Le 28 Juillet La Liberté guidant le peuple

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					Dossier #4

M. Patrick Kinne
28 Juillet : La Liberté guidant le

     • Artiste: Eugène Delacroix
            • 1830, Paris
         • L’huile sur toile

       • De l’école romantique
• It’s “Romantic” characteristics include:
   –   Expression of strong emotion
   –   Emphasis on women and children
   –   Nature is wild and untamed
   –   Emphasis on nationalism
• The painting represents the culture in which it was
  created by:
   – Illustrating the turbulence of within France as it was
     finding itself after the French Revolution of 1789.
   – Depicting the joining of different social classes united
     as one behind the figure of Liberty.
   – Celebrating the ideals of Romanticism
         Rationale For Saving
• This painting is a national treasure. It is a
  reminder of what happens when power is
  neglected or abused. It represents the hope of
  each person that Liberty is attainable for all. It’s
  composition is dark and dirty, reminding us of
  where we’ve come from while also being bold
  enough to call us to not return there. For this
  reason, Liberté Guidant le Peuple must be saved
  for future generations.