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									                                                                                               Vol 35 No. 1 1st Quarter, 2009

                        Missouri Psychiatry
          Newsletter of the Eastern Missouri Psychiatric Society (EMPS)
                                     * * * A District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association * * *

                Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Form PAC
                                   By Paul Simon DO, EMPS Legislative Affairs Chair

       n September, EMPS registered a political action                Simon DO from EMPS, who is the current chair.
       committee with the state ethics commission. The                   At both the state and national level, special interest groups
       Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Political Action               such as medical specialty societies typically organize PACs
Committee, or MoPPPAC, represents all licensed psychiatrists          to influence state or federal elections. These PACs receive
in the state.                                                                               and raise money from the special
   The special interest group will support                                                  group’s constituents and, on behalf of
both Democratic and Republican                                                              the special interest, donate to political
legislators in the Missouri General                                                         campaigns.
Assembly. Since the APA cannot distribute                                                     A PAC is often a necessity in politics
its own PAC monies to district branches                                                     and, in the case of MoPPPAC, essential
and state associations, MoPPPAC will                                                        to advocate effectively for psychiatric
fill a vital gap in the advocacy efforts of                                                 patients and the practice of psychiatry.
Missouri psychiatrists.                                                                     For example, the state budget crunch—a
   While all three of Missouri’s district                                                   huge issue in 2009—has the potential to
branches expressed support for forming                                                      further compromise funding for state
a political action committee, only EMPS                                                     mental health systems and lead to even
took official action to establish it. The Central and the Western     more limited access to psychiatric care.
Missouri psychiatric societies have not yet determined                  With support from the Missouri Psychological Association
whether to join MoPPPAC. However, psychiatrists from each             and Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, the “RxP”
district branch sit on the PAC board, including Bob Batterson         battle in Missouri effort has intensified. This vocal group,
MD from WMPS, Arshad Husain MD from CMPS, and Paul                    mostly from rural Springfield, continues to push for legislation
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          Psychologist Prescribing Bill                                                                       Features:
           Introduced Again in 2009                                                             President’s Report......................2
                     By Dr. Mamah, MD EMPS president                                            APA Funds EMPS......................3

         everal psychologists were in the Missouri State Capitol Building on Jan-
         uary 14 to stage a press conference and renew their vigorous demand
                                                                                                Legislative Report......................4
         for prescriptive authority. Their promised legislation was introduced a                Opportunities in APA / EMPS....6
day later in the Senate (SB 204), sponsored by Sen Goodman. Similar to the bill
they pursued last year, it would allow psychologists to prescribe a wide variety of             EMPSAdvocates........................7
drugs, including controlled substances and “standard medications for the limited
                                                                                                EMPS Membership Update.......9
treatment of side effects.” They also would be allowed to conduct various labora-
tory tests to monitor the patients under their care.                                            Member Notes..........................11
   Last year’s bill had a few prerequisites, namely 400 hours of classroom instruc-
tion, a year-long fellowship (with weekly supervision by a physician), and one                  Obituaries.................................14
year in a collaborative practice arrangement with a physician (which they can
                                                              Continued on page 9               EMPS Committees...................15
Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                                        1st Quarter, 2009

                     The President’s Column
                     Access to Psychiatric Care
                     Needs to Improve in Missouri                                                           1321 Montevale Court,
                     Daniel Mamah, MD, MPE                                                                 Fenton, MO 63026-3016
                     EMPS President
                                                                                                          Phone: (636) 343-8555

                                                                                                     Contact e-mail: rdefilippo@aol.com
                                                                                                       Website: www.emopsych.org
          mong the many difficulties that         specialty organization, EMPS aims to have
          affect individuals with mental          a positive influence on mental health care        OFFICERS 2008-2010
          illness, the unavailability of          in the state. It relies on the expertise of its   Daniel Mamah, MD, MPE
quality psychiatric care is among the most        members and other partners to understand
significant. Lack of treatment can cause          the complexities of mental health access and      Jack Croughan, MD
chronic distress and a poor quality of life for   develop strategies to address the challenges.     Secretary/Treasurer
those affected. Adults with serious mental        For example, ongoing discussions with             Susan A. Minchin, MD, PhD
illness die about 25 years earlier than do        Joe Parks MD, director of the Missouri            APA Assembly Representative
Americans overall. Although the mentally          Department of Mental Health’s Division of         Garry M. Vickar, MD
ill have higher accident and suicide              Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, have          Deputy APA Assembly Representative
                                                  been very valuable. Mark Johnson MD,              Lawrence F. Kuhn, MD
rates, about sixty percent die because of
increased rates of preventable physical           medical director of BJC Behavioral Health,        Past President
                                                                                                    Jay Meyer, MD
conditions, such as obesity, diabetes             also has provided helpful insights about
and cardiovascular disease. The lack of           access issue as have other individuals.           COMMITTEE CHAIRS
                                                     There is a shortage of psychiatrists in        Bylaws
psychiatric treatment has an enormous
                                                                                                    Jo-Ellyn Ryall, MD
economic burden; not only does it increase        Missouri to care for the demands of the
                                                                                                    Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
the cost of general medical care, but also        growing population. Any solution for              Judith H. McKelvey MD
results in higher incarceration rates, more       access will require a more efficient use of       Community/Public Psychiatry
frequent emergency room visits and longer         psychiatric specialty time than the dominant      Christopher Loynd DO
hospitalizations.                                 practice model allows, i.e. primary care-         Ethics
   An estimated 26 percent of Americans           to-psychiatrist transfers for management.         Lawrence F. Kuhn, MD
aged 18 and older—one in four adults—             Primary care physicians (PCP) already care        Forensic Psychiatry
suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in      for the majority of patients with mental          Jose Mathews MD
a given year. However, the main burden of         illness, but often are less comfortable           Legislative Affairs
                                                                                                    Paul Simon, DO
illness is concentrated in about six percent      caring for the more seriously ill. Transfers
of adults—or one in 17—who suffer from            to psychiatric outpatient care by PCPs            Members-in-Training
                                                                                                    Lauren Flynn, MD
a serious mental illness. Many people in          currently are incentivized, which can delay       Ben Holt, MD
Missouri are unable to get proper access          treatment and lead to worsened outcomes.          Membership
to the care they need to treat their mental          A more effective health care system            Jo-Ellyn Ryall, MD
illness. Those greatest affected include          would involve better collaboration                Newsletter
residents of rural and other underserved          between PCPs and psychiatrists on patient         Daniel Mamah, M.D, MPE
areas, Medicaid beneficiaries, and the            care than currently exists. A consultative        Programs/Education
uninsured. In addition, cuts in government        model would allow PCPs to treat a larger          Arturo Taca, Jr., MD

