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                                            ENTERTAINMENT CATALOGUE…

About (13 x ½ hr & 65 x 5-7 min Interstitials)                                         Entertainment – Youth – Lifestyle - Travel
This is all ABOUT the next generation "movers & shakers", and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious!
There is over a million Aussies living, working and playing overseas and these young people and their diverse careers and dreams
are the subject of ABOUT. There is a universal appeal to a young person taking up the big challenge and moving to the other
side of the world to take on a career and a personal challenge.
From Berlin to Benalla and New York to Nudgee ABOUT seeks out Australia's most innovative and creative up and
comers. Locations include Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo. Our hosts meet a wide range of careerists from pro
snowboarders, venture capitalists, performance artists and ballroom dancers.
Aspirational, fast paced and always fun ABOUT combines stunning international locations with young, funky individuals who live,
work and play outside the suburban square to create tomorrow’s world - today. Hosted by Sydney's "IT" girl Amy Erbacher,
Melbourne's hunky Marc Savoia and Australian Rugby player and "Bachelor of the Year" Craig Wing.
A Demon Angel Production in association with Foxtel Australia
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Below the Belt – Cape Town (1 x 1 hr)                                                   Entertainment – Comedy – Travel - Gay
 Again we meet our beloved Baroness as she presents Cape Town with all its delights. A true international episode presents a
pilot for an entire international series.
The Baroness herself comments “Love me or Loathe me, the word indifferent will not enter your vocabulary”. The key to Below
the Belt is its irreverent attitude to its subject matter. It’s satirical, it’s funny, it’s outrageous and most of all damn entertaining –
Below the Belt is guaranteed to make for riveting viewing!
An Underdog Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Below The Belt – South Africa (13 x ½ hr)                                               Entertainment – Comedy – Travel - Gay
Hosted by the "world famous" Baroness Coral von Reefenhausen, Below the Belt is a cheeky show that takes an irreverent, fun,
and risqué look at sex, tourism and alternative culture in South Africa. As a veritable fish out of water our Baroness tackles
subjects including the singles scene, nudity, pornography, S&M, swinging, prostitution, gay nightlife, adult tourism and other
topics of interest ‘hidden’ in the underworlds and nightlife of greater Johannesburg and Cape Town. Its part chat, part expose
– made all the more unique by the very memorable Baroness. The media response to Below the Belt when it aired in 2003 on
SABC 3 (a high AB audience) was phenomenal… it was one of their highest rating shows ever…
An Underdog Production for SABC 3 South Africa
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Big Bite (13 x ½ hr)                                                                            Sketch Comedy - Entertainment
Big laughs and biting satire are on the menu as the Big Bite team lampoon film, TV shows, sport and more.
Don't miss funny new improvisation performances and terrific impersonations "The Extreme Darren", "Surprised Chef" and hilarious
spoofs like "Harry Potter and the Unbelievably Secret Chamber Of Secrets. .. also the birth place of Mr G – our favourite Drama
Teacher from Summer Heights High.
A Seven Network Production
Worldwide Rights available with Verve

Bruce Lee: The Path of the Dragon (1 x 1 hr)                                                               Entertainment - Culture
 Bruce Lee: The Path of the Dragon, narrated by Bruce Lee’s daughter, examines how one man changed martial arts forever.
With appearances by Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris, you will see how Bruce Lee influenced and set
the precedent for today’s action-heroes. Enjoy the rare out-take footage from his movies, and some of Bruce Lee’s private
tapes of his training at home – including his famous one-inch punch.
A J Page & Associates Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Bruce Lee: The Intercepting Fist (1 x 1 hr)                                                                Entertainment - Culture
Bruce Lee: The Intercepting Fist brings us the story of Bruce Lee’s life, particularly as it related to television and film. Featuring rare
footage of Bruce Lee’s training and teaching, never before seen extracts from his unfinished work and out-take footage, this film
offers unique insights into how one man’s spectacular talent broke racial barriers in Hollywood. Take a behind the scene looks at
Bruce Lee’s greatest movies.
A J Page & Associates Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (1 x 1 hr)                                                                        Entertainment - Culture
Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, narrated by Bruce Lee himself is an instructional guide to martial arts, this unique documentary
focuses on mastering techniques used in Bruce Lee’s movies and personal practice.
A J Page & Associates Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve
Cinematic Titanic (9 x 90min)                                                                              Comedy
Employing the comedy art form known as “Movie Riffing” created more than 20 years ago, Cinematic Titanic is a series of
hysterically funny feature-length comedy programs from the creator and original cast of the Peabody Award winning TV Series
Each episode features an entire wonderfully bad B-Movie from years past brought to comedic life with over 500 jokes provided
by the cast watching on screen in silhouette. This unique comedy program enables international buyers to licence in English or
easily replace the voice over with their own language version.
An APA Represented Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve excluding USA

