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					                        TACOMA SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 10
                                        Submit To:

                                    Purchasing Department
                                   3321 South Union Avenue
                                  Tacoma, Washington 98409

BID NO.     B80018DW                                    DATE      June 19, 2008

PROJECT TITLE      Video Surveillance System Installation and Maintenance

PROJECT LOCATION                      Various Locations

PROJECT COORDINATOR             Ken Wilson                (PHONE) 253-571-3318

Sealed bids to be received by the Purchasing Manager, Tacoma School District No. 10,
Purchasing Department, at 3321 South Union Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98409, until 2:00, July 7,

Contractor’s State of
Washington Registration No.

Contractor’s Federal I.D. No.

Bid                                   Address

City                                         State                      Zip

Phone                           Fax                       Email

Signature                                            Printed
                                                                                                  Page 2
                                   TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.   SCOPE: Before submitting a proposal, all bids shall carefully examine the scope of work,
     visit the site of the work and/or inform themselves of existing conditions.

2.   Buyer Information: Crystal Dillinger,, phone 253-571-3383, fax 253-

3.   DURATION of CONTRACT: The contract terms shall begin July 10, 2008 and end on July 9,
     2009. Unless either party indicates its desire to terminate this agreement by May 15, 2009, this
     contract will be renewed automatically on the same terms, conditions, and prices (adjusted as
     indicated on page 15) for a term beginning July 10, 2009 and continuing until July 9, 2010 .
     Thereafter, if neither party indicates its desire to terminate the contract by May 15, 2010 , this
     contract will be renewed automatically on the same terms, conditions, and prices (adjusted as
     indicated on page 15) for a term beginning July 10, 2010 and continuing until July 9, 2011 .
     This contract may be extended for up to two more years.

4.   BILLING: Payment will be made from vendor's original invoice. Invoice is to be submitted in
     duplicate. Purchase order number must appear on the invoice. Itemization must show quantity,
     unit, name of article or description, price and total as is on quotation. All change order pricing
     must be invoiced on separate lines.

     Payments will not be released until small works documentation is in the Purchasing Department.

     All items bids must be appropriately identified with unit and total price indicated.

5.   COORDINATION OF WORK WITH THE DISTRICT: Work is to be coordinated with the
     (District, school, or department) to assure a minimum disturbance of classroom instruction.

     Contact       Ken Wilson                                  Phone#       253-571-3318

6.   PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNT: Prompt payment discount allowing a minimum of twenty (20)
     days for payment will be considered in determining the lowest bid.

7.   INTERPRETATION OF CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: If any bid is in doubt as to the true
     meaning of the plans, specifications or other contract documents, the bid shall submit a written
     request for interpretation thereof to the Purchasing Manager. Any request for interpretation will be
     submitted no later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the time scheduled for bid opening.
     Interpretation(s) will be made only by addendum duly issued, and a copy of each addendum will
     be mailed or delivered to each person receiving a set of bid documents. Tacoma School District
     No. 10 will not be responsible for any interpretation or explanation of documents not covered by
     issued addendum.

8.   BIDS FORMAT: Bids must include the information requested on the front page of this document
     and the Bid Sheet at the end of this document.
      RIGHTS RESERVED by the BOARD of DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors reserves the
      right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities or irregularities if the best interest of the

                                                                                                  Page 3
      District will be served thereby.

9.    TAXES: The School District is exempt from certain Federal Taxes, and exemption certificates
      will be furnished. Bids shall not include state sales tax.

10.   BID FORM: Only bids made on this form will be considered. Details of scope of work will be
      submitted with quotation form.

11.   SIGNATURE: The bid must be signed in the name of the bid and must bear the signature in long
      hand of the person or persons duly authorized as a representative to sign the bid.

12.   CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Reference Tacoma School District Board Policies 6210 and 5251,
      Regulation 6210R and 5251R. Copies of these policies and regulations may be obtained from
      the Purchasing Department upon request.

13.   ACCEPTABILITY: The District reserves the right to be the sole judge of acceptability.

      accomplished by Contractors and Short Term Workers, (e.g., telephone, utility exterminator, etc.)
      And sub or general contractors in a building owned or leased by this School District should be
      forewarned that the possibility exists that Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM’s) may
      have been used in the construction of these facilities.

      Any pertinent information concerning this is documented in the District=s Asbestos Management
      Plan, which is located in each facilities office.

      Please refer to this Plan when working in any of the District’s facilities. If there are any questions
      about the documented information, please contact the designated person identified in the
      Asbestos Management Plan.

