The Diet by pengtt


									                                       potatoes, broccoli, asparagus,          Carbohydrates are basically
                                       spinach, as well as wheat and          sugar, but they are more
                                       corn-derived flour (bread,             “complex”.
                                       bagels, pasta, etc.) and sugar.         Refined, “simple” sugar is
                                       But don’t be fooled as not all         candy and has no nutritional
                                       carbs are alike.                       value. A diet high in refined
                                         White flour is a processed           sugar will provide energy for
                                       food, which means that most            very short bursts of activity,
The                                    of the nutrition has been re-
                                       moved from the original
                                                                              but not for something as long
                                                                              as a 1500 meter race.

                                       wheat product to make a ste-            Sugar is a main ingredient
                                       rile but long-lasting “food            in most fruit and sport drinks
                                       product.” White bread is               including Gatorade, usually
Rower                                  nutritionally valueless and            disguised as high fructose
                                       should be avoided in favor of          corn syrup.
  An endurance athlete needs
                                       wheat or whole grain breads.            Gatorade is good during
enough carbohydrates to sus-
                                         All processed foods should           workouts lasting more than
tain energy during long wor-
                                       be avoided, as they are likely         90 minutes, such as long
kouts and enough protein to
                                       to contain preservatives or            crew practices, but works
build back fatigued muscles
                                       chemicals that satisfy appe-           best when cut with water.
after workouts.
                                       tite and taste buds, but leave         Too much Gatorade can
  He should get an equal
                                       the body undernourished.               cause an overload of sugar
amount of each protein and
                                       Put simply, if it can sit on a         that will sap your energy and
carbohydrates.     The rower
                                       grocery store shelf for a year         perhaps cause cramping.
also needs to replace the fat
                                       without spoiling, it will sit in        After a workout, Gatorade
lost through long, intense
                                       your stomach for days with-            can replenish vital electro-
                                       out digesting.                         lytes, but rowers would be
  There is not enough room in
                                         A perfect breakfast meal is          better off with a tall glass of
this packet to explain all of
                                       Old Fashioned Oatmeal (not             milk chased with water to get
the necessary components of
                                       quick!) with fruit. Make the           protein into the sore muscles.
a good diet, but a few simple
                                       oatmeal with milk and you               When not working out, it is
rules should aid common
                                       have a balanced breakfast              best to drink large amounts of
sense in choosing the right
                                       with protein and carbs for the         water and avoid the extra
foods in the right quantities.
                                       rest of your morning.                  calories and sugar from Gato-
Carbohydrates                                                                 rade (which are about the
                                                                              same as cola).
This means vegetables like

Good Carbs                                                      Bad Carbs
Bagels                                                          White Bread
Pasta (Preferably Wheat)                                        Sugar
Fig Newtons                                                     Candy Bars
Veggies and Fruits (Bananas, Raisins, Apricots, etc.)           Phony Fruit Juice/Tea
Old Fashioned (not quick!) Oatmeal                              Chocolate
Rice (Preferably brown, not processed)                          Fried foods
Kashi Brand Pilaf and Cereal

                                       but not all foods contain the          from excessive exercise, it
                                       right amounts/kinds of pro-            needs enough protein to re-
Proteins are the building              tein. An athlete should to eat         place damaged tissue.
blocks of muscle tissue.               0.7g of protein for every lb of          Here are some good sources
There are many different               body weight each day. This             of protein: egg whites, milk,
kinds of proteins that are             is a lot of protein, but when          cottage cheese, yogurt, natu-
available in almost all foods,         your body is breaking down             ral peanut butter, chicken,
fish, beans, lean red meat,        rowers using supplements           strength, not body mass,
lean pork.                         stick to basic protein shakes      which slows the boat down
  It is best to get protein from   such as MetRx, Isopure, or         and reduces flexibility!
a variety of sources every         Complete Protein brands.             Protein shakes and meals
day, to ensure proper absorp-        Supplements that claim to        should also be consumed
tion of nutrients. Time meals      increase testosterone, crea-       within thirty minutes after a
to within 30 minutes of fi-        tine, phosphogen, or oxygen        workout has ended to ensure
nishing your workouts to           levels in the body are strong-     proper absorption of nu-
ensure proper absorption of        ly discouraged. These sup-         trients. This is also a good
nutrients. This is important!      plements will not help a row-      time to have a post-workout
  Protein is also available in     er as they are designed to aid     stretch. Failure to use sup-
many weight lifting supple-        brief, explosive activity, such    plements properly can result
ments. However, one must           as power lifting.                  in, at best, wasting your
be very careful when choos-          Most power-lifting supple-       money and, at worst, injuring
ing supplements, as each is        ments will eventually result       yourself permanently. ASK
designed for very specific use     in injury for the high-school      A COACH BEFORE USING
in conjunction with strict         age athlete. Remember, row-        SUPPLEMENTS.
diets. It is recommended that      ers lift weight to increase