Helicopter Rescue – Angels of Mercy (13 x ½ hrs)                                                        Factual - Entertainment
Dramatic, Breathtaking Real Rescues.
Angel 1 and Angel 2 are the helicopters that transport the everyday heroes of the busiest Rescue Helicopter Service in the
southern hemisphere. Ride alongside the helicopter crew, paramedics and medical specialists who day by day face the
elements and risk their own lives to save others. Experience a daring rescue as the crew from a ship that has run aground during
a fierce storm is plucked to safety. Feel the heartache and joy as babies and children are transported to receive urgent medical
treatment. Fly alongside the crew to breathtaking locations to winch injured bushwalkers in dense bush land, surfers and
fishermen on pristine beaches or workers who have suffered horrific injuries. These are the tasks that constantly face the
international award winning heroes as they fly from one lifesaving mission to another. Hold on to the adrenaline rush and be
amazed as to what lengths the crew will go to save a life.
A Wide Horizons Production
Worldwide rights with Verve

Hoon Capital 6 x ½ hrs                                                        Lifestyle – Entertaining - Mens
An analytical portrait of masculinity. Mount Panorama in Bathurst, Australia, hosts a world famous 3 day race weekend every
October. While the V8 cars race, some men behave badly… very very badly…
You are placed firmly in the passenger seat as we consider this very male space. Be taken on a shocking and sometimes
hilarious journey into a subculture vilified by the popular media as we watch bogans, hoons and blokes strap in for the short ride
of exhibitionism to impoundment.
A Fatal Impact Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Once In a Lifetime (12 x ½ hrs)                                                                 Fishing – Mens - Entertainment
This pristine fishery in the Seychelles is what most anglers dream about; join us as we follow a variety of anglers on what may be a
“Once in a Lifetime” opportunity
A group of professional and recreational fishermen explore and catch numerous predatory species on the flats along the
shoreline and by tender boat in the remote outer atolls of the Seychelles. The fishing is epic but you will also feel the tranquility and
soak up the sheer beauty of this untouched paradise.
Some of the rarest fish in the world are landed during the Fly fishing shows for instance the successful hook up and landing of the
illusive Milkfish by professional guide Paul Boyers on an algae fly designed by Arno Mathee, a veteran and pioneer in these parts.
History is made with the first ever footage filmed in the Seychelles of the successful targeting and landing of a Bump head Parrot
fish on fly. The fly fishing crew also hook into a myriad of other species such as Record Giant Travelly, Bonefish, Trigger Fish, Bohar
Snapper, Spangled Emperor, and Blue Fin Trevally.and in Manda Bay in Kenya where the pros demonstrate the art of hooking and
landing five Sailfish
The spin fishermen use tender boats use tender boats as a floating platform to hunt the fish. Record size Giant Travelly, Barracuda,
Green Job fish, Dog Tooth Tuna and Rockod attack the plugs with vigour. Excitement in paradise.
The entire series is shot from above and below the water which provides the viewer with the anglers and the fish’s perspective of
the fight.
6 x ½ hrs full of fly Fishing Action …..6 x ½ hrs with the Spinners… .12 x ½ hrs where our fishermen meet their match on the flats,
outer reef ledges and drops off’s.
Taking man and machine to the edge. This is fly and spin fishing at it’s very best
An Invisible Cactus Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Once In a Lifetime – Series 2 (12 x ½ hrs)                                                      Fishing – Mens – Entertainment
In Series 2 we return to the remote islands of the Seychelles for another dose of unbelievable fishing stories.
Sit back and enjoy. This is the type of fishing action that dreams are made of.
Spin fishing takes centre stage 10 full new show. The fishing is world class and with the introduction of vertical jigging, drop shots and
lighter tackle angling a slew of new species were caught such as Triggerfish, Emperor, Green Job fish, Coral / marbled Grouper and
Vertical jigging produced a number of record grouper and a Dogtooth Tuna, that if not eaten by a shark during the fight would have
broken the all tackle world record! Another first for the crew was the successful capture of a Sailfish on a plastic popper after numerous
Once again the Giant TREvally readily capsized spoons, plugs and flies with 3 record fish of over 150 pounds being successfully
captured on de-barbed hoks and then released.
This series present not only fishing at is absolute best, but also some exceptional comical moments with our anglers full of personality.
Spin Fishing episodes – 1-4, 6-9, 11-12 Fly Fishing episodes – 5 and 10
An Invisible Cactus Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve
Out And About (26 x ½ hrs)                                                        Entertainment – Youth - Lifestyle – Travel - Gay
World first lifestyle magazine program covering all things gay camp and queer. Within each episode OUT&ABOUT profiles one
international location with a focus on the fabulous people and places that make that city tick. The series veers between the
sexy, silly and serious, while always celebrating the positive and profound influence of gay culture on modern life.
With hosts based in London, LA and Sydney OUT&ABOUT covers the global gay scene. This fast paced, sexy series connects the
world’s most international alternative culture and you definitely don't have to be gay to enjoy OUT&ABOUT. Series #1 of
OUT&ABOUT visits diverse locations including Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, LA, London, New York, Miami, Mykonos, Sydney,
Melbourne, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Stockholm.
Compelling personality features are the heart of OUT&ABOUT, but cool hotels, hip bars and the latest trends are all part of the
series mix. Supported by cool graphics, funky editing and soundtracks to suit OUT&ABOUT is edgy, stylish and incredibly pink!
A DemonAngel Production in association with Foxtel Australia
Worldwide rights available with Verve