funding to public health systems and poor         number of patients with mental illness in         Public Affairs
                                                                                                    Collins Lewis, MD
insurance reimbursements contribute to            their practice and, thus, result in better
making psychiatric services harder to attain      overall care. Psychiatric consultations can       STAFF
for many.                                         take many forms including reimbursable            Executive Director
                                                                                                    Rebecca Defilippo, MS, MBA, CMP
   While adequate governmental funding of         telephone or video (telemedicine) contacts.
                                                                                                    Governmental Consultant
psychiatric services is a key to improving        Integrative facilities where PCPs and             Richard “Mo” McCullough
access to care in Missouri, the current           psychiatrists co-locate also can foster better
                                                                                                    Newsletter Editorial Director
mental health care delivery system also           communication between physical and                Jessica Simon
requires substantial improvements to make         mental aspects of health care. Integrated
it operate more efficiently. As a psychiatric                             Continued on page 5
Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                    1st Quarter, 2009

             APA Funds EMPS Membership Campaign
                                           By Rebecca DeFilippo CMP

T      he APA has approved a competitive grant
       request submitted by EMPS to support a major
       membership campaign in 2009.
                                                            For example, a member who recruits four new General
                                                            Members will net a maximum 2009 DB dues credit of
                                                            $250, a 100 percent rebate.
   In October, EMPS learned that the APA would award it       The APA received 27 grant requests from district
$7,500—one-half the amount requested—for a yearlong         branches/state associations totaling in excess of
effort to retain those members who risk termination and     $300,000 (ranging from $4,013 to $25,000). While the
recruit eligible psychiatrists who practice and/or reside   Board of Trustees initially approved $300,000 to fund
throughout the 26-county district branch (DB).              these grants, the BOT reduced the amount to $150,000.
   The membership campaign has two components, the          The requests represented projects in the categories of
first of which is to identify and recruit new members.      access to care, education, and recruitment/retention.
EMPS staff will work with current members, its
own Members-in-Training (MIT) and Membership
committees and other entities to identify former                 EMPS Offers Membership
and dropped members as well as “never-member”                       Dues Discounts
                                                               New and Returning Members:
psychiatrists.                                                 - New Members: 25% discount on 2009 DB
   The second piece of the grant involves working with         dues
the psychiatry residency training directors at Washington      - Reinstated Members: 25% discount on 2009
University and St. Louis University to recruit residents       DB dues provided that past dues are paid in full
and fellows. This task is especially critical because the      Recruit New Members:
                                                               - Current Members: 25% credit on 2009 DB
two training directors are not themselves APA members.         dues for each new member they recruit between
However, one membership campaign goal is to achieve            January and December, up to a 100% credit
100% Club status for psychiatry residents and fellows
at both universities.
   EMPS hopes to reach its recruitment and retention
goals with several strategies. These include developing a     Membership Campaign
marketing brochure and recruitment letter, offering free      Strategies
admission for nonmembers who may attend up to two             - Develop marketing brochure
CME programs (a $150 value), and hosting networking
events and special educational programs that focus on         - Identify and recruit new members
areas of interest to residents and fellows.                   - Host networking and special educational event
    “The Council liked the focus of the meetings geared       for residents and fellows
to MITs,” wrote Jeffrey S. Akman MD, chair of the APA
Council on Member and District Branch Relations, in           - Offer free admission to nonmembers to attend
                                                              up to two CME Programs (a $150 value)
the EMPS award letter.
   Another strategy is to offer never-members who join        - Offer membership dues discounts
the APA as of January 1 a 25 percent discount on their
2009 DB dues (a maximum $62.50 value for General
Members). Former and/or dropped members who
reinstate their membership also would receive a 25
                                                                Contact Information
percent discount on 2009 DB dues provided they paid                 We would appreciate your
in full any past dues owed to APA or EMPS.                       contact information. Please send
   To assist with the recruitment effort, EMPS will offer            your e-mail address and
current members a 25 percent credit on their 2009 DB                phone/address changes to
dues for each eligible recruited member who joins APA.

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                         1st Quarter, 2009
                                 Missouri Legislative Report
                                  By Richard ‘Mo’ McCullough EMPS Legislative Lobbyist

T      he first session of the 95th Missouri General         through legislation what they have failed to achieve
       Assembly convened on January 7 and ends May           through education.
       15. The Democrats now have control of most               EMPS needs your help and support if we are to be
statewide offices, including Governor, but the state         successful in 2009. Some very good and some very bad
legislature is still in the hands of the Republicans. This   things can happen in the General Assembly. Participate
will make things interesting as well as contentious in       in the legislative process and make your voice heard.
Jefferson City this session. With a projected budget            Get to know your state legislators, both senators and
shortfall of hundreds of millions of dollars—no one          representatives. Join and become an active member of
knows exactly how much, the budget will be the main          the Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Political Action
issue. Both sides claim they want to work together to        Committee (MoPPPAC). Be ready, willing, and able
solve the budget problem, but it remains to be seen just     to contact your legislators and/or visit Jefferson City
how much cooperation there will be.                          to advocate on issues that are important to psychiatric
    Eastern Missouri Psychiatric Society (EMPS) will         patients and the practice of psychiatry.
keep a watchful eye on the continuing efforts of                We will track many bills this session; some we will
psychologists to gain prescribing privileges (RxP) in        work to pass and some to kill. However, it is too early
Missouri. RxP supporters have already begun a major          to determine what they all might be. Below is a list of
push this year and have introduced SB 204. We have           pre-filed bills that are of interest to EMPS; there will be
been working during the off-season to educate legislators    more to come.
on the many reasons why psychologists should not gain

