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					                                TUDOR TALK

Translate these Tudor phrases
into modern English:
1. Good morrow/Good day to thee
2. How is it with ye? How now?
3. Prithee what wouldst thou?
4. How do men call you?
5. Whence come ye?
6. How comest thou hither?
7. Whither go you?
                                              Match the Tudor phrases to
8. What o’clock ist?                          their correct meanings:
                                              What meanst this?       Ask/beg
9. What hast thou done?
                                              Prate                   Talk too
10. What say ye?                              much
11. What meanst this?                         Beseech                 Hit
12. What gaulding and fooling is this?        Yonder                  Listen
13. How old art thou?                         Come hither             Give over!
                                              Now hark                Come here
14. I care not a groat.
                                              Bridle thy tongues      Sorry
15. Be of good cheer.
                                              Go to!                  Follow me.
                                              Get thee hence!         Hurry up.
                  Glossary                    Follow ye me.           Did you see?
affright – frighten    ifaith – honestly      Tarry not.              Pity
asunder – apart        jakes – lavatory       Have done               Group/party
attire – clothes       lest – unless          Smite                   Where are
avaunt – go away!      methinks – I think                             you going?
behold – look          naught – nothing       Good morrow             What does
betimes – soon         nay – no                                       this mean?
blithe – merry         noisome – harmful      Saw you?                Clear off!
caitiff – coward       o’er – over            What say ye?            What do you
canst – can you        parley – talk                                  think?
capon – chicken        pate – head            Whither go you?         You should be
casement - window      plaints - complaints                           ashamed.
cleave – cling         prithee – please       Privy/necessary house   Hello
con – study            quaff – drink          Fie! For shame.         No
conceit – idea         repair – make your     I cry you mercy         Toilet
                       way to                 Yea, verily             Stop talking
cozen – cheat          rude – rough           Fare ye well            Yes, really
damsel – maiden        sennight – week        Prithee                 Goodbye
divers – various       shoon - shoes          Company                 Stop it!
e’re – before          slew – killed          Nay                     Please
enow – enough          smite – hit            Alack                   There
entreat – beg, plead   strife – dispute
ere – before           Swoons – faints
fardel – burden        taper – candle
fell – terrible        trow – trust
forsaken - abandoned   varlet – low-class
forsooth – honestly    visage – face
forth – forward        wist – know
groat – a small coin   yonder – there

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