The Real Seachange – Series 1 & 2 (23 x ½ hrs)                                                    Reality – Lifestyle - Entertainment
Real people, real stories, real risks – The Ultimate Life Journey
The dream of escaping the daily grind of city living is a common fantasy for millions of people, yet the gamble can be enormous.
Is the challenge too much to bear?
Follow brave and inspiring sorts who decide to take the ultimate life journey and make a big significant change, in search of a
better, richer, life. They will quit their jobs, sell their houses and take the biggest risk of their lives. It’s the ultimate gamble, but will
it pay off? Some will fail, others will never look back at the profound transformation they chose for their new life. From fascinating
locations, you’ll fi nd out if a life change is really worth it. It’s make or break for the ‘Seachangers’ featured in this exciting
observational reality series.
See if they have what it takes to make a go of it in paradise. Are you inspired?
This is the Real Sea Change.
A Seven Network Australia Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Real Top Guns (6 x ½ hrs)                                                                            Reality – Entertainment – Mens
Hot young fighter pilots - the men and women who dare to reach for the sky-high title of ‘Top Gun’, flying some of the deadliest
fighter planes of today. REAL TOP GUNS takes us to the heights of action - amazing sequences with outrageously expensive
fighter planes dog-fighting above the Australian desert - in-cockpit action as pilots take themselves and their machines to the
limits – and more exhilarating combat flying footage than the movie itself. REAL TOP GUNS also promises the real life stories. We
go right behind the scenes delving into the characters personal stories - sharing their dreams and the dramas of the day. HIGH
A Quail TV Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Search for a Supermodel (13 x ½ hrs)                                                                           Entertainment – Reality
Becoming a supermodel is every teenagers dream, but the audition process is not for the faint hearted….In Australia’s Search for
a Supermodel thousands of hopeful young Australians head to the catwalk for the auditions… and this year is the first time Ford
Model’s has opened the search to include guys… The competition for a place is even more fierce! From thousands of hopefuls,
the judges select the top 25 to participate in a 2 week model camp. Tears and drama aplenty as dreams are shattered and
models told to pack their bags. Meanwhile be captivated by the ego, attitude, tears, confidence, competition and romance
from the winning camp. Tears, tantrums, name-calling, accusation, insults, and ambulances – it has it all and it is amazing
A Cornerbox Production for Network Ten Australia
Worldwide rights available with Verve