Bills to Watch
SB 204 (Goodman): Gives Psychologists (PhD, PsyD, EdD) prescriptive authority for Schedule II, III, IV medications
after 400 hours didactics. Regulation would be by the board of psychologists and no ongoing medical supervision is
required. Position: EMPS (Oppose)
HB 43 (Sater): Repeals certain provisions of law regarding access to psychotropic medications for recipients of
public assistance benefits. Position: EMPS (Oppose).
HB 78 (Lampe): Prohibits the transfer of a mental health patient from one facility to another without the consent of
the patient or the patient’s parent, legal guardian, or nearest known relative. Position: EMPS (Support).
HB 95 (Schaaf): Co-payments for Prescription Drugs - Allows enrollees to pay the lower of the co-payment
assigned by the health maintenance organization or health insurer or the usual and customary retail price of the
prescription drug. Position: EMPS (Support).
HB 143 (Hughes): Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Insurance Act to provide comprehensive and necessary
health care services for Missouri residents. Position: EMPS (Support), MO State Chiropractors Assn. (Support).
SB 157 (Schmitt): Codifies into law the five regional autism projects currently serving persons with autism. Position:
EMPS (Support).
HB 275 (Sater): Provides prescriptive authority to physician assistants under a physician supervision agreement.
Position: EMPS (Neutral).
SB 167 (Rupp): Requires health carriers to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum
disorders under certain conditions. Position: EMPS (Support)
SB 9 (Champion): Adds a mental health professional to the MO HealthNet Oversight Committee. Position: EMPS
SB 27 (Ridgeway): Exempts persons 21 years of age or older from wearing protective headgear except when
operating or riding motorcycles upon interstate highways. Position: EMPS (Oppose).
Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                                                 1st Quarter, 2009

Access to Psychiatric Care in MO                                                         The ideal solution to the psychiatric access problem
Continued from page 2                                                                 undoubtedly will involve several components and take
                                                                                      time to implement effectively. Actions by the Missouri
                                                                                      Legislature will be important to attain our goals, thus it is
community health care centers exist in the state, but the important to educate state lawmakers about the problem. We
majority of psychiatrists and PCPs practice independently.                            are monitoring several bills this session and, in collaboration
   Last July, EMPS and the other two APA district branches in with other mental health advocates, may draft legislation to
Missouri hosted a strategic planning meeting in Jefferson City improve specific aspects of inadequate access to psychiatric
on access to mental health care. The group of psychiatrists care. Possibilities previously discussed include funding
has continued the discussion via conference calls. More demonstration projects to develop collaborative practice
recently, the group formed a psychiatry/primary care coalition agreements between PCPs and psychiatrists, expand the
that includes EMPS and the Central and Western Missouri number of Telepsychiatry sites to underserved areas, and
psychiatric societies, Missouri Osteopathic Association provide greater incentives for psychiatrists to practice in
of Physicians and Surgeons, Missouri Academy of Family rural communities in the state. Some solutions may involve
Physicians, and Missouri State Medical Association. St. federal interventions. For example, National Health Service
Louis psychiatrists Jaron Asher MD and Jack L. Croughan Corps (NHSC) Scholar psychiatrists currently have very
MD will represent EMPS.                                                               limited practice options in Missouri. Increased federal
                                                                                                       funding would allow for educational loan
                                                                                                       repayments for psychiatrists who work in
                                                                                                       designated federally qualified mental health
                                                                                                       shortage areas.
                                                                                                         EMPS has held luncheons with several
                                                                                                       Missouri legislators (see page 7) to offer
                                                                                                       them our expertise about access problems
                                                                                                       and related issues. We plan similar meetings
                                                                                                       with lawmakers across the 26 counties of
                                                                                                       Eastern Missouri. In addition, EMPS and
                                                                                                       the other two Missouri district branches will
                                                                                                       sponsor Mental Health Advocacy Day in
 The goal of the study is to explore connectivity between                                              Jefferson City on January 22. Psychiatrists
 brain regions Findings from the study may help design                                                 will be able to meet with legislators at a
 better diagnostic tests for autism.                                                                   breakfast reception and follow up with
                                                                                                       strategic office visits. Such events are
 Who is Needed?                                             Please call the                            important because the discussions allow
                                                  Cognitive & Perceptual legislators to hear from psychiatrists and
 •     Volunteers age 9 – 14 with
                                                         Development Lab
                                                                                                       help consolidate their legislative positions
       an Autism or Autistic                                                                           on key issues. EMPS also formed a political
       Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis                   for more information                              action committee, the Missouri Psychiatric

 •     V l t
       Volunteers age 18 – 30 with         ith
                                                         314 362 4209
                                                         314-362-4209 or                               Physicians PAC or MoPPPAC, thanks to the
                                                                                                       effort spearheaded by EMPS Legislative
       an Autism or Autistic                      Toll Free 1-877-CPDLVOL                              Affairs Chair Dr. Paul Simon. MoPPPAC,
       Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis
                                                                                                       which represents psychiatrists throughout
  Total participation will take about 8 hours, separated over several days. Participants will be asked the state, relies solely on voluntary
                        tasks      in-person written           phone-answered
  to complete certain tasks, and in person, written, and/or phone answered questionnaires and
  interviews. Then there will be a one hour practice scan, followed by a second visit for a one to
                                                                                                       contributions to support our advocacy
  two hour actual MRI scan. There is not a direct benefit to the participant. $15.00 per hour of       efforts with legislators (see page 1).
  participation is provided for time and effort in the study, and $25.00 per hour is provided for the
  actual MRI scan. Risks will be discussed with volunteers as part of the informed consent process.
                                                                                                         We are happy to announce the
                                                                                                       appointment of Jessica Simon as EMPS
                                                                                                       Newsletter Editorial Director (see page 9).
                                                                                                       With Jessica’s help, EMPS will be able to
                                               PI: John Pruett, MD, Ph.D.                              provide its members with more frequent
                                                                                                       communications, on a quarterly basis.

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                  1st Quarter, 2009
 Opportunities at the APA / EMPS Abound for Residents and Fellows

                                   By Dr. Ben Holt, MD, Member-in-Training
          s a resident, it’s easy to    offers opportunities for residents   crucial to think beyond the
          get caught up in the hustle   and fellows to get involved in       years of residency and become
          and bustle of training.       leadership positions at regional     active in the EMPS and APA.
Although residency at times             and national levels. The APA         Take advantage of available
seems never-ending, in reality, it      represents more than 38,000          opportunities that can add the
is but a few short years to prepare     members worldwide and is the         finishing touches to your clinical
the foundation for a lifetime of        voice of psychiatrists and the       experience and prepare you for
practicing psychiatry. We expect        patients they serve.                 a full and productive career in
to learn the basics of psychiatry          Training can be exhausting        psychiatry.
in anticipation of working              and time consuming, but it is
effectively and independently
beyond the constant supervision
and mentoring of residency.
Although psychopharmacology
and psychotherapy are essential,
they are not the only key skills
to learn during residency in
preparation for future practice.
   The       Eastern        Missouri
Psychiatric Society (EMPS), a
district branch of the American
Psychiatric Association (APA), is
a resource to augment the training
experience provided by residency
programs. Locally, the EMPS
offers numerous opportunities
for residents to get involved.
This includes participation on
committees that encompass
a wide breadth of psychiatric
services and even becoming
politically active by educating
policy makers and advocating
for bills and laws related to
mental health and the practice
of psychiatry. The programs
within EMPS provide residents
a chance to work side-by-side
with knowledgeable psychiatrists
who share similar interests and to
network with future colleagues.
   At the national level, members
recognize the APA for promoting
education and career development
for rising residents. The APA
sponsors over a dozen awards
and fellowships to encourage
resident participation in the
association. In addition, the APA

