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					                                         First United Presbyterian Church

                                    THE BEACON                                                        August 24, 2011

    Grieving Families                    We couldn‟t have picked a better Sunday to return from vacation than Youth Sun-
                              day! There was no sleeping through church on Sunday, was there? I‟m guessing not! The
  Family of Phil Schwarz      volume level was high in several ways, not just from the guitar. The “volume” of the Spirit
                              filled the room in every way: through every song, every reading, every reflection, every pray-
    Injuries & Illnesses      er, and every moment of communion at the Lord‟s Table. The Youth went over the top, didn‟t
        Edwin Long                      It fires me up! It refreshes me. It underscores the renewal that our church is experi-
      Johnny Brewer
                                        A renaissance!
        Regina Ray
                                        The Great Re-awakening?
       Pearl Jarred
                                     Perhaps I‟m over stating a little, but through God‟s Grace alone, we will see about
     Barney Jenkinson         that…won‟t we?

                                       The start of school marks a new beginning for every community. Football is back on
        Hailey Kelly          TV in the NFL pre-season and we‟re just a couple weekends away from opening days for our
                              beloved Cowboys and Sooners. (Please take note of who I mentioned first…AP only says
       Bryon Tyson            #9? Are you KIDDING me? That said, you and I both know the Sooners definitely earned that
        Nellie Lowe
                                        Even Coach Watkins is optimistic about the Bluejays returning strong in our division
                              this year. He was gushing about our team and his coaching staff Monday at lunch. The prac-
     Teresa Dewhurst          tices, scrimmages and films are teaching each player his role on the team. This is going to be
                              a great year of growth for them!
      Dorothy Clymer
 Hip Replacement Surgery                And, I know our band is gonna kill it because we have many players in our youth
                              group! I‟ve watched them come in to the church to cool off after spending hours rehearsing
      Taylor Neugent          on the blacktop. Each player is ready for her or his role in the band.
Cancer /2ys old doing chemo
                                        I can‟t wait for the first home game!

          RAIN                        It feels like life on all levels is building momentum. I‟ve heard that word thrown out
                              many times during the course of this year, and our church has it. Momentum. And, it‟s build-

                                       This Sunday marks an anniversary of sorts for us. I came to preach at FUPC two
   Nursing Home and           years ago this Sunday. Can you believe that much time has passed? Seriously! It seems like
    Assisted Living           yesterday that I walked into the office to sit with Kathy McDowell and Janet Smith. There is
       residents              no question that the tempo of our little faith community is light years away from where we
                              were then.
            ◊ ◊                         Only the Spirit knows for sure where we are headed, but of this I am certain. With
                              only Christ at the head of our church and prayerful discernment of our purpose, God will re-
                              veal the right game plan for our team. Each of us will have a position to play. Let‟s be ready.
      All Soldiers
                                        The past is gone. In Christ, every day is a new creation. If we are Team Jesus, let‟s
    Both Deployed &           lift each player, each member of the body in prayer as we go. Take courage and know that
       Stateside              the others are holding you up. It‟ll be a great season in the Spirit!


                                        God‟s got this.

                                        Grace and Peace!

PAGE 2                                                 THE BEACON

                            Teen Mom‟s                                                        Ice Cream
 The kitchen in the church basement needs a few items:                                          Social
  tongs      spatulas                                                                  Come celebrate the end of a hot
                                                                                       and dry summer with some cool
Plates– plastic would be best
                                                                                       treats! On August 28 we will host
silverware If you would have some items that you want                                  a salad luncheon and ice cream
to get rid of please bring to the church office. Any and all                           social in fellowship hall following
thing would be appreciated.                                                            worship service.
                                                                 There is a sign up sheet downstairs on the big table and
                                                                also on in the office. If you have not signed up to bring some-
 More Treasures for Circle of Friends Table Decorations: We
                                                                thing please call the church office.
need to borrow:

Children Ballet Shoes Pink or Black

 Talk to Donna or Lonnie if you have any of those re-           First United Presbyterian Church Women of Guthrie
sources. They will be returned undamaged after September
                                                                Thank you so much for hosting the Fall Womens Gath-
17th ,
                                                                ering at your lovely church and Fellowship Hall. We
 Keep digging through your things and salvage un-               were “Blessed” to be a part of it. Thanks again for your
wanted or mismatched jewelry parts—necklaces,
bracelets, charms, etc. and bring them to the                   Perry Presbyterian Women-
church office.
                                                               First United Presbyterian Church,
They still need chicken or turkey wishbones also.
                                                               I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
                                                               your care package! The kisses and hugs are great to cool
                                                               us off in this hot day! I passed them all around to every-
           The Worship of God                                  body in my tent! My unit works very hard at keeping
     Through Financial Stewardship                             all safe for over 15 hours a day that is our everyday
                                                               work schedule so the coolers you sent are appreciated so
         Finance Alert! July 2011                              much! When I saw everything that was in the package I
      Please note the YTD financial                            almost broke down, I was in shock, everything I wanted
                                                               was in there! A thank you wouldn’t suffice for the gen-
  shortfall. Summer is typically a lean                        erous package you sent, but a God Bless you and a few
time for pledge fulfillment. Extra effort                      soldiers appreciation and lives being transformed in to
  is needed to meet our obligations to                         Christianity is enough in by book. So thank you again!
   assure that the church has enough                           Kyle Coleman
operating funds for the balance of the                         USAF Security Forces
                                                                           First United Presbyterian Church
                                                                I just wanted to thank you so very much for the care
Date     August 21                  Month to Date
                                                                package you sent. I have shared it with everyone
            $3,535 66                 $12,703.66                and there are 4 other guys in the office where I
                                                                work. They also appreciated it. One of the jobs that
                        Year to Date thru July                  our office has is processing the paper work to send
                               Actual:                          home the ones that have died. That is not a pleas-
                                                                ant task. Thank you again for the great box of good-
                         Receipts $108,910.19                   ies and may God Bless you for all you do.
                   Expenses           121,262.68                Tim Smith
                  Shortfall          ($12,352.49)
                                                 T H E B E A CO N                                         PAGE 3

