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62 Days at Sea (1 x 1 hr)                                                                 Factual - Adventure – Travel - HDV
Two men. One treacherous ocean… The Tasman Sea is one of the world’s deadliest and most treacherous oceans, spanning
2200 kilometres between Australia and New Zealand.
No one had ever successfully navigated the Tasman by kayak although many had tried - one with a tragic outcome.
This is the story of two young Australians, James Castrission and Justin Jones, who took on the Tasman and conquered it. In their
tiny kayak they battled ten metre towering waves, massive storms, sharks and currents that conspired against them.
After 62 days, 3318 kilometres and 1.7 million paddle strokes they finally reached the sands of New Zealand - and gained a place
in history.
A Quail TV Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

About (13 x ½ hr & 65 x 5-7 min Interstitials)                                      Entertainment – Youth – Lifestyle - Travel
This is all ABOUT the next generation "movers & shakers", and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious!
There is over a million Aussies living, working and playing overseas and these young people and their diverse careers and dreams
are the subject of ABOUT. There is a universal appeal to a young person taking up the big challenge and moving to the other
side of the world to take on a career and a personal challenge.
From Berlin to Benalla and New York to Nudgee ABOUT seeks out Australia's most innovative and creative up and
comers. Locations include Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo. Our hosts meet a wide range of careerists from pro
snowboarders, venture capitalists, performance artists and ballroom dancers.
Aspirational, fast paced and always fun ABOUT combines stunning international locations with young, funky individuals who live,
work and play outside the suburban square to create tomorrow’s world - today. Hosted by Sydney's "IT" girl Amy Erbacher,
Melbourne's hunky Marc Savoia and Australian Rugby player and "Bachelor of the Year" Craig Wing.
A Demon Angel Production in association with Foxtel Australia
Worldwide rights available with Verve

A Camel Odyssey (1 x 1hr or 1 x 90min)            Travel- Adventure - Popular Factual - Mens (all with a dramatic twist)
A dramatic travel story about seeking adventure and getting more than you bargained for.
Imagine trekking with rare two humped camels along the final chapter of the silk route, a 1500 km journey from the towering
heights of the Himalayas of Ladakh down into the sun struck deserts of Northern India and on to the famous Pushkar Camel Fair
in Rajasthan: a trek never done before with Bactrian camels. This would be the first time a two-humped camel has ever set foot
in Rajasthan!
We are five young men atop exotic camels, suddenly immersed in the beauty and madness of India. Gypsies, music, dancing,
campfires, sleeping under the stars. It all turns horribly wrong when two of our camels die and we are accused by the local
media of killing them… the story is run internationally by BBC World News Online.
Under the threat of police prosecution, animal cruelty charges and mob justice, we are forced into hiding on a secret farm. We
fear the worst. As we all grapple to make meaning out of the tragic deaths of our beloved camels, our friendships, moral values
and ethical responsibilities are put to the test.
Ignoring the advice of our embassies and under the threat of jail, we decide to complete the journey. Broken and disheveled,
we push on to the Camel Fair. When we arrive we are greeted with total delight and disbelief by the camel traders, the word
spreads and the crowd quickly becomes a mob. Turbans and dhotis, beedies and saris are everywhere. In the deafening roar of
the crowd, time slows down. We have made it, we have done what we set out to do, but at what cost? It is a bittersweet victory.
Sometimes you have to have your heart ripped out, just so you know it exists.
A KFI Production in association with SBS and Screen Australia
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Alone Across Australia…..– 1 x 1hr                                     Factual – Travel – Adventure – Environment - Mens
A story about a man who takes his dog for a walk.
Jon Muir is no stranger to extreme adventures. He has climbed Mt. Everest, walked both Poles, paddled alone across seas, but
this solo walk across Australia encountering four of the driest deserts in the world, was to be his toughest challenge to date. His
only equipment was two trekking poles and a home-made cart, His only companion his faithful and tenacious dog, Seraphine.
128 days and 2,500 kilometres later, on the point of starvation and exhaustion, Jon arrived in Burketown, becoming the first
person to walk solo and unassisted across the continent of Australia. A multi award winning film about Jon’s epic and spiritual
journey into the heart and soul of Australia
A Shark Island Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve
B430 (27 x ½ hours)                                                           NEW RELEASE - Travel – Adventure - Youth
B430 is a brand new thrill to watch series that propels you into a world
of once in a lifetime experiences - all the things you have to do before you
turn 30. Life is all about self discovery, sharing experiences, feeding your
passions, finding your way but more importantly, having a hell of a
good time doing it. This series takes you around the world in search of the
experiences and adventures young people seek out in this life stage.

