second annual         Our next IPSF General Body Meet-
  of any amount to help that entre-        celebration of World Water Day           ing will be held on Wednesday, Febru-
  preneur reach their goal. Pretty         with an entire week’s worth of           ary 24th from 12-1 p.m. in the PCLC.
  amazing!                                 events and fundraisers, March 22-        I hope you’ll join us!
     I want to extend a special thank-

  APhA-ASP News
  By Alexa Ray
    The APhA Annual Meeting and              Sheraton, just a couple of blocks       to an ASP Exec Board member re-
  Exposition is rapidly approaching!         away from the meeting headquar-         garding funding for the meeting.
  If you have not attended this exciting     ters. If you would like to reserve a
  and educational conference in past                                                   If you are unfamiliar with the
                                             spot on our charter bus and/or re-
  years, this year is the year to go.                                                APhA Annual Meeting & Exposi-
                                             quest a hotel room in our block,
  The meeting will be held March 12-                                                 tion, I encourage you to visit
                                             please e-mail Shailly Shah at
  15, 2010 in Washington D.C. and is                                        and find
                                    by February 10th.       more information including a tenta-
  sure to be a great opportunity to
  learn more about APhA, the profes-           You must also register for the        tive schedule of events. You can
  sion of pharmacy, your ASP chapter,        conference by February 10th in or-      also e-mail me
  and students from all over the coun-       der to receive the discounted stu-      ( or President-
  try.                                       dent registration rate (prices in-      Elect Shailly Shah
                                             crease by $40 after this date). The     ( if you have any
    Our APhA-ASP Chapter is spon-            proximity of the meeting this year      questions or concerns.
  soring a charter bus to transport Pitt     translates into big savings for stu-
  students to and from the meeting ab-       dents…no need to worry about air-         Our next ASP General Body Meet-
  solutely FREE! The bus will leave          fare! ASP also has a limited            ing will be held on Wednesday, Feb-
  Pittsburgh Friday, March 12th and          amount of funding to distribute to      ruary 3rd from 12-1 p.m. in 402 Salk.
  return on Tuesday, March 16th. Ar-         students based on level of APhA-        We will be holding our Elections for
  rangements will be made with pro-          ASP involvement, so you may be          next year’s Exec Board so make sure
  fessors to make up for any missed          reimbursed for a portion of your        you come to the meeting to vote on
  classes. We have also reserved a           expenses. If you have specific fi-      your officers for next year!
  block of rooms at the Four Points          nancial concerns, feel free to speak
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Pitt Capsule, February 2010

  And the Rho Chi Challenge Winner Is…
  By Morgan Adams

     Rho Chi would like to congratu-        ate students January 28th with
  late “Team F+” (Becca Crooks,             SNPhA and February 10th with
  Mike White, Brendan Dimond,               RxPrep. We will also be hosting a
  and Dan Yarabinec) for winning            Blood Drive in conjunction with the
  the first annual Rho Chi Challenge        Dental School on Thursday, April
  Scavenger Hunt during Pharmacy            8th.
  Weeks! Look for their engraved
                                               On Wednesday, February 17th
  mortar and pestle trophy to be dis-
                                            from 12-1 in room 402, the Rho Chi/
  played in Salk Hall soon. Rho Chi
                                            PLS Professional Lecture Series will
  would also like to congratulate Dr.
                                            feature speakers from Cigna Man-
  Corey for winning the Rho Chi
                                            aged Care. All students are wel-
  Mexican-themed lunch at the PLS
                                            come to attend, and lunch will be
     Lab cards made by Rho Chi
                                               New inductees for Rho Chi will
  were distributed last month. If
                                            be notified in the next few weeks
  you’re still interested in purchas-
                                            before class. The Rho Chi/PLS in-
  ing a set, please contact Jerry
                                            duction ceremony will be held on
                                            Tuesday, March 23rd, and the Koch
     In addition to our monthly             Lecture, featuring Dr. Julie Johnson               BJ Conklyn hoists the mortar and pestle for the first annual Rho
  health talks at the Salvation Army,       of the University of Florida, will be              Chi Challenge Scavenger Hunt during Pharmacy Weeks.

  this semester, Rho Chi will be            on March 24, 2010 at noon. Look for
  hosting health talks to undergradu-       more information to come!

                                                                Rho Chi Student of the Month

                                                                        Natalie Pappas - P3
                                       Rho Chi would like to congratulate Natalie Pappas for being selected as the January Student of the
                              Month. Natalie was nominated by her peers because she did an outstanding job organizing Pharmacy Weeks
                              and the School of Pharmacy Formal.

