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					                                              Internet Job Searching
                    Buzzword of the 90’s: The
                    Internet                        Navigating with Netscape
                    Internet experience is          There are three different ways to access Web
                    becoming viewed as              pages:
                    standard knowledge for             1. click on highlighted text of pictures and
                    college graduates. The                 be automatically transferred to that
                    Internet is a global network           page;
                    of computer which allows           2. enter an “address” of a Web page
users to communicate information to one                    (under Open);
another. It also can be a valuable resource            3. use an existing “bookmark” to take you
when used as a job search tool.                            directly to a site.

No matter what your career aspirations might        Netscape Logo: displays shooting stars as a
be there is something for everyone on the           connection is made and information is
Internet. Whether you are interested in             transferred.
graduate or professional school, full-time or       Progress Bar, at bottom right of screen:
part-time employment, internships, company          displays the % of document layout being
profiles, summer jobs, or need assistance with      loaded.
relocating, the Internet can help you. In order     Stop: to halt any page transfer in progress,
to make this a marketable skill, you might          click here.
consider adding your e-mail address to your         Back/Forward/Home: will move you back to
resume and taking a seminar on using the            previous page, to next page or to Hope’s home
Internet or World Wide Web (WWW).                   page.
                                                    Go: Netscape maintains a history or pages
This handout outlines the basics of an Internet     visited (since current log-on) and lists them in
career search, and will list a sampling of useful   “Go” menu.
sites. If you need more specific sites, trying
using some of the search engines listed.            Searching
Remember, the Internet is not a replacement         For assistance: in finding a particular area or
for the more effective job search strategies such   subject on the Web, select either “Internet
as networking or direct contact. However, it        Search” or “Internet Directory” from the
can give you an edge in uncovering more leads       Directory menu or use any other “search
and information about employers in this             engine”.
competitive job market.                             Search: enter any relevant word or phrase.
                                                    Directory: presents a list of areas (ie. Art,
What is the World Wide Web?                         literature, etc._ where more information can be
The WWW is just one part of the electronic          obtained.
information exchange known as the Internet. It      Printing: for hard copies, click Print button.
is called the Web because of its structure. The     Quit: End session by selecting Quit for File
information is not laid out in neat outline with    menu.
a beginning and an end. You can “link” to
related information in many directions.             Bookmarks
                                                    A bookmark provides fast and easy access to
How do I get to the WWW?                            favorite Web Pages. While perusing pages,
You need a computer, a piece of software            you may select Add Bookmark from the
known as a browser, and appropriate wiring.         Bookmarks menu and the title and location
will be stored for you. Selecting the title from   America Net
the menu will bring that page directly to your
screen. You can modify/arrange bookmarks           Career Magazine
from the menu item View Bookmarks.        
                                                   Career Mosaic
Web Addresses (URL’s)                     
Every page on the Web has a unique address,        Career Resource Center
known as a URL – Uniform Resource Locator.
If you do not know the URL, you can click on       *Career Path
highlighted text to get there. If you know the
address for a Web page:                            *Career Resource Home Page
    1. From the File menu, select Open    
       Location.                                   Career Web
    2. Type the address and click the Open
       button.                                     *Catapult
                                                   EPage Internet Classifieds
                                                   E-Span: Interactive Employment Network (IEN)
                                                   Help Wanted
Sample Web Sites                                   Investors Edge
(Those with an asterisk are especially helpful.
This is by no means an exclusive list.)            *Job Center
General Search Engines                             Job Trak
Yahoo                                                             *Job Web
Web Crawler                                                  Monster Board
Alta Vista                                                    Nation Job
Info Seek                                                *On-Line Career Center
Assessment                                         Student Center
Kiersey Temperament Test Results          
Occupational Index by Name       Employer Research
ures/                                              Career Fairs I
                                                   Company Profiles
Job Search Websites                       
America’s Job Bank                                 Employer Directory                   
Margaret Riley’s Resources                 Peterson’s Education Center           

Graduate and Professional School Search    Engineering & Computer Science
Kaplan                                     Computer: Software/Systems Job Page            

Web Sites by Career Field                  Environment
Arts and Arts Administration               Environmental Careers Organization
American Council for the Arts              Outdoorenvironmental Career Guide
Art Source                       `rcurtis/careeroe.html   Finance
me.html                                    Stock Master
American Institute of Architects  
World Wide Art Resources                   Government & Public Policy                          Monday Lobby Group
Business                                   Fed World
Biz Web                           
Job Trak                                   Health & Human Services                    HospitalityNet
Training and Development                      Club Med
Communications & Media                     MedSearch
Electronic Newsstand Homage       
                                           Guide to Working Overseas

Consulting                                 Asia
American Management Systems                Asia Career Web            
Andersen Consulting                        Asia-Net          
Education                                  Australian Employment Opportunities
Chronicle of Higher Education     
Education Jobs Page                        Europe        European Job Links
Russian and Easter European Opportunities`reeiweb/indemp.html

North America                                     Capsnet
Canadian Workweb                                  Cooperative Education and Internships                             Email: LISTSERV@UAIVM.UA.EDU

Law                                               CDC Internet Job Search Book;
Law Employment Center                             Using the Internet in Your Job Search                           The On-Line Job Search Companion
                                                  Hook Up, Get Hired!
Research and Sciences                             Electronic Job Search Revolution
American Institute of Physics                     Gale Guide to Internet
Physics Around the World: Jobs, Postdocs &
 Summer                                                   For more information, contact:
                                                               Fort Lewis College
                                                              Career Services Office
Sports & Recreation                                              1000 Rim Drive
Cool Works                                                     Durango, CO 81301
On-Line Sports Career Center                                  Phone: (970) 247-7562                     FAX: (970) 247-7653
Web Sites by Geography
Boston Job Bank
City Net
New York State Department of Labor

Relocation Services
Relocation Salary Calculator

What are Internet Discussion Groups?
Internet discussion groups are chat/news
sessions focusing on a particular topic. You
can get on these lists by sending e-mail to the
following addresses:

Career Development Network

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