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    on my mind
hotel gatto bianco
 Rome is where
  the heart is
  Meet Nieves Alvarez

      Along the Amalfi coast      6

Pirates of the Mediterranean     26

     Denim and the big blue      28

                      Azzurri    40

  Rome is where the heart is     42

    Rugger – the escape plan     50

Grazie, Giambattista Bodoni      52

              Positano pastels   54

                Young colors!    62

            Cinema Paradiso      64

           A date with spring    66

                   Limoncello    70

           Capri on my mind      72

      The white cat of Capri     80

        This side of Paradise    84

                  Night vision   92

         The story of a dress    96

        Berlin Fashion Week      99
     Among good friends on a yacht cruising along the rocky coast;
            summer is finally here. photo: Anne Menke

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       “ Positano bites
      deep. It is a dream
        place that isn’t
       quite real when
      you are there and
     becomes beckoningly
         real after you
          have gone.”
       John Steinbeck, Harpers’s Bazaar 1953.

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                                     “Making a spontaneous sailing trip
     Elisisi tio dio con ut adei   to Capri, we lazed on the sun-drenched
                                     deck, read, and sipped Limoncello.
     onsectet ad eugait augue              It was the perfect start
     feum acidunt iuremir                      to the vacation.”

20                                                                          21
22   23
24   25
     of the mediterranean

       I’m getting my crew together; a rough gang ready for a long day of pure
                   monkey business. Beware! photo: Anne Menke.

26                                                                               27
       and the big blue.
       A long-wished-for
        family holiday,
     a change of scenery;
      MEMORIES to last
           a lifetime.
           photo: Anne Menke.

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         Rome is where
          the heart is
               wor ds by: Peter Loewe photogr a phs: Magnus Reed.

     Nieves Alvarez lives a busy, intense international life with
     her husband Marco, split between Italy and Spain. She
     is a genuine Madrileña from a long family tree and he is
     Roman through and through. She’s an internationally re-
     nowned fashion model who has worked with all the great
     designers, he a fashion photographer. Somehow it seemed
     destined that they should also have a life together beyond
        the fashion scene and far away from the camera lens.

42                                                                  43
     B     ecause of their work, they’ve been fortunate enough
     not to have to choose between Rome and Madrid. Instead
     they’ve taken the best of both worlds and created their
     very own blend; a hectic life of paparazzi camera lights
     following their every move in Spain and a more quiet
     family life in Rome where they can even fi nd the time to
     visit Marco’s family’s country home outside the city.
        Right in the centre of Piazza Ottavilla in Rome, you’ll
     fi nd a 1930s building that is a blend of functionalism and
     post-classicism. The house is well known in the neighbor-
     hood. An old poet, who wrote beautiful, dark poems about
     death, used to live on the ground floor. On the floor above
     lived a painter who shied away from daylight and had had
     all the large windows plastered over.

     At Home in Rome
     Today however, the charming penthouse at the top of the
     building is suffused with light; that unique Roman light
     which kisses marble, pine trees and children with the
     same golden intensity. This is where Nieves and Marco
     live with their three kids. The apartment is abuzz with life
     courtesy of those little twin turbos, Bianca and Brando.       Design and philosophy
     On the small terrace, big brother Adriano, 4, is washing       This is not your typical Roman residence – other than
     his toy cars in an inflatable pool.                             perhaps the façade of thin, rust-colored bricks, which is
        “The connection with Rome, the love for Rome – it           an updated version of an antique tradition. The interior
     is so strong,” Nieves explains. It is a love that just keeps   bears witness to the traveling life Nieves used to live, with
     growing, no matter how impractical it may be to pull a         Bali and New York leaving the most traces. Interior design
     pram through busy Roman streets or how many more               is a common interest for this couple. Precious oriental
     cities you visit. Marco knows. He was actually born here       woods like jacaranda and teak meet classic modernist
     in the neighborhood of Monteverde, which fittingly means        design furniture. A tiny Buddha bought by Nieves watches
     the “green mountain”, as large parks surround it. Even as      impenetrably over the family and the conjugal bed on the
     early as his school days, he would often gape at this large    freestanding loft that is the top floor. This is actually not
     building from the bus window. Was there a longing in           so much a traditional family apartment as it is an ex-
     his young heart? He nods and smiles, revealing that he         bachelor’s pad. However the apartment more than makes
     kept an eye on the house over the years. When an opening       up for the lack of large children’s bedrooms, with its great
     came, he jumped at the chance to buy.                          charm and style.

