Study Abroad Packing Checklist

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					                              Study Abroad Packing Checklist
    Whether you’re abroad for six days or six months, here’s an idea of what you may need to bring.
   Remember to pack light and know you can buy additional items in the overseas country as needed.

                                                            Money—your mix of:
      5 shirts: long & short-sleeve
                                                                Debit card (notify bank)
      2 pairs casual pants
                                                                Credit card (notify bank)
        1 sweater or lightweight fleece
                                                                Hard cash (US and local currency)
        2 pairs nice pants/skirts/dresses
                                                                Travelers checks
        2 pairs button up shirt/ blouse
                                                            Travel needs:
        1 pair shorts
                                                                Daypack
        1 swimsuit
                                                                Wristwatch and alarm clock
        7 pairs underwear and socks
                                                                Earplugs/neck pillow
        1 pajamas/nightgown                                    Reading Book
        1 pair walking shoes                                   Map of area
        1 pair dress shoes                                     Travel book (such as Lonely Planet)
        1 rainproof jacket with hood                           Small flashlight
        Tie or scarf and belt                              Toiletries items:
      Money belt                                               Travel toiletries (soap, shampoo,
 Documents & photocopies of them:                                  toothbrush, toothpaste, floss,
      Passport & visa                                             deodorant, sunscreen) (you can buy
      Printout of airline e-ticket/confirmation                   more when you are there)
      Driver’s license                                         Medication & written prescription
      Student ID card                                          Vitamins
      Insurance details                                        Glasses/contacts, solution & written
      Other study abroad documentation                            prescription
 Electronics—your choice of:                                    Hand sanitizer
      Camera (and related gear)                                Travel tissues
      Cellphone (ready for visiting country)                   Small towel
      iPod (or other MP3 player)                           “Keeping in contact” items:
      Laptop computer/notebook                                 Address list for sending postcards
      Chargers for each of the above                           Photos and pictures from home
      Adapters if needed                                       Emergency contact information
                                                                Notepad, journal and pen
                                                                Gifts for meeting new people &

Remember! For carry-on luggage, liquids must be in 3oz or smaller containers & fit in a single quart-size baggie.

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