                CALENDER OF EVENTS
                                                                           WE‟RE BA-A-A-ACK!
                       August 25
                                                            Ok, choir, it is time to get back to work! Your va-
    Men of all Ages Breakfast @7:00am in F/H                cay is over…. Seriously, we do start chancel choir
            Esther Circle in F/H @ 6:00pm                   rehearsals Wednesday, Aug. 24th, and will be sing-
                                                            ing this Sunday! So, if you haven‟t been singing
                      August 28
                                                            with us and want to „give us a try,‟ please join us
    Salad Luncheon & Ice Cream Social in F/H                on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m.
                     September 5                            Congratulations to the FUPC youth on their hard
                Labor Day Office Closed                     work and leadership in last Sunday‟s worship ser-
                     September 17
                                                            vice. I would like to see them involved more often.
                                                            Also, I want to give a huge „thank you‟ to the adults
              Circle of Friends @ 9:30 F/H                  who work with the youth group on Wednesday
                     September 26                           evenings. It is your wise leadership that allows for
                  Session @ 6:30pm
                                                            these young people to share their talents and cre-
                                                            ativity. Finally, I am thankful to Aaron for sharing
          Ushers, Acolyte & Liturgist                       his many talents.

            CHILDREN TIME SCHEDULE                          Finally, to the FUPC congregation, thank you for
                                                            being so supportive of the ministries in this church.
Sunday              August 28, 2011                         We are a faith community. It is good and neces-
Acolyte             Emily Smith                             sary that we work with one another, young & old,
                                                            to carry out the mission of the church. My prayer
Liturgist            Mike Morris                            is to be open to the many ways in which God can
Children Time        Lonnie Bobo                            work in us as well as the variety of methods in
                                                            which to worship Him.
                     Judy & Bob Anderson
                     Kathleen & Bert Wheeler                If you are ever searching for scriptures dealing
                                                            with praise and worship, check out the Psalms. In
Sunday              September 4, 2011
                                                            Psalm 95:1-2 (NIV), we find these words about
Acolyte              Melanie Pennington                     worship, “Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord, let
                     Bert Wheeler
                                                            us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us
Liturgist                                                   come before him with thanksgiving and extol him
                                                            with music and song.” Psalm 96:1 says, “Sing to
Children Time        Scott Foster                           the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the
                     Lonnie & Terry Bobo                    earth.”
                     Janie Andrews, Beth Hanna
                                                            So, the scripture says, to sing a NEW song. May
Sunday                                                      we continually seek God‟s guidance in worship,
                    September 11, 2011
                                                            searching for ways to sing a NEW song to the
Acolyte              Laura Ross                             Lord.
                     Kathy McDowell
Children Time        Preston Bobo
                     Bertha Harraman, Lu Shanahan
Usher                Alice Allen, Dorothy Stone

102 E. Noble Avenue

Guthrie, Ok. 73044

 Phone: 405-282-0835

   ...a caring family of Christians
     striving to bring individuals
  closer to God through worship,
        fellowship and service.

   OPPORTUNITIES FOR FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE, WORSHIP & PRAYER                                      Birthdays &
                                  Week of August 24-31 2011
                Wednesday 8/24               8:00am   Communion
                                             8:30am   Prayer Gathering
                                             5:30pm   PYC Youth
                                             7:30pm   Chancel Choir
                   Thursday 8 /25            7:00am Men of all ages breakfast @        James & Nevalee Sewell
                                                     Fellowship Hall
                                             6:00pm  6:00pm—8:00pm Esther
                                                     Circle @ F/H
                       Friday 8/26                                                        Scarlett Gilkison

                    Saturday 8/27                                                           Everett Miller

                     Sunday 8/28             9:15am Fellowship                              Zoe Hamby
                                             9:45am Sunday School
                                            10:45am Worship / salad luncheon and Ice
                                                    Cream social
                     Monday 8/29            11:15am   Mobile Meals

                    Tuesday 8/30                                                            John Harris

                Wednesday 8/31              8:00am    Communion
                                            8:30am    Prayer Gathering
                                            5:30pm    PYC Youth
                                            7:30pm    Chancel Choir

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