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                                                 1st Quarter, 2009
                        EMPS Advocates for Psychiatric Patients
                                        By Paul B. Simon DO and Rebecca DeFilippo CMP

        his winter, EMPS began                     Advocacy Day at the State Capitol.                 staff for Senator-Elect Eric Schmitt,
        meeting with state legislators             Following a breakfast reception,                   R-Glendale. Independence Center
        throughout     the     district            members will meet individually with                Executive Director Mike Keller and
branch to educate them about                       legislators in their offices to discuss            EMPS Executive Director Rebecca
psychiatric patients and the practice              issues related to service delivery for             DeFilippo also attended the lunch.
of psychiatry. The small, informal                 the mentally ill.                                    “Health care, in general, is
get-togethers offer members an                       “A number of factors affect access               not good, but it is particularly
opportunity to chat with lawmakers                 to care,” EMPS President Daniel T.                 challenging for people with a
about access to care and ways to                   Mamah MD said. “It is a complex                    mental illness,” said Rep. Kirkton,
improve the availability of health and             issue that involves not only supply                a nurse anesthetist who completed
mental health services, especially in              and demand for psychiatric services                a psychiatric nursing rotation at the
underserved areas. EMPS plans to                   but transportation, geography,                     former St. Louis State Hospital.
meet with legislators throughout the               insurance coverage, reimbursement                    “Untreated mental illnesses lead
session, which convened January 7                  rates and other factors.”                          to longer hospital stays, frequent
and ends May 15.                                     Earlier in January, Dr. Mamah and                incarcerations, serious physical
  On January 22, the three APA                     Judith McKelvey MD met for lunch in                conditions, and earlier death,” Dr.
district branches in Missouri, under               Webster Groves with Representative-                Mamah said. “This is reason enough
the aegis of the Missouri Psychiatric              Elect Jeanne Kirkton, D-Webster                    to be concerned about improving
Societies, will host Mental Health                 Groves, and Shawn Furey, chief of                                       Continued on page 8

From left, Attending the Dec. 17 lunch at Il       Representative Patricia M. Yaeger (District 96),   Jose Mathews MD, Daniel T. Mamah MD,
Bel Lago are Angeline Stanislaus MD and            EMPS President Daniel T. Mamah MD, and             Representative Rick Stream (District 94), Paul
EMPS Executive Director Rebecca DeFilippo          Representative Walter R. Bivins (District 97)      Simon DO and Collins E. Lewis MD at Il Bel
(front) and Richard “Mo” McCullough, Collins       on Dec. 17.                                        Lago on Dec. 17.
E. Lewis MD, Representative Ed Schieffer
(District 11), Representative Patricia M. Yaeger
(District 96), and Paul Simon DO (back).

                                                   From left: Daniel T. Mamah MD, Rebecca             From left, APA President Nada L. Stotland MD
                                                   DeFilippo, Judith McKelvey MD, Rep. Jeanne         and EMPS Executive Director Rebecca DeFil-
                                                   Kirkton (District 31) and Shawn Furey at the       ippo CMP at the DB Leadership Conference in
Jay Meyer MD and Senator Joan Bray (District       Jan 5 luncheon at CJ Muggs in Webster Groves.      November, in Washington, DC. Photo Credit:
24) at Il Bel Lago on Dec. 17.                     Missing from the photo is Mike Keller.             Andrew Mann/Psychiatric Society of Virginia5
Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                            1st Quarter, 2009
EMPS Advocates                                               of the EMPS legislative affairs committee. “Meeting with
Continued from page 7                                        legislators is a priority for EMPS, and building relationships
                                                             is the key to advocating for and protecting psychiatric patients
our mental health system,” added House Rep. Kirkton.         and the practice of psychiatry.”
  At a meeting in December, Dr. Mamah joined State Sen.         Members can support EMPS’s advocacy efforts with a
Joan Bray (D-24) and State Reps. Rick Stream (R-94), Walt    contribution to the Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Political
Bivins (R-97), Patricia Yaeger (D-96) and Ed Schieffer       Action Committee, or MoPPPAC (see page 15). Donations
(D-11) for lunch in Creve Coeur. Collins E. Lewis MD,        fund the campaigns of state legislators who support bills that
Jose Mathews MD, Jay Meyer MD, Paul Simon DO, Ms.            affect psychiatric patients and the practice of psychiatry.
DeFilippo, and lobbyist Richard “Mo” McCullough also         Contributions can be made by check or money order (please,
attended the meeting.                                        no cash) to MoPPPAC, 1321 Montevale Court, Fenton MO
  EMPS members discussed several strategies that would       63026.
enhance access to mental health care,
including collaborative care agreements
between psychiatrists and primary
care physicians, psychopharmacology
training for non-psychiatrists, and more
telepsychiatry services in community
health clinics.
  Dr. Mamah described proposals to
create a new category of prescribing           Who Needs Managed Care? Get Rid of the Hassles!
psychologist as “a serious risk” for
mentally ill patients. In 2009, the              Work Where Your Efforts are Truly Needed and
Missouri General Assembly will
consider two prescribing bills, Senate
Bill 204 and a House bill expected soon.
The bills, known familiarly as “RxP,”                                     Psychiatrists
would permit non-medically trained              Full-time, Part-time and PRN Positions Available
psychologists to prescribe medications
after completing a 400-hour course—                                      Flexible Hours
the full-time equivalent of 10 weeks.                                 Top Hourly Rates
The bills failed last year in Missouri, as
they did in at least eight other states.
  Psychologist prescribing is “an
                                           MHM Services, Inc., one of the largest employers of mental health
inappropriate, inefficient mechanism to    professionals in the nation, currently has openings for full-time, part-time
improve access to care for individuals     and PRN Psychiatrists in various locations throughout Missouri:
with mental illness and substance abuse
disorders,” said Dr. Mamah. “It is ‘bad    Requirements:
medicine’ for patients.”                       1. Board Eligible or Board Certified
  Representatives Bivins, Schieffer            2. Current Missouri license or willing to get one
and Yaeger, who co-sponsored the
House version of RxP bills in 2008,        We provide an excellent benefits package depending on the amount of
agreed that the discussion gave them       coverage you provide. Paid malpractice, with tail coverage, included
a better understanding about access.       regardless of the number of hours worked.
“People with mental illnesses deserve
better treatment,” said Rep. Schieffer     If you are interested or know of someone that might be, please contact Mitch
of Troy, whose district includes Lincoln   Shenker at (877) 579-0156 or submit your CV via e-mail to
County.                                    Mitchell@mhmcareers.com or by faxing (636) 787-0569.
  “Access to psychiatric care in both
rural and urban areas is not where it
needs to be,” said Dr Simon, chair         EOE