Stand Up at Candor (38 x ½ hrs)                                                                                Comedy – Hi Definition
Featuring the finest hand-picked comedians live and in Hi Def, Stand Up at Candor showcases the best of both rising and
headlining stars - including Jay Malone, Arif Shaffir, and Jason Rouse. A wide array of comedy stretching from clean humour to
jokes that would make a prisoner blush. Performed before a live audience in our private theatre in West Hollywood, we have
provided an intimate atmosphere enabling us to capture some of the best performances of our comedians’ careers. This is
hands down the best stand up show you can’t buy a ticket for.

o Bret Ernst                       o Adam Hunter                      o Brent Morin                       o Lou Santini
o Jay Flats                        o Moshe Kasher                     o Ben Morrison                      o Ari Shaffir
o Matt Fulchiron                   o Lous Katz                        o J. Chris Newberg                  o Kevin Shea
o Stephen Glickman                 o Jen Kirkman                      o Lachlan Patterson                 o Ryan Sickler
o Shawn Halpin                     o Ben Kronberg                     o Adam Ray                          o Steve Trevino
o Steve Hofstetter                 o Jay Malone                       o Brett Riley                       o SamTripoli
o Corey Holcomb                    o Dylan Mandlsohn                  o Jason Rouse                       o The Greg Wilson

Worldwide rights - excl USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, CIS – with Verve
Style VIP (26 x ½ hrs)                                                                               Entertainment - Lifestyle
STYLE VIP is a half-hour series that profiles purveyors of style and takes a peek behind the perfectly coordinated veneer of a
celebrity. Each episode of STYLE VIP profiles two celebrity stylists and gets the inside story on how they do what they do and who
they do it for. Using exclusive interviews and backstage access we take you to the hottest locations and get the stylists to show
you how it is done. Hosted by gorgeous Traci Melchor, the series combines fascinating behind the scenes footage of stylists at
work with a little bit of old fashioned glamour.
An Up-Front Production
Worldwide rights available with Verve

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson (over 300 x ½ hrs)                                          Comedy - Entertainment
                                   APA and Verve Entertainment are delighted to present to you –
                                                   on behalf of Carson Entertainment
                                       the incredible opportunity to be part of Television History
                      A re-edited collection – BEST OF COLLECTION – THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON
                                            NBC’s late night leader for 30 years 1962 – 1992
              Over 20 years of footage, 4000 shows available – re-edited to a collection of the Best of The Tonight Show
                First time ever NBC’s late night leader for 30 years has ever been offered to the international market
It all began on October 1st, 1962. That night, Johnny Carson started his reign as the King of the Monologue and Late Night TV.
America's classy comedian turned writer turned talk-show host launched his career and the beginning of many others when he
became host of NBC's The Tonight Show.
The night of his premiere comic legend Groucho Marx visited Mr. Carson. In fact, he introduced him.
Five nights a week for 30 years, Carson made us laugh, sometimes, many times, hysterically.
From 1962 to 1992, Carson created his legacy with the show's announcer, Ed McMahon. Together, they defined the late-night
talk-show format
Many of the funniest moments in American television history took place on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
Launching the careers of fellow comedians Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Robin Williams through to Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld,
Carson put the spotlight on more than 24,000 guests over 4000 shows.
From Judy Garland to John Wayne, Fred Astaire to Tom Cruise, John Lennon to Liberace. Magic Johnson to Presidents, First
Ladies. Johnny Carson interviewed them all.
Finally, in May 1992 Carson's teary final episode was taped in Burbank, California.
Forty million people tuned in to say goodbye that night. On that night, Johnny said:
“I am one of the lucky people in the world. I found something that I always wanted to do and I have enjoyed every single
minute of it.
A legend and a Gentleman. Johnny Carson had it all…. a little bit of devil, a whole lot of angel, wit, charm, good looks, superb
timing and great, great class.
Worldwide rights - excl USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, CIS – with Verve

