Kentucky Fried Chicken - PowerPoint

					Kentucky Fried Chicken

   Finger licking good
       The Creation of KFC
• Nearly 50 years ago, colonel sanders set
  out to sell complete meals to time-
  strapped families, calling it home meal
  replacements “ Sunday dinner, seven days
  a week, “ acquired by PepsiCo in 1986,
  KFC is now a part of Yum! Brands inc
                About KFC
• More than 12 million customers are served a
  day in restaurants in 109 countries and
• Sanders sold the entire KFC franchising
  operation in 1964 for 2 million dollars U.S
• Since that time the chain has been sold 3 more
  times, to heublein in 1971, to R.J. Reynolds in
  1982 and most recently to PepsiCo in 1986
• In 1997 KFC’s franchising was renamed to yum!
Harland sanders (colonel sanders)
• Harland sanders was born just outside of
  Henryville, Louisiana in 1890
• in 1949 Sanders marries Claudia Price.
• His father Wilbur David Sanders died
  when Harland was only five years old
            Products & Services
• KFC offers a wide variety of food they offer
  chicken, plated meals, desserts, salads
  and many more
• Some of the services that KFC offer are
  take out, delivery, kids meals, toonie
  Tuesday and more
       Restaurant Locations
• In 1960 there were 109 franchisees and
  400 franchises units throughout United
  States and Canada
• 32,500 KFC restaurants in more than 100
• KFC’s slogan is “finger licking good
• Despite the death of colonel sanders he is
  the key symbol of KFC
• Thorough the years of KFC’s history they
  have used many different forms of
  advertisement such as humor, animation,
  celebrity, and animated shows
         Franchise Information
•   Total investment: $1,200,000 – 1,800,000
•   Initial franchise fee: $ 25,000
•   Royalty fee: 4%
•   Advertisement fee: N/A
•   Term of agreement: 20 years
•   Renewal fee: $ 4,9K
               Of Franchising
Advantages: -business is already organized
-support structure in place if things go wrong
-profits after franchise payments all go to owner

Disadvantages: -high start up fee
-you must follow the franchiser’s rules and policies
-must give a percentage of your profits to the
       Franchisee Requirements
• In order to start a KFC franchise they must
  have:  Industry experience
         General business experience
         Marketing skills
         start up fee for the franchise
       Franchiser Obligations
• Buys the best ingredients for the
  Franchisees, and supplies them at low
  costs along with kitchen equipment.
• Develops menus with low food cost to
  boost competitive advantages.
• Get best insurance rates for your
• The franchiser takes care of all
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• KFC power point created by: Matt Beazley
  and Jessica Dove-Kehn

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