Fat                                stance (Crisco) is not digesti-
                                   ble; it sits in your stomach
                                                                      sources of important vita-
 Fat comes in saturated and        like Silly Putty until you           Decaffeinated Green Tea is
unsaturated forms. Saturated       painfully expel it days later.     a good source of antioxidant
fat is not digestible and gets       It is in everything from Phil-   vitamins and aids with diges-
jammed in your arteries.           ly pretzels to McDonald’s          tion. Drink it with oatmeal
 Unsaturated fat gets burned       French Fries and many              for breakfast, it works to
off as energy as long as you       breads, muffins, cakes, pies,      eliminate any remaining junk
are working hard enough and        and store shelf bagels. Any-       in your system.
watching how much you eat.         thing with a long shelf life is      Take a basic multivitamin
 You will get enough fat in a      suspect, especially breads and     like Centrum every day after
balanced diet to serve your        sweets.                            a meal as insurance.
needs without looking for                                               Do not spend a lot of money
more. People get too fat by                                           on fancy vitamin packets;
eating more calories (from                                            you’ll only end up with very
fat, sugar, and carbs) than
they burn off in a day.            Vitamins/                          nutritious urine.

 Fat on your body is stored
energy, but to use that energy
                                   Minerals                           Fiber
you must push yourself to            A well-balanced diet should        Athletes eat a lot of food,
exertion, usually more than        provide a full day’s serving       especially meat (except for
30 minutes with a heart rate       of vitamins and minerals.          you vegetarians).
above 145.                           These elements do not pro-         This is difficult for the body
 A good rower does not have        vide energy directly but aid       to digest, especially because
more than 12 percent body          in the body’s ability to func-     efficient digestion takes place
fat. If you can pinch a 1-inch     tion, produce energy, elimi-       during rest, a luxury many
thick layer of fat on your         nate waste, repair tissue, and     athletes cannot afford.
stomach, you probably have         fight disease.                       To help your body digest
too much fat on your body            Try to incorporate vegeta-       and to avoid feeling bloated
and need to reconsider your        bles, especially dark green        and heavy from undigested
diet and exercise routine.         ones, into every meal. Fresh       food sloshing around in your
 Also, stay away from trans-       and dried fruits should be         gut, try to add fiber to your
fatty acids. These come from       used as snacks in between          diet.
vegetable shortening, or hy-       meals throughout the day.            Fiber is available in beans,
drogenated oils. Check all           Milk, orange juice, potatoes,    fruit (not fruit juice), vegeta-
ingredient labels for this om-     and broccoli are some of the       bles (especially raw), oat-
nipresent danger. This sub-        best and most common
meal, and fiber cereals like              Typically, the stomach takes            At dinner, if you can fit it on
All-Bran.                               fifteen minutes to tell the             the plate, good; but make it
  Fiber supplements are avail-          brain that it is full. In this          your only serving and you
able in many forms, includ-             time lapse, many people con-            will be okay.
ing tasty citrus-flavored               tinue eating to satisfy crav-             Dessert? Think small. No
drinks. These are good to               ings that have already been             more huge bowls of ice
take when you have overea-              satisfied. Some even throw              cream or giant slices of chee-
ten (especially during holi-            up afterwards.                          secake. These fatty foods
days or at parties) or if you             Furthermore, many foods               slow digestion (as will alco-
feel full all day and you don’t         (such as pasta, rice, bagels,           hol during or after a meal)
know why. Chemical laxa-                etc.) expand in the stomach.            while at the same time heap-
tives can be habit forming              This can cause painful                  ing empty calories on an oth-
and harmful to the body over            cramping and improper di-               erwise balanced meal.
time. These should be                   gestion as well as stretching             Caffeinated coffee will aid
avoided if possible. Getting            of the stomach.                         digestion, but is habit-
sufficient fiber will keep the            When an athlete’s stomach             forming and ultimately bad
athlete’s metabolism effi-              is stretched, he or she is like-        for your brain and body;
cient.                                  ly to feel hungry until it              green tea is better.
                                        shrinks to normal size. This              Athletes should spread their
Eating Habits                           feeling is annoying and unne-
                                        cessary, and often contributes
                                                                                meals out throughout the day,
                                                                                eating small amounts about
  Hungry? Most athletes are.            to a pattern of overeating: the         every 45-90 minutes, depend-
All the time. This is good, it          more you eat, the more you              ing on your calorie needs.
usually means your metabol-             want to keep eating.                      This will prevent binge eat-
ism is very strong. However,              To combat this problem,               ing and keep your metabol-
the body can only process so            athletes must learn when                ism operating at a constant
much food at once.                      enough is enough. Limit                 speed, regulating your ener-
  This is why athletes must             meals to a single serving, no           gy. Here is an example of a
avoid eating until they are             matter how good the food                good day’s eating.
“stuffed”. This is called               tastes.
“binge eating”.