44                                                                                                                                  45
46   47
     With 2,000 years of mixing cultures and styles, the
     couple’s aesthetic ideal, an eclectic mix based in 1950s
     American modernism, feels completely natural in Rome.
     In the apartment, well-known interior design magazines
     share space with Spanish gossip weeklies, often with the
     family on the cover. Even though they can live a quiet
     life here, the paparazzi are on constant alert outside
     their home in Madrid. But they don’t seem too bothered
     by the ever-present photographers, as this is one family
     that’s never been involved in any particularly dramatic
     gossip. The only effect the paparazzi have had, Nieves
     says jokingly, is that nowadays Marco always shaves
     and gets dressed before picking up the morning paper
     instead of after.

     Family pictures
     Just like any family with small children, the majority of
     their evenings in Rome are spent at home. But they do
     manage to get away to exhibitions and parties as well,
     with the odd visit to a restaurant, or Marco’s relatives
     outside the city or a trip to the movies thrown in for good
     measure. Naturally, when they go to the cinema, Nieves’         for the right moment. In this family, paella can’t hold a
     compatriot Pedro Almodovar is the given favorite.               candle to white truffle.
        A big part of spending time at home is home cooking,
     of course. Which, being Italian, is Marco’s responsibility.     Mixing and matching
     Nieves laughingly admits that she cannot cook to save           Nieves laughs again. She is a fiery Spaniard who loves
     her life. Marco however can often be found preparing            bullfighting and gets an ecstatic sparkle in her eye when
     delicious risotti, stirring them with care and love for 20      explaining that she has just bought tickets to see torero
     minutes, while guests and family socialize in the large         José Tomás. At the same time, she prefers an Italian white
     open living room. Strangely enough, pasta is a rather rare      wine like Vintage Tunina to a Spanish Rioja. Two worlds
     occurrence at this Roman dinner table. Except for when          – Italy and Spain – have come together effortlessly in this
     Marco makes Nieves’ very exclusive favorite dish: fresh         harmonious family. Which is not hard to understand,
     egg pasta covered in thinly sliced white truffle.                given Rome’s 2,000 years of experience in blending
        That’s why the family, when going back to Spain, often       different cultures and people.
     makes a detour to Acqualagna in the Marche region on
     the Italian east coast. That’s where they get a particularly    Peter Loewe is a writer and journalist who has lived in
     special white truffle, which is found nowhere outside of         Rome since the mid ’80s. He writes regularly for Sweden’s
     Italy. The truffle is then stored in the freezer, just waiting   largest daily newspaper and assorted travel magazines.

48                                                                                                                                 49
     STYLE CONSISTS OF MORE THAN FASHION...                                               ...SO WE MADE A BIKE.
                                                IT’S                             WHERE          OU R
                                                IT S A ONE-OFF, U NIQU E PROJECT W HERE W E PUT OUR DEDICATION TO QUALITY AND GOOD DESIGN
                                                                                             OU R                         IT’
                                                 COLORED HANDLEBARS, 8 LAY ERS OF PAI NT AND OUR OW N ENAM EL HEAD BADGE. IT S A LIMITED
                                                       EDITION, I NDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED AND ONLY AVAILABLE I N SELECTED GANT STORES.

50                                                N EW YOR K, LI S BON, H EL SI N K I, A M S T ER DA M, PA R I S, M A DR I D, M I LA N, BR AT I S LAVA, LON DON, COPE N H AGE N, S TO CK HOLM,   51
                                                                                A DELA I DE, AT H E NS, PR AGU E, BU DA PE S T, T EL AV I V A MONG OT H ER S ..
                                                                                                    photo: Magnus Magnusson.
                                                  paper. The typeface used by Gant (in this
        GRAZIE,                                   magazine and elsewhere) – Bodoni – is an

     GIAMBATTISTA                                 Italian creation, made by typographer
                                                  Gi a m bat t ista Bodon i in 1798. It is a
        BODONI.                                   classical, stylish serif typeface that has
     There is a proud tradition of printing in    been used in everything from 18th century
     Italy and the Amalfi region. Paper has        books to modern day fashion magazines.
     been manufactured there since 1200 ad.
     The typical, handmade, thick-paper, called
     bambagina, is commonly used for wedding
     invitations and especially elegant writing

52                                                                                             53
     Amalfi, a magical place! A secret getaway where no two days are alike
     and you can experience things you might otherwise only dream of.
                            photo: Anne Menke.

