EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY SPORTS UNION

                                        GENERAL COMMITTEE

              Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 22 nd September 2008 at 17:30hrs in
                                  Lecture Theatre 175, Old College.

Joe Gray                President
Cameron MacKinnon       Hon. Treasurer
Laura Hayward           Vice President
Rachel Falconer         Vice President Intra-Mural
Andrew Cruickshank      Hon. Secretary
James Pope              Publicity Officer
Sam Trett               Sponsorship Officer
Chris Henning           Alumni Officer
Kerry Patterson         Intra-Mural Coordinator
Rachel Holdsworth       Intra-Mural Coordinator


Jim Aitken - Director of Sport
Hare & Hounds


Association Football Club (W)                                   Aikido
Curling                                                         Clay Pigeon Shooting
Hot Air Balloon                                                 Kick Boxing
Ice Hockey                                                      Livesaving
Motor Sport                                                     Modern Pentathlon
Roller Hockey                                                   Polo
Shotokan Karate                                                 Rugby Fives
Shukokai Karate
Table Tennis


The minutes of the last General from 2007/2008 were approved.

        (a) Role of Gen eral Committee
                JG welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2008-2009 before summarising the roles of the
                General and Executive Committees, highlighting that whilst the Executive may sit above the
                General Committee in decision-making terms they are always accountable to the latter, in
            doing so encouraging future meetings to be viewed as a forum where constructive dialogue
            between its members is vital.

        JG introduced the elections by explaining the role of the Finance Committee before opening the
        forum for nominations for the 8 positions available:

     (a) Ana Moore (Korfball)
        Nominated by: Alan Murray (Cricket)
        Seconded by: James Pope (Squash)

     (b) Drew Wiersum (Hockey)
        Nominated by: Derek Th omas (Hockey)
        Seconded by: Rachel Holdsworth (Hockey)

     (c) Sarah Jane Bolt (Boat)
        Nominated by: David Anderson (Boat )
        Seconded by: Cameron MacKinnon (Football)

     (d) Cath Marshall (Swimming & Water Polo)
        Nominated by: Chris Henning (Swimming & Water Polo)
        Seconded by: Rachel Falconer (Hockey)

     (e) Kate Hunsworth (Windsurfing & Surfing)
        Nominated by: Will Paskell (Windsurfing & Surfing)
        Seconded by: Marcus Brentsmith (Windsurfing & Surfing)

     (f) Alan Murray (Cricket)
        Nominated by: Ana Moore (Korfball)
        Seconded by: Sam Trett (Hockey)

     (g) Tony McNicol (Gymnastics)
        Nominated by: Alex Lusby (Gymnsastics)
        Seconded by: Helen McVinnie (Gymnastics)

     (h) Pete Brierley (Squash)
        Nominated by: James Pope (Squash)
        Seconded by: Stuart Tennant (Squash)

        All 8 nominees were elected unopposed.


        JP introduced the elections by summarizing the role of the Publicity Committee. JG then opened
        the forum up for nominations:

     (a) Greg Schnuer (Archery)
        Nominated by: James Pope (Squash)
        Seconded by: Joe Gray (Hockey)

     (b) Peter Forbes (Athletics)
        Nominated by: Claire McNicol (Athletics)
        Seconded by: Steve Rayburn (Athletics)

        Both nominees were successful.

     (a) Executive Committee/Club Reps Introduction
        JG introduced the members of the Executive Committee 2008-2009 to the General Committee.

     (b) Sports Development Officer
        JG explained the role of Claire Cruikshank, the Sports Union’s Sports Development Officer, and
        encouraged all Clubs to approach her with their development ideas and ambitions, office hours
        being 9.30-5.30 most days.

     (c) Sports Fair
        JG reported that the fair went well although reminded those present that all equipment used
        should be packed away efficiently and on time.

     (d) Calendar and Deadlines
        JG reminded all present to adhere to the calendar and deadlines for the forthcoming year.

     (e) Workshops
        JG reminded all Clubs of the upcoming workshops for Club Captains/Presidents, Treasurers,
        Secretaries and Publicity Officers on Thursday 2nd October. JG also brought to the attention of the
        Committee the optional Development Workshop to be held on Wednesday 24 th September and
        encouraged attendance by Clubs.

     (f) Associate Fee
        JG indicated that whilst the topic of the increase in Associate Fees for 2008-2009 was one which
        may engage questioning and debate it was felt that the present meeting was not the time for this to
        take place with respect to the absence of the Director of Sport, Jim Aitken. JG did state however
        that whilst the increase may seem a significant percentage rise the actual new price for the services
        provided by the CSE is more than justified as, realistically, there can be little argument regarding
        the value for money for the use of the excellent facilities.