15.   WARRANTY: All equipment is to include manufacturer’s warranty. Bid must state what the
      warranty consists of or attach a copy of the warranty to the bid.

16.   PERFORMANCE BOND: The successful bid will be required to furnish a performance bond by a
      surety company acceptable to the District in the full amount of the contract plus sales tax if over

17.   MAXIMUM DOLLAR AMOUNT: This quotation is estimated to be under $200,000. State law
      requires that school boards must call for formal bids if a public works project cost exceeds
      $200,000. If your quotation would exceed $200,000, simply indicate this fact and return the form
      without revealing your actual price. If no quotation under $200,000 is received, all quotations will
      be rejected.

18.   FELONS PROHIBITED: The School District prohibits any employee of the contractor from
      working at a public school who has contact with children at the school during the course of his or
      her employment and who has pled guilty to or been convicted of any felony relating to children.

                                                                                                      Page 4

19.   CONTRACTOR’S LIABILITY INSURANCE: The Contractor shall purchase and maintain liability
      insurance to protect the Contractor, the Contractor=s subcontractors, and the Owner from claims
      for bodily injury, death or property damage which may arise from operations under this contract.
      The Contractor shall provide proof that the required insurance has been obtained and the
      certificate of insurance or the certified copy of the insurance policy has been filed with the Owner.
      Each insurance policy shall have a clause providing that it shall not be canceled by the insurance
      company without twenty (20) days written notice to the Owner of intention to cancel. The amount of
      such insurance shall be no less than the following:

               Limits of liability for comprehensive general liability and automobile liability insurance
                                        shall be no less than the following:

                                Combines Single Limit - $1,000,000.00

20.   INDEMNITY: The Contractor shall indemnify and save harmless the Owner from and against all
      losses and all claims, demands, payments, suits, actions, recoveries and judgments of every
      nature and description brought or recovered against the Contractor by reason of any omission or
      act of the Contractor, the Contractor=s agents or employees in the execution of the work or in the
      guarding of it. The Contractor shall name the Tacoma School District No. 10 an additional insured
      and shall maintain and pay the premiums for such insurance in such amount and with such
      provisions as will protect the Owner from contingent liability under this contract and the certificate
      of insurance or the certified copy of the insurance policy shall be delivered to the Owner.


      A.      SMALL WORKS UNDER $2500: Prior to commencing work, the awarded Contractor will
              file a sworn Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages and Affidavit of Wages Paid with
              the District Purchasing Office (Fax 253-571-3388). Signature from the state will not be
              required on the form for these jobs. The District will provide the form with the purchase

      B.       SMALL WORKS OVER $2500: Prior to commencing work, the awarded Contractor will
           file a sworn Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages (State Form LI-700-29) with the
           District Purchasing Office (Fax 253-571-3388). At the conclusion of the project, the

          Contractor shall submit Final Affidavits of Wages Paid (State Form LI-700-7) to the
       Department of Labor and Industries, Employment Standards Division, General

              Administration Building, Olympia, Washington 98504, for certification by the Director. A
              copy of this signed form will be filed with the District Purchasing Office prior to
              final payment. Five percent (5%) of all invoices will be retained until receipt of this
       C.      The prime Contractor shall see to it that all copies of Statements of Intent to Pay Prevailing
               Wages clearly show the address and telephone number of the Industrial Statistician, and
               are posted on the job site readily visible to all workers.

       D.      Each claim submitted by a Contractor for a payment on a project estimate shall state
            that prevailing wages have been paid in accordance with the pre-filed state of

                                                                                                      Page 5

                Statements of intent on file with the Department of Labor and Industries as approved by
            the Industrial Statistician.

NOTE:        Contractors are advised to include in their bid sums sufficient to cover the cost of the fees
charged by the Department of Labor and Industries for filing and processing of each Statement of Intent
to Pay Prevailing Wages and also for each Final Affidavit of Wages paid. This fee is to be paid by the
Contractor at the time these forms are presented to the Industrial Statistician for approval.

                                PREVAILING WAGE RATES ENCLOSED
                                                 Tacoma Public Schools

                                                REQUEST FOR BIDS


The Tacoma Public Schools (District) wishes to enter into a pricing agreement for the above products and services.
The request will include the provision of parts, supplies, and labor to complete video surveillance system installations as
requested by the District by individual purchase order.

In addition, the District wishes to enter into a pricing agreement for repair service labor, with parts and supplies being
priced as in the following schedules.

