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									Kennewick, WA Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Helps Women With Fibromyalgia
Find Relief

Kennewick, WA, 01-Oct-2011: Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation
Institute is pleased to announce that Dr. Eric Kurtz, Kennewick
Chiropractor provides the care, education and resources to women seeking
relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This condition can have
devastating effects on an individual's quality of life and disrupt their
normal activities. For many women, the symptoms of the condition vary and
can be difficult to identify with certainty.

When interviewed recently Dr. Kurtz stated, "I focus on providing
fibromyalgia relief to women because it has become a growing issue over
the last few years and can significantly reduce the ability of a person
to function in their daily life. Many women find that they are unable to
maintain a job, participate in activities they have enjoyed in the past,
or focus on daily tasks when they are in pain. I work very closely with
my patients to ensure that they receive the tools, education and care
that is needed for them to regain control of their health and wellness
and feel confident that they can achieve their goals for a full and
active life."

The doctor performs a complete examination to determine the areas of the
body that are being affected by the condition. Dr. Kurtz will conduct
flexibility and mobility testing and discuss triggers that cause an
increase in the symptoms. He will also discuss past medical history and
injuries that may have occurred which were left unaddressed. In addition
diet, lifestyle and normal activities will also be discussed in depth.

After analyzing all of the information the doctor will develop a program
to address the immediate issues related to the condition and provide
options for care. The doctor will often use alternative therapies such as
massage and heat/cold therapy to reduce swelling and increase circulation
to the areas that have been damaged.

Dr. Kurtz will provide the patient with a plan that may include a change
in diet and lifestyle to improve the body's ability to heal and
regenerate more effectively. He will also provide exercises and training
for addressing the triggers for the condition proactively. Improving the
diet will also increase the metabolism and improve overall health and

To get more details regarding the methods used by Dr. Eric Kurtz,
Kennewick chiropractor to relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia and help
patients to achieve their wellness goals visit http://www.PainRelief- today. Individuals wishing more information regarding this press
release will find contact information below.

Dr. Eric Kurtz

Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute

1721 W. Kennewick Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336

Telephone: 509-582-3549



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