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                                  1st Quarter, 2009
MoPPPAC                                                             Psychologist Prescribing Bill
Continued from page 1                                               Continued from page 1

to allow non-medically trained psychologists to practice            do now for their patients, without prescribing drugs). This
medicine. Senator Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon, has                 training is extremely minimal, and clearly puts patients at
filed SB 204 to create licensing requirements for prescribing       risk. Psychologists do not have the expertise to understand
psychologists and Rep. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield, said he            the complex interactions between medications and general
will file a House version of the bill. The APA expects to see       medical conditions, to diagnose physical illness which can
similar RxP bills filed in nearly 10 other states this year. Last   result from medication use, or to provide urgent care to pa-
year, RxP bills in both the Missouri House and Senate came          tients following medication related emergencies.
closer to passing than ever before                                     Proponents of psychologist prescriptive authority portray
   With a limited startup budget, MoPPPAC is not yet able to
                                                                    this as an access issue and claim psychologists are better
function yet as an active PAC. However, with funding drives
                                                                    trained to manage treatment and therapy than primary care
in the works, this should change. Anyone can contribute to
                                                                    physicians. By their own admission, however, only a small
MoPPPAC, including friends, family and colleagues. The
APA dues invoice now features a check-box for voluntary             handful of them would qualify for a prescription pad.
contributions to MoPPPAC. If you would like to contribute              However, psychologist supporters of the bill are well or-
directly, please complete the form on page 15 and return it to      ganized and vocal, and they are not without support in the
MoPPPAC, 1321 Montevale Court, Fenton, MO 63026. PAC                House and Senate. Consider this a call to action. Please
contributions are not tax deductible.                               contact your legislators and urge them to oppose SB 204,
    If you have questions or comments about MoPPPAC,                which risks the health of one of the most vulnerable pop-
please contact Paul Simon at ps13_99@yahoo.com.                     ulations, the mentally ill.

                                        EMPS Names Newsletter Editorial Director
                                      I    n December 2008, EMPS appointed
                                           Jessica Simon as Newsletter Editorial
                                           Director. Mrs. Simon will manage
                                      all newsletter duties including advertising,
                                                                                     Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
                                                                                     from the University of Missouri in Rolla.
                                                                                     After the birth of her first child, Mrs. Simon
                                                                                     decided to be a stay-at-home mom. For the
                                      layout and printing, and will work closely     past year, she has been newsletter director
                                      with the Newsletter Committee on               for the Washington University Medical
                                      publication of quarterly issues.               College House Auxiliary (WUMCHA). She
                                          Originally from Wentzville, Mo., Mrs.      and her husband, Paul B. Simon DO, and
                                      Simon received a Bachelor of Science in        their two daughters reside in Kirkwood.
     Jessica Simon, MS                Physics from Truman State University and a
 EMPS Newsletter Editorial Director

                          EMPS Membership Update
New Members                                                         medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of
  In January, EMPS welcomed new General Member James                Medicine in 2004 and initially began a five-year combined
Willard Byrd DO. Dr. Byrd serves as medical director with           Peds/Adult Psych/Child and Adolescent Psych fellowship
the Crider Health Center, in Wentzville. He also maintains          at Massachusetts General and McLean Hospital in Boston.
a small private practice in child and adult psychiatry in           She transferred to St. Louis and continued her general adult
Manchester. He completed medical school at Des Moines               psychiatry training at Washington University. “My goal is
University, and psychiatry residency training and a fellowship      to pursue a post-doctoral research fellowship,” Dr. Fallucco
in child psychiatry at Washington University. General               said. The APA recruited her at the AACAP meeting, held in
Member Omar H. Quadri MD, who works at Metropolitan                 Chicago in October.
Psychiatric Center, nominated Dr. Byrd for membership as              Megan B. Schabbing MD is a third year resident at
part of the APA’s Member Get a Member campaign.                     Barnes-Jewish Hospital. She graduated from St. George’s
  In December, EMPS welcomed new Member-in-Training                 University School of Medicine, in Grenada, in 2006, and
(MIT) Elise Fallucco MD. She is a clinical fellow in child          began her psychiatry residency that summer at Washington
and adolescent psychiatry at Washington University School           University.
of Medicine and will graduate in June. She received her                                                   Continued on page 10

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                    1st Quarter, 2009

                           EMPS Membership Update
                                             Continued from Page 9