     (g) Kukri
        JG spoke of the current deal the Sports Union enjoys with official kit suppliers Kukri and
        encouraged all teams who have not signed up for leisurewear/kitwear provision by the
        manufacturers to contact himself. JG briefly explained the numerous benefits of the deal to Clubs
        and explained that subsidised deals from the Sports Union are available for those who haven’t
        enlisted the use of the suppliers to date.

     (h) Mood
        JG reminded the Committee of the sponsorship agreement with Mood nightclub and called all
        Clubs to publicise the launch night on Wednesday 24 th September to their members. Those present
        were reminded of the fundraising potential for this with respect to the fact that for every member
        of their Club attending, Mood will pay £1 back to the team.

     (i) Team Bursaries
        JG stated that more information regarding the team bursaries will be made available in the next
        couple of weeks.

     (j) President’s Dinner
          JG reminded members of that the President’s Dinner will take place on Wednesday 15th October at
          Teviot and that tickets are to be made available on a first come first served basis with a maximum
          of 2 per Club initially.

      (a) Sports Union Budget 2008 – 2009
          CM stated that the budget for 2008-2009 had been finalised.

      (b) Financial Deadlines
          CM asked all Clubs to remind their treasurers that all estimates must be in and finalised for Friday
          10 th October.

      (c) Treasurer’s Workshop
          CM reminded those present of the workshop on Thursday 2 nd October.

      (a) Ball
          LH announced that the Sports Union Ball will take place on Thursday 29 th January at Murrayfield

      (b) Child Protection Officers
          LH reminded all present that the Child Protection Officer forms must be completed and handed in
          to the Sports Union by Monday 6th October.

      (a) Alumni Association
          CH explained the goals of the Sports Union Alumni Association to the General Committee. The
          Association is to run alongside existing Club associations and aims to reunite graduates of the
          University and keep them updated with the latest news whilst acting as a means for fundraising
          through donations from such individuals. News on the launch night will be provided in the near
          future and a golfing event is also planned to take place in the late Spring of 2009.

                   i.     Membership Types
                        CH explained the 2 types of membership available to prospective graduates: 1) full
                        donation to the Sports Union Alumni Association; 2) 75% of donation to a specific
                        Club, 25% to Sports Union Alumni Association. The minimum donation is £3.

                  ii.     Advantages to Members
                            1.   All members will receive a bi-monthly newsletter updating them with all the
                                 latest news from the Sports Union’s Clubs.
                            2.   Members all have the potential to have a voice on the Alumni Association
                            3.   Viewing of competitive fixtures through live internet streaming.
                            4.   Discounts on all Sports Union and Club merchandise.
                            5.   Reduced rates of membership to the Centre for Sport & Exercise and its

      (b) Ex-Members Lists
          CH requested that all Clubs submit a list of contact details for ex-members to himself as soon as

       (a) Entries Progress
           RF reported that sign-up for the various intra-mural competitions took place on Friday 19th
           September. Whilst some leagues filled up very quickly there still remain places for:
                         1. Rugby
                         2. Wednesday and Sunday Football
                         3. Basketball
                         4. Squash

           RF encouraged all those interested to register at the Sports Union as soon as possible.

       (b) Social Events
           RF announced that it is hoped that a social calendar exclusive to intra-mural sport will be
           established this year and information on events and dates will be made known in the near future.

       (a) Club Administration
           JG reminded all Clubs to adhere to deadlines as stated in the calendar, in particular the Captains
           and Secretaries forms handed out during the introductory meetings held the previous week.

       (a) Photographers
           JP invited all Clubs to apply for event photographers via emailing himself as early as possible.

       (b) Website
           JP brought to the Committee’s attention the new and updated website and stated that all
           handbooks on the site are ready and available.

       (c) Hype/Student/Journal
           JP stated that from Week 3 the Sports Union will have a half-page supplement in the Student
           newspaper and assured the Committee that every effort will be made to gain exposure in other
           publications such as ‘Hype’ and ‘The Journal’.

       (d) Handbook
           JP encouraged m embers to provide their feedback on the new Sports Union handbook design this

       Due to no representative being present no CSE business was discussed.

15.    A.O.C.B
       JG concluded by stating that due to the nature of the first convening of the year being heavily based on
       administrative duties the meeting was not as ‘forum-like’ as is intended and assured members that
       future gatherings will allow for this to occur.

Meeting closed 18:05.

Next General Meeting: Lecture Theatre 175, Old College; Monday 13 th October 2008; 17:30hrs.

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