An example of a healthy diet for one day
6:30 am           Oatmeal made with 1% milk and fruit with green tea and orange juice
8:00 am           Low fat yogurt and fresh fruit
9:30 am           5-7 baby carrots
11:00 am          Sandwich with side of pasta/chicken/tuna salad and 8-16 oz of 1% milk
12:30 pm          8 oz of low fat cottage cheese with fruit or handful of trail mix (nuts & raisins) and fruit.
2:00 pm           3-5 fig Newtons or a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with milk or 100% juice.
3:30 pm           Drink 32 oz of Gatorade during practice.
5:00 pm           16 oz of 1% milk with balanced dinner small enough to fit on one plate.
7:30 pm           8 oz of 1% milk, some fruit to satisfy appetite if necessary.
9:00 pm           Stretch and sleep

Sleep                                   the morning and will aid with
                                        muscle repair and glycogen
                                                                                experience proper muscle or
                                                                                bone growth.
 Eating should stop 90 mi-              replacement.                             Exercise is tough on the
nutes before bedtime. The                 Athletes should get at least          body. Athletes need extra
body does not digest food as            9 hours of sleep every night            sleep to recover from this
well when sleeping and you              to allow the body to grow.              physical trauma. If you are
don’t need the energy when              Sleep deprived athletes are             sleepy during the day,
asleep.                                 likely to get sick and will not         chances are that you need to
 Stretching before bed will                                                     sleep more at night.
keep you from feeling sore in
Liquids                              Get as much sleep as possi-
                                   ble and get give yourself an       Losing/ Gain-
  Athletes need lots of water;
at least a gallon every day.
                                   extra day after you feel re-
                                   covered to prevent relapse.
                                                                      ing Weight
The body uses water for all of       Ease your way back into            A rower’s body weight
its major functions, especially    training. Avoid getting sick       might be the difference be-
digestion, and without proper      at all costs. It is that impor-    tween rowing in the varsity 8
hydration these processes          tant.                              and rowing in the second 8.
will slow or even stop alto-         Injury is usually avoidable        If a rower is too heavy, his
gether.                            and is not very common with        erg score will not be enough
  Gatorade is sufficient to re-    rowing, a low-impact sport.        to make up for the drag he
hydrate an already dehy-             All injuries are avoided by      puts on the hull.
drated athlete during intense      proper stretching. This              If a rower is too skinny, he
workouts over 90 minutes.          means fifteen minutes before       might not be able to muscle
Before races, practices, or        and after each workout.            the oar enough to be effective
during your average day,             Proper hydration also pre-       in the boat. Rowers are often
water should be your main          vents torn muscles. Back and       asked by their coaches to
source of hydration.               wrist injuries often result        either bulk up or slim down,
  If you do not like the flavor,   from bad technique, but are        but they must do it carefully,
try mixing it with Crystal         sometimes due to problems          otherwise they may suffer
Light; a sweet but sugar-free,     outside of the sport, including    through improper nutrition or
low-calorie flavor enhancer.       scoliosis, arthritis, or simply    a lack of energy.
  During workouts, drink a         genetics                             Simply put, a calorie is a
gulp of water or Gatorade            Some of these problems can       calorie is a calorie. Whatever
about every 20 minutes. This       be solved through chiroprac-       you eat, you must use or it
will keep you well hydrated        tic care, physical therapy,        will stay on your body.
for the duration of your exer-     acupuncture, or in the most          Overweight rowers have to
cise.                              extreme cases, surgery.            reduce their calorie intake by
  If you wait until an hour has      Surgery should always be         limiting and carefully select-
passed before you rehydrate,       the last resort. Athletes find     ing the foods they eat. This
or until you are thirsty, you      successful alternatives to         means cutting out all excess
will have lost the opportunity     surgery all the time, particu-     sugar (all sports drinks, soda,
to replenish water, sugar, and     larly with knee injuries.          juice, candy, etc.) and shrink-
electrolytes and will suffer by      Whenever a doctor offers         ing meals down to size (no
“bonking” or, even worse,          surgery as an option, it is best   bigger than you can fit in
passing out.                       to get at least two more opi-      both hands).
                                   nions. Also, don’t overlook          Also, dietary fat should be
                                                                      virtually eliminated (no grea-
Illness and                        the possibilities of holistic
                                   methods, such as chiroprac-        sy foods, whole milk prod-
Injury                             tic, physical therapy, mas-        ucts, fatty meat, etc.). This is
                                                                      extremely difficult for some
  Sickness is the athlete’s        sage, and acupuncture.
                                     There are many schools of        people to handle, as food has
worst enemy. Getting sick                                             become an addiction for
for a week can ruin months of      thought on healing; don’t