Transfers In                                              Association. He is a Child Fellow with the Washington
   In January, EMPS welcomed transferred General          University Department of Psychiatry at Barnes-Jewish-
Members Ying-Ying Grace Wu MD from the Michigan           Children’s Hospital.
Psychiatric Society and Anna Voeller MD from the            General Member Vikrant Mittal MD transferred
Illinois Psychiatric Society.                             from the Connecticut Psychiatric Society. As director of
   In December, General Member Bhaskar Y. Gowda           psychiatry at Parkland Health Center (BJC Healthcare)
MD transferred in from the Central Missouri Psychiatric   in Farmington, (St. Francois County), he oversees a
Society. He completed a residency in General Adult        10-bed geriatric inpatient unit and an adult outpatient
Psychiatry at the University of Missouri School of        center. He graduated from Yale University School of
Medicine (Columbia) in 2003 and joined APA as a MIT       Medicine in 2008 and was Chief Resident Consultation-
in 2000.                                                  Liaison Psychiatry.
   In October, Distinguished Fellow Roy Craig               General Member Jose Mathews MD also transferred
Wilson MD returned to Missouri as medical director        here from the Connecticut Psychiatric Society, when
at St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center. He was    he returned to St. Louis last summer after completing
formerly a member of the Illinois Psychiatric Society.    a fellowship in forensic psychiatry at Yale. He is now
Before moving to the Chicago area, Dr. Wilson served      an instructor in psychiatry and conducts research at
as director of the Missouri Department of Mental Health   Washington University. His research focuses on studying
and was a member of the Central Missouri Psychiatric      reward system dysfunction in Major Depressive
Society.                                                  Disorder using functional magnetic resonance imaging
   General Member Robert G. Marietta MD transferred       and weight gain associated with the use of antipsychotic
his military membership                                   medications. In October, he became chair of the EMPS
from the Society of                                       Forensic Psychiatry Committee.
Uniformed           Services
Psychiatrists DB 77 to                                    Transfers Out
EMPS. In October, Saint                                     General Member Sumaira Ahmed MD has relocated
Louis University named                                    to Leawood, Kans., and transferred to the Kansas
him assistant professor                                   Psychiatric Society.
of psychiatry in the                                        General Member Jennifer Ann Chaffin MD relocated
Department of Neurology                                   to Sacramento, Calif., and transferred to the California
and Psychiatry. Board                                     Psychiatric Association - Area 6.
certified in general adult      Robert G. Marietta, MD
psychiatry, he is interested        General Member        Advancements
in mental health education.                                Phillip McDaniel DO has advanced to General
Previously, he served as the 3rd Marine Division          Member from Member-in-Training.
psychiatrist in Okinawa, Japan. He served as a staff
psychiatrist and completed his residency at the Naval     Reinstatements
Medical Center in Portsmouth, Va., where he was chief      In December, the APA reinstated General Members
resident. He earned his medical degree at St. Louis       Diane Rankin MD and Bryan N. Sewing DO.
University School of Medicine. He joined the APA as
a MIT in 2001.                                            Total Memebership Count: 325
   Member-in-Training Nazmul K. Talukdar MD
transferred here from the Mississippi Psychiatric

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                             1st Quarter, 2009

Member Notes                              Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship from
                                          the same institution.
                                             In addition to his clinical practice,
 John N. Constantino, MD, became         Constantino is also notable for research
the Blanche F. Ittleson Professor and     on the genetics and evaluation of social
Director of the Division of Child         deficits in Autism. “Under John’s
Psychiatry on January 1, 2009. Dr.        leadership, we have a tremendous
Constantino is a graduate of Cornell      opportunity to expand the influence
University in New York, and received      of our research, teaching and clinical
his medical education from Washington     programs,” noted Charles Zorumski,
University Medical School. He             MD, Head of Washington University’s
completed residency training in both      Department of Psychiatry.
Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Albert       As the new Director of the Division
Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx,    of Child Psychiatry at Washington
New York, followed by a Child and         University, Constantino succeeds Dr.
                                                                                         John N Constantino, MD
                                                                                         WU Child Psychiatry Chief
                                                                                     Richard Todd who sadly passed away
                                                                                     on August 22nd, 2008.

                                                                                      Congratulations to 2009 APA
                                                                                     Distinguished Fellow Jothika N.
                                                                                     Manepalli MD. Dr. Manepalli directs
                                                                                     the geriatric psychiatry residency at
                                                                                     St. Louis University as well as the
                                                                                     geriatric psychiatry inpatient unit
                                                                                     and the ECT and Mood Disorders
                                                                                     Clinic. Board certified in geriatric
                                                                                     psychiatry, she is involved in clinical
                                                                                     trials geared toward developing
                                                                                     new treatments for psychogeriatric
                                                                                     syndromes. She has been active in
                                                                                     APA as an attendee and presenter at
                                                                                     meetings. She recently submitted a
                                                                                     course proposal on end-of-life issues
                                                                                     and palliative care in psychogeriatric
                                                                                     patients for the 2009 APA convention.
                                                                                     She graduated from Kakatiya Medical
                                                                                     College, Osmania University, in
                                                                                     Hyderabad, India, and performed
                                                                                     an internship at Mahatma Gandhi
                                                                                     Memorial Hospital, in Mumbai, India.
                                                                                     She completed residencies in general
                                                                                     adult psychiatry at Duke University
                                                                                     Medical Center, in Durham, North
                                                                                     Carolina, and in geriatric psychiatry
                                                                                     at St. Louis University School of
                                                                                     Medicine. Dr. Manepalli is “someone
                                                                                     who in her quiet way is making a mark
                                                                                     on our field [of geriatric psychiatry],”

                                                                                                    Continued on page 12
Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                          1st Quarter, 2009
Member Notes                               Distinguished Life Fellow Judith       28-year-old Rob Getzschman. Whole
Continued from page 11                    H. McKelvey MD, a retired child          Family Productions also published the
                                          and adolescent psychiatrist and          video “Watch Out! Maybe It’s Time to
wrote George T. Grossberg MD,             consultant in Washington, DC, is         Stop Driving,” a humorous approach
Distinguished Life Fellow and Samuel      executive producer of Whole Family       to the serious subject of senior driver
W. Fordyce Professor and Director         Productions, LLC. The St. Louis-based    retirement. Dr. McKelvey presented
of Geriatric Psychiatry at SLU, in his    music and video company creates          “Watch Out!” at the 2008 Aging in
recommendation letter to the EMPS         positive, growth-oriented programs       America Conference in Washington,
Membership Committee. “She is truly       for seniors. In 2008, it released “For   DC. Whole Family Productions
the type of psychiatrist one would want   Mature Audiences Only,” a CD with        programs are available by e-mail at
for their own family member.” Dr.         ten original musical selections by       jmckelvey@aol.com.
Manepalli will receive her medallion
at the Convocation of Distinguished                                                 Distinguished Life Fellow Edwin
Fellows, during the Annual Meeting in                                              Wolfgram MD finished his 11th
San Francisco, Calif., on May 18.                                                  triathlon in November—his third in
   The APA plans to send eligibility                                               2008, when he placed first in his age
rosters for 2010 Distinguished Fellow                                              group at the Ford Ironman Arizona,
nominations by the end of January. The                                             held in Tempe. A world-class endurance
submission deadline is July 1 but may                                              athlete, the 76-year-old Dr. Wolfgram
change this year to July 31. The APA                                               underwent aortic valve replacement
Membership Committee reviews the                                                   surgery in January 2008, then went on
nominations in October and the Board of                                            to complete the Ford Ironman World
Trustees votes on the recommendations                                              Championship in October in Hawaii
in December. It will honor the members                                             and in Wisconsin in September. The
approved as Distinguished Fellows at                                               Ironman is a 2.4-mile ocean swim, a
the Convocation held during the 2010                                               112-mile bike and a 26.2-mile run—
                                                Jothika Manepalli, MD
Annual Meeting in New Orleans.                  APA Distinguished Fellow
                                                                                                 Continued on page 13