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62             63
                                                         amalfi on film

                                                     wor ds by: Lennart Häger.

     In one of the best hotels in Positano, there is a room numbered 8 ½. Legend has it that Marcello
     Mastroianni stayed here during the shooting of “What?” and he gave the room that number in
                                     honor of his friend Federico Fellini.

     When Italian romance is called for on the silver screen, the    Most responsible for making Cinecittà a cult place was
     starring role often goes to the azure blue waters and steep     the director Fellini, but Sergio Leone also made all his
     hills of the Amalfi coast. Never more so than in fi lms like      classic “spaghetti westerns” here. Stars like Sophia Loren,
     “The Talented Mr Ripley” (Minghella), “Only You” (Jewi-         Marcello Mastroianni, Monica Vitti and Vittorio Gassman
     son) and “Contempt” (Godard).                                   supplied the rest, making Rome live up to the myth of “La
        Italians may be the most passionate movie enthusiasts in     Dolce Vita”.
     the world. As proud as they are over their pasta and their         Soon Cinecittà was called “Hollywood on the Tiber”.
     football, they are just as proud to have given the whole        After major US fi lms like “Cleopatra”, “Ben Hur” and “Quo
     world immortal moments in cinematic masterpieces like           Vadis” were shot here in the ’50s and ’60s, Tinseltown moved
     “La Dolce Vita”, “Bicycle Thieves” and “Amacord”.               entire production departments across the Atlantic.
        At one time, all movie roads led to Rome.                       Italian fi lm still retains its magnetic attraction. After
        From 1937 the studio city Cinecittà was the center for all   stunning successes by Ettore Scola like “We All Loved Each
     Italian movie making. This is where the neorealist move-        Other So Much” and “A Special Day” in the ’70s, more
     ment was born, movies made with simple camera tech-             recent classics include “Life Is Beautiful”, “Il Postino” and
     niques in black and white and with amateur actors.              “Cinema Paradiso”.

64                                                                                                                                   65

          LIFE SO MUCH EASIER. photo : Magnus Magnusson

66                                                        67
68   69
70   71
                         gant collection

     From down in the Marina Piccola to the top of Anacapri, the
     whole island gives off an exclusive yet welcoming air with just
           a hint of mystery to it. photo: Alexi Lubomirski

72                                                                     73
74   75
76   77
78   79
                                                                                                                                                 hotel gatto bianco

                                                                                               A white cat is prowling through the Gatto Bianco hotel. Her        insalata caprese would have been out of the question. No, in
                                                                                               name, somewhat mysteriously, is Matisse. Often she is the          those days they served French foie gras and Iranian caviar
                                                                                               fi rst living creature the guest encounters, since reception is     in the Michelin-starred restaurant. “We bought the Iranian
                                                                                               her favorite place to sleep and snuggle, as well as to keep an     caviar direct from the smugglers in Naples harbor,” laughs
                                                                                               eye on the guests. Matisse is the mistress of the hotel. Which     Tonino.
                                                                                               is no coincidence, as the name of the hotel means just that:          Among the guests you’d fi nd famous actresses of the day:

                                                                                               The White Cat.                                                     Shirley MacLaine, Claudia Cardinale and Sophia Loren as
                                                                                                  Like with most genuine places, the façade is modest and         well as the former King of England, Edward and his infa-
                                                                                               the entrance unremarkable. Between the renowned “living            mous Mrs Simpson. Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis was often
                                                                                               room of Capri”, La Piazzetta square, and the Grand Hotel           there, and a suite was later named after her. Gatto Bianco’s
                                                                                               Quisisana you’ll fi nd yourself in a                                                      resident troubadour also became a
                                                                                               world that hasn’t changed much over                     “No matter                       close friend of hers. Jaqueline and her

                                                                                               the years. A minimal hotel sign leads                                                    husband only came ashore from their
                                                                                               you through a white arch, into a
                                                                                                                                                   how many offers                      yacht when they knew that their fa-
                                                                                               little alley lined with small shops.              I had to go abroad                     vorite musician was performing.
                                                                                               Passing one of the few remaining                                                            With his white hair, sharp memory
                                                                                               barbers on Capri, the distinguished
                                                                                                                                            and start restaurants or                    and engaging banter, Tonino doesn’t