Season 1 (10 x 1/2hrs)
In our first Season of B430 we tackle the Global Music Festivals. Our VJ’s travel
to the biggest music and festival destinations that need to be on your hit list
and B430 will show you the ropes on how to get the most from your journey.
Episodes Include: • Roskilde in Denmark • Sziget in Budapest • Ibiza Rocks • Austin City Limits in Texas • Falls Festival in Australia •
Scotland’s T In The Park • Benicassim Spain • Creamfields UK • NZ’s Big Day Out • Isle of Wight
Season 2 (9 x 1/2hrs)
Seeks out the ultimate adventure experiences everyone should try before
they turn 30. Join our VJ’s in this non-stop thrilling series as they take you to
nine incredible destinations, showing you how to get there, a city to visit,
cool music spots to hang at, and of course the adventure experience you
can’t afford not to do.
Episodes Include: • La Tomatina Festival in Spain • Extreme Sports in New Zealand • Mexican surfing safari • Australia’s Red
Centre • Oktoberfest – Munich • Full Moon Party in Thailand • Halloween Parade in NY • Whitsunday Island Diving •
Snowboarding in Japan
Season 3 (8 x 1/2hrs)
Why keep working in that dead end job?! B430 brings you the ultimate
guide to working holidays in the third season of the globe-trotting local
production. We’ll show you some of the coolest destinations on the planet
and give you the essential guide to your working holiday whilst there.
Format Rights also available
Episodes Include:• Deckhand in Hawaii • Ski Season in Canada • DJ in Miami • Surfing Instructor in France• Volunteer in Thailand
• Dive Instructor in Malaysia • Reef Working in
Cairns • Lifesaver in Bali
An XYZ Networks Production for Channel V
Worldwide rights available with Verve

China in a Box (over 500 clips)                                                         Culture – Travel – Factual - Interstitials
A compilation of pre-cleared stock footage clips at your fingertips.
China today is one of the world’s most dynamic economies and is experiencing profound social and cultural change. The Beijing
Olympic Games in August 2008 will focus the world’s media on a country that has evolved faster than our perceptions.
China In A Box is a compilation of stock footage clips covering all aspects of contemporary China, encompassing its geographic,
cultural and demographic richness with a focus on the topics most likely to be in the media spot-light
From World Stock Footage Worldwide rights available with Verve

Escape (11 x ½ hrs)                                                                                                          Travel
Travel to the most special places.. the places the locals know best.
When you travel would you like to feel like a local, rather than a tourist?
For those looking for unique and personal travel adventures, Escape presents an ‘Insiders Guide’ to international travel. A journey
through remarkable and premium destinations.
Enjoy an authentic travel experience, with a focus on local knowledge, food, wine and culture. ‘Those in the know’ share with us
the ‘hidden gems’ of their towns.
Escape is for those who know where they want to go, and are keen to know how to get the most out of their experience.
Travel to some of the world’s most interesting destinations and discover the unique holiday opportunities they offer.
     •     USA Vietnam
     •     India Japan
     •     Hawaii Hong Kong
     •     New Zealand Thailand
     •     Malaysia Bali
     •     China
Cultural experiences… Insider Tips
An Igloo Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve
Five Star Insider (10 x 1/2hrs)                                                                                     Travel – Lifestyle
Live the high life as a true five-star traveller.
How can a room possibly be worth $15,000 a night? How far can you push a private butler? Where does nine holes of golf set
you back $13,000?
Viewers will find the answers through freelance travel writer Angus Fontaine who takes his notebook and laptop to the 10 most
luxurious travel experiences on the planet.
“All of these episodes are devoted to once in a lifetime experiences,” says Angus. “I hope viewers get an insight into how .01
percent of the world lives and what outrageous things money can buy you.”
In experiencing the best of the best, Angus and his journalistic curiosity get the inside story on:
      •    Burj Al Arab Hotel- Dubai
      •    The Eastern and Oriental Express - Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia
      •    Seven Seas Voyager - Mediterranean cruise
      •    Luxury Tent Safari - Tanzania
      •    Ashford Castle - Ireland
      •    Oberoi Udaivilas - India
      •    Hayman Island - Australia
      •    Blanket Bay Lodge - New Zealand
      •    Mirvaval Health Spa - Arizona
      •    Silky Oaks Lodge - Australia
It’s all about once in a lifetime experiences and living the best of the very best.
A Landmark Television Production for Discovery Channel
Standard Television rights available with Verve