                                        Natalie belongs to APhA-ASP, where she is the current Chair to the Council of Social Activities. She
                              is also a member of LKS, holding the position of Treasurer and she is the former new membership and fund-
                              raising co-chairs. As the Chair to the Council of Social Activities, Natalie worked with all of the school organi-
                              zations to plan each of their activities during Pharmacy Weeks. Even though planning the formal was a lot of
                              hard work, Natalie and her fellow council members were able to pull it off with great success. All of their
                              efforts paid off when a record 264 people bought tickets to go to Station Square for a night of food, fun, and

                                        Outside of the classroom, Natalie works at Giant Eagle and loves spending time with family and
                              friends. As her time in Pharmacy School nears its end, she is excited to start her P4 rotations in order to get
                              more first-hand experience, but she definitely will miss all of her friends and good old Salk Hall. If you see
                              Natalie, be sure to thank her for planning very successful Pharmacy Weeks and Formal. Congratulations Na-

                              To nominate a fellow student or for questions about the SotM, please e-mail or use the

                                                                                                                                            Page 8
Pitt Capsule, February 2010

  Class Updates
  P1 Class Updates
                                                                                     Fun and Games!
  By Alicia Lichvar
                                                                              Brand/Generic Word Search
  “The P1 class has survived their first semester! The fall
  semester proved extremely successful for our class.
  First, we were able to fundraise$1,651 towards our class
  account by selling class clothing and working at a Steel-
  ers game (the Green Bay game, none the less). Addition-
  ally, as of Friday, the P1 class has finally received their
  white coats. Now that the first semester is out of the
  way, we are ready to roll! Between Operation Diabetes,
  the PLS Auction, and the remaining school activities,
  our class has stepped out of their shells and have started
  to participate within the Salk to a considerable degree.
  The P1 class is also selling fleece half-zips that are em-
  broidered with the School of Pharmacy logo! They are
  $35 and range from XS to XXL, and the fleeces follow
  men's sizing (so they are made big for women, so order I
  size smaller than normal). Order yours by February

  P2 Class Updates
  By Adam Martin

  “After a successful month of Pharmacy Weeks, and an-
  other round of ID examination, the P2 class is excited to
  continue with the semester and looking forward to the
  warm weather to come (?). After the Tucci Lecture with
  Tom Menighan, many have taken the advice that “you
  are in a profession where you don’t have to worry about
  making a living, so worry about making a difference.”
  This will be implemented through upcoming initiative
  collaboration with the various SOP organizations to
  come together as one to make a difference toward a ma-
  jor health issue- to be announced.
  The P2 class would like to congratulate the Class of
  2013 on their White Coat Ceremony, marking their offi-
  cial symbolic entrance into the Pharmacy family!”

  P3 Class Updates                                                         Find the Brand Name in the Puzzle   Ritonavir
  By Mike Smith                                                            that corresponds to the generic     Oseltamivir
                                                                           names listed here:                  Linezolid
  “1 month down, and 3 to go. Some highlights for the month of
  February: rotation selection, class party planning (PCafe April
                                                                           Rabeprazole                         Capecitabine
  29th- for all classes, be there), Jerry finally winning a competition    Mometasone
  and heading to PPA to lose another one, the last PPD for the year,                                           Raltegravir
                                                                           Eszopiclone                         Desvenlafaxine
  learning how to save lives via CPR, and last, but certainly not least,
  Valentine's Day. Instead of spending your lovely Valentine's Day         Etanercept                          Zolmitriptana
  by yourself, why not spend it with Taylor Miller. The first 5 fe-        Risendronate                        Valganciclovir
  males to text the words "Be My Valentine" to 814-931-5788 will           Varenicline                         Lubiprostone
  be entered to win a date with Taylor. I will personally be donating      Anastrozole                         Temozolomide
  a box of chocolates, eight candles, Herding Cats Wine, and a gift        Tadalafil                           Colesevelam
  certificate to the movies all in a basket so you will have the day of    Atomoxetine
  your life with Taylor. Hurry, and remember its "Be My Valentine"
                                                                           Imatinib                            Infliximab
  to 814-931-5788, that's "Be My Valentine" to 814-931-                    Moxifloxacin
  5788. Please identify yourself in the text so we are able to notify
  the winner.”
                                                                              Fun and Games Contributed by Matt Barnes
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