                                   jump to surgery unnecessari-       them.
training.                                                               Withdrawal from food ad-
  Generally, if you see signs      ly. It cannot be reversed.
                                     Anytime you feel any ab-         diction may take weeks and
of sickness, reduce your wor-                                         will be coupled with bizarre
kout volume and intensity,         normal pain, consult your
                                   coach and your school’s            cravings, stomach pain, low
and increase your rest time.                                          energy, and sometimes severe
  Take a double-dose of vita-      physical trainer.
                                     The earlier you begin treat-     depression.
min C, or try other popular                                             However, as long as a per-
cold remedies such as Zinc         ing an injury, the less serious
                                   it will be. No high school         son is getting the required
(available in Zicam), Emer-                                           1500 to 2000 calories per day
gen-C, or Airborne tablets.        race is worth a lifetime of
                                   pain.                              from healthy, low-fat foods
                                                                      through small meals and tak-
ing a multivitamin, most of      same time are not pulling         during the off season of lift-
these symptoms can be re-        strong erg times.                 ing weights and erging that
duced.                             The best way for these guys     will melt away during the
  Feeling hungry is mostly       to gain weight is by eating       Spring and turn to muscle.
from the stomach shrinking       right and lifting weights.         All fit varsity rowers should
when empty. An overeater         Strength training for crew is a   be able to see muscular defi-
usually has a stomach            high-repetition workout de-       nition without flexing and
stretched out of shape that      signed to build strength while    while properly hydrated.
needs to be slowly deflated      minimizing excess muscle           This is a sign of healthy
through proper dieting.          weight.                           muscle tone and a low body
  The best way to deal with        Thin rowers will benefit        fat percentage.
this is by drinking large        from this program as much as
amounts of water. This also
helps with the oral fixation
                                 bigger rowers and should not
                                 try to gain “beach muscles”       Some other
associated with constant
                                 by heavy power lifting.
                                   Usually these rowers com-
                                                                   things to con-
  Food cravings are often the    plain that they eat constantly    sider
result of improper nutrition,    but do not grow. To this I          Stretch well and stretch of-
usually offset by a multivita-   say, “You are what you eat.”      ten. Do not eat foods that are
min. If you have a craving,        If you eat constantly, but      cooked in grease.
consider what nutritional        you are only eating fruit roll-     Always take a multivitamin.
value that food has and          ups and wimpy sandwiches,         Don’t let yourself get sick.
whether you have been meet-      you will not gain weight.         Don’t let yourself fall out of
ing that value.                    To get big fast, the skinny     shape. Never lose your moti-
  If not, try to satisfy that    rower needs to binge eat, and     vation. If you do, contact
craving in the healthiest way    to do it several times per day.   your coach for a good pep
possible. Whatever you do,       The diet should be equally        talk.
don’t binge on greasy chee-      high in protein and carbohy-        Try to work out with a part-
seburgers because you crave      drates, but still low in fat.     ner who is as motivated as
protein.                           This rower should drink as      you are. Always work to-
  Just eat some lean beef or     much milk as he can stomach       wards a goal.
chicken to get the protein you   and eat large bowls of pasta        Never say never (even
crave. If you are careful        daily.                            though the word was used
about what you eat, you will       Pasta salad with canned         about six times in this pack-
not have trouble losing          chicken or tuna and low fat       et). Always remember what
weight.                          mayonnaise is an excellent        it feels like to lose, and you
  Most of the calories you       lunch, washed down with two       will never lose the desire to
lose will be from your wor-      big glasses of 1% milk.           win.
kouts at practice. Most im-        For breakfast, eat 6 eggs,        Crew can get you into col-
portantly, ignore the scale      but remove half the yolks.        lege, but you must earn your
and use the mirror instead. If   Eat a bowl of oatmeal with it.    college money through hard
you look thinner, you proba-     Carry around a bag of trail       work all year round. This
bly are. Gaining muscle          mix (salted peanuts, raisins,     gift will keep on giving
weight is not bad if you are     Craisins, and sunflower           throughout your lifetime if
losing fat weight in ex-         seeds) and snack at least         you are loyal and dedicated.
change.                          every thirty minutes.               You are not alone, but part
  Gaining weight for crew is       Drink plenty of water to        of a team. Talk to your
important for guys that are      digest this mess and you will     teammates and coaches for
too heavy to be coxswains        be sure to gain ten pounds in     encouragement and advice, or
and too light to be effective    no time. For someone who is       to offer some of your own.
lightweights, while at the       truly skinny, it is perhaps       Above all, STAY MOTI-
                                 better to get a layer of fat      VATED!

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