The Great Italian Café (6 x ½ hrs)                                                    Travel – Lifestyle - Culture – Food - HDV
A coffee lover’s celebration of the Great Italian Café.
There are so many wonderful things about Italy. The food, fashion, architecture, beautiful people and the fantastic cars, but for
many Italy is all about coffee and the cafés.Whether it’s cappuccino at breakfast or espresso in the afternoon, this mysterious
brew seems to somehow fuel Italian culture and drive the people that live there.
The Great Italian Café’s are treasures that allow us to experience the history, culture and style of the world’s coffee capital.
Enjoy an authentic travel experience as we journey through the best in café culture from Venice, Treviso, Milan, Turin and
Bologna celebrating the passion of the country’s aficionados, the regional variations in coffee culture and the role the Great
Italian Café has played in the development of Italy.
An Igloo production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Living Coffee – Series 1 (13 x ½ hr)                                                         Lifestyle – Culture – Travel - Food
The culture of coffee brings people together…
Join Paul Bassett, the world barista champion for an intimate insight into the international culture of coffee.
This entertaining and informative romp begins in Byron Bay Australia, in local coffee plantations where it all began for Paul. We
then travel with him to some of the very best cafés in the world, to reach the ultimate destination – the world barista
championship in Trieste Italy, where we experience first hand the glory of victory and the bitter taste of defeat on the biggest
stage in the world coffee arena.
The coffee industry is famous for many colorful and eccentric characters who are happy to share their passion for the bean with
us – including world famous trumpet player and coffee enthusiast James Morrison who turns coffee into music….
All coffee lovers understand the importance of getting the very best out of their favorite brew. Each episode offers informative
and easy tips to making great espresso at home, how to buy and store your coffee, texturing milk, making your favorite drinks –
right through to a series of creative signature beverages and the fusion of coffee and food.
Living Coffee: a passionate journey through contemporary coffee culture.
An Igloo production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Mixing with the Best (13 x ½ hr)                                                             Lifestyle – Culture – Travel - Food
Cocktail Culture…. The color, the passion, the music, the elegance
Life's like a cocktail it's all about getting the mix right. From the friends we have, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the
places we go and of course the cocktails we love to drink.
Join sultry, sexy, international barman, Manuel Terron on this world first journey through the sophisticated glamour of
contemporary cocktail culture. Look behind the scenes at the colorful personalities that run some of the world's best bars, the
underground subcultures that visit them and the interior designers that create the ambience and the DJ's that control the sound.
You'll learn top tips of throwing a great cocktail party and what it takes to mix a first class drink, just like the best of them.
Mixing with the Best: a vibrant journey that delivers cocktail cool to people around the globe.
An Igloo production
Worldwide rights available with Verve
My Beijing Birthday (1 x 1hr)                                                                          Culture – Factual – Travel
My Beijing Birthday takes a heart-felt and humorous look at the rapidly changing lives of a group of young Beijingers through the
eyes of an American, Howie Snyder.
The story shows us the group as 8 year olds in 1996 studying Chinese stand-up comedy with Howie and their teacher Mrs Ma. We
visit the group again in 2008 as they reflect on their lives and their new dreams for the future.
This generation of children, known as China’s new little emperors, is the first in the world to grow up without brothers and sisters.
They have grown up amid the most rapid economic growth the world has ever seen.
In My Beijing Birthday Howie breaks through language and cultural barriers to shows us how these children – and Beijingers in
general – are a lot like his native New Yorkers: rough on the outside, but tender on the inside.
A China In a Box Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Ningaloo Dreaming (1 x 1hr)                                                   Travel – Adventure – Culture – Factual – Mens
An epic journey, with an emphasis on discovery, Ningaloo Dreaming is an eco-adventure along Australia’s greatest inshore reef,
exploring a rarely seen pristine ecological treasure.
Paddling over 500 kilometers, Join our group of ocean kayakers as they travel the length of the spectacular Ningaloo Reef in
rugged north west Australia with its vast diversity of marine life, its jagged Cape Range and huge translucent surf.
Our participants are a highly accomplished group of athletes from around the world. Leading the way was Dean Gardiner, the
nine time winner of the world championship of ocean paddling, the Molokai Challenge. He was joined by the world body surfing
champion and television stuntman, Todd Sells from Hawaii, Daryl Bartho, a champion paddler and diver from South Africa,
AustrAlia’s greatest surf ironman, Trevor Hendy and former Australian Ironmen Greg Mickle and Brett Tyack
The reef is not only breathtakingly beautiful - it is of world ecological significance. A fringing reef 260 kilometers in length, it is
where the continental shelf comes closest to the Australian mainland – home to more than 500 species of fish and more than 260
types of coral. In this adventure of a lifetime, the group paddle close up with migrating humpback whales, surf previously
unridden waves, dive and fish for Yellow Fin Tuna and Spanish Mackerel in pristine waters and visit an abandoned whaling
station accompanied by one of the old whalers.
It is a journey of exploration, fortitude and marvel. Ningaloo dreaming is man and nature at one together
A Storyboard Production
Worldwide Rights available with Verve