      OF CAPRI
                                                                                               Signor Pasquale, you reach the hotel             hotels, I could never                   leave out many details or funny sto-
                                                                                               at the far end.                                                                          ries. He even tells of the humble be-
                                                                                                                                                      leave Capri.”
                                                                                                  Gatto Bianco is the realm of the                                                      ginnings of the family business, when
                                                                                               Esposito family. As you enter, the smil-                ton i no esposi to               “Aunt Carmela” opened an osteria (a
                                                                                               ing Costantino, 25, greets you with a                                                    wine bar with the odd dish served) at
                                                                                               jovial “buongiorno” from behind the reception desk. He is          nearby Punta Tragara in the middle of the 1800s.
                                                                                               the third and latest generation of the Espositos to work at
                                                                                               the hotel, so the future seems bright.                             Emperors and doctors alike
                                                                                                  In the breakfast room, Tonino Esposito is reminiscing           Caprese hospitality is unique. For more than 2,000 years,
                                                                                               with a couple of regulars from Trani in Southern Italy who         geniuses, artists, writers and free spirits in general have
                                                                                               come here to vacation every year. They are talking about           flocked to the island. Rome’s second emperor, Tiberius (42
                                                                                               the Capri of today as compared to in days gone by. Because         bc-37 ad), left perhaps the biggest mark. The ruins of his
                                                                                               Tonino Esposito at age 85 is not only the living, walking          Villa Jovis are among the favorite sights for tourists today.
                  words by: Peter Loewe. photogr a phs: private collection.
                                                                                               memory of the family, but all of Capri.                            Another of the island’s famous residents was the Swedish
                                                                                                                                                                  physician, psychiatrist and humanitarian Axel Munthe who
     The large Esposito family has, for three generations, run one of the most charming        A brief history of time                                            lived a colorful life throughout Europe in the late 1800s and
     hotels in Capri. At Gatto Bianco, regular guests are treasured and valued, eventually     Tonino opened the hotel in the early 1950s with his older          eventually settled on Capri. Here he fulfi lled his dream by
                                                                                               brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe, today no longer alive. This        building an all-white house atop the Anacapri rock and cre-
     becoming members of the extended Esposito family. One thing is for certain: once you’ve
                                                                                               coincided with an economic boom and an intense nightlife           ating one of the world’s most beautiful gardens next to it.
     been to Capri you always return. For the astonishing beauty and the floral splendor, but
                                                                                               in Italy, later referred to as “La dolce vita”. The movie stars    His memoirs, “The Story of San Michele” became an in-
     perhaps more importantly to simply exist and sometimes work in a place where heaven       passed through his hotel and its restaurant, Valentino. With       ternational bestseller and have lured millions of visitors to
                                 and sea are perfectly balanced.                               Tonino as chef, a basic spaghetti alle vongole or a simple         Capri since their publication in 1929.

80                                                                                                                                                                                                                                81
                                                      hotel gatto bianco

                   “My nephew’s favorite                              on the secluded outdoor dining terrace of Il Geranio, above
                                                                      Via Krupp, eating pasta like scialatielli allo scgolio (with
                 author Bruce Chatwin                                 squid and shrimp complemented by the ripe local tomatoes)

