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Libro de mi familia


									                                Libro de mi familia
THIS PROJECT IS DUE ON ________________________. It is worth 30 points.

You are to create a “photo album” or book that has the following components:
1. Pictures OR drawings of 5 different members of your family. (one picture or
drawing per family member)                                        (5 points total)
2. Underneath each picture you are to write 5 statements about that family
member. The statements must be in complete Spanish sentences and must
cover the following information:                         (25 points total)
       a. Who the person is to you (It is my grandfather.)
       b. What the person’s name is (He calls himself ___________.)
       c. Approximately how old that person is. (He has __________ years.)
       d. One activity he/she likes to do. (He likes to paint.)
       e. One activity he/she doesn’t like to do. (He doesn’t like to dance.)
_____1. One picture or drawing of each of the 5 family members?
_____2. 5 statements about each person?
_____3. Spelling?
_____4. Grammatically correct sentences?
_____5. Neatly done?
_____6. Done on time?
_____7. No lined paper?

**The family that you depict can be your real family or can be a fictional family.
**You are not limited to members of the family who are living. You can choose
any family member you would like.
** You may show me a rough draft of your project before it is due. I will tell you if
you are “on the right track.”
** You may turn in this project early if you would like to do so.
**Late projects will not receive full credit. Late projects will be considered a
remediated assignment.

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