Out And About (26 x ½ hrs)                                                   Entertainment – Youth - Lifestyle – Travel - Gay
World first lifestyle magazine program covering all things gay camp and queer. Within each episode OUT&ABOUT profiles one
international location with a focus on the fabulous people and places that make that city tick. The series veers between the
sexy, silly and serious, while always celebrating the positive and profound influence of gay culture on modern life.
With hosts based in London, LA and Sydney OUT&ABOUT covers the global gay scene. This fast paced, sexy series connects the
world’s most international alternative culture and you definitely don't have to be gay to enjoy OUT&ABOUT. Series #1 of
OUT&ABOUT visits diverse locations including Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, LA, London, New York, Miami, Mykonos, Sydney,
Melbourne, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Stockholm.
Compelling personality features are the heart of OUT&ABOUT, but cool hotels, hip bars and the latest trends are all part of the
series mix. Supported by cool graphics, funky editing and soundtracks to suit OUT&ABOUT is edgy, stylish and incredibly pink!
A DemonAngel Production in association with Foxtel Australia
Worldwide rights available with Verve

The Outdoor Room (10 Episodes: 1 x 1hrs and 9 x ½ hrs)                                           Travel – Lifestyle – Food - Hi Def
Jamie Durie (Oprah’s new favourite gardener!!) puts his horticultural and design expertise to good use as he travels the world in
search of ideas and inspiration for functional and stunning outdoor living.

    •    ITALY                                                •    FRANCE
    •    UK                                                   •    INDIA
    •    BALIA                                                •    JAPAN
    •    AFRICA                                               •    EGYPT
    •    MEXICO                                               •    THAILAND