                       lived and worked                               and then fish all’acqua pazza (which means “crazy water”
                                                                      and has tomatoes and olives in it). Culinary perfection to
               quietly next door to them                              end a meal comes in the form of the island’s own chocolate
                       for years without                              cake with grated almonds: torta caprese, and a glass of ice
                                                                      cold limoncello, the local lemon liqueur that fi rst chills and
                       anyone knowing.”                               then fi res you up in the Mediterranean night.
                          ton i no esposi to
                                                                      Matisse might very well be the most photographed cat in
     A family affair                                                  the hotel world. For the last four years she’s been the living    The white cat watches over the hotel.
     Originality has always seemed to thrive on Capri. All these      symbol of the hotel. One of the regular guests found her in
     strong, artistic personalities didn’t come to the island just    Naples after she’d been run over and brought her along to
     to swim or vacation. They came to create or to live their        Capri, where she quickly recovered. She is an extraordinari-
     lives the way they wanted. To this very day Gatto Bianco is      ly intelligent cat. Sometimes she’ll sleep in the guests’ rooms
     something of a sanctuary for people who want to vacation         and she has her favorite visitors. When Japanese tourists ar-
     quietly out of the public eye. Regulars come back year after     rive, she automatically jumps into an old dried-out fountain
     year. Renato Esposito keeps in contact with many of them.        to be photographed. However, German or French tourists
     “If we don’t hear from them one year, we’ll call just to check   don’t get the same treatment – the best they can hope for is
     that they’re fi ne. We follow their lives; births and weddings.   a bit of purring and a light nudge against the leg.
     Guests quickly become part of our family,” he explains.             In fact, Gatto Bianco has a long history of feline connec-
        These are guests that like a personal touch more than         tions. Before the hotel was built, a lemon grove stood in its
     glitzy luxury and strict minimalism. Here the profusion          place. One day, the Esposito brothers found a white cat and
     of navy blues and soft pastels all around remind you con-        three kittens there. When they proceeded to buy the plot,                                                                                                            La Dolce Vita – The Good Life
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ugg ies,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             iat beach b
     stantly that you are on Capri. The floor is made of exquisite,    the Esposito brothers were assisted by a solicitor with the                                                       nd the   Mare are F                    y clients
                                                                                                                                                                            The Jolly a                            and wealth
     flowery majolica tiles, made exclusively in Vietri sul Mare                                                                                                                          ially for lu xury hotel s                ommon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    sconi etc). C
                                                                      curious name of Scannagatti – meaning “the cat killer”.
                                                                                                                                                                            made espec                 Silvio Berlu
     on the nearby Amalfi coast.                                          Intellectuals in Capri have in fact long held a deeply                                                           nassis and                        day.
                                                                                                                                                                            (Ari stotle O                      existence to
                                                                                                                                                                                          t less than 100 in
                                                                      rooted belief that they will be reborn as animals. The afore-                                          in Capri bu
     Capri today                                                      mentioned Doctor Munthe for instance claimed that the
     Today, Capri is hip in a different way. Models and TV-stars      dogs roaming the Piazzetta were actually the reincarna-
     make a pit stop at the Piazzetta for an aperitivo, on their      tions of writers who had been working there.
     way from swimming in the Marina Piccola, to be seen and             Renato Esposito, in turn, is convinced that Matisse is
     to have their visit documented. Afterwards they disappear        the reincarnation of a former hotel regular, a journalist for
     without a trace behind villas covered in foliage or the lush     the newspaper Corriere della Sera. “He always told me he
     bougainvillea that makes the white walled houses of Capri        wanted to be reborn as a cat.”
     blaze in red and orange. Instead of nightclubs they seem to         And who wouldn’t want to be a cat and wander the alleys
     prefer dining discreetly in restaurants like Villa Brunella or   of Capri, making sure that the good life goes on?

82                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 83

                                gant collection

       You know you’re in your own little slice of heaven when the sun is just
       right, the breeze is soft, the water inviting and everything your friends
                      say seems witty. photo: Alexi Lubomirski

84                                                                                 85
86   87
88   89
90   91
                            gant collection

     The gracious center of attention that gives the evening direction and
           definition – this is her night. photo: Alexi Lubomirski

92                                                                           93
94   95
                                                                                                          “The inspiration-phase
                                                                                                           of the design process.”

                                                         The story
                                                        of A DRESS
                                                                 words a nd photo: Karolina Skande

                                                   What actually goes into the creation of a dress? Follow the story from
                                                   the first pencil lines on the sketchpad at Gant head office, via a cam-
                 down the
      “Strolling            tz                     paign shoot in Capri and the catwalk at the international Fashion
                 t Bebelpla
      catwalk a                                    Week in Berlin, to the finished garment in a Gant store near you.
       in Berlin.”
                                                            To view th complete journey, visit

                                                                    “Image selection.”

     “The creative team
96                       went to Capr i to                                                                                  97
          this season’s Gan                shoot
                            t Magazine.”
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                                               THANK YOU CAPRI AND POSITANO

             ,, Michela Giovinetti,
                          Roberto Romano, Baronessa Luciana Maria Lieto & John Kapstein, Gianluca,
                                                Salvatore, Luigi, Ricardo, Davide.
HägerFredlund. Photo Anne Menke, Magnus Reed, Alexi Lubomirski, Guy Aroch, Magnus Magnusson, Pelle Bergström. Location Maria Lindberg. Styling Susanne Kölmel, Sofia Ronthén, Franziska Widenmann.
Prepress Linjepunkt. Final Art Hurricane Studios. Print Grafiche Mazzucchelli. Spring & Summer 2010.

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