The District would develop systems in selected school and partial updates of existing schools to comply with the
following standards:

 That systems would be hard-wired to the extent possible via CAT-5 bundle to a central surveillance point within
  each school;

 That each central surveillance point would have either a District-provided or vendor-supplied workstation to output
  the camera data feeds to terminal storage device(s) and/or web-based access. The provider of the above would be
  at District discretion;

 That each workstation would be provided On-Net Surveillance Systems Incorporated software to enable web
  browser viewing of content and District-selected package functionality; and

 That each installation of an operating system would incur two hours of training time for staff and administrators to
  learn the functions of the system based upon the specified labor scales following.

Pricing. This is in addition to Prevailing Wage adjustments instructions when required within this RFQ. The Buyer may
exempt these requirements for extraordinary conditions that could not have been known by either party at the time of
bid or for other circumstances beyond the control of both parties, as determined in the opinion of the Buyer. .

Discount below Manufacturer List Pricing: For all contract items that are priced as a discount below Manufacturer List
prices, there shall be not changes to the discount rate throughout the life of the contract including all extensions. As
manufacturer list prices change, the net cost to the District will automatically change.

One-time Purchase Order Prices: If the Bid is for a one-time purchase, pricing shall be firm and fixed for that purchase,
and shall not be subject to requests for price increases by the Vendor.
Fixed Offer and Hourly Rates: For contracts where supply is for on-going, multiple year supply, and for hourly rates.
Requests for pricing or rate increases shall be considered only immediately prior to a contract anniversary period, as
follows: Pricing shall be fixed and firm for the first two years of the contract. Forty-five days prior to the two-year
anniversary, the Contractor may submit a written request for a price increase to the Buyer. Thereafter, written request
for price increases shall only be considered when provided at least 45-days prior to the contract anniversary date, and
shall take effect on the contract anniversary date.

Such requests shall demonstrate the following:
 Price request shall be no greater than the total of changes to the CPI Index for Pierce County or other pricing index
  appropriate to the particular product herein;
 Not produce a higher profit margin than that on the original contract;
 Clearly identify the items impacted by the increase;
 Be accompanied by documentation acceptable to the Buyer sufficient to warrant the increase;
 And remain firm for a minimum of 365 days.

The request shall be considered by the Buyer and may be accepted or rejected. Failure to submit a price request at
least 45-days prior to the contract anniversary date, shall result in a continuation of all existing pricing on the contract
until the next contract anniversary date. The decision to accept any price increase will be at the sole discretion of the

Cost Reductions. During the term of this Contract, any price decrease the Contractor receives from its suppliers shall
be reflected in a reduction of the prices in this Contract and effective as of the date of the supplier’s decrease. In the
event during the term of this Contract, the Contractor enters into lower pricing agreements with a customer with similar
usage quantities, the Contractor shall promptly notify the District and offer such lower pricing to the District. The
District will not be bound by prices contained in an invoice that are higher than those in the contract. Unless the higher
price has been accepted by the District and the contract amended, the invoice may be rejected and returned to the
Contractor for corrections.

Travel and Direct Charges. If the specifications and scope of work for this purchase have specifically identified travel
and/or direct costs that the District intends to reimburse, then the following requirements shall apply. All such expenses
must be pre-approved in writing by the Project Manager. If the specifications and scope of work do not clearly identify
such costs for compensation, then no compensation will be given.

The District will reimburse the Contractor at actual cost for expenditures that are pre-approved by the District in writing
and are necessary and directly applicable to the work required by this Contract provided that similar direct project
costs related to the contracts of other clients are consistently accounted for in a like manner. Such direct project costs
may not be charged as part of overhead expenses. Direct charges may include, but are not limited to the following
items: travel, printing, long distance telephone, supplies, computer charges, and fees of subconsultants or

The billing for direct expenses specifically identifiable with this project shall be an itemized listing of the charges
supported by copies of the original bills, invoices, expense accounts, subconsultant/subcontractor paid invoices, and
other supporting documents used by the Contractor to generate invoice(s) to the District. The original supporting
documents shall be available to the District for inspection upon request. All charges must be necessary for the services
provided under this Contract.
The District will reimburse the actual cost for travel expenses incurred as evidenced by copies of receipts supporting
such travel expenses, and in accordance with the Tacoma Public Schools Travel Policy, details of which can be
provided upon request.

Airfare: Airfare will be reimbursed at the actual cost of the airline ticket. The District will reimburse for Economy or
Coach fare only. Receipts detailing each airfare are required.

Meals: Meals will be reimbursed at the Federal Per Diem daily rate for the District in which the work is performed and
do not require receipts or additional documentation. The District will not reimburse for alcohol at any time.