                Mental Health America                                      Mental Health America of Eastern
                                                                           Missouri (MHA) is a non-profit
                 of Eastern Missouri                                       organization that addresses the entire
                                                                           spectrum of mental health. Our mission
                                                                           is to promote mental health and wellness,
                                                                           prevent mental disorders, and achieve
                                                                           victory over mental illness through
                                                                           advocacy, education and service. Most
                                                                           services are provided without charge and
                                                                           •	 Information and Referral
                                                                           •	 Education courses and support groups
                                                                                for persons with mental illness
                                                                           •	 Workshops for social service staff
                         1905 South Grand Blvd.                            •	 Speakers Bureau
                          St. Louis, MO 63104                              •	 Depression Education
                              314-773-1399                                 •	 Suicide prevention training
                            www.mhaem.org                                  •	 Self-Help Group Directory

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                                                                                                                                        1st Quarter, 2009
Member Notes                                                                                    professor at Washington University,                                              that may prompt an action paper or
Continued from page 12                                                                          and a psychiatrist in private practice.                                          a resolution for discussion by the
                                                                                                Paperback copies of It’s Never Too Late                                          Assembly.
back to back. The walking Ironman                                                               are available online at www.fitness-
fitness lifestyle guru, speaker and                                                             never2late.com.                                                                  The new “Member Notes” column is an
author of It’s Never Too Late, Dr. Ed                                                                                                                                            opportunity for members to share news
Wolfgram’s Book of Fitness (West                                                                      During the November APA                                                   of their professional accomplishments.
Pine Press, 2003), is a three-time                                                              Assembly meeting in Washington,                                                  Please submit entries to Jessica Simon
Boston Marathoner and three-time                                                                DC, Distinguished Life Fellow                                                    at jezz_ca@hotmail.com or mail to
Triathlete All American. He is a 35-                                                            Garry M. Vickar, MD, FRCPC,                                                      EMPS Newsletter, 1248 Cork Elm
year member of APA, assistant clinical                                                          DLFAPA met with then President-                                                  Drive, Kirkwood MO 63122-6711.
                                                                                                Elect Barack Obama. The experience
                                                                                                was “very exciting and stimulating,”
                                                                                                said Dr. Vickar, but “the President-
                                                                                                Elect seemed a little stiff and artificial,
                                                                                                and not very warm.” He later learned
                                                                                                that he had posed with a full-size
                                                                                                placard. “I am gratified that I had,
                                                                                                indeed, voted for the warm, living,
                                                                                                eloquent one as opposed to the recycled
                                                                                                cardboard box,” Dr. Vickar said. He
                                                                                                added that he and Larry Kuhn MD
                                                                                                take seriously their responsibilities as
                                                                                                EMPS representatives to the Assembly.
       Dr. Edwin Wolfgram, MD                                                                   They invite member comments or                                                   Dr Garry Vickar, MD with President Elect
       Distinguished Life Fellow                                                                questions on any issues and concerns                                             Barack Obama placard

                                                                                                                                                       Is Your Preschooler Sad or Irritable?
                      S                                                                                                                                                                       DOES YOUR CHILD:

                                             S                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Appear sad
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Have interest in sad play themes
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cry a lot
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lack interest in activities s/he usually enjoys
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Seem grouchy or irritable a lot of the day
                                                                                                                                                                                                  React to mistakes with excessive guilt
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Seem to be hard on himself/herself
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Seem to have a low self-esteem
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Often seem to be tired

                                                                                                                                               If your child has any of these symptoms and is between the ages of 3-5, you and your
                                                                                                                                               child may be eligible to participate in a research study at Washington University School
                                                                                                                                               of Medicine. The study is designed to help children who are experiencing symptoms of
                                                  Do You Qualify?                                                                              sadness, irritability, guilt, or inability to enjoy activities and play.

                           Are You and Your Full Sibling Between                                                                                                          All participants will receive either:
                                   9 and 30 Years Old?                                                                                                        Parent Child Interaction Therapy – Emotion Development
           Have You or Your Sibling Ever Been Diagnosed with                                                                                                                OR Developmental Education

              Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder?                                                                                       Parent Child Interaction Therapy – Emotion Development
                                                                                                                                                   Parent and child will work with a therapist to improve their relationship.
                                               Participation Includes:                                                                             Parents will learn safe and effective disciplinary techniques.
                                                                                                                                                   Parent and child will learn strategies to identify and manage a broad range of emotions.
        Clinical Symptoms Interview                                                Optional Blood Draw
        Learning and Memory Tests                                                Approximately 8-10 hours                                      Developmental Education
                  MRI Scan                                                         Flexible Scheduling                                             Parents will be provided state of the art education in all areas of preschool development.
                                                                                                                                                   Educational topics to include language development, growth and nutrition, discipline,
                                    Compensation for Time and Travel                                                                                development of the brain and thinking, typical healthy emotional, development of self
                                                                                                                                                    concept and social development.
                                  Call Juanita at 314-877-0756
   Deanna M. Barch, Ph.D. Washington University School of Medicine-Department of Psychiatry Box 8134, 660 S. Euclid Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110
                                                                                                                                                 If you are interested in                         Washington University School of Medicine
                                                                                                                                                 participating, please contact                             18 S. Kingshighway, Suite L-101
                                                                                                                                                 Jennifer at 314-286-2730                                              St. Louis, MO 63108

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                      1st Quarter, 2009