Tribal Wedding (1 x 1hr)                                                                        Reality - Entertainment – HD
When Larry met Mary they didn't plan on this…
A fiery volcano on a lush jungle island in the Pacific stole their hearts.. as did the local tribe who adopted them. Now Larry and
Mary are getting married … Tribal style.
There's no cake, no guest list, no seating plan. But a wedding's a wedding and this one has its fights and tears and catastrophes.
Larry has to catch two pigs and a bullock for the bride-price and Mary has to go topless. It seemed like a good idea at the
A Quail TV Production
Worldwide Rights Available with Verve

The Wedge (52 x 1/2 hrs)                                                                           Comedy – Entertainment
A new era in Australian sketch comedy - An incisive and hilarious observation on suburban life
Welcome to Wedgedale.. the mythical suburban paradise our characters call home.
A suburb like no other where you will meet:
•   Mark Wary & Jerry – The apologising sportsman and his long suffering manager return with even more outrageous antics.
    Can Jerry keep Mark out of jail?
•   Lucy Webster – The cyber-stalking schoolgirl provides us with an ever-expanding collection of tips about life and how to live
•   Sandra Sultry – Wedgedale's highly sexed newsreader comes out from behind the desk and does some of her best work late
    at night.
•   Art Cooney – The New Age school teacher continues his endless pursuit of lurve, political correctness and the future of our
•   Sherine and Leanne – The Pokie Chicks ditch the kids and discover that there's more than one way to spend the rent money.
•   Christopher Walken – Wedgedale's visiting international actor finds himself in situations that Hollywood never intended.
•   Constable Peaks and Sgt Spanky – Meet Wedgedale's charming new constable, Constable Peaks. She's as sympathetic as
    a cop can be... but her ever present partner Sgt. Spanky is the rogue cop from hell.
•   Ernie Bird – Ernie Bird is the passionate but somewhat deluded coach of the Wedgedale Hopping Mice, the local Under 11
    team. He takes his role as seriously as if he were in the AFL, but his players and parents can't take Ernie so seriously.
•   Sexpot Granny – The decrepit granny may have all the physical signs of aging but that doesn't stop her from providing
    outrageously descriptive suggestions about her sexual prowess, no matter who is around to hear them.
•   Grid Girls – Two brainiac women trapped in the persona and bodies of sexy grid girls.
•   Helpful Hailey – Hailey is that seriously weird girl that you find in every office, always eager to please but disturbing in her
    ability to make those around her feel uncomfortable.
•   Father Inappropriate – A highly irreverent reverend, Father Inappropriate manages to offend his parishioners with highly
    inappropriate suggestions.
•   Embarrassing Mum – The mum that every kid dreads... indiscreet and determined to make her kids blush with horror every
    time she opens her mouth.
•   Lucky – Lucky is the local busy body who makes it his business to know far too much about everyone else's personal lives
    and is happy to reveal all his gossip at the most embarrassing moments.
•   Noel – Noel is a business consultant and all round nice guy. Wheelchair bound he may be, but he certainly won't accept
    any special treatment.
•   Tattoo Artist – Meet Wedgedale's worst tattoo artist... distracted, discourteous and worst of all... dyslexic.
•   Bobby De Niro – De Niro gives his unique interpretation of famous bedtime stories with twists that will give the kiddies
•   Wedgedale Bank / WedgeAir – Wedgedale's ever smiling bank staff provide a vicious pastiche of the highly recognisable
    'we are happy to help you' bank adverts.
A Cornerbox Production for Network Ten Australia
Rights excluding major Europe available with Verve

World Cup Comedy (26 x 1hrs or 52 x ½ hrs)                                                      Comedy - Entertainment
Exciting, hilariously funny & completely unique – World Cup Comedy takes improvisation comedy to new heights. An improv
comedy competition/game show spectacular! Two teams of 3 compete to create 2 mins scenes based on unscripted real life
scenarios. The scenes are all performed in a specific ‘style’ of genre, played out on a revolving stage of various sets. The
potential is endless – and so are the laughs! The results are hysterical mini-movies, mini TV-Shows and mini-musicals created
entirely live before your eyes in one take. World Cup Comedy takes it to a new level – not only are the performances all
improvised – so are all the production elements!
Executive Produced by multiple EMMY award winner Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), Grammnet Productions & Nelson Page
Entertainment for the PAX network.
Worldwide rights - excl USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, CIS – with Verve

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