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									     Leading Edge
     Treatment for
     Early Stage
     Breast Cancer

     Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a frightening                 the use of radioactive isotopes, eliminating the need for the
     experience. Questions often arise including: What treatment             heavily-shielded vaults required by existing radiation therapy
     options are available? How will this affect my family? Will I need      technologies. This allows the clinical team to stay in the same
     to be out of work? How long will the treatment take and will I          room with the patient during their treatment, providing a more
     have to travel far?                                                     comforting atmosphere.
        For patients living in the Seacoast region, leading edge expert         Emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, the
     care is available locally to help lessen the anxiety associated with    Center for Cancer Care at Exeter Hospital evaluates each patient
     many of these concerns. Exeter Hospital has taken a number of           to determine if Electronic Brachytherapy is an appropriate
     steps to minimize the challenges surrounding                                               option for treatment. The multidisciplinary
     treatment by combining the expertise of:                                                   breast clinic team of experts includes medical
     radiation oncologists from the renowned                                                    oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons,
     Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer                                                      physical therapists, social workers, research
     Center, medical oncologists from the region’s                                              specialists and breast health nurses who work
     only group affiliated with the Dana Farber                                                 together with patients and their families to
     Cancer Center and the area’s largest group of                                              outline an individually tailored treatment plan.
     surgical specialists.                                                                         Candidates for Electronic Brachytherapy
        Recently, a new state-of-the-art treatment                                              are able to shorten their treatment times,
     called Electronic Brachytherapy was                                                        while maintaining excellent outcomes, all
     introduced at Exeter Hospital’s Center for                                                 within a less threatening and more patient
     Cancer Care, offering some patients who are diagnosed with              friendly environment.
     early stage breast cancer the option of a five day course of                        —Gary Proulx, MD, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology
     radiation as opposed to seven weeks.                                                                            at the Center for Cancer Care
                                                                                               —Diane Palladino, MD, Core Physicians and surgeon
        Patients can now receive cancer treatment without many                                                       at the Center for Cancer Care
     weeks of disruption in their daily lives. The new treatment
     method delivers radiation therapy electronically, without              * The cost of Electronic Brachytherapy may not be covered by some
                                                                              insurance companies. Candidates for the treatment are urged to consult
                                                                              with their physician and insurance company.

        More information about Electronic Brachytherapy is available by contacting Jane Peterson, director of Exeter Hospital’s
                          Center for Cancer Care at 603-580-7036 or by visiting www.exeterhospital.com.

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