Finding inspiration in the elaborate and resourceful gardens, unique landscapes, markets and culture of each exotic nation he
visits, Jamie returns home with a collection of bright ideas that he and his team use to transform a lucky garden into an ‘outdoor
room’ dramatically altering the lifestyle of it’s owners.
       •   Water features
       •   Secret Gardens
       •   Authentic cultural decorations
       •   Themed plants
       •   Garden Design
       •   Natural materials … and more
Touching, emotional and always with a special personal reason, Jamie surprises these lucky families with the gift of a themed
gardens created perfectly for them.
Adding to the warmth and good humour, each week celebrated including Luke Mangan, Tobie Puttock and Neil Perry also join
The Outdoor Room team capturing the flavour of Jamie’s destinations in their authentic national dishes for the celebration feast.
Jamie brings a world of ideas home creating Outdoor Rooms full of culture, texture, colour, warmth and lifestyle possibilities …
just for you!
A Co-Production between Seven Network and JPD Media
Worldwide rights available with Verve
Positive Footprints (6 x 1/2hrs)                                           Travel – Lifestyle – Culture – Factual – Adventure
Travel is always exciting, even more so when you have something to contribute. Positive Footprints focuses on the impact made
by travelers who choose to see more of the world by volunteering to work with less fortunate
communities on World Expeditions Community Projects. Trekking to some of the most remote villages and working under
challenging conditions to assist in building and vital community projects. Positive Footprints raises awareness for a type of travel
that is both fascinating and meaningful. Be rewarded with the sights you see, the people you meet and what you can
contribute to the communities you visit.
A World Nomads Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Robert Lovett: Artist & Traveller- India (1 x 1hr)                                                 Travel – Art – Culture - HDV
The colours of the Indian landscape seep onto his canvas
Have you ever watched an international artist paint The Taj Mahal?
See the beauty and colour of India as never before through the eyes of a great artist.
Robert Lovett, a painter for 57 years, seeks out the unusual, the spectacular and the colourful. Watch over his shoulder as he
paints. You will be entertained on a wonderful journey to ancient cities and forts and colourful festivals. An insight to the simple
way of life of the desert people of Rajasthan. Visit the tropical south of Kerala and experience the exotic Kathakali dancers as
Robert paints to the drum beats.
You will be enthralled to watch as he paints his stunning water colours, exposing the character of a diverse and colourful
A Lovett-art production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Robert Lovett: Artist & Traveller- China (1 x 1hr)                                                        Travel – Art – Culture
Travel with an artist.
See China through the eyes of Internationally acclaimed artist Robert Lovett.
Visit some of the most breathtaking scenery in China. From Shanghai travel
south and west. Watch as Robert paints the majestic and mysterious Yellow Mountains, shrouded in mist. Cruise down the most
beautiful river in China, Lijang River, as the sun rises and the towering peaks appear through the mist. Go fishing at night with
the cormorant fisherman, an ancient practice passed down through the centuries. Robert visits ancient water villages. He paints
the 500 year old houses, Old Shanghai and the spectacular rice terraces.
Meet the people at work and play, tai chi and swordplay. You will see China as never before, through the eyes of this gifted
A Lovett-art production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Strange Vehicle Games – 1 x 1hr                                                         Factual – Travel - Adventure - Mens
Full Metal Challenge, Scrapheap Challenge and Junkyard Wars; these tournament style games are the Olympics of automotive
engineering and mechanical combat. Teams from all over the world design and build monster machines capable of incredible
feats of endurance and speed as they must out-smart and out-maneuver their competition, all hungry for victory.
In August of 2002, Trevor, Steve and Kent decided to put their lawnmower sales and repair business on the world stage. They
formed a team, won New Zealand selection and traveled to England where they competed with 27 other international teams in
the Full Metal Challenge.
They had to build, in less than 30 days and with a budget of two thousand pounds, an all terrain vehicle. This documentary
follows Trevor and his team as they design and build their machine that they have successfully entered into the 2004 Strange
Vehicle Games in China.
We see these ultimate DIY’ers working late at night in their farm shed, sweating over the design and struggling to get parts. We
follow them to China where they have limited time, a tight budget and are up against some tough opponents. Is their ingenuity
all it’s cracked up to be?
       •    Houston International Film Festival 2006 - Silver Award 2006
A Top Shelf Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Surfari (10 x ½ hrs)                                                                   Travel – Adventure – Lifestyle – Culture
Your Passport to Paradise.
Surfari is the ultimate adventure - traveling to some of the most exotic and remote surfing locations in the world. If you arelooking
for the best waves on the planet, or seeking to take your board on a relaxing holiday experience, journey with the Surfari team
to experience the culture, lifestyle and the waves that the world’s best surfing destinations have to offer.
Each episode features a new destination and includes profiles of the best surfing locations and local highlights along with stories
on adventure activities and local culture. Some of the world’s best professional surfers add their unique perspective on the
locations and the lifestyle pleasures of traveling to some of the most unique destinations on the planet . In this series –
      •     Hawaii - The birthplace of surfing, home to the worlds most famous surf breaks and places like Waikiki, Pipeline, Waimea
            Bay and Sunset Beach.
      •     Fiji - Some of the most perfect waves in the world and the friendliest locals.
      •     Papua New Guinea - The new frontier – wild, untamed and remote.
      •     Tahiti - Home to the most narliest, meanest and heaviest waves in the world and picture postcard perfect all day
      •     Indonesia - Ride one of the best lefthanders in the world by day and sleep in trees to avoid being eaten by tigers at
      •     Samoa - Unlimited, uncrowded waves and unbelievable cultural experiences.
    •   New Zealand - Miles and miles of unspoilt coastline, black sandy beaches and volcanic backdrops.
    •   Australia - Margaret River – Western Australia - Cape to cape its one of the most rugged and exposed coastlines in the
        world – Raw beauty, offshore reef breaks and fine wines are what this region is all about.
     •  Australia - The South Coast of New South Wales - A complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the major cities like
        Sydney and Melbourne which are close by – A totally relaxed country feel with pristine bays teaming with marine life.
     •  Australia - Stradbroke Island Queensland - The 2nd largest sand island in Australia – Surf perfect waves in crystal clear
        water with Dolphins.
A Brand New Media Production for Nine Network Australia
Worldwide rights available with Verve

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