Maria Sadowska MD died November 13, 2008, at the age of 84, in St. Louis. She was married to the late
Fryderyk Sadowski and mother of Peter Sadowski (Denise Decker) in Jacksonville, Fla. She was a 36-year
member of APA, a Distinguished Life Fellow, and a board certified psychiatrist. She was born in Poland and
earned a medical degree from the Medical Academy of Warsaw in 1954. In the early 1970s, she completed a
General Adult Psychiatry residency at the former St. Louis State Hospital (now St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabili-
tation Center) and worked there for many years providing psychiatric care to acute and chronic patients. She
later provided outpatient psychiatric services at Hopewell Center. “Maria was a compassionate person and very
humble,” reminisced former state hospital colleague Ofelia E. Gallardo MD. “She very much loved her son, her
patients, and her dogs.” Dr. Sadowska left Poland as a political exile after completing medical school and did not
return until after 1989, when the country’s communist dictatorship ended. “She was very happy to see a free Po-
land and enjoy her country again,” recalled Dr. Gallardo, herself an exile from Cuba. The family has suggested
donations to the American Heart Association or the Humane Society of Missouri.
Psychiatric News reported the December 24, 2007, death of Helen M. Gray MD, of Clayton, Mo. (Vol. 43,
No. 22, November 21, 2008). A 49-year APA member, Dr. Gray became a Distinguished Fellow in 2003. Born
in Webster Groves, she earned her medical degree at Washington University. She served pediatric and neurop-
sychiatry fellowships at the WU Child Guidance Clinic, completed psychiatric residencies in New York State,
and a two-year child psychiatry fellowship at the Louisville (Ky.) Child Guidance Clinic. Before relocating to
Missouri in 2006, she held a career-long appointment with the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences
at the University of Louisville. Board certified in child psychiatry, she was the only private practitioner of child
psychiatry in the Louisville area for many years. She was a member of the Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Asso-
ciation and later EMPS.
The Department of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine

The Department of Psychiatry provides a wide range of clinical services and research opportunities to address
the needs of children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Specialists are available for the evaluation of diagnoses including:
               •	 Treatment-resistant depression
               •	 Anxiety and depression in adults age 60 and older

The Department of Psychiatry Center for Mood Disorders at Washington University has a team of clinicians
dedicated to offering comprehensive consultative services to adults suffering from treatment- resistant
depression (TRD). If the patient is eligible, efforts will be made to assist the patient in connecting to more
advanced services including Electroconvulsive Therapy, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and
Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

Our Geriatric Psychiatry service offers consultation and treatment to adults age 60 and older with anxiety and

To learn more about the services and research opportunities offered by the Department of Psychiatry or to refer a
patient, please call 314-362-1819.
                                Visit our website: www.wuphysicians.wustl.edu

Eastern Missouri Psychiatry                                                                         1st Quarter, 2009

                        EMPS Committee Membership
BYLAWS                               ETHICS                                       MEMBERSHIP
Jo-Ellyn Ryall, MD                   Lawrence Kuhn, MD (chair)                    Jo-Ellyn Ryall, MD (chair)
                                     Aviva Raskas, MD                             Bharat Nakra, MD
CHILD & ADOLESC. PSYCH               Moisy Shopper, MD                            Edwin Wolfgram, MD
Judith McKelvey, MD (chair)
Meg Corrigan, MD                     FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY                          NEWSLETTER
David Duesenberg MD                  Jose Mathews, MD (chair)                     Daniel Mamah, MD, MPE (chair)
Dehra Glueck, MD                     Angelina Stanislaus, MD                      Azfar Malik, MD
Adelita Segovia, MD                                                               Ujjwal Ramtekkar, MD, MPE
Duru Sakhrani, MD                    LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS
Moisy Shopper, MD                    Paul Simon, DO (chair)                       PROGRAM/EDUCATION
Natasha Marrus, MD                   Jack Croughan, MD                            Arturo Taca, MD
                                     Alan Felthous, MD
COMMUNITY/PUBLIC PSYCH               Asif Habib, MD                               PUBLIC AFFAIRS
Chris Loynd, DO (chair)              Azfar Malik, MD                              Collins Lewis, MD (chair)
Malik Ahmed MD                       Jay Meyer, MD                                David Duesenberg, MD
Jay Engelhart, MD                                                                 Herb Rosenbaum, MD
Asif Habib, MD                       MEMBERS-IN-TRAINING                          Angeline Stanislaus, MD
Duru Sakhrani, MD                    Lauren Flynn, MD (co-chair)                  Radhika Rao, MD
Melissa West, MD                     Ben Holt, MD (co-chair)
                                     Ujjwal Ramtekkar, MD, MPE
                                     Paul Simon, DO

EMPS maintains a regularly updated website at www.emopsych.
org. Members can learn about current EMPS issues by browsing the
Newsroom section. Our lobbyist, Mo McCullough, provides updates
on current Missouri legislative issues, including discussion of relevant
bills and guidance on what EMPS members can do to help support
mental health services in Missouri. Member resources include
current job listings, research studies, educational opportunities, links
to relevant sites, and much more.

                                    Help affect positive mental health change in
                                     Missouri by contributing to MoPPPAC.
                                     Make checks payable to MoPPPAC. Complete the following
                                            form, detach, and mail with contribution to:
                                                      1321 Montevale Court,
                                                      Fenton, MO 63026-3016

                                           (City)                (State)           (Zip Code)
                                Please Select One:
                                  $50        $100         $200             $500     Other ______
                                                                                     PRSRT STD
                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                    St. Louis, MO
1321 Montevale Court                                                               Permit No. 495
Fenton, MO 63026-3016


Upcoming Events:
APA Advocacy Day                                        We strive to make content in future
Organization: APA                                      issues of Eastern Missouri Psychiatry
Date: February 8-11                                    representative of our membership and
Location: Renaissance Washington Hotel,                encourage our members’ participation
          Washington, DC                                           in its creation.
Contact: APA Department of Government Relations at
         advocacy@psych.org or 703-907-7800
                                                         For communications regarding the
9th Annual Samuel B. Guze Symposium on Alcoholism
                                                      newsletter, or to include articles, events
Organization: Midwest Alcoholism Research Center
Date: Thursday, February 19                           or advertisements in future publications
Location: Eric P. Newman Education Center at                           contact:
          Washington University Medical Center
Contact: (314)-286-2244                                       Daniel Mamah, MD, MPE
        GuzeSymp@psychiatry.wustl.edu.                  Editor, Eastern Missouri Psychiatry
                                                     Dept. of Psychiatry, Washington University
2nd Annual Dancing with the St. Louis Stars                    660 South Euclid Ave.,
Organization: Independence Center, St. Louis.                 St. Louis, Missouri 63110
Date: Saturday, February 21                                               or
Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Downtown St. Louis.          mamahd@psychiatry.wustl.edu
Contact: (314) 880-5404

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