Lodging: Lodging will be reimbursed at actual cost incurred up to a maximum of the published Runzheimer Cost Index
for the city in which the work was performed. Receipts detailing each day / night lodging are required. The District will
reimburse at the single occupancy rate. As an alternative, lodging billed at the published Federal Per Diem daily rate for
the city in which the work is performed does not require receipts or additional documentation. In this case, the invoice
needs to state that "the lodging is being billed at the Federal Per Diem daily rate."

Vehicle mileage: Vehicle mileage will be reimbursed at the Federal Internal Revenue Service Standard Business
Mileage Rate in affect at the time the mileage expense is incurred (currently that rate is 48.5 cents per mile.)

Rental Car: Rental car expenses will be reimbursed at the actual cost of the rental. Rental car receipts are required for
all rental car expenses (the District will only pay for the rental of "Compact" vehicles unless three or more persons are
sharing one vehicle in which case a "Mid-sized" vehicle rental is acceptable).

Miscellaneous Travel (e.g. parking, gas, taxi, shuttle, tolls, ferry fees, etc.): Miscellaneous travel expenses will be
reimbursed at the actual cost incurred. Receipts are required for each expense of $10.00 or more.

Miscellaneous other business expenses (e.g. printing, photo development, binding): Other miscellaneous business
expenses will be reimbursed at the actual cost incurred. Receipts are required for all miscellaneous expenses that are

Subcontractor: Subcontractor expenses will be reimbursed at the actual cost incurred. Copies of all subcontractor
invoices that are rebilled to the District are required.

Delivery. Except when instructed otherwise, delivery must be made during normal work hours within the timeframes
proposed by Contractor herein and accepted by the District. Failure to comply may subject Contractor to non-delivery
assessment charges and/or damages as appropriate. The District reserves the right to refuse shipment when delivered
before or after normal working hours. Contractor shall verify specific working hours of buildings and so instruct
carrier(s) to deliver accordingly. The acceptance by the District of late performance without objection or reservation
shall not waive the right of the District to claim damages for such breach, nor preclude the District from pursuing any
other remedy provided herein, including termination, nor constitute a waiver of the requirements for the timely
performance of any obligation remaining to be performed by Contractor. All deliveries are to be made to the applicable
delivery location in accordance with Interstate Commerce Commission rules or as indicated in Purchase Order. When
applicable, Contractor shall take necessary actions to safeguard items during inclement weather.

Identification. All invoices, packing slips, packages, instruction manuals, correspondence, shipping notices, shipping
containers, and other written documents affecting this contract shall be identified by the applicable purchase order
number. Packing lists shall be enclosed with each shipment, indicating the contents therein.
Charges for handling. No charges will be allowed for handling that includes but is not limited to packing, wrapping,
bags, containers, or reels, unless otherwise stated herein.


INSTALLATION PRICING through 06/30/11:

Day of           Time Period             Hourly Rate      Minimum
Week                                                      Billable Hours
Mon - Fri        7 AM – 4 PM
Mon - Fri        4:01 PM – 6:59 AM
Sat              All Day
Sun/Holidays     All Day

SERVICE PRICING through 06/30/11:

Day of           Time Period             Hourly Rate      Minimum
Week                                                      Billable Hours
Mon - Fri        7 AM – 4 PM             $
Mon - Fri        4:01 PM – 6:59 AM       $
Sat              All Day                 $
Sun/Holidays     All Day                 $

OTHER LABOR CATEGORIES PRICING (Mon – Fri 7AM - 4 PM) through 06/30/11:

Labor Category                                   Hourly Rate
Engineer                                         $
Drafting/CADD                                    $
Project Assistant                                $
Project Manager                                  $
Subcontractor                                    Cost +      %

 Travel Time is not included above. Service is based upon portal to portal which means travel time to and from
  location is billed. Minimum of one half hour travel time is to be billed.

 At the discretion of the District, vendor shall use District-supplied computers and networking equipment that meet
  manufacturer’s requirements in implementing systems.

PARTS PRICING through 06/30/11:

MANUFACTURER                                     DISCOUNT OFF CURRENT MFGR’S
                                                   SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE LIST

This contract may be expanded to cover other manufacturers of equipment, provided the vendor agrees to supply the
items using the same pricing structure as the items specifically listed.


SYSTEM LICENSE                                     $ or % MSRP
CAMERA LICENSE                                     $ or % MSRP
FUNCTIONAL UPGRADES                                % MSRP

MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. 100% MSRP means sold at full retail price.

Each submittal will be reviewed for benefit to the District on pricing structure, logistical considerations, and evaluated
against current systems. “Low Bid” does not obligate the District to move to this technology if it is judged to be in the
District’s benefit to deny this bid.

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